Please do not get an abortion, that is terrible. I've done so much research on this subject for different reports I have written and my opinion is it should be criminal to abort a child.

People act like it's not a real person so it's no big deal to destroy the "clump of cells," but most people do not realize just how quick it all happens. Individual markers that are completely specific to one life and one life only happen within days of pregnancy. DNA and things like that which are so fundamentally unique to one person is already there. So you are not just destroying a clump of cells, it will be one unique specific person you are killing, and it already has the building blocks of who it will become.

Inconvenience is not a good reason to kill a life. If you are not able to raise the child yourself, then give it up for adoption and at least allow them the chance to live.
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Is this the same league as in the NFL thread?

no, its a different one
If you consider yourself a knowledgeable football fan, and want to join the UG fantasy football league, the Draft is tomorrow night at 10 pm ET/9 pm CDT. Ten team league, QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K, DEF.

League ID: 351035
Password: Taco
I found an unreleased song I had not heard that didnt make it to born and raised. I like the song, but you can tell he was started to have vocal issues a little.

Go Easy on Me
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You can't compare that to Continuum anyway but if you take Room for Squares, you can clearly see it lacks the boldness and originilaty John had in the writing of those songs.

I disagree with that because his compositions on Room for Squares were still very complex. Neon is one of his more complex songs ever made. City Love, Why Georgia, and My Stupid Moth are all legit musically, and the lyrics on 83 are more poignant than most anything on B&R. Hell, you could even break down the music in YBIAW and see it is more complex than most things on mainstream radio.
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So what albums would you recommend from him? I figure I should give him a fair chance instead of just saying he sucks all the time.

You wont appreciate Mayer unless you see him playing live. Get the Where the Light Is, Live in LA CD or DVD. He plays three different sets, acoustic by himself, his blues trio, and then his full band set. If it absolutely the best thing he has ever done. If you dont like him after listening to it, you will at the very least respect his ability and understand what the fuss is about.

Heres a song from each

Neon - acoustic set

Wait Until Tomorrow(Hendrix Cover) - Trio Set

Im Gonna Fine Another You - Full Band Set
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Have given it another go-through on a long drive today, and I nearly fell asleep at the wheel through much of it. It's really bland. A guy like Lebron getting millions to bounce a ball and not winning the championship gets scolded, we should have no lower standards for Mayer.

Good thing I had WTLI on my SD card in the phone

Yeah, but to use your analogy, Mayer has already won his championships with Continuum, Try and Where the Light Is, Lebron is still going on potential. I always judge Mayer against his own success, like all superhero movies being judged on the Dark Knight scale, Mayer is judged on the Where the Light Is/Continuum scale, and Born and Raised does not come close. If anyone saw Mayer the other night on Letternman when he was sitting in with the band, his guitar playing during that show was better than anything you'll hear on B&R, which is frustrating when someone has shown over and over again that they can blow your mind musically, but then just actively chooses not to.
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Just grabbed Born and Raised.

I generally agree with your assessment. I wrote a review of the album and unfortunately, echoed a lot of what you said. I even talked about how none of the songs jump up and demand your attention lyrically the way Slow Dancing and Stop This Train did.

It felt like lyrically the album was just too simplistic, with is rhyming and message. I thought Born and Raised, the song, was poignant, but the studio version seemed to lose its soul compared to his acoustic Hotel Cafe version. Overall, there was no metaphors on par with the kind of stuff he was doing in Slow Dancing etc...

And I have to go back to the comment he made about learning to make things simpler because when he did the complex stuff on neon, he wasnt leaving room for other members of the band to do their thing. But what he apparently doesnt get is the complex stuff is what set him apart from other artists, particularly in the mainstream. It feels like he has been intentionally dumbing down his own music and selling his ability and creativity short.

The best two songs on Born and Raised were two that didnt make the cut, Portable Heart, and Break in the Clouds. Those two had more to say than anything on B&R

Personally, I cant wait til Mayer turns 40, by then he should be so far removed from the need to please a pop audience that he finally decides to just become the blues artist we all know he can be.
If anyone is going through withdrawal from not having any Mayer blues songs, try getting into Peter Green, if you are not already. He had very nice tone, definitely someone who influenced JM as you will hear, great solo in the song from the link.
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The vast majority of pop singers can actually sing. Somehow I doubt you've actually taken a listen to pop music, because if you did you'd find that you need an immense amount of skill to write/arrange/produce those songs which usually always contain "real" instruments.

