you better get a lil more specific, like mention what styles it's gonna be used for and what kind of jamming/gigging it'll be used for. and are you just asking theoretically, or are YOU looking for an amp? this is a tad confusing, but if this is gonna just be one of those threads-just-for-the-hell-of-it-cuz-i'm-bored, then i'll report.
keep in mind that VALVE wattage is different that Solidstate wattage. so a 50 watt valve amp would roughly be the equivalent of what you've got now. also, the volume has nothing to do with your amp having 'balls', it's to do with the fact that it's a behringer model that isn't really anything but a really loud practice amp.

most tube amps 30 watts and higher will sound nice and fat and ballsy when turned up. if you don't need a lotta cleans, which it seems like you don't, i definitely recommend a 50 watt valve amp of some sort, that way you can crank for nice valve driven metal tones, and not worry about cleans at all. if you have separate master volumes for your channels, though, it's not hard to keep your cleans clean with a 50 watter when cranked.

the new peavey 6550 + combo might be worth looking at, as well as some nice SS amps (not crappy SS ones), such as Randall and Line6 Flextone/Vetta models.
D'OH!!!....i feel so stupid for not even knowing that...well if i get flamed now, i kinda deserve it

oh...btw...acousticpunk, how's that gigbag holding up?
So i'd love to have a 2x12 or even a 4x12 for jamming and to keep in my room, just to get the most out of my amp, and yes i do know that i can plug my combo into a cabinet. BUT, what i was brainstorming about was a way to take my combo and actually MAKE it into a head whenever i could get a 2x12 cab...bear with me if this sounds stupid. as far as i could see, nothing important is under the top 1/3 of the combo (except the speaker of course), so if i were to chop it (obviously i'd be super careful and clean about it with a saw and tools) down so that it was just big enough to hold the chassis and maybe an inch of room or whatever, would it pretty much just be the same as using a head version?

i don't really see how it wouldn't work, but i'm not going to be doing anything soon, and still won't be going through with that plan unless it seems like there's nothing to screw up.

for those completely's a diagram just for you...

no, don't bother. boosting SS and Digital amps doesn't work out well. and using OD on them is just as bad, unless your OD'ing the clean channel-in which it sounds ok but not usually better than your built in distortion.

you need to just focus on a new amp if you're not getting the desired tones from that one.
well slash's AFD amp wasn't a regular SLP+. it was a modded Marshall Super Tremolo, with the tremolo stage replaced with another gain stage , aka SIR stock #39-also used by Lynch around the same time.
i'll take a look through bareknuckle's site as well, though i really want to stay close to that budget...anything is prolly better than what i have in my LP right now, but i think those Lord of the Blues ones will be great enough, we'll see in a (hopefully) short time though.

while i'm at it, anyone here ever coil split their LP humbuckers? i did this with the JB in my G-400 back when i had that thing, and it was noticeable and pretty sweet, though obviously a slight volume drop when activated, it still had a more spanky sound and closer to a strat sound. i figure it was a good idea for the SG since it's a trebly instrument compared to a traditional LP and so would take to coil splitting better, but now i'm wondering if i should go ahead and do it for my LP as well...i mean, versatility never hurts, but i don't know how much of a different sound i'll get through that plank of wood.
well if you change your strings every month or month and a half, Ernie Balls should keep their nice tone for the most part...after a month they still keep a nice 'new' factor about them. that's all i use...that and once i used elixirs which i really liked....but still loved the EBs more.
^i think i'll stay away from the alnico II styled pups...i'm glad you noticed i'm a big fan of that sound, but i get the impression they're not the tightest sounding pups and that they're a bit spongey and loose, and if all i was playing was GNR and stuff in that style, then i'd be down for those, but i have a wide array of tones i like to cover and i think the PAF ones will do better for me personally...thanks for the brand recommendation though, i'll look through their stuff as well
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As much as I can relate to that... I still laughed out EXTREMELY LOUDLY at the tone of that post. joined like a year and a half ago...and i'm sure you've seen threads like these ever since your first day in the forums...and i joined almost 5 years ago...and have seen almost 5 year's worth of these threads....and i think to myself...if I'M starting to go crazy over these beaten dead horse do the regulars that have been here even LONGER feel?

