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^^I want some goddamn straight facts about it (though keeping a little bit of mystery about it is cool). It is so obvious the band (or part of the band) was in on it. They must have been, how else would have some of those things happened? I wish someone would just tell us what went on.

Also, on the subject of PF mysteries, Roger Waters said that the DSOTM-Wizard of Oz thing is rubbish. In fact, he said that syncing music up to almost any movie would result in some syncronization. He said basically exactly what I've been trying to tell the people who actually believed this whole DSOTM sync with Wizard of Oz was true.

Nope, sorry, too many similarities for it to be rubbish. I believe Waters' words are having the effect he'd hope them to have on you.
And let's not forget the kid yelling 'ENIGMA' in ABitW pt. 2.

I hate the enigma, i don't even care any more.
That song hurts my head.
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Waters actually does have cool bass lines. They may not be Geddy Lee standards. But Time? Time has an awesome bass line if you listen to it. Same with Breathe.

Yeah, my band plays those songs, and i really like the Time bass part. But Breathe is just so open...I can do anything i want with it, and that's why i like playing floyd songs. I don't bother to learn them if i can help it, I just play what sounds good.
That's a ****in lot of Floyd, BD. I've never really bothered to learn much Floyd for obvious reasons. I mean, if i wanna play stuff with cool bas parts, who am i gonna look to, Waters or Geddy Lee?
I can play every Floyd bass line. Ever.
^ Sweet, what are you learning?
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Now there is a song that I don't like: San Tropez. It bothers the hell out of me. Don't know why, but it does.


I looooooooooove that song. LOVE IT I TELL YOU. BLASPHEMERE!
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Lol, I can play bass too.

But I like the fact that its two bass guitars, or at least on the studio version it is. I'm not one for really complicated bass lines. Its the little things that count for me.

Haha, yeah, i like them fast and complicated. If it doesn't want to make me curl up in a ball and cry because it's so good, then it's not good enough for me.

But either way, i think the song is pretty lame. In fact, whenever i listen to Meddle nowadays, I go straight to Fearless then San Tropez.
^omgz you have the right idea!

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^^I like One Of These Days. The bass in the song is cool (I like how they had two). And when it was played at Pompeii, that's probably the best version.

I think the bass in the song is nothing special, but that's coming from a bass player, so take it as will. I haven't heard the Pompeii version, or at least not payed attention to it, so i'll check it out.
^ omgz, me too, I love that song wholeheartdaydfsafgaly. I can't help but find One Of These Days to be one of the lamest Floyd songs.
Any Colour You Like. One of the only Floyd instrumentals that I like at all.

So ****ing lucky man. I don't have anything really special so I have nothing to say.
How do you feel, how do you feel, how do you feel!

Oh, and, Southern Rocker, where di you get that quote from (not on topic, just curious)
Damn right you do! I think Summer is sweet when it kicks in.
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I know some people are like

iTz So0O0oO AwSME!!!!!111

I think it needs more Phsychadelic and less breakfeast

infact its not very Phsychedelic at all.....

Ha! EXACTLY. In fact, i would have been happy with no breakfast. I was expecting something like 'Any Colour you Like'
I think If is a great song, and Summer of '68. I don't like Alan's Psychadelic Breakfast though.
gah, someone should make a quiz where you actually got to see which UGer you're most like.
WTF? Does this thread die when I leave

So, uh, who thinks Atom Heart Mother is waaaaaaaaaay underrated?
^ That sucks dude.

Stula, I love the scarecrow, it just seems that the flute part, or whatever that is meshes badly with where the guitar comes in.
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I feel better now

I feel worse.

Anyways...Chapter 24 is an incredible song.