The Punk movement was absolutely ripe with people who couldn't play their instruments. Does that make it any less invalid as a form of music?

Its hard to defend pop music because of who is under the pop umbrella. I think of pop and I think of Rhianna. There was a story about her I read which broke down the reason it cost her $500,000 to produce one song and it was because she had to pay all these people to do the work for her. She paid someone to write the song, the people to make the music for her, she even had an expense for a vocal instructor who literally came in and showed her how to sing the melody. Literally the only thing she did on her own song was come in and do voice over work like an actor for a animated movie. There are a lot of people who sing well, but if you cant write your own music or play an instrument then I have no respect for that person as someone who is supposed to be a professional creator of music. Its the reason Mayer is the good kind of pop and Rhianna is the bad, but like I said, when it comes to pop music, then are probably 50 Rhiannas for every 1 Mayer.
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Are you serious?

Unless lip-synching or a laptop are considered musical instruments now.
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Yeah, which is easily explained by the fact that there is a lot more pop music created than blues, meaning that there will obviously be more bad pop than bad blues from a purely numerical point of view. There's plenty of bad blues out there. Don't have to go far to find it. The ability to play blues WELL gives you legitimacy in music. What we disagree on is the definition of good and bad blues ;P

Yeah, but ease of entry is the point you have to consider. Saying but there is more pop music than blues is like saying more students attend community college than iyy league schools. Of course they do, its because not everyone is smart enough to get in, and not everyone has the ability to play blues. You don't even have to know how to play an instrument to make pop music.
This is awesome, Mayer posted "Walt Grace's submarine Test, January 1967" on youtube and it got taken down for copyright infringement. Great job Youtube, internet piracy is a serious issue, artists legally posting their own material has got to stop.
I was waiting for a studio "break in the clouds" that was my favorite of the ones he did at hotel cafe but its relegated to his great unreleased tracks now
he did, it was a scheduled iTunes free stream on May 15th
Heres the youtube link to it if you haven't seen it yet

Queen of California
Expect there is much more bad pop than bad blues. I could name more bad pop than good pop, but it would be hard for me to come up with many names which are bad in blues, because the ability to play blues instantly gives you legitimate musical merit, unlike pop.
The lack of empathy is the root of evil. That is the difference between someone capable of doing evil and someone who isn't.
I like music where it is clear the artist knows what he is doing. The stuff that gets me excited is mostly blues and blues-rock music where the guitarist can bring legit knowledge and ability to the instrument to make music. There is a certain correctness to that music that hits my hear and it's like "okay, I can feel that," and just enjoy the music and riffs and phrasing of licks. Blues guitarist in my opinion is the closest thing we have to mozart, that level of virtuoso playing where there is no doubt these guys deserve to be on stage doing what they are doing.
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John Mayer is easily one of the best guitar players around. Also, saying that he's "no more than a pop artist" is implying that Pop artists are less musically talented than everyone else, which isn't true.

Depends what your definition of pop is. If you say pop is everyone who is popular then you are right, their are talented pop artists. But if you are using pop how most people use it to describe Britney Spears and Train, then no, pop artists are no where near as talented as everyone else. There is good pop and bad pop, but unfortunately the bad outweighs the good so much to the point that the word itself becomes a pejorative term.
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Well not to rain on the parade here but I must say that though John is a good singer with a unique sounding voice and a fair songwriter, I do not at all consider him to be any kind of notarious guitar player. Don`t get me wrong, he can play it`s just that people are so quick these days of hanging tags around peoples necks. tags such as legend or best. He is a decent player but his primary audience is teenage girls. He is in know way even comparable to the guitar legends of blues. No way no how. I mean think about this before you lose your kool. We`re talking about Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Hendrix, Albert King, Muddy waters, etc.etc. Now some of these guys are better than others but its a scale of time thing along with their revolutionary effect on guitar and music in general. So no I`m no fan of Mayer, I agree that he has some good attributes but I really don`t think he will ever be more than a pop artist.

It is pretty clear when people say things like this that they have not watched the Where the Light Is DVD because after listening to that concert there is no way to think of Mayer in any other way but as one of the very best guitarists alive.

