Hey guys! As the title suggests, I have problems with my thumb independence.... in a way. It's a weird problem because if you said to me: "Play a pattern like
five-three-two-one ; six-three-two-one ; four-three-two-one" I don't have a problem because I don't think of my thumb doing something else than the rest of my fingers even though it is alternating between strings 5-6-4.
However if you said to me: "With your thumb alternate between 5-6-4 and with the other fingers play the strings 3-2-1" I probably couldn't do that.
Hopefully somebody gets what I mean haha. Does anyone know any exercises or something to get that thumb to move?
Hello fellow UG Members.
As we all know the our voice that we hear isn't really the voice other people hear.
But how do I find out what I sound like?
For example there is this trick:
However here is my problem:
When I use the trick displayed in the video above, I think I sound pretty decent. However when I record myself on my cheap cell phone I think I sound like shit.
Does the cheap cell phone microphone really account for a huge difference?
Now what should I belief? What's correct?
Hello UG!
I need an amp, because well I'll be going from Acoustic to Electric very soon, but can't decide on an amp yet.
My budget is around 200€
The amps I have in mind:
1) Fender Mustang II
2) Blackstar HT-1
3) Fender Champion 600

Any other recommendations?
I like SS because it has a few effects on them. I still wan t good tone, though. With the HT1 I would need pedals.
The only pedal I would use with an SS would be a looper.

I play mostly Blues and Classic Rock so no high gain stuff.
I won't be using it for gigging.
I could get the HT5 or Mustang III for around 200 used. But I fear the HT5 will be too loud for my flat and the Mustang III has the 'fizz' issue.
Any help is appreciated !
Thank you for your answers!

I think I'm going for the CV. But 50's or 60's? What would you recommend? I've only played the 50's and I think my shop needs to order the 60's first.
Or in my case, which kind of guitar.
Hey UG, I've been playing the guitar for about a year now and I finally want an electric.
I've pretty much narrowed it down to either the Squier CV Stratocaster or the Epiphone Les Paul Standart (two very different guitars, I know).
But lets talk about me first, shall we

My budget is around 300€ for the guitar. Could go a little higher, but I'll probably buy used.

My favourite artists/bands are RHCP, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton (Cream), Santana, Jimi Hendrix. I'll play mostly classic/blues rock and I guess a little ACDC or GNR but it won't get any harder than that . I really like the sound of Santana, but then again Clapton and Hendrix, too..... ;(

Concerning body shapes, both the LP and ST bodies are fine to me. I dislike the Telecaster body, though.

My current gear consists of a Seagull S6.

I live in Germany and have a big guitar store close to me.
I've already tried out the LP and CV and soundwise, on a good amp(I believe it was a Mesa Boogie) I prefered the LP, on a bad amp (Roland Micro Cube) I couldn't hear out a difference. Regarding playability and feel, i liked the CV more. The neck was just amazing compared to the LP (don't get me wrong, I don't have any problems with wide necks). The CV wasn't really well built at all. It fretted out, and the high e-string kept on jumping out of the nut. I guess it was just that one?

To sum it up; Sound: LP
Playability and Feel: CV

I hope to get some advice from some more experienced players, It doesn't necessarily have to be the Epi LP or the CV, if somebody knows better guitars for the price, please tell me .
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