^i will admit, i did not even know the eBow even existed more than a couple years ago...i feel unintelligent now haha
all is fair in love and war....and guitar...

i've had three MAIN reasons why i've been a primarily straight-guitar-into-amp guitarist for the past year

1) after playing some good quality higher end (not super boutique mind you) pedals, i realized how much better it is to really save up for a single good pedal at a time as opposed to getting a bunch of cheaper ones that you'll end up upgrading multiple times anyway-i'm just a really money-conscious (TIGHT *COUGH*) person nowadays b/c i have multiple money consuming hobbies and bills

2) my biggest influence on music and guitar since i was 5 stays relatively low on the use of effects, save for wah and EQ pedal, and b/c of that i try to incorporate that mentality into my playing

3) when it comes to playing in front of people, i'd rather not feel like i'm constricted to the area where my pedals are lol, i like to move around and feel free, like Angus haha i get that adrenaline rush and gotta move
well since you obviously saw the link, i went ahead and took it down lol. ok well good luck finding a pedal bro, but just remember the higher quality ones will be worth the money!
i know generally eBay links aren't allowed but this is just to show that you can get one for a better price, if this still isn't allowed someone let me know and i'll take it right down
FULLTONE!!! lol...i love the fulldrive II
^true. if you want to be used to playing in a live setting, stand up more. for the most part, what you can play standing up, you can usually play a lil easier (maybe not by much, but noticeably to me) sitting down, so it helps you develop a different type of technique really.
calibration bro, really you shoulda just calibrated first and THEN asked us if it didn't work lol...but yea, that's how mine was outta the box. it SHOULD be the exact note only one/two octaves up, depending on the octave setting.
A small clone chorus by EHX would prolly be a good route to go, it's relatively simple to use, but should sound pretty great for its price. Your chorus on the valvestate prolly sounded to 'chorus-y' b/c built in fx on amps usually have less tweakability compared to their stompbox counterparts-at least for marshall valvestates and mgs and roland cubes.
alright guys i won't go on about the FX thing ha, yall are kinda getting my point in a more extreme sense than i mean, all i'm really trying to say is that when you're starting out, effects shouldn't be your main priority, as i just think they can easily distract you from bare bone technique. but hey it's really just an opinion that's all.

Quote by TOMMYB22
Maybe wah to a certain extent but it still adds far more than it takes, do you think Voodoo Child by Hendrix would sound as awesome without it?

Delay doesn't really cover mistakes, even with a long delay poor technique can easily be detected if you listen.

i definitely don't think it woulda sounded quite as awesome, no, but it still definitely sounds solid without it. your point is not missed, however. like i said before, i think yall are kinda just running with the extremes of my example lol. and as far as delay goes, i think it's the really short delay, especially on top of a lead tone that has a few other fx, that can start to make things hard to decipher if the user gets a lil too wild.

everyone has the right to use however many or few FX they want to of course, i just hope they'll do it in taste lol
what kinda guitar you have? i think you just need a wider strap, one that distributes the weight over your shoulder better. and you might as well splurge and get a nice strap, a Levys leather strap is very snazzy looking and simple, and around the $35 range last time i checked.
^i think you guys are getting my words and taking them way farther than i'm actually suggesting. i'm not implying that a pedal can work wonders and take your technique from shit to gold, but with heavy effects of the delay/wah sort, it's possible to cover some of that if you have the settings right.

