Model R830 dual 15 band, 1/4 in and RCA

it's a rackmount EQ and if it would work just as well as a stompbox EQ then i'll prolly snag it, it's for sell for $30 and i'm just wondering if i should get it. if i can't use it through my amp then i won't bother, i just want it strictly for guitar or it'll never be used. also, what powers these things? they just run off a power cord like a guitar amp? sorry i'm relatively novice in rack gear.
bcrichrocker's statement about the Spider half stack should be ignored, the built in gain is NOWHERE near 'perfect' for the styles you listed, it shouldn't even be used for anything more than practice b/c it's essentially a half stack practice amp. you're gonna want british voiced crunchy goodness for your tones, and probably with an OD pedal for leads.

but i swear if you newer members don't start putting budgets in your OP, or in your following post (especially when it was clearly asked), i'm gonna start reporting this stuff. it's annoying as hell trying to guess what everyone's 'not too expensive' is. everyone's outlook on income is different! what's cheap to you is expensive to another guy, and vice versa. so give us a specific maximum budget and then we can REALLY help point you to a good amp. and if you're gonna be staying lower on the budget, don't worry about a half stack, going cheap on a half stack is a really bad idea.
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^Slashrocks - Problem is he has an '80s amp with original tubes and one is microphonic. Budget is low so he needs at least one preamp tube.

His guitar should get close enough for now is all I'm sayin'.

ah i hope it didn't sound like i was implying he NEEDED to use a different guitar, if i did that's my bad, i was just posting non-essential (to his primary needs anyway) info that he should remember in the future, after he's got new tubes and an OD and possibly feels like he's still not as close to the tones as he wants-he'll know what to try next.

TS, all the info in my last post was just secondary info that i felt would be useful to you, seeing that you might still not get quite what you want after the tubes. oh, and i guess i didn't quite understand one of your earlier posts, but it seemed as if you already had an OD, am i incorrect in this? if that's the case, then definitely look into it at least for a solo thickener, i imagine your amp (seeing as you get to really crank it a couple times a week-good for you bro) can handle all the range of rhythm tones the bands you listed, but using the OD for your leads would prolly get you closer to a VH tone.
I'll let the JCM owners advise you further lol, though i'll say that an SG is an awesome guitar, and should nail that AC/DC, but an LP is really gonna be what gets ya a lot closer for GnR and Zep and Aerosmith. i used to think there wasn't hardly a difference btw the SG and LP tones, until i switched from my modded G-400 to a stock Agile AL-3000....i prefer the Agile LP to far as tone wise goes anyway. the only thing i miss is that upper fret access and not feeling my left arm going numb after 30 minutes of playing with the band lol.
i used to only use light and medium picks, was always turned off by those tiny jazz style picks. now i prefer jazz (whichever ones are the sexy lil red ones) picks to anything else 9 times outta 10. i love a flexi medium (Dava i think?) pick for strumming and regular playing that doesn't involve precision leads and super speed, not that i'm a shredder or anything but i dabble in playing really fast harmonic minor leads lol. and if you ask me, it's hard to find a better sound than playing with a really thin flappy pick on a sexy acoustic guitar with new just makes for amazing rhythm sound and great to sing along with, even if you're barely any decent at singing like myself.
hmm well i remember getting a tung sol preamp tube in my blackheart little giant when i owned it, and it was a GREAT preamp tube. cleared it up nicely and made the gain less harsh and better overall. and i had a JJ el84. and i have JJ el34s in my randall right now, which probably sounds pretty close to your JCM as i've got a Brown module in my gain channel, which is a take at EVH's hot rodded plexi. i LOVE the tone i get. i dunno what's in my preamp though...i've traded modules quite a bit and so therefor don't even know what this current one has haha. all i know is they're after market.

what guitar are you playing through that thing? a sustainful guitar with humbuckers is going to get you closer to the tones you want than the new tubes will. but yea, unless you're getting to run your JCM800 at giggable volumes (prolly past 1/5 or so) i think an OD will help boost it to what you want for VH and GNR. you should be able to do AC/DC pretty easy just by lowering the preamp gain and cranking the master. i'm not a big Led player so i won't suggest settings for them. and i used to listen to a lot of Aerosmith before i decided they're too poppish since the 80s (just my opinion don't flame haha), but i remember the tones never got heavier than GnR style, and most the time the only guitar parts that got that heavy were the leads if even that, i remember the rhythm guitar seemed to mostly just be a hard once again, that should be covered by your amp without OD at all.

but i'm curious as to what guitar you're playing through your set up.

now don't afraid to offer me something guys lol...

once again, i'll take chorus pedal offers or paypal
with that budget, you can EASILY get a nice OD pedal to boost your Sovtek and possibly cure your problem WITHOUT getting a new amp.

here's a couple pedals:

Digitech Bad Monkey: 50 USD new, can be bought online for like 30 USD used, and it's an analog OD pedal. is it the best sounding? no. but for under 100 USD i'd say it is. unlike most OD pedals, it has a 'Low' knob, so you can adjust bass on it, which is very handy and works well. this pedal works awesome as a boost, and still good as a stand alone classic rock gain on clean (though your amp prolly doesn't hardly stay clean at all). for your uses, it wouldn't be a bad deal AT ALL.

