yeah man thanks for all the recs, i think the M5 will suit just fine. i've been getting way more into buckethead lately and it resparked my favor of synth like sounds here and there. amp/cab modeling is no issue, the tone i get from my randall is pretty much a hotrodded plexi (brown sound module), and with a great OD thrown in front of it, it's pretty much nailing all my wanted sounds short of BFMV/FFDP style heavy metal.

not to mention, i can get it brand new for around 125 on eBay.
looked up the m5 and it appears to be a reasonably priced fun FX pedal. the only bad part is it looks like you can't have more than one fx running at once, unless it's a preset effect. but that's not bad considering it's simplicity and compactness.
I used to frequent the forums until i started my career over two years ago, so a lot of my time has been taken up from that. I still play frequently, but my electric rig has been stored at a friend's house for almost a year now. I'm getting it out soon and getting back into playing electric. I don't have the need for many separate pedals, b/c i only use FX occasionally.

Already have a CFH wah, looking into either attaining a Fulltone Fulldrive II (used to have one and loved it) or Fulltone OCD for extra OD. I like playing around with delay, chorus, phaser, and of course will venture out with other FX for experimentation's sake.

Gear: Agile les paul (al3000 i believe) with alnico II pickups, Randall RM50 valve amp.

styles are mostly just hard rock and noodling with progressive stuff when i'm in the mood.

thanks for the help guys, maybe i'll see some old friends pop up in here.

oh and price range could be anywhere up to $250 but i'd like to stay under 200 since i'll be spending another 150ish on OD pedal.

Randall going for $650 plus shipping, both the Randall and Guitar (comes with $40 levi leather strap and strap locks as well as SD Alnico IIs) for 1000 plus shipping. needing to start from scratch with new set up. trades are also welcome.
when it comes down to it, just use your ears. if you like what you hear, stick with it. many people on these forums have been fooled over and over with less-than-stellar products producing amazing tones that many snobs like to claim are impossible to attain with anything that isn't analog/valve/etc.

of course there IS a line to cross when all you use is bottom of the barrel junk and crappy quality stuff. but you'd be surprised how much a simple EQ pedal can fix the tarnished sound of just about any half decent rig.

first thing i thought of when i read the thread title

Dick Inna Box.
no. either can be great. just depends on what kinda sound you're going for. analog usually has a more warm sound-which some people love for effects such as delay. but personally i prefer digital delay, precise with no natural clipping. it really just depends. a lotta times the whole analog being better things is just blown outta proportion.

Agile AL3000 also up for grabs. make a reasonable offer.
Honeyburst AL3000, pretty much mint condition. about 2 years old. brand new SD pups in it, Alnico IIs not even half a year old. great playing and sounding guitar, but i'm moving towards the superstrat side. Don't offer junk please. Also no dinged up trash lol. Would also sell for 450 plus shipping. Let me know what you got! Looking for a H/S/S configuration as well.
50 watt Randall MTS with 'Brown' and 'Clean' module. awesome amp, but have a taste for the Bogner Alchemist now. Trade is pretty fair. if not i'll sell my combo with modules for $700 plus shipping. paypal only. nothing wrong with my amp at all, just looking to try a new amp now. comes with footswitch.
anyone wanna shoot me some ideas? i've got the honeyburst Agile-3000

i believe that's the same model right there. anyway, i've got a neighbor who does body work on cars and has a nice paint gun, so i'm going to try and get him to paint this for me so that it's done as nicely as possible. i'm thinking the pickguard should be gloss black (changing the pickups with seymour duncans, so the gloss black will compliment nicely i believe) and then having him do some sort of design in gold or something, or whatever color he would have that would be closest to the honey burst color. any idea on a cool design? maybe just a celtic cross would be cool, but i won't shoot down any good ideas. keep in mind the size of the pickguard, small simple designs are best.
why is this thread not closed yet? it's starting to shift into an anti-police/gov rant, and THIS piggy-in-hiring is tired of these pointless threads
hey Duv, just read your thread about misfortune a second ago, sorry to hear about that pain in the a**. i'd be up in flames.

on topic, if the OP wants two different amps, go for it, if you only play certain styles when you jam, go for it. if you only play metal on your own, then maybe look into a smaller SS or modeling amp for metal sounds.
i definitely agree on that, but it's different when you have to do the carrying of both said amps all around to different places. if i had a roadie, or always kept my amps in one place, then i'd definitely advise more than one amp. not very many of us are that fortunate.
^especially if you wanna lug around a couple combos for those jam sessions.

