No, I wouldn't beat my children. I don't believe that type of reinforcement teaches a child right from wrong in the best way. I know well from experience that physical harm only teaches fear and sometimes even violence.

Your kids will only get angry and hitting them only teaches them to hit you back when they're old enough.
leather, the smoke released after you blow out a candle, gluesticks, and wet trees after rainfall.
Quote by Glimsom
It's Chico Time, and we're feeling frisky while at Tesco. Because of a performance I was just in, I'm wearing a Nazi Uniform; for less apparant reasons, you're in a Doctor Who Alien Costume. You

lean in to me and whisper, "You look even hotter than Cilla Black" Once we're

alone, we quickly disrobe for a quick dip in the kiddies paddling pool.

As we're drying off, I take my tentacle and slowly rub it round your back of your knee. You lose control and grab a lamp shade and rub it seductively against

my ulna. In a moment of inspiration, you jump up and go to the refrigerator

to grab some Good Burger special sauce, then bring it over. I slowly devour it off your saiyan tail. We then have wild sex for 3.14159 seconds, switching from crouching tiger to hidden dragon before climaxing simultaneously. Afterward, we re-enact the entire of Casino Royale.

I seriously had to wipe a tear from the corner of my eye just then.
^that doesn't sound too bad actually. You could be a 50's doo wop style group.

the hnngggh
the epic fails
..both are awful
I'm really sorry for your loss
I've lost loved ones to cancer too. I hope you pull through ok and remember the good times.
corona or carlton
I instantly thought of Stalaggh, but i'm sure there are plenty of weirder bands out there.

EDIT: ^just bet me to it
but from the list bananas I suppose
I had an english teacher named Bridgette Dickworthy and knew a guy called Sam Littleboy.
you get hawt sauna sex with me, followed by homemade strawberry milkshake.

*inserts coin*
you get a hug for seemingly overtaking this thread and having good taste in music.

*inserts coin*
you get a bottle of absinthe and a transgender stripper of your choice.

*inserts coin*
You get a cold meats and european cheese sample platter.

*inserts coin*
You get 2 female dwarfes and a bondage kit.

*inserts coin*
You get the person above you for a whole hour.

*inserts coin*
i was waiting for someone to do that
my contribution:

I think it's patriotic enough.
a pair of balls
please don't kill us.

jk I think it's really cool
If you truly are gay and not just bi, then this girl has likely already had her suspects about it. Either way, it doesn't matter what you are and you shouldn't try and place yourself somewhere underneath a sexual category.

Whatever you do, it's always going to be better to tell her straight that you would prefer a friendship than to lead her on.
Nobody should be sentenced to death.
I hear news stories all the time of pedophiles commiting suicide to avoid court hearings and prison. This will just be assisting those who try to escape and it is the wrong quick-fix solution to a serious problem. Offenders should be imprisoned for an appropriate amount of time and have access to psychological treatments.
a possum carcass on a farm. I was a kid and didn't know what it was at first so i poked it with a long stick, and then the thing rolled over. I think it had been struck down on the road
Quote by RevaM1ssP1ss
That's... nothing to do with myspace.

Or with their hair covering their face/eyes and everybody's like OMG YR SO FIT or OMG U HAV NICE EYES.

Like erm... hello? You can't see ANYTHING??!

+1 that also annoys me.

I haven't decided wether this one's an annoyance or hilarity, but when people draw tears on their face with a marker and the pic is titled something along the lines of "bl3eding tears 4 m4tt" or "sil3ntly brok3n</3"
Quote by SomeoneYouKnew
should have known a broke-on-his-ass college student would be first with an idea.

as luck would have it, i scored a 5 pound jar of crunchy peanut butter for $4.50
i also bought a 2 pound jar of jelly for $0.88
unfortunately, the only kind that cheap was grape.
(i pretty much hate grape jelly.)
anyway, i have plenty of peanut butter.
do i just stir it into the ramen soup?
tbh, it sounds a bit weird.

