this sounds like a terrible idea. sounds like a major LOSER honestly. you say you're doing it to get that GnR and TL tone? so i'm assuming it's not for the effects primarily.

your amp will get closer to those tones than that pedal into it will, let alone that pedal through just about ANY amp will. i know what you're's the same thing i was lacking like 2 and a half years ago when i had one of the original Vox AD30VTs....power valve crunch. you need a valve amp to get some natural grit in there. that's where you're missing that distinguishable crunch and balls. as far as GnR goes, you're not gonna be on your way until you've got a valve amp with el84s at the LEAST, but preferably el34s.

don't try getting a pedal to fix this if it's related to the tone and not the actual effects (though, why would you be after GnR and TL effects like this...GnR doesn't require effects period to sound like a GnR song...wah is about the only effect that anyone would notice live if Slash didn't use it). that's just putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound. heed those words...or just go ahead and fool yourself into thinking that a pedal will get you the sound lol...that's just more money spent on your part if you do.
^which is why none of his other posts recently seemed to have offered misinformed bad advice lol you'd be a lil more convincing if it weren't for the fact that your original statement wasn't really anything troll-like or blatantly ignorant until the very last part.

anyway, enough poking fun for me.

TS, if you saved about 30 more bucks, you can get a nice brand new Avatar 1x12 cab with a Vintage 30 in it...might be worth checking out.
TS, all i'm gonna say for now is what most everyone else is advising: allocate some more money towards the amp fund, and you won't be creating a 'i have a sweet guitar but my tone still kinda stinks...time for new amp?' thread. if you buy a mediocre (assuming you don't get a great amp for $700-which wouldn't be surprising if you went for a brand new one and not used) amp, that'll set you back further in the long run b/c you'll lose money just from buying an amp and then trying to resell it for a price someone will buy at (unless you're savvy with your pricing, like some UGers are here) and then saving money to add to THAT, just to get an amp you coulda got in the first place from dropping a few hundred from your guitar fund and putting it towards the amp fund.

sooo, yea, i say if you have 1K to spend on an amp, especially used, you're going to get one HELL of an amp, and STILL get one hell of a guitar as well....i'll try to refrain from suggesting lesser known guitar brands lol....not trying to completely reinvent the way your mind thinks.
i imagine it's harder for him to find a good deal since he is in the UK.

go to the classifieds there and you could find a good deal, that site is specifically for us MTS owners .
i'm gonna give you a bump just b/c you had to deal with trigger-happy members who are eager to report before they even know the rules clearly. hope it sells bro.
have you considered the combo version? i own the RM50 and it's an amazing amp no doubt.
i have a 50 watt Randall and i never take it past 1/8 in my bedroom, and even then i don't have the preamp volumes maxed out either. otherwise it starts getting rather loud. i DO, however, get to take it outside and crank it though. so, for me, it's as practical as i make it. if you're gonna be playing it in your bedroom all the time, and don't plan on gigging much, then it's probably better to go with the 30 watt.
yea if you were considering the MTS series, you were on the right track for sure. also, SD Jazz is a high output humbucker i'm pretty sure.
thanks for the offer, but i'm not yet interested in recording equipment..
i dunno about that, i've never shipped internationally and i don't know if that just might be too much hassle.
perfect condition, i just don't think i'll be using it as much as i thought, once again. never seem to get as much out of a delay as i originally planned. pics? looks JUST like any other. i'd rather it not collect dust.

$100 plus shipping
if you wanted a digitech hardwire dl-8, i could sell you mine for 100 plus shipping
Quote by iLesPaul
And I know this is a noob question, but what if I get a blackstar ht-5 (only 5 watts) and I connect it to a power amp? And what power amp should I get, I know absolutely nothing about power amps

Well at least you're being honest about not knowing anything about them...this would be unnecessary as your amp already has a power amp inside, as well as a preamp. The power amp is pretty much what creates the output of the amp, where as the preamp does most of the tone shaping (though i'm sure you were a lil more aware of what a preamp did anyway)

If you were considering getting a power amp so that you could push more volume, then there are better ways to do this. Most practical would be to just get an amp with higher output such as 15 or 20 or more watts (valve, that is). Almost all your styles will benefit from having power amp breakup as well, which is the benefit of valve amps. If the 5 watts sounds close to the volume you want, but not QUITE there, you can always get a 4x12 cab or even two (if you think it's worth it for that amp), and it'll push just a lil more volume. Though, I believe if you have ANY doubts, just get more wattage. My (former) Blackheart Little Giant head/cab was 5 watts as well, and got reasonably loud for a small amp, but it never made the room rumble like my current amp will out of a single 12" if you're looking for an amp that'll be more than just a practice/small jam amp, i'd personally suggest more wattage.
intriguing theory...i shall look into this
i'd glue...but i'm already excited about new knobs...oh well. thanks for the help bro!
Jet City may be the new Blackheart.

