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how is mint cool? we say cool as a cucumber. mind you i dont know how cucumbers are cool.

we have the saying cool as cucumber too, but i made my own.
mints are 'cool' because they're refreshing to the mouth. cucumbers are cool because they contain plenty of juice when fresh. have you ever not placed slices of cucumbers on your eyes to invigorate?
very cool indeed.
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chill out dude

it was just my response. no harsh words or agressive tone.
i'm cool as mint dude
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If you live in a country with a brutal war going on then its less of a WTF factor if someone has a grenade. Where i live you get arrested if you have a woopie cushion

It's terrible that children are exposed to the war. But how is that proper justification? The problem isn't the fact that the soldier was possessing a grenade. If there was a neighbourhood in your country with large amounts of street violence would that make it anymore right for some stranger to do the same thing to a kid but with a gun?
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that kid probably lives in daily fear of he and his family being bombed and killed. he doesnt understand the ROE and i think that soldier was being irresponsible; he could have just told the kid to leave without scaring him ****le55.

imagine some stranger offered your kid candy but pulled out a hand grenade to them instead as a joke. not so funny now eh?

i'm sure I will get the typical "oh learn to take a joke" response from this.
I've been getting crappy sms msgs from a random company called WizQuiz. They've charged me over $20 in total for their worthless sms ads without my permission. I can't even get through to their customer service line because that's a piece of crap too. I really want my credit back.

if i ever come across any frikan WizQuiz employer, I will tear out their scrotums and feed it to them with porridge.
I'm going through the exact same thing as you right now. Sleeping around 3am and waking in the afternoon.

The only way to break this is to do an all-nighter and not sleep for a night (avoid any amount of caffeine). Then you'll be tired enough the next day to sleep at a more normal time. This usually resets my poor sleeping patterns when I realise my holidays are coming to an end.

I use my tv as a wake up alarm so I don't have trouble waking up because I can set the preferred volume. Plus, it allows me to set my snooze for as short or long as I want
I vote for indian.
Takeaway chinese is not real chinese, unless its takeaway from a more expensive restaurant. They use a lot of grease and cheap ingredients to sell and make it 'western friendly'. Doesn't even compare to homemade.

now I really feel like tikka masala chicken
is it officially porn day on UG?
European cheeses are where it's at.

Danish blue with apples or toasted turkish bread, pecorino pepato (nice and peppery) grated over pasta marinara, feta with sundried tomatoes over some crackers, or a good camembert melted over a slice of apple pie

now i really feel like some cheese.
Friend: "Do you listen to Paul Van Dyk?" (popular male dance DJ)
Other friend: "um no. I don't like lesbians"
Different people are attracted to different appearances.
I know plenty of girls that like long hair on a guy. No need to be bitter or stereotypical because your hair doesn't automatically define if you are a douchebag or not.

It's like me asking: "Do all guys these days prefer thin blondes?"
the answer will obviously be no.
how strange is this dog's coat?

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"It's All In Your Mind" - Beck

What do you consider the worst possible crime..?

EDIT: ^!
That always happens to me..

loving you - elvis

what would you say if you woke up next to me after a good lovin night?
probably a good idea if I was replaced as judge.
I didn't realise I had to wake up at 4am to get my judging down (major time difference down here)

sorry guys.
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dude in the green looks pretty normal to me. white hoodie guy has strange footwork though from what i saw. i didn't notice any 'i feel like chicken tonight' stuff

aww i'm sorry i got you all hyped up n stuff.
but did you notice the white hoodie guy's arm movements from 0:05 till 0.10? they're the pro hardstyle chicken moves i'm talkin bout.
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lmao @ 'i feel like chicken tonight'. i didn't realise radelaidians were making their own kind of shuffle too, like sydney did! are there any vids up which demonstrate what they do? i'd be keen to have a look.

haha i'm not likely to ever post a vid of my shuffling on the net - i do it for fun, not for attention.

can't really find any quality vids, but I know the guy in the green hoodie and i'm sure he wouldn't mind me linking this
good times they were.
I still cherish both those games. I got my first AoE game out of a Nutral Grain cereal box (full free version!)
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the scene isn't thriving, more and more issues are coming about as the dance and the scene gets more popular, but i won't delve too far into that. right now the scene is filling up with 14-17 yr old kids who think it's cool to be in some sort of 'shuffle crew' and have dance battles at their local shopping centre while they all dance in the exact same style and wear the merchandise of clubs they aren't old enough to even enter i wouldn't call that an improvement personally.

by all means shuffle if you enjoy it, but don't make it a competition (that's pretty much the opposite of what the scene is meant to be about), be an individual and develop your own style of shuffling so you actually stand out from the rest, and don't wear a phd hoodie if you've never been there before - you just look like a tryhard

+1 to everything mentioned
i'm curious to see some of your mad shuffling style divid3d - post a vid!
there's also an adelaide shuffle which is a pov variation of the melb shuffle with funny added arm movements (reminds me of that 90's "I feel like chicken tonight" ad, you know the one?)
they've taken away all the good hard dance clubs down here so there's no place that's shufle-friendly to go to anymore.

that kid has an illness. what bitches for picking on him.
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I figure putting a bandaid on it will constrict it.
Ok maybe not a bottlecap. More so like bigger than a dime smaller than a nickel.

