OSU really gave it away...
ah well there goes twenty bucks
Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, Ohio
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nothing you purchased wouldnt be available at walmart

gopspeed you! black emperor discography, on vinyl


hah I'm not sure if you're joking but Godspeed You is pretty big where i come from

I really do enjoy finding more modern music on vinyl though. Recently got Michigan by Sufjan for a friend of mine.
Zaireeka by the Flaming Lips for sure
Everytime I have been sad in my life, i've gotten over it, moved on, and became happy again.
sounds great
what kind of song are you transitioning from? and could you not just transpose a song into B?
maybe the Moog Cookbook. they're pretty fun
Every proxy site I can find is blocked as well =(

edit: including that site
My parents just put them on, and they're blocking a good too many sites. It's really annoying, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good ways of getting around them, or even shutting them off?
I think I might have to listen to Aeries' Theme from FFVII. That would be serene.
i'm kind of stuck at a point in 12. i don't feel the need to really train up so i can advance like i always did in 7-10. i dunno why, i'm thoroughly enjoying the game
i haven't been on UG regularly in a while...but i remember liking Scourge, Unseenpunk, capsfan, braindamage, spynal, meths, and of course megadeth2314
My favorite album of theirs is self titled, which is also one of my favorite albums of all time. I've got a lot of personal memories attached to that album haha, and they're really nice and easy songs to play on your own
just got MF Grimm - The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man...totally recommended it's sweet
can anyone recommend me a good red sparowes album to check out?
wasn't pink floyd the guy who did stairs to heven?
7 is better
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I knew about the wands thing. That was good, although i must admit i felt something for the malfoys + snape.
(Narcissa who said harry was dead when she asked if her son was alive)
(Snape because he carried out every duty asked of him to ultimately protect harry)
(Luicius for being punished beyond all life, having his family torn by voldemort)
(Malfoy for being excluded from basically everyone and having emotions! O.o)

Anyone list the last Horcruxe again please?
The Cup
The snake
The locket
The Ring
The Diary
... ??

(this is exactly why i need to re-read)

the diadem
One of my favorite bands, I can't wait until the new album. Saw them live last year with Mewithoutyou and it they were so tight it was awesome.
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nah, i think everyone together creates something special. i'm sure a lot of the ideas mainly come from omar and cedric, but everyone else's contributions add to the experience.

Yeah definitely.

This has probably come up before but I don't feel like looking through old pages. Has anyone heard Omar's solo stuff?
6 i dunno shit i havent' been here so long someone has my avatar
i got some fun funnnn CDs and i'm gonna find out what my parents got me in a minute. prolly some clothes i'll never wear but the real fun is in opening the gifts! yeay
does anyone play?
Atom Heart Mother, that album cover gets me off every time ooohh yeah
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Mahavishnu orchestra anyone?

Not sure if there classic rock though.

i dunno i wouldn't call them CR, i'd just leave them for the jazz forum, but as long as they've been mentioned, they should definitely be checked out
i've missed two opportunities to see mustard plug in bowling green now within the last year or so, and i'm pretty pissed off about it. don't be like me, don't miss out
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^^actually, I'm not sure if there is another media player out there that plays FLAC and shn. I don't think there are plugins for Windows Media Player or Itunes or anything yet.

hah matt i can't believe you still post here, you'd think by now you'd have said all you can say about the floyd! that's cool though

Hello Floydians, none of you probably know me because i haven't been here in a while. As far as Floyding i've been listening to More now more than ever, but i took a break from it to listen to Atom Heart Mother and i remembered how great those middle tracks are. I love If, and the trumpet part of Summer 68. That is sick, anyone else dig it?
um i'm not sure i quite understand but maybe he's just playing the same chords up higher? different inversion? etc? or like modestmouse said
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im joining your FFVII Club. You have no choice in the matter

haha go ahead
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anyone else self mutilate? i do, i have a form of ocd called csp which is compulsory skin picking. some people do it all over thier body, but or me its just been the tips of my fingers. thanks to guitar i have been self mutilatio free for over 3 years! today is the anniversery. the scars are just now gone on my fingers. so tell about ifyou self mutilate, how, or your views on this subject.
ex: cutting

i've got a thing like that with scratching my face, although it doesn't usually get so bad that it's noticeable, although i've had three really noticable marks on my face in the past week and my parents are freaking out. I hate doing it, but i can't help it a lot of the time
oh man that sounds tough. i'd probably kill myself if i had to go for a month without food
as i've said many times before, one of my favorite bands ever, i can't get enough of them. the yes album is probably my favorite album.
lol what do you think i think of final fantasy?
i love seven, it's my favorite game ever, from the game play, to the music, to the environment. all the rest are good too but i dunno about six cuz i haven't played it
elton john
So i was listening to More just last night. And it finally hit me what an underrated album it is. Anyone here really like that album?
what do you think

Lunar 2 is great
parental controls =(

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YES, VERY MUCH INDEED!!!!!!!!!! I hate porn.

if you're wondering about the huge font, I thought it beats ranting on and on about it. Be grateful, boys. If you're wondering why, it's because porn distorts guys' view of normal girls. Makes guys view girls as sex objects, made only for their enjoyment. That is twisted and wrong, and I don't want to be viewed as an object.

Also makes you look pitiful to me. Gives me the impression that you look at porn because you can't attract girls in real life. That is quite pitiful looking. And also because most guys watch porn, I can't necessarily trust any guy to treat me with respect.

lol just be quiet and turn around so i can hit that **** real good
Hair Of The Dog
one of the first songs that i was into, it helped me get into music period