I've debated about this as well and my solution was just to use it during practice and not on stage. At one point I had probably half a thousand songs memorized on guitar and quit playing for a while and now probably remember like 50 songs off the top of my head. The binder I just used for lyrics anyway because it sucks trying to focus on playing a good set when you are struggling to remember the words.
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Have you read Prince Lestat? I saw it while visiting a friend and she said she had been meaning to read it. I'm kind of curious if it's as good as the rest of the series.

I bought it but haven't read it yet. I haven't read past Merrick. From what I've read online about Rice's later works, they seem to be very different from her earlier works and to me seemed very stale and boring. I need to give them a chance but haven't got around to it. I think I'm just afraid she has ruined Lestat who is one of my favorite literary characters.
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Has anybody read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles?
I just watched Interview with a Vampire on Netflix and I'm thoroughly impressed. Ive restarted and watching again.
Can't believe I've never seen this, best thing I've ever seen Tom Cruise do.

Books any good?? I'm getting the impression they are more pornographic/romance novel type of stuff than this movie. Would that be accurate?

For starters, I'd like to say I'm shocked that this thread has lasted so long. I still get email updates on new posts even after 6 years.

But to the point, The Vampires Chronicles are amazing and I would definitely suggest that you read them. The books are definitely NOT pornograpgic/romantic like what has been trending in popular books recently. The series has a very gothic theme to it and has many themes such as: the pros and cons of immortality and the realization of how lonely yet at times beautiful it is, good vs evil, the difference between wisdom and knowledge, Love vs Lust, etc. These novels are very deep and philosophical as well as entertaining. It's been a while since I've read any of the books in the series but to this day The Vampire Lestat is one of my favorite books of all time. It's so elegant, philosophical and just beautiful. The first 3 are definitely the classic novels but they stay really good through the first 6-7. I couldn't make it past that but would like to give the rest a chance.
The early 00s before 90s music completely faded out.
Half of the people on here will probably say they have perfect pitch when they don't. You also need to note the difference between perfect pitch and relative pitch because their is quite a big difference. Some people with perfect pitch have horrible relative pitch and vice-versa. Both are extremely useful to have but perfect pitch is harder to come by. You can develop relative pitch and honestly it's probably more useful than perfect pitch depend on what instrument you play and what you want to do with it.
The 5th of November? The gunpowder treason and plot? For I see of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!
I think Chelsea would be better off with me instead of Torres. I'll settle for a quarter of the wages Torres receives.
string pitch or gauge? A strings pitch has more to do with how much/little it is stretched while a strings gauge refers to the thickness of the string. I would say that the website just doesn't know what they are talking about. Trying going to a different website that has the same thing and see what it says or maybe you can post a link to the website for someone to look at.
It's all relative really. Usually on the higher strings I bend up and the lower strings down or if I'm going up from one string to another I'll bend the direction that I'm going. So if i'm playing a scale and ascending I'll bend downwards and descending upwards. Also it has a lot to do with the finger I use. I usually bend up with my middle, ring and pinky and down with my index finger.
yeah Boromir died in the last scene in FOTR, at least in the movie not book, so how is he in the Two Towers or ROTK?
It takes anywhere from 3-4 days to two weeks. Now that UG allows users to approve and reject tabs it tends to take a little longer. If there are already more than two tabs up for the song I wouldn't even bother submitting it unless they have no or poor ratings. I've submitted a few tabs that were near perfect for songs that they already had tabs for and though those tabs were wrong mine got rejected. It takes too much time to tab a song out just for it to get rejected so make sure there aren't many tabs up for the song.
Scratch the studio and get a standard. Same price if you buy one used. I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with a skb case ($100) for 300 in perfect condition. It arrived looking brand new and sounds phenomenal. I just don't like the way Ep. les paul studio's feel. But definitely test them all out for yourself.
It's called growing up. We can only mentally handle so much before we turn the "**** it" switch on which makes us completely apathetic and emotionless. Try cutting yourself... (joke!)
Agh the 5th is definitely the most well written of them! The 7th was my favorite just because of all of the adventuring but I find it the hardest to reread. Nothing was better than the first time I read it though. It just sucks you can tell she rushed it. Hopefully the final movie will be amazing but I've been kinda let down so far from the previews.
I'm pretty sure I've seen Cliff Burton do this before, so if he did it than it is definitely acceptable. It seems to me that it would slow you down. I'm a guitarist but when I play bass I find myself using my ring finger along with my middle as well. If I'm playing something fast than I use just my index and middle usually but I agree that the middle finger doesn't pack as much of a punch. I tried just picking lighter with my index which helped the sound quality but it wasn't as fun lol
Easy, the existence of the U.S. Justice System and the installation of the Justice League.
Why don't you pay someone to teach you how to tab songs out yourself, or better yet learn for free via the web? That would be the most beneficial.
make sure your picking hand is really light. just hang it there to where it feels free and make as little movement as possible. Make sure you are using just your wrist NOT the elbow or your two fingers. All of the motion is concentrated in the wrist. Getting the speed up isn't the hard part, what is hard is keeping each pick on beat since the pulsating action of the wrist tends to be hard to control. Try watching some videos of it on youtube or something so you get a better explanation.
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I'm trading a gamecube and a whole bunch of games plus a game boy advance with a whole bunch of games. Like 30 games total.

