I love it. You have to watch the episode with 'ol gregg'. Vince Noir makes the show so good and it's great how they use the same actors for different characters.
I bought my boss ds2 brand new for $60 aus while it was $170 at the shops during that time. This morning I was trying to bid on these wicked pair of bright orginal adidas shoes and my net stuffed up at last minute.. so annoyed at that.

If anyone has a pair of bright coloured adidas shoes they want to sell contact me, ive been looking everywhere for a good pair.
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The baby was rushed to Women and Children's Hospital where the toddler underwent reconstructive surgery

How is that amusing in any way?? I seriously can't see how people can lack this much in empathy and maturity. I hope the baby will be ok.
mmm greek yoghurt with honey or raspberries.
You missed out the 'horny drunk'. I'm a mixture of sleepy and happy.
I like rosa sauce - a mixture of red and white.
9/10 for sweet requiem

our non-serious chic band was Pink Flamingo Crash.
I love colored chucks but they dont beat my old school adidas' break dance shoes.
The time when everyone was desperate for the original pic of that nude asian chic in the 'used to be pr0n' thread. good times.. good times
Love that show - brings back memories *sighs*
This will do- thanks a million muso!!
Thanks, but I don't have XP i'm running on Vista - know of any downloadable programs on the net?
Sorry if this is a stupid question but I was wondering if anyone could tell me of any downloadable programs similar to 'Talk It!'- It's such an old program and I can't find it anywhere. It's a classic program where you can type words in and the program will speak it. I'm looking for one with a robotic voice like in 'Talk It' with adjustable settings like pitch and tempo.

Any help will be appreciated thanks!!!
I'm a fan of H.P Lovecraft's work so although the trailer does look a little crappy i'd probably still watch the movie.

woo house!
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who's led zeppelin?

are they that band that just does wolfmother and earl greyhound covers?


lol not bad.
Camembert. But i'm also quite partial to sweet cheeses.
Falling Away With You - Muse
Ti amo per sempre
Best: Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie, Shortbus, Forest Gump and Donnie Darko

Worst: Freddy Got Fingered was a let down for me
Baci, rocky road or lemon sorbet
I'm studying medical science at university and I hate it so much i've given up. I'm failing all my subjects and so I intend to study politics and drop the science thing alltogether. My mum thinks i'm crusing through uni and she's convinced i'm going to be a doctor one day.
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I'm generous like that.
That was so incredibly wicked!!!!! vocals & guitar were perfect- LOVE IT!!!
It's simple: Jerks tend to be good looking, outgoing and confident.

I like the nice guys but the issue with them is they never ask girls out.

1. Muse
2. Radiohead
3. Sigur Ros
4. The Arcade Fire
5. Pink Floyd
Bobby Mc Ferrin - Don't worry be happy


1. love will tear us apart - joy division
2. day & night - frank sinatra
3. wake up - the arcade fire
4. lovecats - the cure
4. heartattack in a layby - porcupine tree
5. gollum's song - emiliani torrini (lotr soundtrack)
6. pardon me - incubus
7. endlessly - muse

how random.
Mr Sandman by The Chordettes i'm sure blind guardian did a cover of it aswell.

I wanna hold your hand - The Beatles
Do you wanna dance - The Beach Boys
It's Tricky by Run Dmc isn't gay but i reckon it'd sound wikid metalized.
A local band down here did a cool version of Justin Timberlake's sexy back.
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well we have milky ways and all your cadbury and nestle products here in australia and theyre ok, but haigh's (handmade chocolate from adelaide) is the ****in bomb

closely followed by lindt lindor chocolate from switzerland

Yesss Haigh's chocolate is the best. Fruchocs which are also exclusively south australian are grand.
You can write about his criticism of conventional religion and relate them to poems like 'London' and 'Little boy Lost' etc. You can also discuss his views on the existence of good and evil and how they function together - relate it to the transition of 'songs from innocence' to the 'songs of experience'. Most of his artworks such as Dante's inferno and other paintings also relate to occuring themes - heaven, hell, good and evil.
Looney tunes, slinkies, hubba bubba gum, nintendo, comics.. asterix comics!!- they were my childhood.
^ I agree halfies are sexilicious.

I'm viet but born in australia.. people always make the chinese assumption though
Doesn't post often but is quite creative with cookie dough
Sexual experimenter with homo tendencies
The piano solo in Butterflies and Hurricanes - Muse
Pepe Barker