Why not try the Bugera 1960? I've been wanting to try that one pretty bad.
i guess i forgot to mention that i've taken the knobs off and turned the pot shafts with my hand, and they move normal with normal resistance and all, no slipping or loose feel. i figured something coulda been stripped on the inside of the knobs, guess you're right, new knobs are in order...oh well, it'll gimme an excuse to order some more interesting knobs so that the two modules look different aside from a tiny label.
Wondering if there's a quick fix for some of the knobs on my RM50...the actual amplifier's knobs (only four of those) are all perfectly fine, though it seems as though the ones on the preamp modules have one or two on each module that will lose grip as you turn them, so that it barely catches on at all. So i'm pretty much turning the knob in a 360 degree motion twice just to turn that specific knob to 3/4 or so. I know it's something to do with the actual knob that the pot piece goes into and grips into. Any fix for this or is it necessary for me to order new knobs?
May i suggest...Randall MTS series? one of the most versatile (while staying priced relatively reasonable) tube amps you'll run across...being able to switch preamp circuits that model anything from a fender to a marshall to a mesa to all the other big names, as well as switching power tubes from EL34 to 6L6....well that just makes for an ultimate do-all-styles-better-than-good amp period. I love my RM50 combo, it's practically a marshall in a Randall disguise lol...but seriously...these amps are so beautiful. They've finally started picking up recognition here in UG over the past year. I remember when i first got mine two years ago, only a few here on UG owned it seems as though the ratio has gone up, which is always good .
^wow and i thought I was a slash fan...

anyway, i haven't heard of the 6100, or maybe i have and just don't recognize the model number associated with the name...
they're nothing special, they just get the job done period, minimizing costs in production however they can. though that becomes a backlash often with their stompboxes and multi/fx pedals and amps. there's definitely worse out there though.
do what you're planning on doing. if they don't have anymore in stock, ask them if you can bring home an amp of equal/less value to hold you off till another one comes in, OR ask them if you can just keep playing your marshall till then.

if they REALLY wanna just have the technician repair the amp instead of getting you a brand new one, then i guess you'll have to wait about a week for it to ship to where it has to go, another week for the guys to get to it and fix it, then another week to get it back. though, i don't think it'd be unreasonable if you demanded (in a nice way?) that you just get a new model.
already got the amp and the pedal? well if so, hope you like it and all, i loved my blackheart though it wasn't great outside of blues and hard rock, just not happening from that amp.

though i don't know why you started a thread if you didn't really take anyone's advice or even wait for anyone to really give any good of wishes though. if you still have any questions though just ask.
i dunno how many times i have to say this when i see a thread with an OP like this, but we CANNOT help you in the least bit if you DON'T give us what styles you primarily play, as well as what guitarists' tone is closest to the kind you're emulating.

JCM800, 6505 plus, Splawn Quickrod, Fender Bassman, Mesa Lonestar....all really great amps, but for different sounds...(i know they're not in your price range, but the concept is exactly the same)

let me know what styles you're playing and i'll tell you if your presumable set up will do alright. but before you even tell me, i can already tell you that the blackeart's cleans don't stay 'clean' for too long, so once you start turning it up it starts to get grit and crunch, which isn't exactly what you want to throw a 'metal' distortion pedal over, if you're wanting an amp for metal you're better off either saving another hundred or so for a used Peavey 5150/6505 combo, or getting a SS amp with really useable cleans and then a GOOD distortion pedal for the metal tone if you're gonna stay in your budget. you probably DON'T want another modeling amp.

and if you're like 90% of us out in the guitarist community that wants an amp that does 'everything from jazz to metal', then that's not specific enough. the lower your price level, the more you'll have to compromise as versatile amps in that price range will not NAIL all the tones as opposed to doing them alright or good. higher budget gives you access to amps capable of either perfecting a single tone, or getting closer to attaining many tones rather well.
yes, tubes and valves are the same. recently i've been trying to say the correct terminology, which is 'valves.' i think a lotta people like saying 'tube' amps b/c they're running off of vacuum tubes.

and no problemo.
the fender would do better, as you'll only really need a clean channel since you've got dist. pedals, etc. not that this amp is anything to brag about, but for practice it'll be alright. if you could spring for a fender super champ, that'd prolly be a good bit better though. i just hope your pedals have a good amount of gain in them, and don't sound nasty and harsh at the same time, cuz that's usually NOT the case haha.