That is all.
syyz1: Hello, Mr. Adam.
Ajwgolf: hello friend
syyz1: So, let's jump into this, shall we. When did you first hear this crazy new lingo?
Ajwgolf: well let's see i was eating a buttermilk bisquit when jim labaron started speaking of grazing and aquafina so i just went along with it
syyz1: Interesting. What was the first 'word' and who did it come from?
syyz1: seriously
Ajwgolf: i think the original word came from kyle labardee. it was ner which means no
syyz1: ah, how intersting, and how did he create the word?
Ajwgolf: to tell you the truth i have no idea, kyle can think of anything
syyz1: Now when 'ner' was created did it become popular right away?
Ajwgolf: no actually it took a lot of hard work, we used it where ever we went
syyz1: Cool. Now you had your own contributions to the slang, did you not?
Ajwgolf: yes in fact i do
syyz1: Give us an example
Ajwgolf: well let's see my latest one would have to be bone marrow transplant
syyz1: Where did this word come from?
Ajwgolf: to tell you the truth i don't even know i thought it up while i was grazing
syyz1: Not marinating, but grazing?
Ajwgolf: well marinating is the new word for grazing but sometimes i forget since this is the first time we've had a word be replaced so please excuse my native tongue
syyz1: oh, quite alright. Now let's get down to the real business. Are you seeing anyone right now?
Ajwgolf: no in fact i am not
syyz1: Are you free saturday?
Ajwgolf: well sweet heart i'll just have to check my schedule
syyz1: That'd be fabulous. Do you like lobster?
Ajwgolf: why in matter of fact i do they remind me of the days when i would graze on otter creek
syyz1: That's pure dude. Have you ever teleported to Mexico?
Ajwgolf: well no i can't say i have i would love to someday but the rules are you can only teleport inside of ohio or u can teleport to mexico but once you've teleported to mexico you can't teleport that
Ajwgolf: teleport back
Ajwgolf: *
syyz1: Yes, we have that in our teleportation rules and guidlines article. Well, good sir, i wish you well, thank you for this interview.
Ajwgolf: no problem and don't forget to marinate your facial expressions
syyz1: I won't
gravygeese: dude i just made some nutmeg tea
syyz1: haha, sweet
gravygeese: i'm gonna bring it tommarow and well all get high
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^^7 live versions of it...

ha, you aren't the only one who has taken A Treefull of Secrets

Haha, i fixed that.
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A lot of these answers suck. It's retarded to say songs can't sound good without bass.

Yes, that is true, no one should say a song sounds crap just because it doesn't have a bass. It all depends on what you're going after, and if you're strumming out an acoustic tune you're probabley not gonna get a bassist to play it with you.


We make the floor shake.
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OK, I have a few that you might want to check out:

-Alex Webster (I think that's his name) from Cannibal Corpse

-Jaco Pastorius

-Victor Woogan

Yeah check out Jaco and Victor Wooten.

Also Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clark, Victor Bailey, Stu Hamm, Jimmy Haslip, Tony Levin, Flea, JPJ, Jeff Berlin, Rufus Reid, Billy Sheehan , John Myung.
Also check out Return To Forever (with Stanley Clark) and Whether Report (with Jaco).
I honestly feel bad taking so much music from you.
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i wanted to try it out, see if i liked it. hell, theres good songs, but its just not as interesting as when he was with floyd. i really want to get About Face or David Gilmour (guess who they're by ) but i cant find them anywhere.

oh well, its always good to have a variety of music, imo. that way if you never get bored of listening to music, coz theres so many different genres and styles to listen to. (i have over 2 weeks worth of music on my computer, so i have a massive variety)

I give up, who are they by?

Yeah, it is good to have a variety and I prolly will get a Waters album soon.
What about Syd? His solo stuff I like and once i can i'm gonna get Madcap Laughs.
I don't really like Waters solo stuff TBH, that's why I never got any.
Big man, Pig man! Haha, charade you are.
Ah, I love Waters in Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Yeah, i agree about the whole 'Roger can sing with more emotion' thing, but i think he can attribute that to the fact that he isn't a very good singer. W/E. I prefer Gilmour's voice, not for the rockish stuff like Money, but for things like Time. Speaking of that, i think Rick's voice is excellent too. But really i have no complaints as to who sings wherebetween Roger and Dave, as they have seemed to work it out perfectly.
A tribute band, and a ****ing good one too. It's the closest any of us can get to seeing Floyd, so it's worth it IMO.
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The Aussie Floyd show was great. I just don't want to pay $50(?) for their show in my area.

I was actually thinking about that but I wanna wait to see if there's anything I care more for in the future, y'know. The Aussie Floyd show in Detroit is $25 unless you want really good seats, then it's $40.