Owen Pallett - Heartland
Tim Kasher - The Game of Monogamy
Autolux - Transit Transit
EH Small Clone doesn't have much tweakability, but sounds great.
Good Stuff, I've only heard Water & Solutions. Another Way Out is great.
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Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins

You really shouldn't use that avatar.

NIN - With Teeth
I like it, but it sounds way too much like the band A Place to Bury Strangers.
A) it doesn't matter, you will just sound retarded when you sing like Axl Rose.
B) get the drum set for sure, you can go without the mic.
Awesome I was playing this level on Tooie (XBLA version) earlier today. Sounds great! Should play during the boss fights, haha. great job man.
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I don't know...I would guess Billy Corgan, he doesn't seem that type

LSD during the Gish years.
Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins.
The Radio Dept.
My Bloody Valentine
Elliott Smith
hey, thanks. it's actually just me, no band.
New song, c4c.
Sorry, there's almost 2 minutes of extra silence, once the static fades out, that's it.
Billy Corgan's tone on Siamese Dream.
Good Acoustic sound and playing. like the added separately panned guitars in the second verse. Interesting Flanged acoustic solo part. I see your using Fruity Loops drums, I also use that and one tip I can give you is open up FPC, and start panning your drums to different parts than just center, trust me, it makes it sound better. Also try out the different drumkits they have on FPC. Anyways, Overall, it was a good song. I'm sorry for getting back to you late, thanks for the crit.
Cool intro, bit lengthy, but good. Nice guitar playing. Your voice reminds me of Lou Reed. I like the implementation of dynamics throughout, but during a couple of the louder parts i'm pretty sure the acoustic was clipping, and it drowns out the electric. overall it was pretty good, the song was catchy, and I enjoyed it, you just need to step up your vocals a bit, and work on mixing. Sorry for getting back to you late, thank you for your crit.
New song, I originally wrote for my band, but, since that is done, I decided to record it solo.
Smashing Pumpkins.
Just got my Condenser and Finished my Pitseleh Cover. Do not expect a carbon copy of the original.*/
haha. the movie Push.
SP (yes with Jimmy, since it was recorded in december) will be on the Chris Isaak show tonight on the bio channel.
^ No E or X. fail.

A Perfect Circle.
Bright Eyes.
Catherine Wheel.
Depeche Mode.
Elliot Smith.
Gutter Twins.
John Lennon.
Ken Andrews.
Led Zeppelin.
My Bloody Valentine.
Nine Inch Nails.
Queens of the Stone Age.
Smashing Pumpkins.
Velvet underground.
Year of the rabbit.
He was a quiet man.
No, TFE (excluding like two songs) and Adore are right there with SD and MCIS in my opinion.
Check out the band Hum.
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Yes, Yes, I have finally posted here again.

And thank you, Brickisred.
decided to post. song lyrics. c4c.
(try to pretend the line breaks are not so awkward, it works in the song.)


And she asked, "Can't you see it?"
"That beautiful face in the sky, made of stars and satellites?"
Can't seem to catch this contagion
I wish that I could share view, but it divides us by two

I stare into the fluorescent
Reflecting back every blemish
Even if I changed my lens
It wouldn't help me play pretend

Oblivious to the other shades
She thought I was brighter, than this simple somber
Tore out a blank leaf,
And folded it into a ship, departing now from all of this

The constellation should have,
Faded years ago, what happened to "I don't know"?
Lying with her
I kept looking around, searching for a common ground.
Is it time for the next round yet?
^ VH1 Storytellers (If you can't find all of it on youtube, all the audio is on RSPAA), and their are a few acoustic shows in the Live archives you need to check out.

2007-06-05 (Features acoustic Gossamer)

10.26.08 (Bridge school benefit show)

1993-06-30 (Radio Appearance)

1997-10-18 (Manson and Twiggy join them near the end)

And their are probably many more, but this is a taste.
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