for practicality's sake, you're better off with an amp that can cover wide array of tones. i've always heard great things about the Line6 Vetta and Flextone as well, if you're not dead set on valves. extra money left over can only mean good things.
well i can tell you honestly.....this should be in the electric guitar forum section. not to be a dick...but that's exactly what sub sections are for.
distortion pedals pretty much just mimic the established sound of a popular valve driven (usually hi gain) amp. in other words, they usually add lots of character...this would be fine if you had a really transparent clean channel (good SS amp or super clean fendery style valve amps) and knew how to tweak the pedal right. but b/c of your amp, it's not really necessary.

the TS9, or any reputable OD pedal for that matter, is all you should need to get really heavy tones. use it with the drive very low on TOP of your dirty channel, adjust the drive to taste, have the level cranked and go from there. that will add saturation to your already dirty channel, pushing it to higher gain capabilities. it can also be used on the clean channel in similar fashion to get crunch/blues sounds. really fun to experiment with OD pedal possibilities.

however, don't expect it to automatically make your VK a metal monster. the sound possibilities of an amp are only as great as the foundation it has to work with. VKs are known to be pretty good sounding after having the right parts upgraded (valves, speaker, etc) but even then, they aren't exactly made to be professional level amps, so don't be surprised if you're left desiring more even after all is said and done. but for the money, you probably can't even complain.

and the 10 band EQ would be able to enhance the versatility of that amp ten fold. i would almost suggest that before an OD pedal, as it has a 'level' knob on it so you could use it as a boost itself, you just wouldn't be able to get as much drive added to your channel if you had an OD pedal with a drive knob.
If you want versatile, great sound quality, valve driven, and durable/gigworthiness....

Randall MTS line. if you go used, you can definitely afford it. I won't go too into detail, but these amps can get pretty damn close to any tone. They are more no-frills type amps, the only effects they have are spring reverb (my combo comes from earlier era before it was standard built in effect), but sound quality is pure heaven.
^UG's gear thread is the best IMO. B/c EVERYONE who looks through there is looking to buy guitar stuff-though not EVERYONE SELLING is selling just guitar stuff. Craigslist is second best, but you'll get plenty of headaches with 'CAN I SEE PICS/!?!?!' replies if you don't put pics in your post.

I've sold more guitar stuff here on UG than with craigslist, people here just seem to be a lot more serious about it. Good luck.
love slash's live tones, thinking of getting the alnico IIs (not slash model, don't want to pay extra for his name even though he's obviously my biggest influence). does any brand make a copy of those? GOOD copy i should say. i want to save money and don't care about brand name, just quality and sound.

blues, hard rock, need good warm cleans. my AL3000's stock pups are mediocre at best, i can almost never use the neck pickup on my clean channel unless it's lead, it gets way too muddy with chords even at full tone. pickups really lack character and oomph. if i wanted to give a perfect example of the bridge lead tone i would want, it would be from slash's 'solo' album, on 'I hold on.' those first few notes of the solo are just orgasmic to my ears.

so yeah, it seems to make since to go with alnico IIs or a great clone. if you know of great clones of them, please show me links

slash_edit: well i just plunged and bought a couple seymour duncan APIIs so i'll let yall know how they are
looking to buy from reputable seller, paypal for payment only as it is secure. respond here or PM me, if you PM me let me know via this thread as well. thanks
it was late last night when i read that post, read it too fast apparently. aside from my assumption that you wanted us to give you good quote ideas, everything else i said still applies. sorry for the misunderstanding. anyway, quotes are great, just make sure it's meaningful
Quote by jrcsgtpeppers
so im almost 19 and i want a tattoo. do you guys have any opinions on quotes being tattood?

i can already tell you that you're wanting a tat for the wrong reasons. you're asking US what a good quote would be. why don't you just google 'famous tat quotes.'

you obviously want a tat really bad for whatever reason, but you don't even know of anything that means enough to you to permanently put on your body. give it more time bro. and i wouldn't start with a famous saying or quote. if you're going to get a phrase/quote put on your body, it should be one you have pretty much lived by throughout the hardest times of your life. IT will find YOU. YOU don't go looking through a bunch of quotes and then say 'hey, that one would work!' it doesn't work that way.

that's just me. there's nothing wrong with really wanting a tattoo even though you don't know what to get, but to GET one that you had to have someone ELSE give you the idea for, that's bad ju ju. it won't mean the same in the future.

