Any Hartke Lh500 user here? if so what kind of setup do you run? just curious on different multi effects ran on this head.
Hello first off not sure if this is where I should post this so sorry in advance.  Im working on setting up a gator case for my Hartke head and looking at different rack effects to go with it besides the head and a korg tuner . Im looking for a all in one compressor, noisegate and eq rack. Do they make something like this? If so would someone be kind to suggest some? Like I said I have a Hartke Lh500. If you need any more information Im glad to provide and thanks for the help.
Check out Black star amps. I have a Ht 40 and it suites my Metal Needs Fine for the budget. It also takes pedals without any problems.
psp742 do you think the smallest version of the flashback would do alright?
psp742 I really dig the flashback x4 but its out of my price range at the moment. I think for now ill settle with the ehx memory toy.I also have a ditto looper but probably will upgrade to the v2 version later down the road.
Gab_Azz Is the Ehx Memory Toy a good pedal for now?
Gab_Azz Thanks for your response. I totally agree with the wah I think it would be a good idea to try different wahs before just settling on one. I think I'll wait on a wah till I can get to a guitar center to try some out. The delay was going to be next on my list. I was looking at the mxr carbon copy delay. Any experience with that one? Or know of any in that price range? I also messed up my post and said I have a iso 5 I actually meant I have the Voodoo pedal power 2.
Every Album! Not a big fan of st.anger but it had a few ok songs. If I have to pick one then its Kill Em All!
Hard to pick. Awesome Band, Im going to go with Hallowed Be thy Name.
monwobobbo I've not had the chance to try a phaser yet but ive tried a flange before and enjoyed it. Not sure on good makes of pedals tho. I definitely want a delay but im going to get a wah first. And Ive been playing for years but now getting more serious with learning and playing better.
Check out Blackstar amps. And maybe
metalmingee Also how do you use your eq in your setup?
metalmingee I was thinking about getting the Kirk Hammett wah . Have you had experience with that one?
Thanks for all the replys. I think for now im going to get a wah and wait on a eq until i can try one out to see if i need it or not. I am interested in a delay and either a flanger or a phaser pedal. Thanks again to everyone
Dave_Mc My amp has reverb, but talking about delays are there any you would suggest?
Cajundaddy Im building my first pedal board. Besides the pedals ive already listed I mainly use my cleans and od channel with my tubescreamer as a boost. Im leaning towards a wah I was just trying to get others opinions. The eq pedal was something that kept getting brought up in different reads. Im not looking for a certain sound just suggestions on different stuff. Wah pedal wise I was looking at either the original crybaby or that kirk hammett wah.
Sorry to not mention i have a tuner pedal. Also i play hard rock/metal 80s/90s.
Ive got a Blackstar ht40 a voodoo pp2, a ibanez tubescreamer and a tc ditto. I'm debating on either a mxr 10 band eq or a wah pedal. Suggestions thoughts?