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see what i mean? you are an extremely immature idiot, and I think anyone on here would agree with me on that. you aren't funny, it's rather sad actually.

Amen to that, but if I didn't laugh at all this shit, I'd cry. Ha.
Considering your age and intelligence, I'll just put it into terms you can understand so we can end this stupid run around -
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wow, i cant begin to comprehend where you got that amazing piece of advice

It was a pun based on your shitty control of english. No fee for that one.
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if you would read the question just after the wall of text. you would know i came here to see if anything similar happened to anybody else lately. not to complain

if you could see me in person right now you would know that i i am not freaking out, or complaining.I am 17. what are my parents going to do? send me to the corner? dont think so. if i come home smashed 3 hours after curfew what can they do? i know! they can ground me for 2 weeks then cool over after a day, then not care anymore.

You're pathetic, man. The answer you're looking for isn't something someone as asinine as you can find. I'd say you should give up, but you've already done that, so the only thing left for you to do is die. All in due time, I suppose. What a shame that you're such a waste.
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it was cush and i do manage to ppull straight A's

Well then why don't you 'ppull' your head out of your ass
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ONE. this didnt **** up my life, it just means i will be suspended for a feewdays. big deal.

and TWO, where did i complain about it?

You've been bitching non stop since the first post you made, you know, the on that everyone here had to decipher then get disappointed about wasting their time on figuring out your poor english. This isn't an autobiography, kiddo, you CAME here to complain.
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pretty much but i wouldnt be able to stay out past 9:00 PM

You're lucky you aren't my kid - I'd be kicking your ass for acting like you're the shit. Although that's a useless comment - I wouldn't have raised you so poorly.
Yeah, I've got the best advice for you - Don't **** up all the time and do stupid shit. You brought all this shit on yourself, so be a f****ing man and deal with it. Stand by your choices or let someone else make them for you next time.
Okay, so the general consensus is that if I buy a good condition MIM, pull the pickups, tuners, and bridge and swap em out, I'd have something close to an MIA, minus the name and +600 dollar price tag, right? I'm seriously considering a strat, but don't find the 1200 bucks attractive for an american. I'd rather get a good condition MIM and rod it. Thoughts?
So, as I know almost nothing about strats - what exactly ARE the difference between MIA and MIM strats, aside from birthplace? Is it mostly cosmetic or hardware, eg. pickups, tuners, bridge? Or is it much more than that?
That's my opinion though. If you dig the samick the most, don't sell it. I'd say sell the one you like least, bro. That's what I did with the electrics I didnt' use.
sell the damn samick - i've never played a decent one in my 8 years playin guitar.
What to buy, you mean? A freakin' guitar, dude, if you're tryin to play Master. You can't do it well on that pos unless you're Kirk Hammett himself.
I dig it. I think it's a pretty good multifx pedal, as far as those things go. Nothin will replace a good ol' tube amp for me, though. I'm more satisfied with my boss mt-2 and my peavey.
run the xtlive through your amp's fx loop, turn off the amp modeler on the xtlive, as well as the EQ function, and save that with the delay and reverb on as a preset. PResto.
THe only classical nylon acoustic i could find with the model number CG100 was a yamaha. But payin 20 bucks for any guitar should be a pretty good indicator that

a)it's ruined beyond repair or
b)it's a pos.

