Blackbird, Dust in the Wind, and Over the Hills and Far Away.
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Who cares?He wrote some awesome music,don't you think?

^Wow, I can't find anything on the Australian Velvet Underground other than it's Malcolm Young connection.
I would most definately say Geddy Lee from Rush
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Hey guys, this is a question for all my fellow AC/DC fans out there in UG... I've been an AC/DC fan for about six years now, and I almost have all their cd's, but i have a question. When i bought the cd's i bought all the reissues that supposedly had improved sound and that internet "connected" thing. I found myself gradually moving into collecting AC/DC cd's and memorobilia, so this moves me to this question- in my local music shop their is a used copy of "Who Made Who," the first version in the jewel case instead of the crappy digipack, should i buy this ($10 ) for collectional reasons? Any responds would be great.

Hey man, if you're a collecter, why not go for it, after all it's only ten bucks, right?
A basitar is bassically like a normal bass with two strings, tuned to C# and G#, i believe.
It goes hand in hand with the three stringed Guitbass.
^ yeah, and you can't scrounge up enough money for a lousy PA

But i doubt PF would've reunited just for the money anyway, there would have to be a motive
hey man i've been playin for literally three days and they're easy for me
wrong forum, dude
^Wow in Nick Mason's book he softens things up considerably, I'll have to check your recource, Z
I read it, it was really interesting. Mason is quite a funny character himself.

On the cover It had a mirror reflecting half of the moon with cheese inside. It's wierd.
^that's exactly what i heard (meant for Braindamage)

But apparantly Rick got a little lucky. As a non-bandmember, and a sallaried musician for the wall, he was the only (ex)bandmember
to get paid for the live shows.
^Whoa I can't do that, but then again, i've been playin guitar for three days now.
What are you talking about, the Floyd sucked at Live 8

Just Kidding
Another thing that happened around that time is that Roger and went to Nick and Rick and said (i paraphrase), 'ok here's the deal, I'm bringing in Bob Ezrin to come in and do the producing with me and Dave.' But Rick wanted to have a part in the producing, so Roger allowed him.
But he never contributed in the recording, essentially sitting there and being a producer. Eventually he was asked to step down from his producing duties.
Also the band had a schedule that said they would do their recording in the late spring and early summer. But Rick didn't get his started in time, and when he was told he would have to record during the summer vacation he refused point blank. Roger was shocked and confused by this, as i would have been if i was doing so much work and have others contribute so little.
I've only just started playing guitar and i can play it.
heheheh... that's just perfect
you're screwed SouthernRocker9...
Hey man, it's cool that you wanna pick up bass. Since you play guitar you're probably gonna get pretty good quickly. If you wanna learn some cool songs look at some Red Hot Chili Peppers and some Led Zeppelin stuff.