but i definitely feel ya on needing an upgrade, i played my FirstAct 1 watt amp which had a 4" speaker and tone/volume knobs and that was it....for like 2 years...then i got an ibanez toneblaster that i thought was AWESOME compared to that crappy lil amp (which i still have in my room lol...sentimental reasons). then i upgraded a year later to a Vox AD30VT, which i think was relatively new to the scene when i picked it up, and eventually moved on to a more professional amp like the one i have now.

some people, like me and you, have to take baby steps. others are lucky enough that either their daily schedule allowed them to put in enough hours at work so that they could save up for a really nice amp in a short time, or had relatives that were fortunate enough to just help them pay for most/all of a nice amp. one thing's for sure, you'll appreciate a great amp THAT much better when you finally get to that point.
Quote by Phantom123
Neither is mine! I'm gonna get my ultra modded to SLO specs by Pete from gigmods (I go to the MTS forums too XD) but the Brown is perfect as is. It's not talked about due to how rare it's become; people will seriously get plexis modded to Brown specs, because they don't pop up regularly. I probably wouldn't mind a mild OD on it, to tighten it up just a bit for solo boosting, but at the same time, I could make due by just using my Neck for soloing, and the bridge for rhythm, and setting volumes accordingly (I'm one of those guys who prefers pickup-switching to using a sound booster)

yea but those pete mods apparently bring out the best in the modules so i'm eventually gonna get mine modded lol...cuz that thing is SICK can't wait to see how it improves godly tone haha. i never care too much for boosting my sound, i always like my lead and rhythm to be same volume, but adding thickness to it is what matters more to me. i guess it all depends on the bandmates as well. atm my neck pup is only good for so much soloing as it's a bit muddy even with the gain at just 12 o'clock, due to it being a stock Agile pup lol. can't wait to get those stock pups swapped
it IS quite a nice module, and mine isn't even modded ha. i've noticed that not too many people seem to speak about the Brown module in the MTS forums, i got lucky when i found someone who wanted to trade theirs for my Recto. it's like it's kinda under the radar but people still know it's a good module...i love mine. it does GnR almost perfect, though sometimes need that OD on top to make the lead tone more to MY liking with added gain, but that's just how i am. it really does roar lol.
My understanding has always been that it usually had to do with increasing an amp's capability to do something with noticeable difference, usually in the gain department though. But, alas, I'm no amp technician.
either one should work alright, but i fully believe that neither will do amazingly well unless they're over 25 watts running EL34s, as that's what gives the more ballsy marshall sound...

i say this mainly b/c my (formerly mine) Blackheart Little Giant head/cab was quite the crunch machine, and beautiful with an OD, but it still had that characteristic fizz to it, running off the EL84s. it DID do AC/DC rather great, as well as RATM and GnR, but i found out later that my randall RM50 running on EL34s and going through the 'Brown' module (hot rodded JCM800) was still closer, insanely close compared to the 5 watter.

i'd say marshall class 5...just to be daring...oh yea, and GnR is NOT classic rock neither is Crue and Skid Row! lol sorry i just think that anything past the 70s isn't really 'classic rock' and even stuff before then, not much 'classical' about it haha. such a weird term.
well there's definitely no hard feelings coming from this side, and if having a review is SUPPOSED to separate it from the holiday gear thread then i guess that's my bad, but i wasn't aware of that clause, so to say.

either way, i guess if it needs to be moved it will, if not, then continue and ignore what i've said (minus the 'HNPD!' of course)
how many people are gonna blatantly ignore the 'holiday gear' thread? well HNPD!! i'm gonna report just for having it moved, that way we can stay organized here in GG&A, with Christmas just about here, everyone's gonna have a NPD.
get a british sounding OD pedal, i would think a marshally one would do best as you can use it for Zep as well as a plethora of other classic rock bands.
lmao my bad dude! well like i said, settings for other pedals and people don't always transfer over so'll sound better on your bridge humbucker for sure, just b/c the tone is nice full and thick, single coils aren't going to do Megadeth nearly as good.
well the pedal just needs to accent your Twin's settings, rather than drastically change them (other than the gain of course). but i'd definitely try to have 2 o clock mids with 3 o clock highs and bass at noon. gain at 2 o clock or so. that's where i'd work from, but i haven't played that pedal tbh
hmm, well i definitely don't have experience with the Twin Reverb, but i guess just keep fiddling with that pedal, what all modes does it have?
it doesn't do any good to have US do the work for ya bro, besides-what WE might think is a good Megadeth tone might sound like crap to you...

make sure your amp's EQ isn't making the tone the way it is, sometimes that happens