Quote by Dr.Pain-MD
That was directed to the two guys above who have said that:
- If you can't play well, don't use effects and don't play at all.
- If it only sounds good with effects, it's not good at all.

i think you missed the part where i said there ARE exceptions, and those exceptions aside, i stand by my argument, if it has to have effects to sound good at all, then i believe something's wrong. but this is just totally my opinion guys, take it with a grain of salt.
^i never really was attracted to the relic guitars too much...i dunno's cool that they've had their own massive amount of road stories and all, but i'd never wanna buy a guitar and have it beat up from the beginning lol

nice guitars, though the acrylic ones prolly don't have any special tone about them, my friend's mocking bird was alright but would never use it for anything other than hard rock and metal.
I'm contributing to Agile recommendations.
I have a honey sunburst Les Paul, and it's beautiful. It could do for some really nice pups to get the most out of it, which i'll do one day, as well as coil splitting like i did in my SG. These are great guitars that will rival higher end mass produced ones. I'm really wanting to get a Reaper model or maybe a superstrat model next...
Yea, TS I know not all colleges are the same, so my dorms might be pretty flexible with what they'll allowed during the daytime compared to yours...but since you'll be keeping your main amp there's no big worry. Find a good amp with headphone or really low output, and if they seem like they'd let you get away with more, bring that bad mofo up! That's what I did last year, started with my crappy 10 watt ibanez toneblaster, and then i realized i was playing at volumes i could just be using my Randall i brought it up. Then you could possibly leave the small amp at home for weekends/breaks, and the big one at the college. Though I'd look into dorm room insurance, not for the less-common fires, but the more common theft...I never had a prob with either, though i would certainly notice someone trying to haul my Randall outta my room cuz it would take some muscle and a good amount of time hahaha.
Quote by Alex Vik
Yup, because technique gives you chorus, flanger, wah, and pitch shifting

I'm sure you know what he means...he's just saying that, like always playing with tons of gain (on amps that don't have very articulate high gain), always using effects will distract you from focusing slowly on technique. I've always believed that if a song, or section of a song, only sounded good with effects, then it should be reworked. Though I do know there are a good number of songs that the effect is just so adamant and unique (pitch shifting and octave/harmonizing usually stand out), that without them it's hard for it to sound right. But for the most part, if you have to have an effect to make what you're playing sound 'good,' then you might be doing something wrong. IMO of course

just so no one thinks i'm trying to pass it off as a Gibby, it's my Agile lol...still sexy! and this next pic is just one i did for a more artsy approach...these pics are almost a year old now, i no longer leave the pick guard on.

i swear i'm no alcoholic lol, i just like my rock/blues with a side of whiskey
Quote by fuzzboxx
Well all tube amps need alot of volume to sound good so i suggest line6.

I think you mean tube amps need a lot of volume to sound their BEST. Every valve amp I've played has sounded just as good as a good SS amp at low volumes. A Valve amp should sound good at just about any volume, but until you start getting past 1/5 of the volume, the best characteristics of a valve amp won't stand out as much.
Hey man, how much gain do you need from the stompbox alone? If you love the sound of your amp, and want the OD to keep that sound while boosting it (keeping it transparent), i'd say Fulltone Fulldrive II. I LOVED mine, only let it go b/c i didn't need it anymore. That pedal is beautiful. The OCD adds some hair and it's own characteristics from what i've read. You can't go wrong with Fulltone.
Quote by GrisKy
the cc delay's feedback is bright and exact, exactly what you DON'T want from an analog delay.

Quote by GrisKy
Ok... I know exactly what I said, try to keep up...
the cc delay is TOO EXACT (not to mention too bright) FOR ANALOG, and NOT EXACT ENOUGH FOR DIGITAL.

and spare me the "sound is subjective" mantra... I'm not buying, atleast not the version being sold on UG.

Sorry but from the quotes, I would think you could see how the way you worded it is a lil confusing, especially for someone as 'slow' and mentally incapable of reading a structured sentence as I. You should have explained what you meant by 'too exact' for analog and 'not exact enough' for digital. And my 'sound is subjective mantra' isn't for you, it's for the TS so that he doesn't assume what ANYone here in this thread is saying is absolute 100% truth. I sense some unnecessary attitude, I guess it really has been a touchy day for UG.
Quote by The_Bosstone
i'm one of those "non-guitarist people" and i've never heard that phrase said.

