Wantwantwant but can't afford, really sorry. The price shouldn't have to be dropped this low...try JEMsite or IbanezRegister
I wouldn't take a chance snapping a damned pencil in there, but if you want to check tuning stability, just grab the ****er at the back end and pull upwards. Will still dive bomb.
IIRC RGs use 6150
This isn't bad at all. There are just a few things I'd pick up on:
1) Your guitar is slightly out of tune, or you're pressing a bit too hard on the frets
2) Your vibrato style looks a bit odd, lending to slightly erratic sounding vibrato in places
3) I think you need to slow down and move into the rhythm of the song a little bit more, you seem ahead of yourself, especially after the first tapping run

even so though, not an easy song, so well done.

If you like you can have a looksee at my Flying in a Blue Dream solo:
Nice playing, I like your vibrato, it's well considered. Nice accenting too. Only thing I found the tone (haha, let's go against everyone), sounded like a DI into the computer, without any headroom, a bit tinny, and a bit lost in the mix, thought it could do with some mids to lift it out of the drums a bit. Still, nice solo
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Decided to do this today, took about 20 mins but I really wanted to record the main solo section, so I did. End is slightly different. Interested to hear your comments.
Pics aren't great but I've never seen an Ibanez that looks like that...
11s will be fine for drop tunings. And you've proved you can use them to play in standard (not that many people would, mind....)
I wouldn't bother with a 7 string, you'd still have to change the tunings to get low *chords*
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I buy distortion pedals to make it sound better.

I nearly cried.
Buy a new amp, I'm guessing you've currently got a solid state, with which no amount of distortion pedals will ever help.
You may indeed be due a new guitar if you've started to outgrow your beginner one, but a good amp can make an alright guitar sound good, but a bad amp can make a good guitar sound shoite.
Bought my bass from there. Best price and great quick service
Sounds like when I put a G string in the high E position.
Just call and see what he says....
Two fingers on the same fret on the same string. Just put that through your mind for a while...

The only reason you have other fingers behind the note you're fretting on the same string is for support, and then it doesn't matter where they are, because they are not controlling the note.
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I suggested that about a week ago in the EHX thread.. i think! You parroted me!

LOL unintentionally honest, didn't read that thread!
You know the fretting, action and intonation problems could be to do with the frets themselves, they could need levelling or crowning, or replacing. If they are not an even hight then you'll obviously get buzz problems....

There is often variation like that on a neck. Not necessarily wanted, but such a small variation doesn't normally make that much difference.
There are some good looking Schecters but that's a pretty boring looking one tbh. Don't really like Vs like that, but the finish is quite nice. So a compromise. Schecter shape with that blue flame finish = win.
You just have to practice putting your palm basically on the other strings to stop them ringing, or whatever part of your hand feels most comfortable.
Yup as Uncle said, without a decent tube amp, there is not much point in having EMGs. In fact, it might even muddy your tone *more* than having passive pickups in a SS or hybrid amp...
I've heard some good things. It's note expensive either. Perhaps slightly like the Squier '51 in its position in the market...
I like his tone for what he does with it, but in terms of many other styles of bass playing, it doesn't suit. It sure does cut though. You can actually replicate it fairly similarly by just boosting the highs and mids, and cutting the bass a little on your amp, with a P type pickup, adding a tiny amount of distortion can work, but without the double pickup output the low end fuzzes up.
What guitar is it?
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my friend just put the sticker over it

I win. Thanks
Is the decal on the back of the headstock not just that? Either a waterslide or a sticker?
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Whoa. You have to hit it? I just wait for "the right moment" and just tap it.

I sometimes dunk it, it takes a bit of time to get used to, but I've always found I have more control going down while dunking. My hand hits the body the other way around, so I can't go very far.

My bad, I was explaining it the way I do it, the Satch way, which involves using your right hand to play the harmonic (with pick) whist holding on to the bar, so you kind of have to hit it, with the pick, if that makes sense.
That is a very good paint job! Nice one
In most cases, depending on your level of ability, you only need a tab should you really not be able to work out what's being played by ear.
Once you have the tab, the accuracy isn't that important (unless it's something like Malmsteen or more like Gilbert in which case every note is important, not for Zeppelin, as there aren't many super long picking runs), and the tab can give you a good general direction to work from. Try that.
I know it's the 'Dime' way to do it, but I never found doing divebombs with the bar the other way round (dunking it) was very economical. It's harder to pull up than push down. You need to get a good harmonic, but that doesn't always require hitting the strings hard, just in the right places, so search around for the right spots without using the bar, then add the bar in afterwards.
I'd stop for a while and go see someone, like everyone else said. But don't play bass, doing fingerstyle on huge thick strings will kill your wrists a hell of a lot more quickly than using a pick on a guitar with measly little strings will...
A signed Paul Gilbert one, and I have to put up the signed satch one I have too
You hate chords? But even leads work contains chords? Songs have chords in. Get over it.
And why should a longer scale length require more setting up as well? Just set it up right and then you'll be fine. Put them on and adjust as necessary.
I did the paper thing too. The other thing you can do is put a layer of nail varnish or something adhesive like that (not glue!) around the indent (with the bushing off), leave it to dry and put the bushing back on. This has the effect of the metal being 'thicker' by the smallest degree, making the arm stiffer.
The tremolo is the thing that the strings go into at the 'bottom' end of the guitar. What you need to do is adjust the springs in the back so they pull more, but if you don't know what you're doing, it's best to have someone else do it first, and either ask to watch them or try again when you have more knowledge and experience.
You really need bright lime green pickup rings and control knobs / switch tip
It is, that's true, at least on the AWD83. I haven't found it much of a problem, but strap-loks might be a good idea, as it has come off a couple of times, and I don't even own the guitar. It balances fairly well though.
Yup, cracking heel joint is very common on old Ibanez guitars, and is nothing to worry about, it's just the paint.
get a big plastic bag (or 2), like bin liners or something, and cover the bag from each end, secure with tape. Wouldn't take too long...
You're possibly just tapping weakly, and need to practise it enough to make it good....
It's almost always worth getting a new amp, but never blame playing problems on your equipment
My friend has an AWD82, and it's not bad, it has a nice tone, and is quite comfortable to play. I imagine the advantage will be just in overall quality, but I haven't played the AJD so I can't say for sure.