But who knows - maybe you got luckY?
Yeah, bro, that'll work - it's a mixing board, simliar to what they use at clubs to hardline the PA - meaning take the mic'd amps on stage and send the feed to the house speakers. It'll work, but it ain't gonna sound like the tone you probably want. Until you get an amp, though, it'll serve the purpose.
Jesus... I'm not going around in circles about this any longer. And seriously, with that laFF crap, you sure sound like a poser. Damn. Do whatever you want.
Raise your damn strap up and stop playin with the guitar by your nuts pal, that'll screw your high fret access to hell. I'll give you that the cutaways kinda suck on that one, though. The reason I say you're makin an excuse is that I'm taller than you, don't have a meager frame and am pretty built, and it isn't small at all on me. If i'm taller than you, and we're roughly the same build ( you say it aint fat cause you play football, fine) then it should be small for me too. It isnt.
Man, I'm taller than you and everydamnthing. Dont make stupid excuses. I don't care if you're fat or in peak condition - the point here is you're makin a dumb excuse for you inability to use it. If it aint for you, just say so.
It's an AX, and no it's not tiny, man, you're big. I'm 6'3 and 200, and it ain't small to me.
what the hell kind of guitar is it? post a pic.
The body of an ibanez isn't ridiculously small, unless you're playing a half scale travel guitar, in which case you're an idiot for thinking it was full scale. Secondly, it's not being a spelling nazi, as you put it, it's having control enough of the language you speak to prevent you from sounding ignorant and stupid. Thirdly, there are plenty of fat linebackers in the NFL. Get over it. Lose some weight, get a new axe, or work on your technique instead of bitching about why it's everything's fault but your OWN.
And for the record, if you're going to insult someone else, don't say shit like 't00l,' and know that you're means 'you are' and your means 'yours,' as in ownership of something. Stupid mistakes like these only make your argument look like crap.
Lineman can be fat, and I'm not judgemental. Unless you're Arnold Schwarzenegger big, then youre overweight, bro. Secondly, I'm not a tool, and not judgemental - just making an observation -

You bitched about being too big for a guitar that everyone can play, so you're either using that as an excuse for you sucking, for your frustration, or you're a heavy guy. I didn't say there was anything WRONG with being a big dude. Don't be so defensive.
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But I do agree that I would really like to see Dan go on to do something other then Disturbed. He's too good of a guitar player to be side lined because the rest of the band sucks.

I'd like to see him and Mike (Wengren - the drummer) do something new.
Okay - I'll be the one who everyone calls a dick and say it -

If you're 5'10 and 200lbs, lose some weight man. Then the problem is solved. Live healthier and your body'll be better to you.
Well, they just put out the RGA's, which are RG but with a Gibraltar massive bridge instead of a trem. They're dollarific, though - around 1500 bucks, i think. I'd say go with an S man. Mine's never let me down and I just shifted from playin Thrash to Hard Rock/Blues stuff. Suits me fine for all my needs and built like a tank.
Underrated, defiantely. Good, solid, reliable guitarist that can solo when needed - what more do you need from a guitarist?

However - Disturbed is boring now - the music hasn't changed at all since The Sickness & they haven't done anything different in the span of their albums - it's time for Dan to start a new project.
Bummer, but be glad there's no serious damage man. It could be a lifetime without practice instead of months.
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They have no talent, they're (were) just a bunch of pretty faces on the scene.

You thought the guys in nsync were pretty? I really hope you're a girl.
Well, first I wouldn't call Nsync a band, becuae they don't actuall play instruemnts, perform musically, or write/record their own shit. Regardless, here's the opinion you asked for -

They suck. End of story.
Depends on who you ask, man. Some dudes consider 5 scooped, Dime considered 2 scooped, I consider 3-4 scooped. I think the point is that the lows and highs are significatly more present than the mids.
If it tries to autoload something, a program, shit like that - hold either the shift key or the esc key after you close the cd tray - my 40 below summer cd tried to do that copyrite protection shit, and that took care of it.
The bridge isn't far enough back? Nah, dude, pretty much any guitar is gonna have simliar spacing - it's set that way so that you can tune it properly. You wanna sound better, there's only one medicine for that - bust your ass and woodshed.
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also, if she asks out your friend and he says no, you will be there to comfort her

Don't be a freakin opportunist - bad way to start a relationship man. haha..
If it's gonna happen, it'll happen without you beain sleazy and making a way to crawl in. Let it go unless it becomes prevelant again.
She's not interested in you. What more do you need to know? Quit cryin and go on about your life. Yeah, it sucks. The world's still turnin, pal.
The guitar looks fookin amazing - although I'm sure the acrylic body affects the tone in a huge way. While it looks and, I'm sure, plays awesomely - I don't think any guitar is worth 2gs - not a PRS, not an Ibanez, not a Les Paul - Nothin.
I'm an artist - lemme know what kinda idea you're thinkin of and I can throw together a sketch for ya and email it to you. If you dig it, you can use it free - just put my name on the art credits
That was some rough shit about the internet comment. You're askin for help, and you come back with some heavy handed comment callin someone a dumbass? Wow - I know of two very reputable and clean sites to download OR stream high quality music vids, but I don't know if I wanna tell you at this point.