Digitech Hardwire OD: can be had for 99 USD with free shipping. i haven't got to tweak this one very much, as it's a friends' that i use at church. i boosted my RM50's crunch channel (which is marshall sounding like your amp) and it did awesome, though i haven't messed around with it enough to see how well it does at taking that kinda gain into super heavy tones. (how heavy does powerviolence get though?) though with as good as the hardwire series are (played 3 of them so far and none have disappointed at all) it should do just as well if not better than the Bad Monkey, seeing as it's twice the cost ha. price has nothing to do with that last statement really, i just know that it's a good solid pedal.

Fulltone Fulldrive II (non-mosfet is what i used to own): i think about 160? USD new, can be had for btw 120 USD and so on used. to keep this short i'll just say this: owned the pedal for close to a year, mostly used it as a boost to my amp's crunch channel. VERY transparent-meaning that if you love your amp's tone already, and all you want to do is increase the sustain and higher the gain some more, without masking some of your amp's characteristics in the process, this pedal is worth it. it's boutique level and beautifully done. it even has a boost button as well, so you can increase your volume instantly for solo boosts-though i never really use that. it also sounds fantastic as a stand alone classic/hard rock pedal on a clean channel. quite versatile with the different modes as well.

and while i'm on the subject of the Fulltone pedal being transparent- it is not necessarily a bad thing if your OD pedal isn't completely transparent. sometimes part of adding versatility to a pedal is the fact that it can make your amp sound MORE than just a 'tiny' bit different when it's boosting it, some amps don't sound great sounding just like themselves with added gain and sustain. traditional tubescreamer pedals usually add some mid hump and their own little flavor to the amp's gain. is this bad? nope. plenty of pros still use em and don't complain, and neither to the people chasing their tones haha.

hope that helped man...if you REALLY wanna save, the bad monkey will do, but if you can afford to spend a lil extra, go for the Hardwire. and if you don't mind spending a lil over half your budget, get the fulltone (used of course, no use getting new, these are built like tanks) and you'll keep it even when you change amps in the future. in fact, don't buy any of these new and maximize your financial efficiency.
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im trying to get something around slash's tone and be able to get somethin like eddie van halen i really like aerosmith too and acdc and led zeppelin if that helps

well the tone is mostly from the amp (you know this already i'm not patronizing you lol), your fingers and playing style and picking dynamics, guitar and pickups-tubes aren't going make the changes you're wanting as much as those other things. and of course with an OD pedal, you should be able to cover GnR and VH with ease, and the others will do good with just the amp. if you haven't gotten close to those tones yet, i wouldn't think new tubes would get you a substantial advancement in that pursuit, they're going to clear up your amp's sound more than anything else (which is equally important of course).

i'm in no way advocating that tubes won't make a big difference, just not in the aspects of what you said in that last statement about wanting to get closer to those tones. your amp is still going to mostly sound the same, just clearer and possibly a little more bright/dark and slight increase in gain or reduction in gain. well...i better say 'IMO' so that way i'm not advocating my statement is 100% guaranteed truth either. lol. good luck. i dunno why, but i like this thread.
^maybe try not to be TOO blatant on your advertising? at least, make it seem like you're advertising for the TS only, so that way it doesn't look like you're hijacking his thread to promote your cab for sell haha.

anyway, i think looking into avatar cabs would be a great idea as well, if you really wanna save bucks. but then again, Mesa and Engl are well known for their cabs as much as their amps.
^if i were you i'd possibly look into using that gift card on something else, guitar shops usually charge way more than they should for tubes, i don't know if GC does, but the ones around here do for sure. but even if they don't charge much more than you can get for online, i STILL wouldn't recommend buying tubes with your gift card mainly for the fact that you have to limit yourself to a lesser range of tubes...come on now...that's not fair to yourself or your amp. and as far as i know, you can do better than EH tubes for that marshall. i say JJ power and tung sol preamp
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Practice on what you actually use.

I agree. For most of us, practice includes finding a good tone that you want to stick with your make mental note of. Also, another part of practice should be your playing dynamics, which usually shine on valve amps. So knowing how to make your MAIN amp sound great is part of practice as well.

I have a couple of small amps laying around, SS beaters, but my RM50 is valve and i use that for all my practicing/rehearsing/playing and it does just fine. Like mentioned before, if you're only going to use the valve amp when you're doing some serious playing, what's the point? I'd rather practice with a tone i LOVE than one that just gets by.

