Well like I said, I had pretty much determined it was midi capable, but that's the part that's confusing me. If it is indeed capable of it, why isn't it recognizing when I plug it in?
Here's the deal. I bought an electronic keyboard about two years ago and never really messed with it much since then. The other day, I was researching midi to see if I could finally grasp this stuff and decided that I would use my keyboard as a midi controller (if that's what you would call it...?). The keyboard is labeled that it is capable of such a thing and from what I've read it actually can, but the only port it has is a type B USB port like this...
At first I thought this would be ok, but when I tried to record a midi track on my computer (I have Sony Acid Pro 7) it didn't even recognize the keyboard. All drivers are installed properly, but I'm assuming something is wrong with the way it's connected. I've seen a lot of articles saying there has to be a midi in and out and all that jazz, but my keyboard only has one port. Are there adapters out there for this type of thing and if so what is a good brand to look into? Or, is my keyboard really not midi capable?
Btw, this is it.
That really sucks, man. I loved that site :'(
Odd place to take pictures, eh? lol But seriously, nice guitar man.
In your opinions, what is the best amp modeling software? I've been reading on it a bit and Amplitube seems to be pretty good, but I've also heard a lot about GTR 3. Sorry if there is already a thread on this. I did a quick look and didn't find much so a redirection to a previous thread or any personal experience would be appreciated.
This is a local band that I thought needed a boost in their listens.
In that picture of malmsteen, he looks like elvis
Vocals actually sound really good in my opinion, but the beginning riff has no rhythm to me. Maybe it's just an odd signature, I wouldn't know, but it just sound off. The second, maybe last, chorus had way to much treble for me. When I cut it off I actually felt relief. I'm not saying that to be mean I'm just saying it was too much for the ears. Everyone has experienced that feeling at one point I'm sure.
1. More rhythm on intro
2. Less treble on second chorus with the solo? guitar part
3. Vocals sound good to me
4. Keep on doing what you're doing
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Funny enough, I've always liked metal, but I've really been playing blues the whole time (never been very good at playing metal). I guess I decided it was time to accept my roots and just play blues. Also, Labria, are you sure about that, that really put a damper on my excitement if it's true.
girls just wanta have fun.
What have you guys heard about these two and what are your opinions?

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Colonel Williams and the High-Fiving Bombardiers

Seriously, this one.
make t-shirts or stickers, send them to me, i'll disperse them. instant american crowd because i'm just that damn popular.
made me think of a hybrid between the red palace guards from star wars and the immortals from 300
maybe they can build a time machine and take them back to "kill 'em all".
what kind of software? or are you wanting melted tupperware cuz its nacho night at my house...
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One I do remember getting is just a pair of drum sticks. Then I clued in... I was like WTF, then I ran down stairs and saw my new drum kit.

That happened to my friend, but there was no drum kit when he went downstairs
Ate his babies right? If so, that's enough for me. I approve!
saves trees and actual truth from being used up
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I've never taken the time to get acquainted with them, but everyone on here talks well about them so I think it's about time for some exploration

I tried that. They disappointed me. They weren't bad, but I just expected something so much more. Oh, also, Blood Mountain > Crack the Skye
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ive never heard of thrice

i would say

the white stripes


Nirvana (duh...)
Green Day
Foo Fighters
And last but not least, John Frusciante. Agreed, RHCP is awesome in every way, but in my opinion, he is so much the core of that band.
Another brainwashed individual....
Why, for Pete's sake, would you not use you're stack? C'mon man. Seriously.
E and A?
epic. made me think of an atheist Chuck Palahniuk
Maybe you could find an adapter that produced like 5 volts. I don't know if that would actually do the same thing as a dying battery, but in theory, I think it would work.
On a side note, though, I do know the sound you're talking about. I felt the same way when my boss ds-1 was dying.
there you go, try it maybe and post back later?...
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Mississippi. Enough said.
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