i'll prolly try a lot of these.
but some subs will be made.
would the banana/pbj sandwich be any good with grape jelly?
strawberry jam costs over twice as much.

ew what a tastebud kill.
Get a hold of some cheap cheese and stir it into hot ramen noodles instead. That tastes pretty good.
1. Drizzle maple syrup over a banana on a pancake and put some dark chocolate on top (ordinary milk choc is fine also)
2. Roll it up like a wrap
3. Shove it in the oven till the chocolate melts and the pancake gets nice and brown
4. Dollop with some cold vanilla ice cream and voila

if that does not induce an oralgasm then consider me officially asexual.
Sex (i'm a..) - Berlin
no song can be of any match.
Quote by bigwillie

Like this. Not kidding. It would be so fucking awesome.

You don't need money to wear tracksuits from the 80s. That's what poor people in the housing trust suburbs around my city wear all the time because that's what you get given from the local charities. People are throwing out of date clothes into clothing bins all the time.
i'm glad TS picked Ryan from the office, i've always thought he had fine taste in colours.
Since it's winter down here, if I had the cash to drop i'd wear this jacket with those exact earrings:
I usually stutter when i'm feeling a bit anxious or nervous. Nobody has ever commented on it so I suppose it's no big deal. As others have said, speaking slower helps. I think its something that could be outgrown with time as well.
indeed he is.
great gretsch guitars too
i'd tap that.

EDIT: that was to Leper i feel like a predator
Jazz, olives, pickles with burgers, vegemite, dark coffee and leather jackets
Quote by Graveworm
"The Sexiest Music Video Thread."

still don't follow?

I'm still missing where it says The Sexiest Band Thread.

I know clearly what the title of the thread is. However, what constitutes a sexy video is clearly something that will be variable between person to person. I can't be bothered arguing with you. I'll take down my posted vid if that will just make you happier.
Easily my fav movie. I bought the original dvd for only $7 bargain!
I would happily give you a copy if you lived anywhere near me.
Great musical era.

San Francisco - Scott Mc Kenzie
The Times They Are a-Changin - Bob Dylan
Blowin in The Wind - Bob Dylan
Turn, Turn, Turn - The Byrds
Hello, I Love You - The Doors
lemon sorbet or rocky road.
I could sure go for some right now
Quote by PissInMyShoeses
AS i walked past a group of scene kids today, it got me thinking.
If we have these indie/emo/scene trends going around in America, what kind of trends are there on the other side of the world?
And not underdeveloped countries like parts of Cambodia and Vietnam.
Mainstream Japanese, Chinese, and Korean trends and such.

If you aren't aware already, the so called 'scene' culture was originally derived from Japan's Harajuku scene. The hairstyles were inspired/stolen years ago from Japanese culture. It's even obvious with all the Hello Kitty merchandise western scenesters wear.. how could that have originated in America when it's purely asian?
The only difference really is that japan fashion took it much further and didn't associate the style with crap music. *no offence this isn't an intended insult*
Quote by indra13
She is pretty happy about it I guess

A lot of people have requested photos of my hot relatives, and a lot of people have returned the favour by sending me photos of them drenched in cum. If you would like to see them just PM me


seriously dude, don't you ever consider what your aunties and cousins would think if they walked in on you jizzin onto their photos?
Quote by Nerdo-sez-bo
Meh, everyone to their own I guess.

Is it just me, or do I have the sinking feeling I've broken my guitar? (threw it across a room the other night ending a show)

It's just you.... you should probably check that out though.

is it just me, or do homeless people always smell like a mixture of urine, tobacco, unwashed sheets for a year, and sour milk?
Pretty average.

I'm not sure where my uni course will take me once I finish, or wether i have to do a more commonly reputable degree to get into the career field I want. I'm only in 2nd year so hopefully it'll get better. Plus, i desperately need a job for cash right now but I only have customer service and waitressing experience so nobody around my area will hire me.

I should really be studying for exams right now but UG can be rather distracting at times once i enter the pit. I say "oh i'll just read some threads for a few mins"...... it's been 2 hrs.