T00DEEPBLUE  Thank you for your response. Actually my i have reduced my action, because the strings were too far from the fretboard. It feels much better to play without applying so much force. I think you're right, the higher frets are damping the string vibration.

I mentioned EMG (passive) pickups because, i once tried an ESP (ESP LTD EC-401) with EMG pickups in a guitar shop and it felt so nice to play, the action was exactly right), and the sustain was awesome too. 
My attempt to cover the entire Master of Puupets song 

( PS:Im neither James Hetfield, nor Kirk Hammet)
Hello guys,

Like the title says i would like to get more sustain on my RG421 Ibanez. This guitar is currently equipped with 2 Quantum pickups.
And the sustain is not that great.

I am contemplating on buying an EMG pick up. So I would like to know if this is a good idea to get more sustain compared to Quantum pickups.
Eriek Thanks for your feedback. still have a long way to go though..
You sound good too, practice makes perfect.
andyjohnston Thanks , what i usually do is,practice i.e slow down the tempo and play that lick, at that tempo, but somehow when i speed the tempo up, my fingers can't keep up. So i guess it will take a lot of time to master that section.
No one has a helpful comment or suggestion...hmm, guess i have to re-frame the question
Hello Guys,
I am practicing this great solo by Dream theater which I'm sure many of you have heard of and can play, Another Day, there is one particular section (please see image) which is quite fast and I can't seem to practice it effectively.

My question is is there a technique or a practicing lick which would help me play this section as fast as it is meant to be.

What would you recommend?