Hey folks, just had a question..I have a '02 Fender Tom Delonge Signature and it's always been my go-to guitar and it has stuck with me for quite a long time now. I am looking at possibly replacing the vintage tuners with a set of locking tuners. Would anyone by chance know if there is a direct fit replacement in a locking version for these?

Thank you very much for your help
Hi there,

What I am looking for is a good quality bass amp for use in my basement. This will NOT be used with a band of any sorts it is strictly for my own practice. I would also like it to have an aux in for jamming along with songs as I want to build up my stamina etc.

I'd like cost to be fairly low without sacrificing quality however in September I am most likely going to fork out major money for a giggable bass rig.

My bass right now is a ltd vintage 204 w Sd pickups and I mainly play punk and indie.

Thank you
It's been a while however I am finally getting back into playing. Looking for a combo amp that can do both bedroom volume and potentially maybe smaller gigs. Playing styles mainly Indie & Blues. 

Budget wise I am hoping to keep it under $800ish. Using a strat with vintage single coils as well.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
Hi there,

A friend is looking for an acoustic guitar for their teenager. Do you have any recommendations on what would be a good first guitar? She has never played before and is looking at taking up the hobby,

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Blompcube I am planning on getting a Bigsby tremolo for the SG, will it solve the problem?

I installed a vibramate and bigsby b5 on my 400 and yes it did solve the problem. Mind you I never found it that much of an issue before either...

Regarding the guitar. I grew up an epiphone snob for no reason really, I just believed what I read on message boards etc...I have a Gibson SG Standard in fireburst and since getting my g-400 and adding the bigsby the Standard has remained in its case. These are fantastic guitars and even though I paid 175 Canadian for it, this guitaris now my #1. I say go for it
Went to the store this morning to finally check some 7s out...played the aw-7 and loved it...played a sc 607b and liked it just found the scale a little awkward at first.

Long story short I left with the Jackson..for some reason the way this particular model played/sounded/26.5 scale length it just felt and sounded great. Really surprised me as I had wrote this model off...thanks again everyone for your advice I am so excited to have a NGD today haha. Cheers
Is scale length something I should factor in? Most guitars I am interested in are only 25.5"..I did notice the Jackson that I initially wanted is a 26.5". I do not think I can go agile because of the cost of shipping.

Have it narrowed down to I think a alex wade or possibly some ltds like the 407 etc. I like the ZH-7 however where I live it is 200 more than the AW-7 and I can't justify it.
Mainly higher gain material along the lines of Whitechapel, architects, unearth etc. I really like lightweight guitars with slim necks and preferably pickups I would not need to swap out etc.
Thanks for getting back. I may consider the Alex wade Sig then. Any pros or con's with that? I'd go agile but I pay 200 us for shipping to Canada and that hurts lol. I had the 6 string version of that Jackson and I did not like it at all so I'd expect the 7 to be built the same
Hey guys just lookin for some advice. I am going to take the plunge and grab my first 7 string, however there is a lot more models around then when I looked a few years ago.

What are some good I would say decently priced say between 7-900 models? I was looking at the Jackson Slattxmg-7 soloist however I noticed its basswood and back in the day I think I remember some negative comments on basswood and emgs (could be wrong).

Basically looking for a 7, with good stock pickups that I would not have to swap (emgs,duncans etc). I like the silverburst jackson, however the alex wade sig also looks great. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks guys. Feel free to PM on here to avoid clogging the thread if need be, thanks!
Ok like I said then I am using a james burton standard tele, mainly want the amp for home use (maybe gig down the road), looking for a amp with tonal capabilities ranging from indie to rock for bands like KOL, Foo Fighters etc. Budget of about $650-700 max if I can find an amp for less great of course. Definitely want a combo I amp not interested in a half stack etc.

Hope that lists enough of the info needed. Thank you
Hey there I just got back from the store and I was guitar shopping as I have recently gotten back into playing. Is there a tube combo in a budget of say $650ish that would give me a good tone for playing songs along the lines of kings of leon, foo fighters etc? My guitar right now is a fender james burton standard tele.

I was thinking the Vox Ac15C1?

I know these are not as good as the hand wired ones you think this would be a good start to get the tones I am looking for and then I can add pedals etc?

Thanks guys
Hey fellas thanks for all of the kind words. Long story short I did end up purchasing a RGA 7 and I absolutely love it so far but as expected the pickups leave lots to be desired. I got a good deal on it because it had a minor ding so they actually knocked 100 off. I could put that money towards a good bridge humbucker. Any recommendations?

Basically play a lot of stuff such as all shall perish, bmth, deftones etc. Thanks again for all of the advice and kind words
Just a question. Long story short I sold all of my gear when my father passed away and bills got rough, now my mother is terminally ill (lung cancer) and I really just want a guitar that is pretty versatile to occupy me through all of this because I have not played much the past 2 years. I was thinking about perhaps an Ibanez RGA 7 my local shop has a great special on...

Any feedback on that particular model? Recommend anything else in that price range? Also how difficult did you 7 string newbies find playing 6 string type stuff say drop c etc?

Any feedback would be much appreciate it has been quite a while. Thanks everyone
Hey guys I have been kind of "bored" with guitar for a while and I always thought a 7 string would suit my style well. When I was young I ordered a cheap washburn wg587 or something off music123, I loved it but it came damaged and I returned it and never went back.

Can someone recommend me a middle of the road 7 string? I was thinking Agile but I dont want a trem preferably, and I want good pickups. My current guitar is a schecter damien elite with an emg 81/85 combo and I do like EMG's for what I play (metal).

Is a 27" scale length the way to go?

