Thanks for all the help, I can see this is not a good idea now. I'll keep the dot in standard and downtune my old beginner guitar, tho I'll probably have to abandon this project
So last week I bought an epiphone dot, because I've been playing lighter music recently, but I got the opportunity to interview for a fairly well known local band, that happens to play metal. It's this newer kind of stuff in B tuning and all. My question is, if I get thicker strings, can my dot handle this kind of music?
You could try modelling amps, they usually have a lot of options that you can preset, like the fender already mentioned or you could try a roland cube or maybe vox makes some usable modelling amps too
The bad news: you probably won't be able to just play alone and achive a full musical experience for years. this "modern" style of guitarplaying is not really meant to do that. Maybe you could learn how to sing (later on?), althrough that could backfire if you can't sing. I'd say go for some stuff like The Beatles who had well known poppy songs with just some chords and the musical elitists won't shun you for palying pop. Oh and get well at arpeggiated picking (or whatever it is called) it might work. Look up some basic folk fingerstyle lessons (don't get upset if you can't do it tho, it's not easy)
capo at 5th fret sound kinda useless to me
The quick question is that can I plug a microphone to a guitar or bass amp and use it properly without damaging it, instead of the original mixer-speaker combination?
thanks, I found this guy the most usefull so far too
I got really bored of playing rock, so I was like I should start something new... I thought of that kind of playing when you play chords or melodies with your left hand and do some beat with the right, I don't know how it's called (like the guitar drifting or john butler's ocean). Anyway, the point is I don't know how or where to start, so if you have some advice I'd be greatfull. Anything helps (like a site, a thread or a youtuber)
they really aren't
flat I guess
So my guitar is a cort x2 wich has a really thin neck and I find it very comfortable, compared to other guitars I tried. Anyway, the question is, if you like thinner necks too and if yes, what brands or models would you recommend for an upgrade?
I guess you dont know the Devin Townsend project. The point is he released 4 albums under 2 years all in different genres(acoustic-rock, Heavy-alternative metal, progressive metal, and chillout) check it out, it awesome . If he could do it under 1 name, you know...
When I write a song on guitar and show it to my band mateys, I allow the bassist to change the bass line a little bit (like the guy before me explained), the drummer has more freedom with the beats, and the singer can modify the melody a little bit, but overall the song remains the same, no new parts or major changes
Kickstart my heart or some other Mötley, some guns from the apetite album. Maybe Ace of spades?
I saw Overkill recently and they were pretty weak, wich is kinda bad for a thrash metal band
I'd say Roland Micro Cube for sure! It has a really sweet tone. 2w is more than enough for home, actually I use it at less than 1/4 volume. Just watch out, the simple Cube or Cubex series are much worse (my friend had one, and he admitted mine is better), so go for a Roland MICRO Cube
my Korg works really fine for me even tested on stage, it's awesome (the only downside is that one of my friends said that it looks lame if I have it on but you don't have to leave it on the guitar when you're not tuning)
good enough for a start, keep working on it
So I just bought a new bass, but I don't have a bass amp. Is it a problem if I plug it in my guitar amp (roland micro cube)?
Thank you guys that was helpful
So a while ago I was playing team fortress 2 where on some servers you could pick a radio station to listen while playing. I always went with the so called "bar rockin blues" because it had much feeling. So I stopped playing, but I miss the music, so could anyone list some bands/artists who play this upbeat groovy/bluesy thing?
World War? But I live in Europe
yes I guess by time I can make the right decision until then I'll start to look for a new one
My problem is that my band has a pretty good bassist, but he will go to the USA as an exchange student for a year and I don't know what to do. We obviously can't leave the post free for a year but if we get a new one he will most probably ask for his place when he comes back and I can't really tell him "aw why did you have to leave you ****ed it up" because he is a really good friend of mine, but telling the new one "we don't need you anymore so GTFO(especially if he is good)" would be rude too.What do you suggest?