Not worth it. Try selling the decent games individually on ebay and then put the rest in a bundle pack with the gamecube and you could probably make enough to buy a decent guitar. That guitar is probably worth around 100-150 but I wouldn't pay 200 for it, though I've paid more money for worse before If you want that guitar why don't you just buy it for 100-125 instead of trading $200 worth of stuff?
ahhh Maple fretboards. They get me every time.
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Has anyone noticed that this sounds an awful lot like Given To Fly. Does anybody know anything about this? I know PJ would never steal stuff, but still...explanations?

Bands steal melodies all the time, especially vocal melodies. Its not always consciously but then again sometimes it is. Every musician has ripped off another from time to time. It's bound to happen. The songs represnt two completely different abstract ideas so it's not as big of a deal. They didn't steal their idea just the melody. There are tons of songs with the same melody so it's not a big deal. Nice catch though.
West Ham just revealed their 2011/12 home and away kits and they are shit Who do you all think had the best kits last season in the premier league? I really liked Man City home and alternative, Blackburn home, and Liverpool home. The worst definitely had to be either Bolton or Wolves. I thought the 2009/10 season had the best overall kits for every team, at least in the premier league.
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Can't make anything useful sounding, they choose the worst mix of notes possible, idiots!

suck it!
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see if you recognize this:

is it a sad attempt at Redemption Song? lol
All bands do this to a certain extend. Nirvana has two songs that are musically exactly the same but just have two lyrical perspectives. I see nothing wrong with it unless all of your music just sounds the same.
Two of the music stores around me have fired all of their employees with a musical background and have hired people with sales experience just so they can get people to buy the most expensive items. It pisses me off. When I walk in I don't want to talk to a guy who just started playing a guitar and can't even tell me the difference between a single-coil and humbucker. It's rather annoying. I don't go to music shops anymore, I just buy online.
Tool has a song on lateralus in 11/8. I think it's ticks and leeches or maybe the end of schism I can't remember.
Thanks man, that's greatly appreciated. This is the first poem I've ever wrote that made me cry while writing it. The heart opening only in a dream was referring to the fact that the guy never really confessed his feelings for the girl so the relationship could only happen in a dream. I'll copy and paste the same response I gave my friend when he asked what the poem meant.