Any comments or recommendations would be great, thanks!
Night and day difference between the two amps. The AC15 is a great amp go for that not the VR
They dont struggle with them at all. I sell them at my work and do computer repairs. They can easily handle that kind ofmaterial
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i have tryed it with my ltd H-101 stock pups , gives me just as good tone as my emgs and dimarzios

Thanks I appreciate it
I'm putting a deposit down on one of these tomorrow, problem is funds will be tight for a new guitar. In most clips I see guys using EMG's or higher end Duncans, do any of you guys use this amp with not so good pickups, and does it still give you a fairly good tone without the higher end pups? Thanks
Is this a common problem with carvins? Since reading this post I've been a bit hesitant to buy my br615 combo?
Sounds like I should buy one then lol. I've had great experiences with Carvin gear, I owned a V3 and MTS 3200 and I loved both when I was playing guitar in high school. I find they are built extremely well and usually a tremendous value. Thanks fellas for the kind info
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i played a tko 115 at my local shop just 3 days ago. amazing amp may i add, i almost blew the friggin snares off the drums in the store, only on like 6 too, i think it was going for $700cdn

How did you play it I asked Peavey and they said it would not be out anywhere in Canada until after new year. You sure it was the new tko? has them listed at 389 canadian I think.
Hey guys I have been slowly but surely looking for a bass amp. I have experience with Carvin electric guitar amps, but none with their bass side of things. I have been contemplating amps such as the Ashdown Mag 300, peavey tour 450 and hartke lh500, but the cost seems to get quite high once i add in a good cabinet etc.

I was looking at a Carvin NB615NEO 1x15 600w bass amp (400w at 4ohms) on their ebay store for $460. It seems like a great value. I will be using it for jamming (higher gain stuff) and possibly gigs. is there any major draw backs to buying a combo instead of a stack besides the ability to switch cabs etc? It just seems like transporting would be easier because it's only 60 pounds etc. Any feedback on Carvin bass amps is much appreciated. Thanks

Here's specs:
- Deep bass from Neodymium 15" LF driver
- Titanium HF driver
- 600 watts output
- 9 band graphic equalizer
- 3 band Parametric EQ
- 16 ga. perforated steel grill
- Studio "opto" compressor eliminates peak distortion
- XLR direct out, mute, active electroincs switches
- Covered in black carpet with metal grill & hardware
- Size: 20.7" wide x 18.5" deep x 23.8" high
- Weight: 64 lbs.
- Made in San Diego, California
I've heard that recent quality has suffered with Ampegs recent move. I played a ba115 the other day and wasn't all that impressed, the 2x10 fender rumble I played seemed to be a step up. For medium gigs you will probably need more power than 100 watts from what I have read. I myself am currently looking at smaller Carvin combos, they have some in the high 400's on ebay that I am going to say would be worth the extra cash.
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I went into a shop in Preston where they hooked a Stagg BC300 up to one of the best amps I've ever heard. It must have been because that bass really sucked.

this was my first guitar story in a nutshell...they plugged a tom delonge strat into a marshall jcm 2203 stack and I was like zomg...then i took my new guitar and mg15 amp home and it sounded like a lawnmower..poor little old me lol

My first bass story is boring, guy had credit problems...saw an ad on the net for schecter stiletto extreme for 200 canadian...and sold lol I love it
Maybe check this out too:

Thats from Carvins official ebay store. I've been looking at it as well, I just don't know if for gigs you "need" a stack and it will be odd to have a combo, I'm new to bass.
I just bought one used for a great price. I chose it over several other basses in the price range, just felt right to me, might not for you, however I am happy with the purchase and my next bass will most likely be a higher end stiletto based on my great experience with this one.
Hey have any of you guys had experience ordering amp heads off ebay? The one I'm looking at isn't tube so I am just wondering what kind of experiences any of you guys have had. Thanks
Thanks. Have any of you guys ever bought a head off ebay? it's not tube so I don't imagine it would be too dangerous etc. What has your experiences been with buying heads of ebay?
So a 300 watt mag head is really 180 watts? I'm confused sorry
So it sounds like Ashdown do make a good head, are their cabs well regarded around here as well?
So I love my new schecter, now I need an amp to pair with it. I have a wealth of knowledge with electric guitar amps but I am new to the bass world. I know wattage should obviously be more, I have read some on here say 3x the wattage.

It will be used for mainly metal music (detuned)..I am just unsure as to what you guys use and is easiest in terms of transport. Would it be best to get a head and cab, or a 2x10 or 4x10 combo etc.? So far I am leaning towards and ashdown mag of some sort to keep cost relatively low. Thanks
use cable ties or monster makes a cable organizer tube thingy I use on my home theatre system that would work too. Cable ties are easiest for sure though
What do you recommend in terms of size etc. Like I am contemplating whether it would be better to get a head and cab, or get a 2x10 combo or 4x10 combo etc. What do you guys find is easier in terms of transport etc?
Thanks for the suggestions
Thanks, what about brands like GK or Eden? I have a lot of elec guitar amp knowledge, but with bass amps I am behind the times. For gigs what wattage should I aim for, most seem to be around 300w and up? Thanks for the help
Hey can anyone suggest an amp head to purchase/try out? I just got my schecter stiletto extreme and I am looking to possibly put together a rig within the next two months. I do not have a large budget, but I obv don't know a whole lot about bass amps. I see some use a Warwick profet etc. Where would my starting point be? Thanks
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How does it feel? I'm looking forward a Stiletto

Feels amazing..hard to compare considering it's my first bass. When I originally tried the stilettos in the store they just felt right. The neck didn't feel paper thin or too bulky, tone sounded great for what I was looking for. I now just have to practice and hopefully soon enough I can put a rig together and work on making some songs of my own. Thanks again
Haha I know, now begins the work of buying a case, and my first pack of bass strings (unsure whether to go with flat or roundwound)...oh the stress haha