A small bandaid will help keep it clean (blisters don't need to breathe)
They don't need to be popped. I don't advise you pop it with a needle to avoid infection. Its just a blister! no need for emergency medical treatment. The pus and liquid in the blister will be absorbed back into the body and the skin will heal itself with a bit of time.
I'm going to be the first to post a serious answer.
Don't pop it, especially in that area. Wait till it pops itself or get some cream for it.
You can put a small band aid on it in the mean time to help ease the pain when you walk.
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that just sounds creepy

sorry the creepy was unintentional (I thought you'd get the reference)
judge status
Go into the cookies folder. The porn sites should still be there unless he deletes the cookies too.

isn't this scheme hypocritical if you also view a bit of teh pr0nz now and then?
You are not alone
I am here with you
though you're far away
I am here to stay
I don't consider myself as good lookin, but I try and compensate this with my cool personality.
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Thai? You sound exactly like many of them :P

Born in Australia with a vietnamese background.
I don't actually know any asians that speak like that though
me so horny me ruv roo rong time

do you want lemon chicken wiv your noodle? it cheap and derishus
1. AFL (go the crows)

2. Silverchair (everything before straight lines) or Wolfmother
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I find that comparison far stretched, at best, as you're not taking into account two major factors: 1) the fact that the majority of the time, incest is not consensual, and 2) the fact that incestuous breeding results in disturbing physical deformities.
The logic isn't there, as the scenarios aren't the same. It's much like the anti-homosexual argument in which people say "people will marry their dogs."
Incest is a taboo because of the physical deformities and the rape factor, not only because people find it disgusting.

Homosexuality isn't the cause of AIDs. Heterosexual couples spread AIDs just as frequently as homosexual couples because of such a misconception.
The logic in terms of offspring doesn't make sense either, as homosexual couples do not produce offspring, where as incestuous couples produce deformed or sick offspring. One harms no one, and rather, works as a form of population control in an already over-populated world, where as the other harms an innocent child.

I'm not arguing against anything, simply saying I don't see the logic behind either statement.

I was just about to post a contribution but you have basically covered all my thoughts exactly.
damn you ts and your misleading thread title.
i like coffee.
It'd be very hard at your age, and even if you were older you'd at least need to know a lot about the products and instruments, have decent music retail experience, or know someone who could refer you. You'd still be required to do a bit of heavy lifting in stock maintenance at a music store anyway. I wouldn't be too picky with a job at your age, you want to get as much experience as you can get before you can be choosey.
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Despite the racism, intolerance, and xenophobia;how does your 'logic' take into account citizens having I don't know, , a faith other than Christianity or if they're originally from a country other than Austrailia?

lol at Austrailia and the US being founded by immigrants too

Different cultures and religions are respected in Australia. It's an issue of law. Do you think it would be right for a community of Australians to enter into a muslim country and not abide by their muslim laws? Nobody is forcing anyone to fly flags here, just respect the country's culture you freely chose to live in.
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I don't see how this can be considered racist. Apart from the somewhat aggressive tone, he never said anything about not allowing immigrants to practice their beliefs etc. but just that Australia wasn't going to change it's culture and tradition in order to suit others. I think that's completely fair, if we have to respect the beliefs and culture of immigrants, why can't they do the same and respect ours?

I completely agree with you. It's not an issue of racism or fear as others keep misunderstanding. It's a matter of law. If you enter into a country its expected that you abide by that country's law, regardless where you come from. Australians are expected to abide by muslim law if they were to enter into their country, so it is only right that they do the same here. I believe Australia should embrace multiculturalism and people should be free to express their own traditions etc, but I fail to understand why some communities come to the country and choose to completely isolate themselves.
in my senior biology exam there was a part that required you to explain the result of DNA replication where drawing additional diagrams to help was optional. I drew a blue pair of pants labelled "pair of genes".

now that I think back, it's more likely that I lost marks then gained any.
Failed my first because I couldn't see the stick behind me when I did a reverse parallel park (I was used to practicing it in the same position), and also because I started off down a street with at least 5 20km speed bumps down it - so nervous when I moved off the kerb I totally forgot and went over the first one at 30km.
I passed the second time but a random auditor guy suddenly rocked up, disputed with the tester and decided to fail me, the bitch. I was being so careful I accidently gave way to a car on the left through a roundabout.

I feel too discouraged to take my 3rd but I will have to in 3 days. *sigh*
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Whats that musical with a bunch of cats?
Your costume idea sounds pretty sxc badass.
Basically, if your nan knows how to sew she can follow a template that you can buy at good craft/fabric stores.
I could do with an icecream sammich right now

Honey chicken and fried rice