"Gratitude" by Gratitude.

Jonah Matranga has a spectacular voice and this uncanny ability to make you feel like you've known him for years when you see him live.

I trust that you are all well and swell?
So, I'm thinking of getting a JamHub. What are some cheap electronic drumsettish kind of things that I could get? I was thinking of a Yamaha DD55/65 but I wanted to know what else is out there .
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Welcome back! You still pimping Xaviere and SD PUs?

Something like that

Although in reality I should be pimping "buying random guitars super cheap on ebay and hoping they don't suck balls".

Herro again all. How's things?

Update: New singer for band. Writing songs. Just had my birthday last Sunday. Sushi + Tequila + Car Bombs = Wonderful combination. Playing entirely too much Black Ops.
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“This is obviously a huge step forward for us in further cementing Sony as the number one brand in video games,” said Sony CEO Howard Stringer. “The Wii is a cute novelty for children and recuperating geriatrics, but people who take video games and home entertainment seriously own a PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 has enjoyed a nice run, but it became an inferior product as soon as the PlayStation 3 launched. Microsoft knows that; sophisticated gamers know that. The only thing that the Xbox had was Halo, and now they’ve lost that. With the announcement of Halo 4, we’ll have moved at least 12 million PlayStation 3s by the end of the year.”

Sony's CEO, Howard Stringer. What a dick...

Ummmm did he actually say this or wasn't it part of an April Fools joke?
I absolutely love my M13, for what it's worth.
Anyone suggesting something other than some sort of computer audio interface/program is giving you poor advice.

I have a Toneport UX2 and it'd be perfect for you. You can always run a looper into it if you really want to.
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Does Microcube have 15w like Cube 15x?

My first practice amp was a Roland Cube 15.

The Microcube is a far better amp than the Cube 15. The Cube 15 doesn't have any amp modeling nor effects. It's just a generic blah practice amp with "Roland Cube" slapped on the name.
Is it possible that a guitar with active electronics will drain a battery without a cable plugged into it?

My Peavey Generation EXP ACM is eating batteries like nobody's business.

Greg, have you been to TopGolf in Wood Dale off of 355? It's a triple decker driving range/bar. Super crazy place.

"Watching" football at my gf's house. She doesn't have any tv, so I'm hitting up Sweet.

New Jimmy Eat World album comes out in two days.
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By the way, Age of Empires II: Conquerors > all other AoE's.

Spanish, ftw.

Conquistador army takeover!
Just use the Spider and then put the money toward an amp that you can use for gigs.

Going from one practice amp to another is silly.
Wow. This thread moves quickly.

Video Games

We just recently moved from Wildblue satellite internet to Sprint 4G, so we can now play on XboxLive. Never understood the obsession over CoD: MW2 until now. It's super addicting shooting people in the face over the internet. I have yet to get Halo: Reach. I only really played Halo 1 (Many hours of Blood Gulch CTF with Xbox connect) so I'm not too interested. There are too many games for me to play in the mean time. Still have to play Mass Effect 2 and the new Final Fantasy.

As far as sports games, I have the new Madden. I don't really play online, and I enjoy playing NHL 11 a lot more since it's more fun multiplayer playing with friends.

Top 5 Favorite Video Games
1) Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen (SNES)
2) Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1)
3) Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
4) Front Mission (SNES)
5) Super Dodgeball (NES)

Music-Related Things

We've been auditioning new singers for our band. This Sunday a guy is coming over who I really like. I'll keep you guys posted


I'm drunk. 312 is delicious.
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Pressuring the QB and snuffing out the run can cover up a weak-ish secondary.

Chicago Bears in a nutshell.
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Yeah. I guess it was the same how Armando Galarraga's perfect game was raped too :p

That was a bad call
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That call at the end of the Lions game was junk. what's with Detroit teams getting awful officiating?

Excellent call; stupid rule.
^+1 I'm also not a fan of the JB. I replaced mine with a GFS Vintage '59 and never looked back
I think I could make a living off of going to people's houses and taking pictures of their new gear that don't suck for them to post on this forum.
+1 to GFS Pickups. Very attractive pricing and they sound great. I replaced my Epiphone G400 pickups with 2 Dream 90s (with the tuxedo pearl white and black trim) and love them.

I also replaced my Seymour Duncan JB in my old S-1 Blackjack with a GFS Vintage '59 and was much happier with the tone.
If you're interested in Bare Knuckle pickups, I'd definitely suggest shooting them an email with your gear and what you're interested in. They are very helpful
Have you tried a Line 6 M13? It's worth at least taking a look at.
Spider man one = genius.

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'Course, I'll probably just go ahead and drop off the radar for another couple years now... I've got no money to spend on GG&A-related things and I've got college to occupy me.


That's old school.

How's it goin, cokester?

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OMG So funny.
Silverbursts are sexy.

I really dislike how Gibson covers up the upper and lower bouts with their outer rings.

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These are what I mean when I think Sunburst. Orange outside yellow inside. Can't stand it. The orange absolutely ruins the guitar for me.

Newsflash to world: Sunburst is a hideous looking finish for a guitar.

That is all.
The hardest part of college is actually making it to class.

They are USB audio interfaces.

Methinks your computer has USB.

"rock/hardcore/metal/whatever else" isn't very descriptive.

Advices or devices?

My UX2 has zero latency. They have something called direct tone monitoring or some jazz like that.

Nothing to worry about.

^+1 I have the same guitar, and I run it stereo into two amps; the piezo into an a Michael Kelly PureCoustic w/ 4x12 Cab and then the humbuckers into a Peavey Classic 50 2x12 w/ 2x15 Cab.

Sounds great to have them both going at the same time.

I have a Maxon CP101 and I like it a lot because it's very transparent.

I don't understand people's need to share their dislike for things. Youtube comments just boggle my mind.

You should not be defined by what you hate.

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sorry, it is used lol. i took pics and shit of it too lol. its kinda scratched up on the back from like a belt buckle or something, and the gold/brass has a little build up of something on it, and the hardware looks a little used. but it makes it look better imo plus i wouldnt have to worry about to that myself lol

If you're willing to spend $375 on a guitar, I'd go saunter over to the harmonycentral forums and get a used Carvin.

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hey hey who cares who's better?bottom line,we both(most of the peopl in wtlt) are better than 99% of youtubers

You definitely shouldn't confuse me with someone who is actually good at playing guitar.
I just sold my S-1 Blackjack for $175. It was a great guitar, I just didn't need it anymore.

Are you against buying used? I've noticed lots of Schecters for sale on the HarmonyCentral forums.
It's fine for a practice amp.

I have a Line 6 M13 and love it, so congrats on the M9.