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Wasn't there someone named Andrew who had the nickname "Fish"? Can't remember his username...


And now that I've figured out how to tag people: acousticpyro23 

EDIT: Tagging "FatKidsOnMopeds</3" doesn't work, I assume due to the < symbol in his name.
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nah, I'm pretty sure I'm thinking of someone else with the "acoustic"

I think it was this one (latino iirc) girl who was rich/had a mansion and was a huge flirt and it's kinda messed up I can't remember her name after all the years of banter me cas and others had with her lol. I'm sure she was never a mod also.

Clara. Username was acousticpyro (perhaps with a number on the end).

I think she's the person who joined the air force, as someone mentioned earlier in this thread.

EDIT: acousticpyro23
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I didn't know divid3d went by any other username. She came to Canada and attended my CD release party back in '06. She still has some videos from it on Youtube. One of two UG'ers I met IRL.

Think she was originally something like divid3d_we_fall.
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I've been listening to the history of rome a lot lately. It makes wish we could have our own caesar come in and depose our corrupt senators one day.

Keep listening.
Aye - Edinburgh to Glasgow and back - 100 miles. You'll get there soon
Well done. How far is it? Remember that it doesn't ever get easier - you just get faster

I cycled through to Glasgow on Sunday, holy crap Airdrie and Coatbridge are not fun to cycle through.
People who don't trust Halford's to do it right

You've had a lovely day for it!
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I mean im working early, I finish at 1pm, but if you're to be there for 1 then that ain't happenin is it.

Depends where you work. I imagine it'll be closer to half one before the last people leave Glasgow Green. Not sure how many speeches are planned at the Glasgow one, or how much you care about hearing them, but they're likely to still be going by 2pm, and then people will hang around for a bit afterwards and gradually disperse. The organisers are hoping to have everything wrapped up and marshals free to leave by 3pm.
That's a shame. Next year!
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^yea, cool, uncumbersome satnavs would be pretty neat

might be getting a new bike on friday woooo

Just in time:
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Yo Dave

Yo yo yo Mr O. 

How're the little ones? (E***?)
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So the answer seems to be that M00NAGEDAYDREAM clicked "Last" on the list of pages of threads in the forum, and that the UG forums now have enough storage to not have been pruned for 10 years.
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Are you...real?

Can adbots be real?
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Ah, I see.

I was worried a next level adbot had breached the system.

I mean, maybe I am a next level adbot, and all my posts from 2006 were to ostensibly benign images, but which forced popups to appear when someone bumped the thread 10 years later.

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haha I'm getting the impression no one cared about my comment haha cool haha

Popup is something to do with a broken image link on the first page. Apparently the image has disappeared in the 10 years since this thread was posted. Very inconsiderate.
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Since when was tristessa laid back crush and daydream definitely are but tristssa is one of the loudest songs on the album

It's gotten gradually louder over the last ten years or so.
Thanks guys, will try changing the preamp tube, then take it to an amp tech if that doesn't work.
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Have you bought it new or used?
Have you modded it?

Try and check if the pots still work.

I bought it new and it was working perfectly two days ago. It'd also be rather odd for all four pots to suddenly stop working in the same way.
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Replace the 12ax7.

Can you explain why the tube going would manifest in this problem?

I have a Blackheart Little Giant combo amp (link). It's a few years old now, but I haven't had any problems with it until yesterday. Now the volume and EQ knobs don't adjust anything - the amp works, but seems to be stuck at a particular setting. This happens in both the 3W and 5W settings.

Any ideas what the problem could be?
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There wasn't a single black person in that video.
Yes there was.
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I don't know if anyone is paying attention to Irish politics (I'd imagine not), but we currently have a situation in which Irish secondary school teachers were out striking on Tuesday. The strike is over a reform to the curriculum in Ireland which would see a state exam that all students sit at ~age 15 no longer be marked externally but instead take the form of a lot of Continuous assessment and be marked by the teachers themselves.

Coincidentally, I'm currently doing a lot of research work on curriculum reform in Ireland. It's a profoundly depressing topic that sums up a lot of what is wrong with the Irish political system (Potted version: "The brits did it this way and we can't be arsed changing it or even discussing if it should be changed"). As a huge supporter of Unions since I became politically active it makes it even more depressing that they're striking to prevent a much needed reform that will give them more professional autonomy. The union also don't seem to see that the reform gives them the ability to strike while keeping the schools open, which would give them godlike control over education policy.

What're the union's problems with the reform?
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kind of related but with the smashing pumpkins, should i keep listening to the smashing pumpkins albums after adore like Machina and zeitgeist? or should I just stop because the albums aren't as good as the first few?

Zeitgeist is certainly worth a listen.
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Didn't know that, sorry.
But still, there are so many things our science can't understand. I mean, just look at all the black hole discussion
"Doesn't" and "can't" are not synonymous
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Soul may be a result of brain activity we're not aware of. I mean, what do we really know about our bodies? There are people who got part of their heads removed by some kind of accident or something, and they still breathe and think.
And it may be something of more "divine", and that we surely won't be scientifically aware of.
Graphing it shows that π^2/2 is indeed correct.

You can carry on using l'Hopital's rule until it works.
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i was gonna ask you guys if a selfless act can occur, but then i realized it depends on how i define selfless.

"concerned more with the needs of others than their own"


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Lanegan is ****ing amazing. If there's one thing I'm thankful for (besides them making awesome music), it's that Qotsa has helped everyone realize how ****ing awesome Mark Lanegan is.

Y'all should check out Screaming Trees if you haven't.

Indeed. His solo albums are excellent as well (start with Field Songs, which is mostly acoustic-backed, and Bubblegum, which is mostly electric-backed). Also excellent are his albums with Isobel Campbell.
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Anyone familiar with this book? If so, thoughts?

It was recommended to me by Reza Aslan when I asked him for a book on the subject. I was looking for something that gave a good account of the early days of Christianity.

I haven't read it, let us know if you do though.

You have cute cats, by the way.
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Yeah, I know about that a change in magnetical flux induces a current. But WHAT is it that changes the magnetical flux?
Seems like a sufficient enough reason to vote for independence.
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Well, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord savior, but since there are so many religions out there, I don't think heaven is attainable through only one religion. If you're born a Christian, be a good Christian. If you're a Muslim, be a good Muslim. Same goes for being a Jew.

There are over 12,000 sects of Christianity alone, I think God will judge you based off of how you were as a human being. I.e. Generous, good neighbor, law abiding and good morals.

What you're saying directly contradicts what Jesus taught, so why do you believe it?
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That just seems so ridiculously pointless.

I disagree, I think it's clearly senseless.
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65daysofstatic? Might see them in a week along with Caspian and twiabp

I could never really get into them much but maybe I just haven't heard the right stuff. I'm sure it's cool live though either way.

What have you listened to before?

Retreat!Retreat! is the song that got me hooked on them. Mean Low Water, Crash Tactics and Radio Protector are also class tracks.

Give their new album, Wild Light, a listen if you can. It's pretty good, and they'll probably play quite a few songs off it when you see them.
Try Keser, Longfin Killie and Sputniks Down.
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Liking it a lot. Always impressed with their drums.
This one sounds more soundscape-y and less aggressive. It's a good change, but I loved the aggression in older Russian Circles.
Still has that great dark edge though.

Should be a great album.

Anyone else thinks this track is much more post-rocky than most of their other works? I don't really know how to describe it. It has a...thicker and smoother sound to it, like, more soundscapey. I guess I could say it sounds closer to This Will Destroy You than, for instance, Pelican.

Their last few albums have all been a roughly 50/50 mix of aggressive and soundscapey.