i have painted many things like his guitar like shoes and other things around my house anyway sand it paint it white, then tape over the white and paint thats pretty much it.. but im sure you know the process.. so yeah ....nvm
i think the most expensive thing would be an orginal floyd rose (like 210$) but i believe liscensed it just as fine...much cheaper and i guess a Seymour Duncan "Custom Custom" is the pickup to use if not an EVH one (also by Seymour Duncan) yeah sorry not much help i would to show a pic of mine but its a Squier Strat (lefty) with a floyd-rose (also lefty SO HARD TO FIND) texas Neck pickup a Seymour Duncan Hot rails in the Middle and a Dimarzio Evolution at the bridge...anyway sorry about not bein much help....
i have a squier (used to be) strat but i dropped a dime bucker in it and a pearly gates and a sd hot rails in the mid now its the best thing ive ever played just to stick to the thread a squier bullet sux badly thax bye