easily my favorite pink floyd song would have to be white rabbit, his voice is so cool there
RIP Rick Wright...his death saddens me as only the death of a Pink Floyd member could. Pink Floyd was my favorite band growing up and continues to be the band that had the most influence on my musical and personal life. Even though I never knew any of them, of course, his death hits me like that of an old friend's...hope he's finding peace somewhere. I'm gonna be listening to Pink Floyd all night, I recommend everyone else do the same.
not botherin to read through this entire thread... but here are my favorite albums
Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle
Dr. Dre - The Chronic
Nas - Illmatic
Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor
Common - Finding Forever
Deltron 3030 - s/t
Jedi Mind Tricks - Violent By Design
Immortal Technique - s/t
definitely can't go wrong with those although i have ton i rank up there that i can't think of...
The Carter III is pretty ballin, and i'm not just sayin that as a rap fan, i think weezy knows what he's doin man
Hey recently my friend was diagnosed with AIDS. He's only twelve and it was passed on to him through his mother. We recorded this rap song kind of to raise his spirit through this tough time. God bless your soul Peter, and i hope this song can make an impact in people's hearts, and their memory of you.
I dunno where i found this crew but i've been singing along to AIDS BABII all week!
playin ff8. disc 3
do malayzns sux dix
somebody that i used to know - elliott smith
Any Chuggo fans on here? Can I hear a chorus of "AH! CMON ****IN GUY"
Quote by d. b. cooper
My grandparents live near there.

Pretty gangsta.

oh yeah we chill sometimes. and i can tell you some stories man, ****
why not? the people, the atmosphere, the surf. what's there to not enjoy
...more vodka
T-Town X block represent the 419

Is anyone else from the greatest hub of culture and history the US - no, the world - has ever seen?! I was just thinking about how much I loved living here and figured i'd see if anyone else had any thoughts about this sweet town that doesn't not have nothing to do!

^look at that beauty...yeah it looks like that every day where i live
oh yeah and... DRUNK!
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I have it. anyone know any non-prescription drug cures for it?
I've tried everything i can, i have a girlfriend i love, i have great friends, i have pretty good marks, but it just seems like something is missing, and its leaving a huge hole right in the middle of me.

i hope that hole is huge enough for me to stick my dick in

but for real you should try my dick
sounds cool, i'm in. when do we meet?
I got the midland accent but i'm actually from North Ohio, which is pretty close anyway so not bad.
Quote by wizards?
Pink Floyd... I listen to the lyrics because they are very well written, and have significant meaning, but really I think if somebody took Piper, Meddle, or even Atom Heart Mother and took the vocals out, the music would make me feel the same emotions that I feel when I hear them... That and Echoes doesn't need vocals, I mean come on that song is amazing

I actually love the vocals on all of those albums, I don't think I could even listen to half the songs on those albums without the lyrics.
I really like the Cinematic Underground's music even though I'm not totally fond of the singing, I just don't pay attention to it.
1. Are you male/female?
a) Male
b) Female

2. How old are you?

3. What is your job/occupation?
high school student i guess

4. Are you satisfied with your current life situation?
a) Yes
b) Could be better, but it's alright
c) Barely
d) No

5. Do you sometimes feel it's hard to concentrate? If yes, in which situations?
a) Yes, especially when i'm in places with pretty much any distractions
b) No

6. Do you often think it's hard to make decissions?
a) Yes
b) No

7. Do you suffer from sleeplessness?
a) Yes, very often
b) Yes, a few times a month
c) Seldom, only when I'm excited
d) Never

8. Do you often suffer from headache?
a) Yes very often
b) Yes, a few times a month
c) Seldom

9. In which situation do you feel like you can't work anymore and you feel a lack of motivation? (Multiple answers possible)
a) When you are tired
b) while bad weather conditions
c) When you're in trouble with your boss/teacher
d) When you are away from those you love/friends/family for a longer time
e) When there's somewhere else I feel I need to be

10. Have you ever been to a doctor due to depressions?
a) Yes
b) No, I can talk to my family/friends about my problems
c) No, I never talk about my problems

11. Do you feel better after talking about your problems?
a) Yes
b) No
c) A bit

12. Do you take meds against depressions?
a) Yes
b) No
Nice, that's pretty on for transcribing video game music by ear. It'd be sweet to hear a whole Super Smash Bros. medley
sir john harrington
newt gingrich
jim fixx
I think of myself as a nice guy, but I don't think have many of those traits on the nice guy list. Seems like a misnomer, but yeah it's true girls tend to be weirded out by that first list of qualities.
I dunno if you'd consider When Harry Met Sally a chick flick but i think that movie is great.
the entire Dragon Ball series and Full Metal Alchemist for sure
I'm on my period, wearing no sort of protection, naked on a white chair
i'm friends with a greg davis and aaron dilloway of wolf eyes, i'm almost positive it's actually them and they've each got very few friends
Bugen Hagen i'm prettttty sure that's how it's spelled

What's the name of the fourth boss in the Pagoda on Wutai that Yuffie must face?
Indie Pop (along the lines of BORN Ruffians and the Octopus Project) is definitely a sugar cookie. It's colorful and sweet at first, but after a short amount of time you can't stand to eat more.
I missed Wilco twice, Andrew Bird once, and Minus the Bear once. Pretty unhappy about all that. I had the opportunity to go to all of these too. Oh well...
sparkin' a bowl and listenin to atom heart mother.
hell yes
Quote by a4lrocker
the bassist with Beck. she isnt exactly a shredder but if you can play what she does then i would be amazed.

you mean the bassist with jeff beck haha, i hope. she is really good
Dude, if she was just harmlessly flirting, unconscious of the fact that the guy was after her, and you broke it off with her, leaving her heartbroken and depressed, it kind of sounds like you're the bitch. Also not only are all the high school vocab words distracting, but any english teacher would laugh at your ridiculous sentence structure. But yeah, seriously, it doesn't sound like you have good reason to be mad at this girl.

from another thread
Quote by Teufel
Ah, the black man, when angered is but a calamity - and a riot - to observe.
Saw these guys in Rochester at the end of October. Totally amazing. That drummer made me cream all over my nips
I love We Have the of my favorite albums ever. Transatlantacism is my second favorite though and I think that's great too. I get bored with plans and the photo album though.
I've got Rounds and I think that's hella cool. First time I listened to it it kinda pissed me off though, cuz I was trying to sleep to it, and it was so like, jerky, it kept cutting off and on, and i couldn't sleep at all.
i tend to listen to We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes - Death Cab or Broom - SSLYBY