No, 'non-guitarist people' meant people who don't play guitar, which you do. And that's usually the phrase you'll hear from people who see someone with a huge pedalboard, when they don't really know much about electric guitar. That's how i remember a lotta people at my high school being, as well as my ex. Not referring to ANYONE here on UG in case that's what you thought i meant hahaha.
Don't ya just love it when family tells ya, "Hey, that amp you's too loud. Get a different one.'s been the best amp for you ever? Oh well, i don't care, i don't like that i can hear it at all."

man i'd keep your amp if i were you...i had my RM50 up here at college up until a month ago, and during the day i played it and people could hear it down the halls but never really complained, cuz everyone else is blaring music and video games anyway. only time you should really have to worry about volume is during the night, but that's what master volumes are for! so unless your regular playing level has to make the room shake, i think you'll be fine at the University. they're not making you get rid of your amp are they?
I like running straight into the amp for the most part, but that's kinda the style i play: hard rock/blues. not much needed to make that work at all, you just need some ballsy gain and good cleans.

THOUGH, it never hurts to have an OD when you want to boost stuff, a delay for a lead spice, and a wah for good measure. I've gone the past year without using any effects, save for my fulltone up until a couple months ago when i realized i didn't even need it that much anymore, and it's helped me focus on my playing ability a lil more. But now i've been aching for a few effects again, especially since playing on Sundays has a lot more clean and gain ratio, so i wanted stuff to make the cleans more fun.

TS, it all depends on what will make YOU happy. Like mentioned before, this is more of a passion than a hobby for me, and i like to have as much fun as possible with it, which sometimes means going out and splurging on a nice little effect! And i know it was mentioned that the audience doesn't usually notice, but i wanna butt heads on that one. Many times the audience WILL notice the sound of a wah, delay and the crazier sounding pedals lol.

Now if we could only get those non-guitarist people who go around saying things like, 'so-and-so is amazing, they've got like 10 pedals!.' *shudders* Uggghhh every time i hear that phrase i puke a lil in my mouth.
well since no one put the tube replacement thing as clear as it should have been for ya, i'll go ahead and state that POWER tubes (the bigger ones in the power section of the amp, pretty much what decides your headroom and is what causes that added bit of dirt and compression when the master volume is turned up) usually last between 1 and 3 years (for regular playing or gig playing) and PREAMP tubes (smaller, the size of a...snausage?...pretty much shape the distortion in the preamp signal and has a lil more impact on the character of your gain) usually last like 5 years or more.

BUT, when dealing with stock tubes (usually really cheap chinese or some other low cost no-name brand) a lot of amp companies just want to put the most cost efficient materials to save them money, in mass produced amps, so they'll put in the bare minimum to get by. And b/c of that, the tubes may be faulty within a short period of time, may blow relatively sooner than others, or will just keep the amp from sounding it's best. They won't make your amp sound horrible, they'll just keep it from sounding as good as it COULD with the highest quality tubes.

So just don't be surprised if you get a blown tube in less than a year with a lower end tube amp, in any case-just take it back to the shop and have them replace the tube(s) under warranty .
^hey man, dunno if you noticed, but you started by saying the CC was bright and exact, but later you said that it's not exact enough compared to a digital delay? confused a lil...

other points are valid, though it never hurts to put 'IMO' after these statements when telling the TS or anytime you're stating your opinion, as a lot of people will prolly tell you differently on it not being warm, or a good analog delay, etc.

anyway, thanks for mostly being clear on why you didn't like it, just clear up that one part for me lol.
the little giant is loud enough for a band in a club or just jamming, but if you plan on playing clubs or bigger venues, it'll need to be mic'd up so you won't struggle to keep up. you won't hear your cleans very well unless you're drummer is playing lightly, just so you know.
you never mentioned if you had a second guitarist? if not maybe it's a song that your bass player could pick up a spare guitar and do without bass for the song?

