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Download the full ength version of "Over and Over." (the one around 5 minutes in length.)

EDIT: Also get their remix of Junior Boys' In the Morning (spectacularly done.)

YES!! bet me to it.

I also recommend their song "and I was a boy from school".
Being self taught is pretty cool.
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i said it will boost your confidence, damn you people

one of my freinds is like a god at seducing girls and hes very overweight. not that attractive either hes a great example of it because he just naturally has a lot more confidence than me or any others

also look at famous people like Geroge Clooney, Charlie Sheen, Brad Pitt

women go nuts for them and 2 of them arent exactly muscle jerks

I wasn't disagreeing with your post, just providing an additional fact.
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Wow, you're scrawny and overweight? Thank god for General Relativity.

Yes, it makes sense.

What I actually meant was different girls like different guys, but nevermind.
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This is super lame, but since everyone seems to be buying this garbage I'll leave it open

LOL agreed.

A lot of girls don't mind scrawniness, glasses, or a bit of extra weight - I would know.
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Maybe you should actually do some respectable dancing instead of that ridiculous monkey ****. Back in the forties and fifties people really knew how to dance. It took loads of coordination and practice, not unlike playing guitar. It was still seductive and sexy, but in a less blatant and more tongue-in-cheek way. It was respectable. This "clubbing" **** is ridiculous. Swing dancing was like playing guitar, "grinding" is like just playing random powerchords.

I'm guilty of the odd grind from time to time, but I must agree with you there sir. Bring back the swing!
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To the guy who said "Under Pressure" sounds like "Ice Ice Baby" - the bass riff was stolen.

Vitamin C had a song that was nearly identical to Canon in D.

So did Coolio with his song "C U When U Get There"

Not rock songs but these are popular obvious ones: The bass riff in Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girl and Ben E King - Stand By Me. Rihanna's song S.O.S and Soft Cell's tainted Love . Jet's "Look What You've Done" and "Sexy Sadie" by The Beatles.
I'm currently really liking swing jazz bands like Big Bad Vodoo Daddy and The Cherry Poppin' Daddies. I came across the Squirell Nut Zippers the other day as well and I like their sound. Other than those particular bands, I haven't really been able to dig any deeper.

So can anyone recommend me any similar bands/artists/songs?

Thanks in advance
No. I personally think the guitar still dominates over MIDI and other electronic instruments. Electronic instruments like the synth have been popular since the 80's, but I think it serves more as an addition.

Just because bands such as Moby etc are getting more exposure, it really doesn't mean they are 'jeopardising' the stance of the guitar.
Yeah I feel ya. The social side of my uni right now sucks too.
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what is it? I can't tell???

Youtube 'The Mighty Boosh Moon'. It's a character from a wikid bbc show.
That is so frikan cool.

The 'book collecting cult'. it sounds so badass i want in.
I stared at it for a long time. Their hips are seriously hypnotic.
I would go with an LCD over a plasma. A friend of mine bought a high range plasma and he still had a burn in issue. You can get a really good quality LCD for a reasonable price these days, the prices have really dropped down here.
Sorry, but what is classified as 'ethnic'?

I like that funky greek song 'play bouzouki' and 'palamakia'.. do these count?
should i close mine then?

dang, i photoshopped the display pic and everything.
Just wondering, does one exist yet?

If not, ive got an electronic group up and running if anyone wants to join. So if you're into synth, house or electro feel free to join and support the very few listeners on this site. you know you want to
I've been looking for a rockabilly group and can't seem to find one around so i've taken the liberty of making my own. Join up!
I've started a rockabilly group now so do the good thing and join it.
A yiros with a cold ginger beer go marvelously together.
I love their stuff.

Has anyone created any rockabilly groups yet?
Reverend horton heat are great and so are The Meteors.
I don't really know what to do now but i've set up a UG room. Anyone up for a game?
True this site is dominated by men but there are actually plenty of females on here.. they just don't go pit roaming and thus you don't see them.
Glad wrap is not sturdy, try bubble wrap.
The recording quality wasn't that great but otherwise a good cover. I liked the vocals, you have a real nice voice.
I think you might want to re-look some of the chords and maybe tune your guitar. The vocals were alright.
I have quite a big collection but it consists mostly of poppy 80's music that's been handed down to me. I have Michael Jackson's smooth criminal, a rare blue transparent record from INXS and some stuff by The Beatles.
I used the words John's penis.

"There's only one thing I want in the world and that is John's penis"
"Discover the world of John's penis."
"Can you feel it? John's penis."
"John's penis - spice up your life."
"Once John's penis, always John's penis."
"John's penis inside you." haha
"John's penis on the outside, tasty on the inside."

My name's not even John and I don't have a penis but I found it quite amusing.
That was real awesome for a first take. I'm experimenting with some dnb aswell and electronica at the moment which i'll post soon. What kind of software/programs do you use for the beat samples?
8 your sig makes it easy

Creme caramel

Gourmet glazed donuts

All these threads lately have been making me hungry


To ts: I think you've double posted this thread.

Double choc muffins
Our hot pockets in Australia are round.. crazy

I'm quite partial to hawaiin.