stay strong....stay day it'll all be over...
god i hate these threads...even if they're NOT trolls, they should do a lil research before asking these we're gonna have 20 posts about how the MG and Spiders suck for anything other than practice and even though it's true, NO ONE that's been a regular at GG&A for more than a month wants to read ANYTHING about spiders or MGs or 'why is toob better?' or ANY of that crap anymore...

cube or vypyr for heavier tones kid
^fair enough, that's a lil bit more of a defendable argument there lol. yea, i feel ya on that. i've never had the chance to play ANY Mesa yet, and up until the past year or so, i always thought the Rectos were supposed to be 'amazing'....and for the prices they quoted, i figured they'd have to be. but i guess it's really a love/hate thing. they say the mesa's have their own sound, which i believe for sure, but i wish i knew what THAT sound was...just so i could see what makes it so much more desirable than all the other amps on the market that nail all these other tones....the notorious not-so-tight bass would definitely scare me away from these amps...nothing i hate more than a nasty flabby bass muddying up my higher gain haha.
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The yanks love them, great price man

is this a generalization that all americans are yankees? lol. i'm quite fond of being a southerner and not a yankee.

on a serious note, i find it a lil odd that you wait till AFTER paying the number of the beast for a cab, that you ask about build quality and such...if you checked it out yourself you should have heard and seen the quality so you don't have to have us as a backup stamp of approval. but yes, Avatar has a great quality for price reputation around here. though, next time you should ask about quality and such BEFORE you go checking amps if you REALLY want to know. that would be more helpful in weeding out the crappy got lucky by finding a brand that wasn't a wolf in sheep's clothes.
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they should discontinue ALL the rectos imo. bad sounding amp, and mostly responsible for the "numetal" sound. they need to stick to the Mark series and the Lonestars. now THOSE are amps that live up to the brand

say what you want about the 'nu metal' genre, a lotta people loved that genre and the tone, so i think it's a lil harsh to make it sound like everything that came from the nu-metal phase was crap. i, personally, enjoyed the early KoRn and System of a Down's first few albums very much lol...

aside from the nu-metal bands/albums that i really liked, the leftovers aren't as annoying as today's surplus of 'core' wannabes lol...

that lil rant aside, which i pray didn't actually offend anyone ha, there's nothing wrong with discontinuing amps, when they're bringing out new and improved models anyway. marshall did that and ended up with some nice well as not so nice i well as any other established brand. give it a chance. for all you know, they'll put out a model that'll be the 'new' JCM800 if you catch my drift ha.
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I'll add, if you do go with guitarforces, do let me know how they sound when they come in, at the moment I can't foresee wanting another set of pickups for a while, though that Lord of the Blues set has honestly got me thinking extra hard...

yea they seem to have a nice selection, i was interested in the 'superstar' ones as well, seeing as they look tailored towards that 80s rock sound, but i suppose any of those 'buckers will do a wide array of tones. The 'Erupter' also looks pretty cool, but i dunno if that's high output either. though the 'lord of the blues' one looks just like what i want so i think i'll aim for a couple of those, maybe if i email them about it they'll be nice enough to make me a set in zebra...zebra pups in a les paul are just super sexy. and yea, i'd be sure to let you know how i feel about them, as well as sound clips of course.
one step ahead, got the account, guess i'll post there a few times, for the sake of a good deal lol. almost feels like betrayal to UG. oh well, do what i gotta for a deal.

i also meant to ask, how PAFs handle modern tones? every once in a while i'll downtune in drop D and throw out more thrash sounding riffs and such, just some fun stuff, and experiment with some shred-ish soloing as well, just wondering if PAFs will handle the high gain relatively well or not. though my main focus IS in hard rock a la GnR and EndeverafteR.
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DiMarzio 36th Anniversary
DiMarzio Humbucker from Hell