Undying respect for people who can just get up and play. What key is that E?, okay here we go...and then just crush it like its second nature. People don't give Mayer nearly enough credit for his playing ability. I'd love to see Adam Levin do that. There is a difference between Mayer's pop and everyone else's, the casual listener doesn't tend to understand that.
find out what the blues players used. SRV - Texas Specials, Clapton - Lace Sensors, Hendrix - Custom Shop 69' is probably as close as you'll get. Maybe you could put some '57 Gibson Humbuckers in your Ibanez like are in the Gibson ES 335.
Not at all, they are one of the few mainstream acts that produce anything worth listening to. People want to bash them now that they are famous, but they have a back catalog of 7 albums, Dan's solo record, a junior cover album Pat's Drummer side project, and Blackroc. This isnt some flash in the pan new group talking shit, they have the credit to back it up. It's your fault if you only started paying attention to them now. Plus, Dan has become a serious producer himself. Radio Moscow was his find. He just did Dr. John's new record. Check out this song and Patrick Sweany which I'm really getting into right now.

Point is, go bash Rhianna, The Black Keys were and still are very legit.
No, it would be weird if you woke up fully aroused and inside your acoustic guitar.
They sell a pack from ziljdan which has hit-hat, crash and ride symbol, which is basically everything you'll need to start learning.
I love the album art, i was gonna say, someone wants a packaging grammy this year. The only times his picture wasnt on the cover of the album we got continnum and try, so here is hoping that greatness trend continues.

Although if you look at the R, it looks like he used The Price is Right font.

Album comes out on 5/22/12, can't wait to hear the two songs from the album I haven't heard yet.
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It's not the worst song ever, but it could be a lot better. It just sounds like he didn't put too much effort into it, and that chorus and the build-up is so generic "country" sounding. This is only sixty seconds though, and it seems like it could get better.

Don't know why he chose that one to be the single, I thought Shadow Days was one of the weaker songs he had been singing recently. I was hoping Queen of California or A break in the clouds would be the single, but like always, Mayer's songs on the radio are generally second rate compared to the rest of the ones on the album, so maybe thats why he picked it.
I play. The draft is the funnest part though. Fantasy baseball is too involved, you have to keep checking and setting lineups every day, and you can't be good by just knowing the star players, you have to have a deeper knowledge of teams and their players if you have any chance of winning.
Diane Lane is still hot, but there are not very many really hot older woman.

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Perception is skewed by the fact that we place more importance on a woman's appearance than a man's.

Don't woman place more importance on their own appearance than men do?
I guess it's probably a lot easier for a guy to look normal when he goes bald than when a woman goes bald, so there's that.
I just thought about this today for some reason, but I think men probably age more gracefully than woman do. Maybe I'm wrong, but then I started thinking whether or not there was a correlation to the fact woman spend the majority of their lives wiping chemicals all over their faces in an ironic act of staying youthful looking? Just a random thought, thinking out loud really.
Eternal Sunshine
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Inside Man
Dark Knight
Lucky Number Slevin
White Men Can't Jump
The zen drive isnt the pedal for his solos, its a pedal that can mimic the sound of his dumble style two-rock amp. Tubescreamer would be the pedal he probably uses the most on those solos. I know he's used an original marshall bluesbreaker as well, not the 2nd version that's out now.
thanks, that helped, though i wish everyone used the exact same verbiage to discribe stuff. They just call it the 3 instead of the major 3rd, or say b3 instead of minor 3rd, or b5 instead of tritone, but the info is all the same, just have to translate it to how i learned, thanks
I have a little bit of knowledge in theory. I know intervals and where the notes are in each type of scale, how to construct chords, stack intervals, find the chords in a key etc...

I know that if I had a root+a major 3rd+5th+ minor 7th, I get a major 7th chord. My question is, using that same method of stacking intervals, how do I make 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, etc... What are the formulas for those other chords?
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John Legend is a monster. Dude's great.

And I mentioned him in my original post as one of the black musicians of today. Not many like him however.
Wow, how could I forget to mention John Frusciante, he is actually a hendrix by-product, and one of the very best of our generation.
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Who made this list of greatest guitarists ever? Because opinions are not facts.

Jack White is not close to being as influential as someone like Hendrix. I could do a survey of a hundred people and have more than half of them not know who he is or say, "Oh, I loved him in School of Rock."

Eddie Van Halen is not a modern-day musician. It's been years since he's released an album.

As for Slash, thank you for naming someone who is half black in your racist ass thread.

Stevie Ray Vaughn: you just said yourself, from the 80's.

Try again.

I know hendrix was more influential, but apparently not to the african american community since no one is taking up his mantle. That is the point. A lot of the greatest were black, but not many today are continuing on is the problem.