Kiss obviously
Aerosmith i don't like
Queen bothers me a little bit
i don't hate them but i don't really like them
in my opinion they're overrated but hey

i like Innuendo that's cool stuff sorta
get some Allman Brothers Band i say, you'll like them
Quote by poppie*
pink floyd are great. but so are the chilis

lol yeah but i don't get what that has to do with anything unless i'm missing something

anyone seeing roger waters do dark side? this is probably a well overdone topic but i was just wondering
"ned zeppelin is the lead singer of AC/DC"
i've lived in america all my life, parents from lebanon
toledo, glass, jamie farr, etc
Quote by Luke666
thanks thats a great help but could you clarify what you mean by :

much appreciated

i'll jump in here
Say you play the diminished chord G Bb Db E
now move that chord up just one half step and you have Ab B D F
let's move that up a half step and we'll have A C Eb F#
there, contained within those three dimished chords are all 12 notes. try starting the chord on any note within any of the three chords above and you'll find it'll always have the same note! Thus, for that first chord, the root could be G, Bb, Db, or E! YAY!
try some cool harmonies a la Umphrey's Mcgee
I really enjoy Take Up Thy Man Rod And Fondle My Rectal Cavity
although The Great Chode In The Sky has an excellent dragonforce style double solo courtesy of ned zeplin and burt backarack

seriously though, it's gotta be Fearless or Breathe
my priest had to put through a few uncomfortable rituals to make me pure, but i did get candy
aw manz =( he was a cool guy =(
apparently Yes - We Have Heaven
Anal **** doing Sgt. Peppers might put me in a good mood
hey you lovely fellows
sign up for the umphrey's mcgee podcast
trust me, if you like sweet music, you will enjoy greatly
has anyone here ever heard of them and if so, thoughts?
i saw them on friday and nearly shat myself. they blew gov't mule, the headliners, away
i'm gonna force my new band to cover some dub side of the moon
good post above, someevildude
and honestly who the **** cares what everyone else thinks about them
you're just buying into the system =O
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Gotta agree with the Catch 22 bassist.

so do i, that guy is amazing
okay seeing as though i haven't been on this site for a long time

i may as well say

i love Syd right now
i've listened to See Emily Play about fifty times in a row, and Scream Thy Last Scream

and i need to know if anyone has Syd's solo stuff
i need them now or i may choke myself on a dildo, seriously

just hit me up on AIM, syyz1, please

in syd i trust

PS pink floyd is for fags
pink flloid! i really like him when he teamed up with Ned Zeplin (lead singer for A.c.-D.c.)!!
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I just listened to Animals, and in 2 days it has become one of my favorite Floyd CD's.

I had sex with Animals.

And you know what's awesome (for those with A Tree Full of Secrets)?

The Fish Report With A Beat
has anyone heard 'Me or Him'?
Oh man, Dub Side of the Moon is great, but it hurts my head a bit.

I haven't been here in a while. Are the Floyd fans still alive? I'm glad to see so.

I've recently become infatuated with Fearless. What a marvelous song.
Haha, nice to see you're excited, but please, don't triple post. If you look at the bottom of each of your posts, you will see an edit button. You can use that to go back and edit in information that you forgot the first time around.
Well, keep in mind that the use of drugs was always popular in Pink Floyd's fanbase, starting from their beginnings playing at UFO. It was part of the psychadelic life style, and whenever something psychadelic came out, it waas assumed to be connected to drugs. Pink Floyd, the band members themselves were very busy men before they got famous, believe it or not, and they just didn't have the time to really be a part of the psychadelic lifestyle and take all these drugs that their fans were taking. Good thing too. And on a related note, my friend got really baked the other day and listened to DSotM and said it was the most amazing thing he had ever heard. So perhaps it can be appreciated in many ways, which is a great thing. I'm going to have to try it soon, and i'll tell you how it was.
Yeah, although the Syd era is so different from everything else, Floyd fans just seem to love it, and I do, for sure. Piper > SFoS though, IMO. Now, you won't get epic flowing masterpieces from there, but there's some damn good songs. Same with Atom Heart Mother, at least at certain parts. But no matter what Floyd you do buy, rest assured that you won't find anything similar to most normal classic rock bands.
Yeah, i agree, i love meddle so much. I'd rate it third, maybe fourth among Floyd albums.
Quote by BrainDamage
^^he has to come to America. If he doesn't I'll kill someone. And about Obscured, that album freaking rocks

Yeah, i'm really hoping he comes here too, and Australia of course, for Scourge. I'd rather see Gilmour live than Waters I think, if I ever had to choose. And I love Obscured, but I prefer More.
Quote by Still Life
not only does normal sarcasm not work well in typing, but when you make it all that confusing, no one knows what your thinking.