i would say the best way to go IF you REALLY want more atmosphere is having someone switch from bass to a second guitar (assuming you're the only guitarist?) or keyboards
not to sound like a smart ass or anything, but do you have two guitarists? if you did i'd definitely suggest having one do the swells instead of a my experience with live settings, sometimes tempos change a lil bit and then get back on track, sometimes they don't, and if you've got a recording and that happens...well...then you have a lil bit of a tracking problem and a mess.

i think it'd be easier to pre-record clean melody parts than the other way around, but that's my two cents!!
well i know personally that the blackheart can do those just fine, no prob. an OD pedal of some sort will make it a lot easier seeing it's a single channel amp.

but yea, great amp, i loved mine but had to part with it as it was a temporary replacement until my Randall RM50 got out of the shop.
^it's not so much learning so that you can use it, using a tube amp is essentially the same as a regular amp, only difference is you let it warm up a minute or two before switching from 'standby' to 'play.' other than that, the learning is firsthand, learning how the dynamics play a bigger role, how responsive the amp may be to different volume settings, etc-stuff you can only learn from messing with one yourself-otherwise you're just quoting other people who learned firsthand.

and as far as 'repairing' goes, tube amps don't really break down anymore than a regular amp, though except tubes go out once in a blue moon and you have to put new ones in, which is a simple task like switching a lightbulb.

sounds like you're a tad overwhelmed by the idea of tube amps, but don't let it fool you, they're not difficult to use at all, they're just a different beast and you're just learning HOW to make it sound best. and i think the 6505 route is best
obviously not a new member, but i never spent too much time learning to edit my avatar/etc until recently...just trying to find out where you edit the spot right above the avatar...right now mine says 'Registered User' and has for about 5 years...i need to change that...

sorry for the uber-noob question
well i think i was still pretty close..
^i wouldn't use the hot rodded set when most his styles are of mid gain or lower, they're still pretty hot, and i know the JB in the bridge would make my cleans a lil too harsh and distort too early most of the time. the Jazz was pretty good on the cleans, but i still think he could do better.
ah there we go, *Calibrated* was the word i was looking for!!!
we need to know what amp you're running through first, depending on the amp, new pups may not even make but a tiny fraction of a change in your sound.
i think the tracking may be off, if you have the owner's manual it should tell you how to sync up the tracking or something like that, so try that first. i know out of the box, mine was a lil off as well, so maybe that's the only prob.

is it brand new? used?

if it's new, use the manual, or look up the manual, and do the resetting thing. if it's used and the reset thing doesn't work...i'm outta ideas . . .
Bogner EcstaUberShivasty
three things bro:

1) put a lil more grammar and correct spelling (periods help a lot!), run-on sentences are a B*TCH to read anywhere, let alone on a computer screen

2) don't bother with pups, focus on upgrading your amp to something that isn't an MG or anything with terrible reputation. now i feel dumb for completely overlooking the fact that you don't have a decent enough amp to warrant a pup swap.

3) yes...if you're trying to get really close to a Green Day sound, then an LP jr would be good, as well as a really crunchy sounding tube yea you could even just stick to your current guitar and wait til you have a much better amp before you focus on pup swapping

you got a ways to go, and seems like a good bit to learn about where most your tone comes from, keep reading up on the forums and you'll learn quick enough
just read through all 9 pages of posts, this is why i rarely comment on MC's need to depress myself.


but no point in hating on a fellow musician haha
whatever you get, i wouldn't get high output pups, and don't get anything that is naturally bright-seeing as that SG is already gonna be bright enough-that is if you're going to be playing a good amount of cleans, otherwise they'll be ice-picky and harsh without turning down your volume knob. P-90s don't sound like a bad choice, even though some of the characteristic twang is more on the trebly side, it'll sound good for sure.

and even though i'm not HUGE on punk, it would help to know what kind of punk rock you're talking about, these days 'punk' is just as diversified as 'rock'