There are multiple different meanings but the 2 main meanings which I feel work well together are one: 1. the perspective of my heart opening up to someone (like a flower), to a girl (Who is like my sun), only to find that she, or sun, has gone away; mainly meaning that she never had feelings for me or I never confessed my love for her. Then in the third stanza the poem shifts a little. You could interpret the last two stanza's going along with the theme of love and being blocked out but I wrote it more in the sense that would you go searching (for whatever it is in life you want, want to do, what to see, or change, etc. would you risk going after your goals or what you want in life and leave the comfort and security you have staying put). It plays on themes of action vs non-action. Making a hard decision vs playing it safe, etc. A hidden silhouette all crowded by a tree is the flower staying put because it is scared going after their dreams and aspirations in life or that girl, or however you read it; (then all crowded by the tree is showing that because the flower does move or leave its safety zone is crowded with all the other flowers or people who are scared to stand up for things or take action etc.

I'm looking forward to reader your poem about a flower.
the circle of life is exactly what I got from it. The poem below I wrote earlier this semester original in French and then translated it using the same ideas and created a rhyme scheme.

Mon Coeur Lève Doux au Son de Votre Voix.

My heart, it opens up to yours dear,
But only in a dream.
It opens to only your voice,
That soft flowing stream.

It opens like a flower,
Who greets a new day.
Only to find the sun,
Is a million miles away.

Would the flower go searching,
Even if it could.
Knowing the risk of moving,
From where its always stood.

Or would it stay away,
Lost for all to see.
A hidden silhouette,
All crowded by a tree.
Would you like to explain the meaning? And idk how strict you teach is on meter but the second line is only 9 syllables. Stays pretty closely to iambic pentameter like must sonnets except for a few places which is fine. Poets usually do that to draw the readers attention to specific lines or words but sometimes you have to do it just phrase things the way you want. It's not a bad poem at all. The whole worms thing is slightly confusing to me but I can appreciate its aesthetic value. I would definitely change the name of the poem to something different then Worms from the Sky. It sounds a little off-putting to me, but it's your poem
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Jesus balls no one gives a damn, why the hell do we have to have like 5 threads a week on this stupid ****ing issue? It's a damn word, and if the usage changes the usage ****ing changes.

This is the problem with the world. No one gives a shit about what happens in our government, our society, economy, etc; unless it affects them personally. Even then, they will go as far as to avoid any situation or take any action because they are afraid to lose what they have and don't care enough about humanity or our country to be proactive.
They have to sing in key yes, but after a while it becomes second nature and you don't really have to concentrate about singing in key. You build up a type of muscle memory with your voice and though you might not know the notes you are singing you can sing them. It is just like humming or anything else. Idk if that really answers your question or not.
It doesn't matter what we would like, but rather what she likes. Once you realize this you wont have to play guitar to get girls
Yes, Green tea is way better for you as long as you don't add sugar to it. If you must add a sweetener trying adding honey. Drinking plain green tea cleanses your body and flushes out all the things your body doesn't need. It also helps with your immune system. I suggest boiling as much water as you can and add green tea bags to it, then put it in a pitch and refrigerate it for drinking. It should last a few days up to a week. Then you don't have to waste so much time making it because it does get tedious. Japan is known for having the best green tea so if you can find japanese green tea in the store (which shouldn't be hard) that is your best bet!
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Off He Goes is beautiful. I think my favs on the album have to be In My Tree and Present Tense though.

This. Present Tense to me is just so poetic and beautiful. One of my favorite PJ songs. No Code is probably my favorite PJ album and I'm surprised no body has mentioned Red Mosquito. That song is great as well.
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And no, I don't always think of sex when hearing the Deftones, but alot of people do, as well as become insanely horny at their live shows...

Probably because Changes was in the Queen of the Damn. But I've always correlated their music with vampires.
Yeah lol. Their music is very sensual and erotic as well as heavy. When I here the deftones I think of both sex and vampires, which to me is a great combination!
It would help if we knew what kind of music you liked. I checked your profile. The Calling-Where ever you will go can be finger picked. A lot of Lifehouse etc. You can finger pick anything with arpeggiated chords so just listen to some music you like and if you here them, learn the song. Or you can just finger pick songs you like.