tattoos are art, and art on your body should reflect yourself and your own life. i'm sure you can think of something yourself, at least a basic idea, and THEN come for guidance on how to make it really neat. catch my drift?
So sorry that i haven't been around in the past almost half year now, finally got my half sleeve finished up a couple weeks ago. some of the blue around the windbars need to be touched up, and the inner bicep still hasn't been planned out, but it's essentially done. i'll go ahead and give some progress pics...can't believe how fat i was when i started this tat hahaha


did half the shading the second session...SORE

was super excited when i got some color put in

sick nasty

sorry about image size guys, but i figured the end result was worth it. only took approx half a year to do it all lol...only b/c i could only afford to work on it so much every other paycheck. roughly 7 hrs of work in that so far. still brainstorming for the inner bicep, probably some sort of snake. chest piece will also be coming in the future.
thanks for the help, i went ahead and sent an email
^tried that but links weren't working for me
cool cool, so you ordered directly from their site? when i went to that site yesterday and tried to go to the 'order' button, it never actually let me place any kind of order. and i don't know if the site sells them for 39.99 but MF does. did you have to ask for longer shaft pot? just wondering whether the only way to get one for LP style is to get it directly from the site and specifically request it or what.

really dig the artist series as i would rather have it on my toggle switch

needing to know if anyone has ever installed one of these personally in a Les Paul model, i want to order one for my AL-3000, but don't know if it'll work or not. the product info doesn't really state whether it will fit for sure or not, it's more or less a 'maybe, maybe not.' but they show pics of a LP with one in it, so why shouldn't it?

bah, want one so bad for the convenience
were any of those guitars les paul styled?
Hey gals and girls, been a long time but im back and just noticed this nifty thing on musicians friend. Anyone have exp with it? Its pretty cheap and if its as accurate as a regular chromatic tuner, and fits my agile LP, i think ill order one, keeping me from needing a stompbox tuner and therefor making things much easier in general.
no offense but changing from a set price to 'now it's highest offer' is a pretty lame move. good on your part, but bad for your rep. if you're going to advertise a price you should keep it that price or lower, not raise it. it should really go to whoever puts the money in your hand first.

just my two cent from what i've learned over the past few years of selling/buying gear

good luck on the sales man, not trying to rag on you, just some tips if you want to be known as a strictly fair business person
i COULD get pics but it would honestly be a waste of time b/c it looks like every other ipod touch out there and the only scratches are the tiny ones like you'd get on a pickguard.

not really into the emgs, i play a lot of hard rock, blues and cleans as well, don't think they'd suit my style well enough
Perfect working order, only scratches you can find on this are those really thin ones that are inevitable on anything with a screen. I upgraded to a 3rd gen 32GB a couple weeks ago and want to get rid of this one.

Will sell for 150 plus shipping or possibly trade for a decent strat/tele or nice pedal or pair of humbuckers, don't offer junk if you're gonna offer pedals or pickups though please.

And if you send me a PM, be sure to alert me here as well please!

TS, your situation is interesting...don't let them over to your house again unless they're over at different times othersie your same situation will happen again. the 'rookie' cop SHOULDN'T have been displaying his emotions on the job like that. ESPECIALLY with him being a rookie, he prolly won't last that long if he's already easily showing anger at the public-expect to see him on the news in some anger-related employment termination with his department. even so, there's not much you can do about it. just deal with it and learn from it. when cops are breaking up a social gathering of youngsters, and there's some psychotic girl all doped up on alcohol or some other drug, there's no telling what their training has them to believe has occurred.

i hope everything works out

btw, i'm starting law enforcement training on the 16th, so i'm sure i'll get to learn about domestic disputes such as this to a great extent in the academy. i know most people like to have an anti-cop mentality, or 'us vs. them' thoughts, but just realize there's way more good decent cops than there are asshole ones. but it's a lot more rare for people to talk about an encounter with cops that went as it should have with no altercation.

i still can't believe a ROOKIE would run his mouth like that...talking about HIS bad if he's even put in enough years of serving the public to even have the RIGHT to bitch about it. as far as i'm concerned, if you're still probationary, you should be kissing EVERYONE'S asses-the public AND your bosses.
you know, i was thinking that was what it was...but i don't like to assume in the forums lol, that's dangerous! you hold more wisdom if you only state facts when you know they're facts!

thanks for the link though

i've just been extremely busy these past few months and slowly dipping back into the forums to help the kids like old times
settings thread, assuming it's still around since i've been gone a lil while. if it's there, this thread will probably be closed shortly. i'm not going to report, someone who's up to date on the forums will be able to do that if it's necessary.
new amp. you don't wanna hear that but it's true. nothing will get you that tone except a solid decent foundation...which you can't really get with a SS 15 watt amp. maybe if the amp were higher in wattage it'd be worth it, but those smaller speakers just sound nasty.

you're better off either going with a good modelling amp like the Vypyr or AD30VT, or saving for a good mid/high gain valve amp...but either way is gonna cost you a couple hundred or more. skimp on the amp, and you're skimping on a solid foundation on which tone is built.
i think i've been away way too long...i don't even remember wth the 666 setting is