'humbucker from hell' sounds like high output, so i guess i should have specified that i want medium output pups, not low and not high. i'll look into DiMarzios as well. I emailed the guys at Guitarforce as well.
^yea i just noticed that with the two he recommended...too pricey for me at this point...i think i'll take a look at those on the MLP forum
I've heard mixed views about the Pearly Gates, some love em some not so much...those are same style that Billy Gibbons uses if I'm correct? I'm definitely not against SD, I loved the SDs I had before, but definitely open to lesser known brands. I think some PAFs might be a good look. I'll start looking some up.
It seems as though my stock pups in my AL-3000, which we all know are not meant to be that great, are holding my tone back more than just a little bit. The cleans aren't as articulate and defined as i think they should be, and at times my overdrive is muddy on the neck pup, and my 'brown' module pretty much does a hot rodded plexi sound, so it's not like i have too much gain going on. I'm pretty sure it's the pups causing this and not my EQ'ing.

Soooo....since I've got to upgrade my pups in time anyway, i might as well go ahead and find out what i'm gearing towards. Sound wise, i want to have great articulation throughout, with a nice warm sound when I give the clean a bit of grit and heavy attack. Not wanting ice-picky high end of the spectrum, i want a nice middle ground. Great balance of mids and highs, without compromising a tight bass. If it'll give more life to my overdriven sound, that would be great. I want a lot of character out of these pups. And they should compliment my LP which is all mahogany i believe, with ebony fretboard.

Brand wise: doesn't matter as long as I'm not going to have to upgrade them in just another year or something stupid like that.

Price: would love to stay around 150 or less if possible. This is why I'm willing to go with a good set of copies, as well as used.

Genres: from really clean passages (occasionally play worship on sundays) to heavy overdrive a la GNR and AC/DC, to heavier 80s style metal and modern heavy rock/metal.
i'm really considering picking up this head someday in the near future if it's really good, some sound clips and more thorough review would be helpful
I'll try to keep this somewhat simple, looking at a different sound, not into extreme 'metal-only' amps, i need good cleans and up to 80s hard rock gain at least on the dirty channel as i don't have an OD pedal atm. looking to see what offers get thrown at me as far as trades go. interested in mesa's lower gain amps (stiletto/lonestar/etc) as well as a bunch of others, just shoot me some offers. NO Solidstate amps sorry, not being snobby i just love valve sound. would love to get a half stack if it's a good one, but i guess we'll see.

if not trading, i'd take 850 plus shipping.

oh yea, amp hasn't been abused and works perfectly fine. hasn't seen really any abuse at all, though you might find a scuff somewhere? retubed with JJ EL34s and the brown module has JJ preamps i believe.

NO pedal+amp or pedal+cash trades, this is strictly for another amp just so you know. alright, hope to see something good!
you're one of the fewer percentage that don't care for that shiny new string sound i suppose...

but seeing how you typically set up your tone around all your gear in (presumably) best condition possible (ex: guitar is tuned, has new strings, new-or dead for certain dist. pedals- batteries in your stompboxes), you should really EQ around the new strings. i know i like to play an equal amount of clean as i do distorted, so having new strings makes the clean parts more enjoyable, maybe you play mostly with gain? i dunno, but either way, i suggest to just EQ around your bright strings, that's the logical (no insult intended at all) way to go about approaching your tone as i stated before. hope that helped
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Wow everyone needs to calm down, whats with the hate on the "wait and see"? Dont you guys have anything to do while you wait?

well, when it's anything other than a reaalllyyy nice and more unique amp, it's just annoying...that and the fact that now it's being overdone everytime someone has a new addition to their rig in general. we can stand to wait if it's reallllly worth it, otherwise it just seems to us like the TS wants extra attention for an unoriginal idea...not saying he does but just saying how it usually seems.

no uniqueness to whatever is going to be revealed is the equivalent of posting a thread saying, 'hey i gotta question to ask....but i want you to guess what it is first! tee hee! see you guys in (x) number of posts!!'
i imagine the JCM900 can handle modern stuff relatively well but i'm wondering how it handles the classic rock and hard rock of the 80s?
one way to tell: ask him for a snapshot of the serial number, then get confirmation
i usually agree that pedals with the word 'metal' in them usually have mediocre-at-best distortion sounds, but i heard the other day that the TL-2 was actually quite good, and i wouldn't be surprised either since the Hardwire pedals all seem to have a solid rep. only played a few of em so far, but i've liked everyone that i've played as well.

i wouldn't knock the pedal if you havent tried it yet.
^i'll put it this's a miracle that i even put these photos up here with as hectic as my schedule's been lately...once again, my BB camera isn't super nice haha, even on the highest res. setting.
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Awesome Remington loads! .22?

lol actually 30-30 rounds for lever action Marlin with favorite rifle in the house. that thing is LOUD haha.