I'm still not quite sure which part of what was sarcasm, and what was counter sarcasm...

Please, no more

Did I confuse you, little boy?
To put it quite simply...
AMLOR sucks donkey balls, IMO.
Quote by Still Life wasn't sarcasm? Because I find it to be one of the worst Floyd albums, the best thing on there is Learning to Fly, which is amazing, On the Turning Away and Sorrow are pretty sweet as well, but other then that, I just can't much listen to it. I find the Division Bell much better if you are going to go for that era Floyd

Haha, no, it was sarcasm.

Counter sarcasm actually.

Well, perhaps counter-counter-sarcasm.
Quote by Iruleeverything
i think I might just sigg that.

haha, of all the things i could get sigged for.

and to hippiemusic101: get A Momentary Lapse of Reason. A pure masterpiece that is, and it totally poons Animals.

*hope no one will mistake that post for sarcasm!*
Quote by Iruleeverything
I think mine is the best though, I mean I'd have to go through all the work of kidnapping them, and then I'd have to endure hours of listening to Pink Floyd and The Who, just to get a ticket.

You're right, I mean, I can imagine eating children, but listening to good music seems a little too much. You, Iruleeverything, are the master of torture.
^ I've never understood that either. It's just like 'Hi, this is Charlie' or something like that.

Quote by Stula1031
Ok Im gonna own all of them:

I would give Nick Mason a blowjob just to look at a ticket.

Pffft, that's nothing compared to mine.

Quote by Kadaj
I'll ask Nick next time I see him, although I never have the courage to go and talk to him, lol.

Quote by SoulStripper7
Okay, fine, I'll try to top you (even though I already went).

I would travel back in time and pretend to be a Jew during WWII, get myself captured and sent to a concentration camp to live there under extreme torture and repeated beatings from Hitler himself even to get 1/4 of a ticket.

Wait, i'm adding to mine.
I would string myself out on a wrack while grizzly men expirimented over my genitals with a chainsaw.
I would eat twenty starving, AIDS wridden children, then offer my asshole to a thousand bored inmates. For half of a ticket.

EDIT: I challenge anyone to beat that.
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We can agree to disagree.

Yes in fact, we can.
Quote by SoulStripper7
I think that seeing as how David didn't even know how it worked, and Nick and Rick had no idea about it, and Roger said it was bull****, and they certainly don't talk together beforehand to make sure that nothing gets out....that I can safely say its bull****. Besides, keeping the Enigma secret makes sense...because it was meant to be a puzzle. What purpose does it serve to keep it secret for 32 years?

I can't see the syncs that people talk about. Yeah, sure the walking and the bass thing in Money matches up, so what? When I'm in the car watching people walk by, sometimes it seems that they're walking to the beat of the music that I'm listening to. Its a coincidence. All psychological.

Well what about the synching of the guitar intro of time to the turning of Dorothy's head? There's no way that's a coincidence. And how do you know Nick, Rick, and Dave knew nothing about it? I take their word as much as I take Roger's. The reason for keeping it a secret is obvious, because there would be no point in admiting it. It'd lose it's mystique, no? It isn't a coincidence, I can see it. And i didn't DL a synced version or anything; CD player and video.

EDIT: Why don't you come to Toledo, we'll watch it together, and i'll point everything out. All over a nice cup of tea, eh?
Quote by SoulStripper7
I found very little similarities. And I really doubt that Roger would lie about it. Besides, he said that last week. I've been thinking it was bull**** from day 1. If you think its gonna work then your mind will make it work.

If you don't want to actually believe the band when they say it was rubbish, fine. But their answers to the questions about it seemed geniune.

hah, well, i found many similarities. I mean, did you notice that all the walking was done to the beat of the songs? That alone would be enough for me, but of course the band isn't going to be honest about it, just like they weren't honest about Enigma!
Quote by BrainDamage
you really believe that the movie and the album were purposely syncronized?

Yes, in fact, I do.
Yeah, i was convinced by the time it got to Time. The rest was just extra for me.