Invest in some different types of pedals. Maybe even an equalizer or synth.
I know Matt from Muse uses a custom wah pedal and keyboard.

Maybe you can check out the Zoom GX-1 effects pedal. You can check out the Roland site here. They are really good for electronic sampling equipment and effects.
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would peppermint tea do? i've got some of that

Any type of tea that's low caffeine is good. Add a bit of honey and ginger to it.
Green tea with a bit of ginger, or Gatorade.
A cadillac green Gretsch Duo Jet like this one.
Just some out of my frequently played list in no particular order:

Belle & Sebastian
Violent Femmes
The Kinks
Sigur Ros
Frank Sinatra
Stray Cats
New Order
Count Basie
Pink Floyd
Hot Chip
At The Drive In
Sam Cooke
Led Zeppelin
Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Just Like most people, i'm biased to a few genres but I think I generally listen to many types of music.
The iron on transfers start coming off after a few washes. I'd recommend investing in a silk screen, or just go to a print place and they'd do it for around $25.
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Not true, anymore at least.

There's only one holden and one ford in my ENTIRE family, we're talking extended here aswell. The Toyota Camry was even outselling the Commodore I believe.

If we're talking Australia, please don't go for a $1000~ Common*****. Sure, parts are cheap, but you'll be forever fixing something. Ask me how I know.

Try and stay Japanese for reliabilty.
-Mazda 323
-Ford Laser KC/KE (Effectively the same as a 323)
-Mitsubishi Magna (Not great to drive but these things take a beating!)
-Nissan Pulsar is a good choice. The Pulsar Q (I think....the one with a 1.8) is actually quite a good drive.
-Toyotta Corolla, should be able to pick up an AE82.

Other things to consider is road worthy certificate and registration. All of a sudden this $1k car can get quite expensive.

Mind you, this info is only usefull if you're from Australia.....if not, disregard.

I agree with you. We're a Toyota Family, but there's a big demand for Corolla's now and the 2nd hand prices have gone up quite a bit lately. For a $1000 budget that's all I could really recommend in my previous post. I don't think you can get a decent Mazda for $1000 even where I am. I had a Magna and many would agree it's pretty crappy but yes, good if you're young and don't care. Even though they are fairly cheap, stay away from Korean cars like Hyundai.
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ah ok, over here, I can find one for pretty cheap, might end up getting like an '02 jetta

I get what you mean. The demand usually depends on your location. Here in Australia people tend to go for Australian made cars because the parts are easy and cheap to find locally. Everyone here mostly drives Holdens or Fords. VWs and Jettas are kind of rare down here.
Quote by solitaryshell90
that sounds like a BIG lie, haha, might as well tell him to get a geometric

I would suggest something by VW, I think I'm getting about a jetta in a couple of months, my mustang is gonna cost me too much

I'm not sure where you're from, but here in Australia it's almost impossible to find a decent VW under $1000 that isn't at breaking point.
Toyotas and Hondas are pricey.

Try a Daihatsu or an older Holden. Nissan Pulsars are good and so are Ford Festivas/Fiestas.
Dunhill Blue or Marlbaro Red.
Yep, Massive Attack and Portishead have some good stuff.
Sia - Breathe Me? Massive Attack, or Portishead? Is is that genre and sound?
I listen to a lot of ambient female and electronic music. I can try and help but I need a bit more info. Can you describe the female's voice a bit more?
- Short layered fringe
- Wispy layers
- eyebrow length fringe cut

The first and last are a bit different from the middle one though because of the side parted fringe. The first middle second one just has a middle parted fringe.
Quite a few bands use them. Just on the top of my head: Radiohead use a synth for a few of their songs but I think they're a different sound to what you're looking for.

It had a big place during the 80's but it's sort of made a come back in the past few years with bands using more electronic samples.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs? They're from the states but sort of fit into your description of distorted guitars and female vocals.
I was listening to their song J'aime La Vie as I came across this thread.

Good shiet.
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check out the Postal Service.

it's ben gibbard's side project.

+1 for the Postal Service.

Youth Group are a pretty popular indie band from down here in Australia.
A few of their songs have a sort of DCFC sound.

Definitely check out their 2005 album 'Skeleton Jar', songs like Piece of Wood, Shadowland, and Baby Body are amazing - underrated stuff but brilliant nonetheless.
Nobody really listens to music that way back anymore, but I still enjoy it all.
lol @ this entire thread.
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you have AIDS

I got it from your mum.

AIDS is not a punchline
Your penis.

My immune system fails. I get sick quite easily.
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They should be fine if they shower regularly.

If men can stay clean while being hairy, then why can't women?

True to that. Really the only reason women should shave then is to asthetically please you men.
^ugh why must you Teufel

Is it physically possible to grow that much hair even?
Quote by Metal claw
I'm not gonna force her. I'm just gonna say that shaving isn't really necessary.

I know a few hippy feminist chics that let themselves go and don't shave their legs, just trim their pits a bit.

That's well rank though, imagine all that bacteria getting caught in there.
I agree to shaving as a hygiene thing, but i'm curious to know if any males shave on the regular basis.. apart from the facial area of course.
I found IT pretty freaky as a kid. Also: House on Haunted Hill and Jacob's Ladder have some pretty
creepy parts.
You have a great occupation and I like macaroni, so I like you.
I vote for cagnius with Kensai second on my hot list.
Use a blade. You're less likely to accidently cut a hole.
[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']Dude, kids your age shouldn't be asking for christmas presents, you should be earning your own buck...


But i'd get the ipod if I were you
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Coming from someone with the moon as their avatar

Yes, it sucks because I like the Boosh and would find it annoying to have everyone constantly quote it all day.
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Just you wait.

Everyone at my school quotes mighty boosh

Everyone at my work quotes mighty boosh.

It's really gotten quite annoying.

That sucks
I hate MySpace even more now. It's a stupid scam that's run and supported by commercial spammers.

If adolescents are not supplied with the adequate required boundaries and directions at home they're going to seek such inspiration elsewhere. It's obvious when you come across so many users on that site displaying impressions that are artificial and contrived. MySpace exposes young people to negative standards and most users come to believe that being unique involves fitting the mould of a valueless subculture. It doesn't teach kids any good values or standards. This isn't the first MySpace related suicide and it makes me ill although I know the site isn't to be blamed.

Shame on those adults who should know better. This is a truly sad story.
Craploads of scented soap
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So whenever my girlfriend and I have sex (yeah I know, "ZOMG! Lesbian sex!" Being immature is your choice) I always bleed afterward. Sometimes it's a lot, sometimes it a little, and on the rare occasion I don't. I don't understand, even when she's really gentle this happens. Not to mention she has tiny fingers, like the size of a child's (I adore them.) so that makes me even more stumped. Any help?


Do you feel any pain during it? It's better to start off with just 1 finger and make sure you're well lubricated. You will naturally stretch down there with more activity so don't worry. The bleeding could be from slightly sharp nails or deep penetration, so just make sure she has a file handy.
I'm really sick of Hey There Delilah.
Maybe try an Oasis song as a poster above suggested. 'Don't Look Back in Anger', or 'Champagne Supernova'. If you want to do a recognisable song that everyone will know of but isn't sick to death of hearing i'd recommend Wonderwall.
You haven't mentioned any details about her e.g. things she likes, her style etc, so I can't really give you a good answer.

What I can tell you though is personal presents are always good. Girls always appreciate them. Get her something cute, funny or nice that reminds you of her.
Forest Gump. Even after watching it plenty of times it still gets me.