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Really, it boils down to hair fashion being either contrast or blend, right now. I don't study fashion, so I wouldn't know.

Edit: might be worth noting that I have to light a fire under it, since the date really crept up on me.

Unless she has a very bold, confident personality and likes to stand out, subtle tends to be classier. Sometimes it comes down to more taste than what's currently more fashionable. Some girls just don't like black accessories no matter what.

Ignore the immature posts. I think it is a very nice gesture
What type of music will you be producing?
If you can't aford to splurge on a mc-roland I recommend a simple second hand casio.
Go for a light to medium brown in either if she has blonde hair.
I personally prefer the bottom leaf style ones, but it depends on her taste.
I was flicking between BB and eurovision.
Glad alice won over terri
big band/swing and bossa nova
the intro to mr sandman.
the chordettes version of course.
Wouldn't it be more reasonable to hate the parents who take their babies into theatres, rather than hate the innocent babies? it's not like they cry deliberately to annoy you. often they do it because they're tired, hungry etc

just my two cents anyway.
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Everyone says they are cute, beautiful, etc., but they aren't.

They're ****ing ugly.


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Dude... someone HAS to post a link to where i could buy one of them. Or is it just a mod?

Pretty sure it's just a remote control helicopter with a dildo attached to it.
Do any IM programs like msn or yahoo work?
If they do then maybe try another browser program. When my browser is f'in up though it's usually due to my pov service provider.

edit: crisis over.
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If we're going upon that principle, then I vote Katie Melua.

I was going to mention Katie Melua.
She is stunning and beats all the above chics on musical talent and looks.
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This is retarded. If it takes away the taste of tobacco, then why would people smoke them?

According to the article: "It tastes like a tobacco cigarette and the tip glows red when you take a draw".
I know many will disagree but I believe most sennheisers are overpriced for what they are.
You pay quite a bit for their name, but that is not to say they are of poor quality because sennheiser do make great headphones too, I own a few pairs myself it's just that you can get a bit more for the same price from other brands.

I recommend a pair of audio technica ATH-CM7, but it also depends on what type of music you listen to.
Males possess this certain something that fits into this certain place I have.
That appeals to me and chics don't have that.

I think that is a valid enough reason.
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Men get full stimulation from sexual intercourse, but women often do not get the clitoral stimulation they need, most men suck at fucking chicks, or so im told by every chick i've ever met, basically, girls need more work done on them to come, men can come quick as ya like, and they nearly always finish.
So men finish more often. Therefore, on average women do not enjoy themselves as much as men during intercourse, because they don't finish. Give em a rampant rabbit, they'll enjoy themselves more than we as men could ever imagine, but, its common sense that during bog standard average sex, men enjoy themselves more.

I agree with everything mentioned above.
It really is unwise to believe women enjoy sex more purely on the basis of how vocal they are in porn.
Fruity loops or FL Studio as the above poster mentioned
Yup melb is the place I usually head on each small holiday, mostly because I usually can't afford syd unless I stay with oldie fam friends. I like syd a lot, it seems to be really cultured, and it's cool that people can just hit the clubs at 3 in the afternoon on a thursday.

I did small promo stuff for a place called gateway in adel (sort of the equivalent to PHD), but that got closed down, most likely due to poor management (it was predominantly asian lol) That was really the only major hard dance thing we had regularly, but it seems that adel is really into mainstream electro. Not the type of electro I like either, but more the typical 'Fedde Le Grand'/Ministry of Sound' overmixed stuff.
I haven't been to a transmission event yet but it seems to get a bit of hype so it must be a pretty cool thing. Yes, it's true - adelaide's dance scene is pretty pov. Apart from Tiesto who I saw a while back, most well known DJs seem to skip us on tours lol. Like Armin Van Buuren seem to be stopping by most major states in June except for adelaide

Hence, i'm gonna dance my ass off next time I head to syd.
It's sort of a combination of all of those. Basically a 1 day party held twice a year, once in summer and once in winter. I like them over the regular event because the location is never limited to a club. The last winter one was held in a skate park and the next one is in some sort of secret location yet to be disclosed. The music is mostly hard house and hard trance from what I recall.

I'm sure there are events that are the equivalent to enchanted in melb but this is sort of the gist of it:
This is the best performance i've ever seen of dark eyes by any band:
I like French and certain other european accents.
There was a similar thread to this recently:
Forest Gump
Dancer in The Dark
La Vita Bella

..and the end of Bicentennial Man seems to get me
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is enchanted an adelaide based thing?

It's a south australian based thing but a lot of interstate people attend the event and it seems to really go off for a state that isn't well known for its dance scene.

That reminds me: Dark By Design are also wikid and dropping by Melb on Queensbridge st 23rd May.
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Does H.P. Lovecraft count? That's the only stuff that I've ever found slightly interesting or disconcerting.

Yes, H.P. Lovecraft's classics are amazing.
I really enjoy Stephen King as well, even the novels of his others have found boring i've thought were still good.
Edwin Starr - War
Blowin in the Wind - Bob Dylan
For What it's worth - Buffalo Springfield
Turn, turn, turn - The Byrds
She's probably been posted before but not many chics can match her hotness:

and the stunning Rita Hayworth:
If Corey Worthington counts as a c-grade celebrity then i'd definitely like to kick his ass.
vampires - but only of the classical era type, not the modern day goth-like sort. Then again, they are alright sometimes too.

I can get into bondage and dominance, but not keen on the sadism or masochism.
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Christian Bale is an excellent actor and I think he will do nothing but good for the film.

I agree, I thought he was great in Equilibrium and I can really imagine him pulling off this role.
This genre is overlooked on UG. Where are all the bossa nova lovers out there?

I recommend Sergio Mendes, Brasil 66, Astrud Gilberto, Dizzy Gilespie, Marcos Valle, and definitely Jobim as others have mentioned.
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post-rock is great for this...check out Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Red Sparrowes, Slint, Pelican's newest album, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, A Silver Mt. Zion, etc.

+1 to all the above especially Sigur Ros, Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky
and in addition: Portishead, Air and Massive Attack
It's been a while since i've gotten into trance, but I went and bought myself a Tunnel Trance Force compilation the other day to hype myself up for a hard dance filled night.
Are any other Aussies attending the next Enchanted party?

I'm currently cranking The Venus by Van Nilson and I recommend it to all.
Gawd it's good.
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Hey relationship threaders
Finally the guy i liked and I are an item. I really really like him, and i need some tips to help the relationship to last. He's really shy, but he has been making most of the moves. I feel kinda slack. Umm advice anyone?

Aw that's great!
Tip on lasting relationship: Just avoid being what you don't like in a relationship i.e. clingy, obsessive, overly demanding and so forth..

I don't think it's slack that he's making most of the moves. He knows your interested so I don't think he minds either
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I'd eat the breakfast

I'd eat you for breakfast.
I'd probably use your body for my personal gratifications.

But I like you, so i'd make you breakfast in the morning.
All whoopie cushions have been the same from my experience.
Can't really go wrong with that one on your link though, although I mostly use the non-self inflatable ones.