I imagine they're 10mm, because I got the guitar in 2010. And I'm not exactly sure what you mean by press bushing or tread on.
This isn't my exact guitar, but it has the same tuners. Which ones are they?
Ok, I'll see him Sunday, so I can try it then. Thanks man!
I'm gonna change the tuners on my Epiphone SG-G310 (I know "haha") and a friend of mine has some Gibson Deluxe tuners lying around. Will these fit my guitar? If not, then what will?
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If you're on a really tight budget, you could just use screws and washers. You'd need 3 straps, though.

I have got about 4/5 straps, I just need something to lock them with haha
I'm looking to spend more than 10 euros, cause the first ones i bought were about 5/6 and they haven't worked out too well, but every product won't work for I'll look into 'em more
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What about Schaller?

The warwick look like Dunlop style and I use the Dunlop straplocks and they are great.

I looked into schaller, and they're a bit out of my range. I'm buying 3 sets, so yeah..
I've been looking for some straplocks for my guitars/bass for a while, and these are the three that I've narrowed it down to:
I'm on a real tight budget...considering I'm a high school student. These are pretty much what I can afford. I want to know which is the best purchase or, if there are any better ones around the same price.
ik it sounds crazy (no im not high)
PLS guys, my b-days comin up and i dont want to be killed on my 15th birthday -.-
Schecter PT Tele
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Dean Cadillac Select

here are some guitars i bid on......and my dad's gonna kill me X.X
they're pretty freakin awesome..and would take advantage of the prices now.
The "input" for for a footswitch....I'd research that more if I were you...
Blackheart handsom devil + Blackfeet distx
Yep....if u plan on using one as an everyday music speaker...dont, because they distort pretty quickly...and it sounds likea mess
? U a Christian man? (born again)
Hahahaha Laugh of da week Thanks guys.....?
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Un big mac. Am I doing it right?

Menu Grande o Mediano? Y para beber? Haha
And spain Is the "door" to all drug, human slavery, and prostitution business into yeah
YES!!!!!! ive been here for 7-8 yrs and....dont like it very much
I'm 14, so most of my time us spent in school.....FYI, learn real Spanish if ur coming over, Totally worth it. I see way too many people come for a few years and leave still not being able to order a big Mac. And yes...Madrid sucks...especially in winter and summer. And they dooooo play guitar....there's actually a metal festival (Independence) which takes place every year in Madrid (of all places) if u need any more info just PM me....just a little excited to know another guitarist is coming to Spain!
I use the irig adapter for ampkit...which IMO is a cool thing to mess around with
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Wow... Get your application to Mensa sent off post haste!

will do!
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Perhaps a report on the way the guitar became an instrument of sin around 1955. The only instrument left is the clavichord. Anyways, much could be written on the different ways the guitar is utilized in different forms of music.

thank you...i bet you're normal...
thanks guys...seriously..thanks
i feel like a better person
fyi, i havent failed a course in my life!...and up until 7th grade ive had all A's
so yeah....go have a beer..and forget about it
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Do a report on why a Shakespeare play was too intellectutally taxing for you.

thou are an idiot....
dude, it's like a RESEARCH PAPER..sorry for not including that before -.-
but it can be about ANYTHING.....preferably guitar or music related
i have an english report due this month...and i need some ideas
I was thinking of something guitar/amplifier/guitarist related
maybe the history of guitar amplification...?
any ideas will be appreciated
Thanks! \m/
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Google HarmonyCentral and The Gear Page threads about rig showoffs and pedalboards.

wow thanks man
Beautiful....Happy NGD
& let me guess....u play......METAL? naahhh
Mesa boogie mini rec. would be perfect IMO
6505+ 112 would be great for you (IMO)
Umm have u heard of the Digitech ipb-10...? Sounds kinda similar to your idea.....
Line 6 relay + with sone sucky system there could be a volume difference between it and the cable(s)
Keep this thread alive!!! We (I hehe) need sone more stuff to GAS over
Plug it in.....if it sounds like one, keep it........?
I've got the 40xl........great, been using it for a year for worship->as I lay dying. No regrets. You can get a Good sound out of every model, u just need to tweak it right. (not really sure if the EXTREME is very necessary on it......)