I liked it before the emos.

But seriously, who cares they just have a way with taking cool things and making them seem less appealing.
Wow vocals were great. You have have a gorgeous voice and real singing talent.
She is more in the pop/acoustic category but nonetheless gorgeous

And since Avril was posted I guess that gives me permission to post The Veronicas
I prefer strats but with les pauls close behind.

My friend has a Fender daisy which cracks me up everytime I see it. I've never been a fan of the tele shape.
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ok, what do you have to do for that spinning woman? i can't see anything changing

I stare between her legs near her feet and imagine it turning the other direction, and after a while she just starts turning the other way. You have to really stare for a long time.
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Lord of the Rings?
King King?

We're talking about the worst movie here...

I hate to be a giddy goat but seriously people...


Those are up in my favourites. C'mon are people forgetting Hitch, Gigli, Bring it On 2 and 3?... all those Scary/Epic Movie series
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Actually, it looks like a half of the face on one of the Pink Floyd album.

You mean The Division Bell?


Maybe you're onto something there mister. <_< >_>

*cues X-Files theme*

Is this what i'm supposed to be seeing? Or is just the obvious camera blur that is supposed to be freaky?
Recognise the avatar

8/10 if that is a cup of tea.
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Yes but the whole tight jeans thing is sort of a scene trend.

But those aren't dark and tight ankled like the usual scene jeans. Scene kids don't wear flares. Bootcut style jeans are looked upon as slightly fem nowadays, but i'd just think you were going for that woodstock retro look.

Buy for comfort and if those are comfortable and you like them, get them.
lol @ the name of the style.

I like the wash. I haven't seen many males sporting bootcut jeans, so i'd think you were quite the unique fellow if I saw you down the street with those on.
Don't stand up a show off by being a show off yourself.

Is this really that big of a deal? I don't think so.
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If you are one of the "smart kids", I don't even want to imagine who you consider the dumb kids.

Why would you bring your guitar to school in the first place? It distracts people that are trying to work and you seem like an asshole who just wants to show off and make people think you are cool for playing guitar.

Substitutes get way more shit than teachers, so you are a dick. It was only until the end of the class, so what is the big deal?


There are many other constructive things you could've been doing. The sub teacher was just doing her job, and you didn't handle the situation very well by responding in such a disrespectful way. Students have a right to learn, teachers have a right to teach, but you didn't have a right to play guitar in class. Subs get it tough enough already without smartass kids.
This is going for a bit expensive:

I wonder how long it will actually last, or wether they would have to make up a fresh batch up before sending..
The software you currently have is a good start. I've only experimented with more electronic type stuff and not techno.

If you're real serious you might want to invest in a mixer/sampler. I would buy a Roland mc-909 if I had the cash to spare.

I actually liked Lord of The Flies and Animal Farm.
Raves are a great place for meeting other ravers but if you aren't into that scene, maybe try joining some clubs at your school e.g. sporting.
You're new here but I recognize your avatar from today.
Happy Days is the shiznit.


EDIT: That was to Uncle Fonzie
Smelling Vicks and watching funny vids usually help.
At least you were saved from the 'Two Girls 1 Cup' video. I can't get those nasty images out of my mind.

Find something to take your mind off it.
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Rabbit proof fence... it has to be the dullest, most bland piece of literature.... its like childrens literature in foreign form.... and in a chapter book....

lol we had to watch the film adaption which was just as boring.

Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park was the crappiest compulsary reading i've ever had.
Did anyone mention Full House already? Loved that show.
90's were the greatest. I remember only needing one more card to complete the Odd Bodz collection... and all those chips I hate to collect tazos. I remember how good it felt to get to 150cc on Super Mario Kart and playing The Addams Family on Super Nintendo. And I remember loving Sonic on Sega Saturn.

Oh and movies like The Land Before Time and The Neverending Story were the best.

*sigh* Those were the days.
Wow, vocals were great. The cover was just pure gold, probably the best Stray Cats cover i've ever heard.

I checked out your other song too, your band is hot!
Wow, the guitar sounded great along with all the other parts. I have nothing negative to say about your version.

Keep up the good work.
Great effort on the vocals. That's the first good cover i've actually heard of that song so well done.
lol @ Macy Gray.

The vocals were great. Pretty good for just an hours worth of work.
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I'd grab some rubber, I've heard that town is a giant whale's vagina (a news man told me).

Haha greatest movie.
Something like Azure Ray, Explosions in the Sky or Sigur Ros
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girls who have man hands, who crouch down naked really turn me off..."

lol that's rather specific
I don't like the hassle of contacts. I prefer nerdy glasses (it attracts the boys)
I thought it was a poorly designed, detachable guitar stand when I first screwed it on. My friend then showed me how it really worked but I never use it anyway.
To Quark Soup:

Flirt with her first and if she reciprocates and responds positively you can get an idea on wether Sally is interested.

Different girls are attracted to different guys so maybe ask one of her friends about her type. It's a real plus if you can find interests that Sally and you share that you can bring up in conversation as well. Most girls are attracted to a guy who shows confidence but not arrogance, so just be yourself and see where it all goes.

Hope that helps!
I'm still waiting for a 3rd season to come out.

LOL we can quote this show all day.
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lol, you had to put that in two posts for the effect right? ^^

Well it was funny at the time but I realised it was just not necessary.
Only if he has a big willy.
Their song "it's 5!" could seriously pass as a Hi5 song with all that enthusiasm, but I still listen to them on the odd occassion.