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NO. I have my own milk kthnx if I wanted breastmilk ice cream ,I could easily just go buy my own pump jesus christ.

i've always thought that breastmilk wasn't produced until pregnancy?
i can't be bothered looking into it though, so i could be wrong.
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mouses, mice, marsupial devices
same diff.

EDIT: you work in IT

that's right.
clearly if you own or purchase one of these mice everyone will know you are a regular porn surfer anyway. Not the most clever idea.
i'd never lead my parents to this site.
but welcome
Marcellina's with lots of pepperoni, basil, sundried tomatoes and cheese
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Black books
red dwarf

YES YES YES to all the above
yo mama was so poor she ate cereal with a fork just to save milk
get off the internet and start meeting people.
join sporting or interest groups, talk, socialise and maintain contact. if you have at least one friend you can make friends with his/her friends and extend your network.
enjoys popular television programmes within medical/hospital settings
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Still waiting for BOL to deliver my Fucking Amal DVD though.

I couldn't watch that movie without cringing through a few scenes.

more intense than I expected but it had some pretty good battle scenes.
Previous major was medical and health sciences
current major is in government management and public policy
the strong smell of most shampoos, conditioners and hand lotions would give it away.
I recommend a recipe of white corn flour, water, a bit of egg white for that perfect texture and appearance, and a bit of salt just to make it even more realistic. the egg white is crucial.
Carpet cleaner detergeant. If you haven't got any handy then you could try lemon, bicarb soda and vinegar.
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Yep, I think everyone does to a certain extent - cept not too long - cus then I start too go crazy.

I agree, that slow dehumanizing feeling is really bizarre when I am alone for too long. I sometimes overanalyse things when i'm completely alone but enjoy having the house to myself on the odd occassion to chill out, eat and cook whatever I want, and crank up the music.
rocky road, lemon sorbet, or pistacchio with chocolate sauce
the ORIGINAL Chipmunks
Full House and Step by Step
Moose yo-yos
Agro's cartoon connection (before cheese tv)
Odd Bodz cards
Sega saturn mega drive
I always got excited over these

and these:

the magic motion ones were the shiz
I've always thought the united states had nutella like europe and australia.
nutella, peanut butter and banana = glory sandwich
tacky fluro, ray bans, original adidas, suspenders with tshirts, those sunnies that kanye west wears, pants with weird geometric patterns, high stop sneakers (nike forces and reeboks)
think of the fresh prince and go with it
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That's even worse.

You're saying that males in the pit are shallow?

Sure, a lot of people act tough and have a laugh about girls, but it's just a laugh. The majority of the guys here are good, friendly people, and would jump at the chance for a deep relationship.

lol no no no. I meant all the males that I know in 'real life' are shallow in comparison to the male members i've encountered in the pit. I meant that I rarely personally encounter a shallow member of the pit, whereas in my life the males that I know say and do quite shallow things. when i said 'less shallow' i was refering to the number of shallow people within a group not the level of shallowness within a person. I don't assume every male here is shallow. bahh nevermind i'm sorry *leaves thread*
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i've been with 2 overweight girls.


do see my post above. I wasn't referring to anyone here but just the people I know.
my post wasn't implying that all males are shallow, but I could've used better words to express my opinion and i do apologise as it's obviously led to a slight misunderstanding. males in the pit are very different to the males i know in real life (less shallow).
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I do mean in general. i'm not sure about the males you know, but no male I know would ever consider going out with an overweight female with not so hot dress sense even if she was nice, funny etc.

plenty of my 'attractive to general society' female friends date males that others would consider 'fugly'. maybe it all depends on the people around you, and i suppose it varies.
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ANY girl can get a guy

not any guy can get a girl

interesting. i've seen plenty of attractive girls coupled with quite overweight guys and unnatractive to general society males. But I can't say i've seen much of the reverse. Girls are more prone to selecting via personality traits, whereas males (in general) select more based upon appearance and personality second.
to argue against that statement I suppose you could say that regulation and govt intervention is essential in times of market/business failure and also strategic concern ie defence and economy. govt is also neccessary in redistributing community service obligations like the provision of adequate systems of welfare, and some physical infrastructures that the private sector would be unable to handle.

edit: I agree a lot with rickmeister. the ideological belief of adam smith's invisible hand is another major point to add if you were supporting the statement rather than arguing against it.
I agree with the Preacher, and in addition other comics from Vertigo like 100 Bullets. As others have mentioned, some of frank miller's comics were pretty violent as well.
Neon Genesis Evangelion and sailor moon (don't judge, the show rocks).
[quote="'[= Tom ="]']I find oriental girls attractive.

But as for africans, asians, etc, i'm not sure.
maybe check out the john butler trio, pete murray, sufjan stevens, alex lloyd. that's all I can think of atm
I guess it's the logic that people will take you more seriously when you're naked..
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haha, TS gonna get banned

Okey.. On topic...

There are no visible nipples. I did an advanced thorough nipple check prior to posting.
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Funny how the only way they can make people listen is through sex/nudity/some bullshit about KFC.

All this has done is make me want KFC.

Same here. Does anyone else here suddenly have a craving for chicken breasts?
Wow, just came across this piece of news:

"The topless women from animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were arrested this afternoon while protesting outside the CBD restaurant over KFC's alleged treatment of chickens in factories and slaughterhouses.
The women - naked apart from lacy, yellow bikini bottoms - were inside a large cage, holding signs that read "Chicks Agree: Boycott KFC".

Was anyone in sydney lucky enough to witness this?

EDIT: sorry to let you guys down but there is no nippleage in the original pic anyway. It was just edited for those that were continously hoping their arm shadows were sneak peaks
Motorola phone tools software or a bluetooth USB if you don't already have one inbuilt into your computer
maybe you should try one of these

it's so much more like the real thing.
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race is not outdated in the least. genetically, it's far more healthy to reproduce with someone with a varied gene pool, allowing the stronger of the two genes to emerge in the offspring.

+1 I was thinking the exact same thing.
a ladies of jazz compilation and a best of nat king cole album.