And bad news. I'm unable to see the Aussie Floyd show, but in return i get to go to any show of my choice as long as it's on a weekend!
Hendrix I say. He WAS amazing, but not the godly guitarist people make him out to be today.
Will do, mon ami.
I don't think anyone else has it
There's also another bio i always hear about, i think it's called ASFOS but i'm not sure.
Quote by BrainDamage

If I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be Animals.

As it should be!
Me got it for 30
Inside Out by Nick Mason
WTF? Aussies are touring now?! I must see them!

EDIT: Yes, they're coming to Detroit on Nov. 2! Alright, who's coming with me to see them?
Oh, too bad. It was pretty swet, until this really corny laser saxophone came up during the Money solo
I couldn't believe how many Floyd fans we had in Toledo.
New topic: Over the summer I saw this really sweet Pink Floyd laser light show that was apparently touring around. Anyone see it?
I don't think Waters is the best poet.

*eats *****
You know what, reckless_life? Just get a KISS album.
I don't have Ummagumma, but I may buy it just for the sake of this situation:

Guy: Hey, man, what are ou listening to?

Me: Several Small Species Of Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict.

Guy: ...
^ yeah, maybe you just shouldn't get another PF album?

Nah...I say get AHM, just because of all the PF albums left it's the most 'normal' IMO, like WYWH amd DSotM. Don't get the Final Cut though, I don't think you'd like it. Y'know you can listen to clipsof the songs before you buy an album, why not just do that?
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That was a long time ago...

Does anyone have any Syd Barrett footage? All I have is the playing Astronomy Domine in black n whight its pretty sick. They did a couple of TV apearences so I would asume its out there I just cant find it....

I got Apples and Oranges, Arnold Layne, Jugband Blues, Atronomy Domine, and Flaming. Some I think are the promotional videos, too lazy to check though.
I agree with threadstarter. Alex Lifeson definitely doesn't get as much recognition as Geddy and Niel.
I don't like to compare the wall to the other albums, but I do honestly think DSotM is the best album. Not my favorite though.
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^^really? Nobody Home nothing special? Either way, I think we can conclude that Wright was a great piano/keyboards player

Tru dat muh home dizzle.
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^^even WYWH had good keys...*Shine On*...the Wall keyboard parts have to be my favorite though, you can't beat The Thin Ice and Nobody Home.

Still nothing special IMO, but each to his own. I like the keys on PatGoD and SoS better. Which reminds me, i still need to burn those, so i'm off!
^ yeah, I know what you mean, his keyboard was much better in the early days though.
^ haha, yeah, I heard that too, so I decided not to get it.
To whoever brought this thread back:
Where was Fred Durst on that list?
Bah, I can only listen to me music on the comp, so I listen to em while i'm on here but at least I have access to all of them.
I've grown especially fond of Pigs (Three Different Ones), lately. Dogs is always a remaining favorite, one of the greatest songs of all time IMO.
Jesus Chrysler Supercar

Real band!

Also the Smegmettes.
Vegtable man always scared the **** outta me. Funny song though, not my favorite.
I got my first five Floyd albums in this order:

1. The Wall (my first ever CR album)
2. Dark Side of the Moon
3. Wish You Were Here
4. The Final Cut
5. Animals (muh favorite)
Originally posted by YYZ
Another amazing one is Eddie's solo in Beat's sos hort though so i'll stick with The Muffin Man

You stole my name, sort of.
Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Jaco, and Vic Wooten.

EDIT: forgot about Jeff Berlin
Wish you Were Here - Pink Floyd (the first solo)
When I was taught I was taken straight to a Piano first, so I could learn about the notes and very basic theory. It's always the best way to start IMO
A year and a half for bass: Teen Town - Jaco Pastorius (I practiced that like hell)
One and a half months for guitar: I can play the main riff for Over the Hills and far Away - Led Zeppelin, and Blackbird - the Beatles.
^meh, i'm not a big fan of illegal downloading.
^ I knew that's what it was! I'll have to check em out when i'm not broke.
Definately gotta agree with guitarshark2099. Most bassists are underrated, but I suppose even in the bassist community Graham is a little underrated. At least it seems to me you never hear people talk about him as much as Wooten or something. I've gotta listen to more of him though, didn't he start another band though, one with his name in it?
My favorite solos are:
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyser Cult
Time - Pink Floyd
White Room - Cream
Burn - Deep Purple (keyboard and guitar)
The Wind Cries Mary - The JHE
The Lemon Song - Led Zeppelin
Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin
Mother - Pink Floyd
Bijou - Queen
Innuendo - Queen
YYZ - Rush
The Fish - Yes (Meh, the whole things like a long bass solo)
Originally posted by ibanez12306
Don't get a Squire kit. All of them that I've played have been very poor quality and they sounded terrible. If you want a whole kit, try Ibanez.

I've never been satisfied with a Squire, Ibanez beginner basses are unquestionably the way to go for a begginer IMO.
My favorites are Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Vic W., Jaco, and, what can I say, i've got a soft spot for Jeff Berlin's playing.
Check the Bass reference thread. You'll find a lot of good ones.