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HNPD dude!

How is the Crybaby from hell, I've been considering purchasing one. Just to complement my Weeping Demon.

so far i'm really liking it, much better feel than the weeping demon, i had tested one of those out a couple times a few years ago and didn't like em' much. but i'll get a better review in a couple days after i've given it a THOROUGH test .
much thanks much thanks lol
i happen to think the Camo paint is a nice anomaly in the midst of black standard wah pedals lol, though if i keep it longer than half a year i might to my own paint job on it to make it more custom-like for myself. i have only got to experiment at low volumes on my RM50 so far, but i'll be cranking it this week to see how the wah sounds with jam/giggable volumes. so far it's been pretty vocal and strong sounding, which i like. i'll save further judging for when i get higher volumes.

the delay pedal is pretty fun, and though i'd probably only regularly use a few different delays, it's nice having the versatility for those random moods. my only beef is that when i use the looping, i'll play a chord progression, and then try to switch to either a clean or overdrive channel on my amp to play over it, and it'll switch whatever i recorded into the loop to clean/gain (whichever one i choose)...i'm trying to get around this...i want to record a clean rhythm into the loop, and then play a lead with overdrive over it, but it keeps putting gain/clean on the looped section as well...anyway around this?
Haven't really used pedals in a year and had forgot the fun of using a wah pedal, so i had to get some toys again. Got these this past Friday, sorry for the blasphemy of not posting the thread until now lol. Things have been rushed with final exams and I'll expand more on this thread after I finish my last exam that starts in like 10 minutes. Until then, here's some Playboy-esque' porn, with the grand finale' being more Hustler .

thanks to xantex for making half of this NPD possible

the guy i bought this from actually works at a guitar shop and has a nice slightly modded JCM900 50 watt combo for sale for $325 that i'm interested in buying...also has a custom made amp from Cali that starts with an 'F' and modeled after one of the Fender models...dying to hear it..

and for some dirty goodness...

Ok so I'm going to go take my exam now, sorry but my Blackberry doesn't have a great quality camera built in as is apparent, but you get the idea.
+1 for xnatex, fast and easy to deal with, pedal was in perfect condition and shipped accordingly. congrats on the new kid!
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You are missing the point I'm trying to make...I am a broke ass college student who has trouble finding enough money for food muchless anything else, so for me I have no need for them...I would rather eat than have a delay pedal. And besides, pedals tend to mask your tone. And I do know how to use pedals, it isn't very hard to do...

And what the hell is chugga chugga chugga? I am not a metal head...

i think yall are both taking extremes of each others' POV
^i'm not claiming to know much about alder bodies lol, i'm just saying the two i've played at shops were alder, but i guess they were prolly made to be super lightweight...i know one was an ESP (or was it LTD? whichever is the sub-brand) Viper and it was flat black....but the feather-like weight scared me away from it for sure
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ah okay, i was under the impression you were saying people with huge pedalboards were not real guitarists, which i've heard a thousand times.

that's actually exactly what i meant. NOT. sorry had to go 93' on ya. yea in no way would i ever mean that haha.
no kidding...

TS...what were you thinking? I mean, is this the first time you've used an amp head? you ordered a nice amp off eBay...and the first thing you do when it arrives is plug it in without a cab connected? this is day one stuff bro!!!
for the sake of hating to see a fellow musician lose his/her main amp, i hope it stays within budget to fix. but you did ask for it by assuming it was just a faulty fuse in a half century old amp...

it's almost like your scenario came out of a comedy movie or something...only no one's really laughing at this point...
that does sound like a pretty nice guitar but i dunno if i'd want an LP made of experience with alder is that it feels really light, REALLY light, like the kind of light that i can literally break the body in half using my hands alone...i'd be scared using it lol