Just good ol f***in rock!
Robert Randolph.
Hes cool. He was on the last Santana album with kirk hammet.
If your dedicated and you worked to save up for it. DONT feel spoiled. You've earned it.
JS1000 or JS1200.
Ummm just about anything and everything. Whats your budget? Tube or solid state? Do you plan on using the amp's distortion or a pedal?
DS-1. For like 40$. Everybody uses one. Few complain.
try American Jesus or Gods Love by Bad Religion.
tell him that your musical goals are different than his. and that he has no place in the band.
floyd rose just lets you raise and lower the notes with the wammy bar and have it stay in tuned. if you dont use a regular tremolo chances are you wont use a floyd so its really not worth it. changing strings and tuning is also a bitch.
I would leave the pickgaurd plain black. it looks good how the black stripes go into it.
Its a dual rectifier not dual ass hole.
I use lemon oil fretboard cleaner and it works great. Takes the crap right off the fretboard.
I play either sub zero boomers (10-46) or Elixer polywebs (11-49). I think GHS boomers are my favorite strings. If you want SRV sound he used really heavy guage strings (13's!!)
I agree with codybcool on For the love of god (one of my favorites from vai) If you want to be alble to shred you have to build up your chops. Do drills for sweep picking and legato till you can do it like no ones business. Once you have the skills youll be able to start learning the song.
Im wanting to amplify my acoustic guitar with microphones (and maybe a soundhole combination) and a PA system, for my acoustic band project. I was wondering if anybody had any techniques that they use, or could recommend a good condenser mic (small diaphram). Just keep in mind i do have a budget, so im lookin at mics between 100-150$.
The Postal Service- Clark Gable
Get the Roland Cube. I love those amps, theyre loud, and they sound great. Much better than the Spider II's I think. If not the cubes I would go with the Vox. The G-Dec is for jamming by yourself mostly, but if thats what you want than hey.
Try my friend downloads synth programs from their.
I would have to agree with Blink^3, you cant expect much out of a Crate, theyre crap. The only use i see them having is to use as a backup if you have a real picky amp the likes to stop working. That way you have something to get you through the gig. But other than that. . .not impressed.