Besides, valves shouldn't be THAT expensive to replace, unless your doing a complete overhaul and buying the best of the best. Power valves are the ones that need to be replaced a little more frequently, and you should be able to get a good set for relatively low cost, unless you buy through a guitar shop-which in MY experience, they charge out the ASS for. I was actually quoted around $75 for a pair of EH valves that i could get online for probably $35.
yea he said he looked on eBay and saw one that didn't even work sell for around 700 or so haha.

i'll definitely have to crank it some, but even if i don't get to crank it reaaaally loud, i'll throw an OD in front of it and see what i can get.

maybe he'll let me 'borrow' it for a while, that would be sick haha. though i really doubt it. i might be able to talk him into letting me buy some new valves or something in exchange for playing it on the occasional sunday, then all i'd need is a pedal to switch from that amp's clean to my Randall's marshall like gain and i'd be set.
Alright so had a good service this morning, got to do some sweet lead work on a song with my CFH and it was thick and cut through really well, a nice powerful wah. One of my buds was talkin' with me bout it and then mentioned that his uncle who passed away had this amp that he passed down to him in his will, one he used to play bluegrass with and carry in the trunk of his car everywhere-said it just just sat back there and rolled around on long trips in case him and his buddies decided to jam some. Also said his uncle used to tune guitars for the Grand Old Oprey, which i thought was pretty cool. Alright, little history aside, he said the amp was an original 67' or 69' and still works, and that's he's going to bring it to the church this upcoming weekend so i can jam out on it and such.

He said he wanted to have someone who actually 'knows how to play' play on it b/c all he's done since he inherited it is turn it on every so often to make sure it's still running good. Supposedly everything's all original as well, except maybe the valves i suppose.

Figured my fellow GG&G regulars would enjoy seeing some vintage amp porn, though i'll take a few better pics when i actually see it in person, these are from his pic texts. Can't wait to hear what kinda blues i can rock out of this thing!

So, anyway, anyone wanna tell me what to expect of this amp? lol i can't wait to hear it with some OD and our old 80s squier strat we got, should sound sick.
you have to be more specific than that, one man's 'pretty low' and 'pretty broke' is anothers' 'good chunk of cash' and 'anything not too crazy expensive' ... specific maximum price is needed.

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Powerviolence is as old as you are Slash_Rocks

i meant to look up powerviolence to see what it was like but had to work today, i still think it's funny the names people come up with some styles lol. i'm gonna check this stuff out either way for the hell of it.
^i figured live he was usually playing the LPs throughout most of the gig, but i didn't know what his recordings used specifically, i just remember reading a lot lately that he used a tele quite a bit.

i just think there are better examples of 'bucker enthusiasts and single coil enthusiasts to point out some major sound differences. though it seems with some good studio editing, you can fool a lotta people into thinking what you used in recording was something completely different.
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Hendrix = single coil
Jimmy Page = humbucker

i've heard a lot, quite recently, that Page recorded mostly with a telecaster? so i don't know if that's a good comparison...could be wrong though...

Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Hendrix: single coils

Angus Young, Slash, Billy Gibbons, Zakk Wydle: humbuckers

though single coils can be used for some really heavy styles (usually when they pass into HEAVY heavy tones, the single coil pup is more like a humbucker the size of a single coil), they're most renowned for the twangy blues sound, IMO anyway. they also have less output compared to humbuckers and you'll notice from switching from humbucker to single coil on the same guitar will make the volume decrease (assuming the single coil isn't a high output one or wound tighter).

i think your guitar has coil splitting, which unlike coil tapping, is much more accurate in attempting the single coil tone, as it actually shuts one of the coils in the humbucker off, and you should notice a decrease in volume as well (not huge, but noticeable), and it'll be close but not quite there. even though it's essentially a single coil, it's still not the same as a true single coil pup if you get what i mean lol. if you can't heard the difference, it might be b/c you haven't been playing long enough for your ear to notice that kind of difference. in time it will pick up on the smallest of things with sound. also, if you play your guitar with the coil tap OFF, and then pick up a strat with all single coils or telecaster with single coils and then play THAT on the same amp, it'll prolly be a lot more noticeable.

though don't be mistaken, any pickup can be used for any style if the player knows how to make it work.
i wouldn't say that this amp is 'perfect' for what you want...but it could do good since it has a gain control (the BH15 anyway, LG doesn't, that just has a volume knob).

since the Handsome Devil is pretty much a 15 watt version of the LG with a gain control and presence knob, i can tell you that the cleans are NICE and warm, definitely better than average, but with hard pick attack and a little bit on the gain, you'll start to get some crunch, b/c that's just how these amps are.

now i'm pretty sure SRV and Mayer are both fender guys, and i think recently Mayer is into even nicer boutique amps that i'm not too sure about, but they're american voiced amp players and they love the OD pedals to give them their boosts. if you're really trying to get close to these guys' sound, you might wanna hold out for a fender instead. i mean, i love the sound of a british amp over an american 9 times outta 10, but for what you want, the american voiced is gonna do it better. i say hold out for the fender. and i hope you have a strat already lol.
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Anything that sounds good and is reliable

Amen. Simple statement, but 100% truth.

These days, it's not finding an amp that sounds good that is the hard part, just one that is VERY reliable without costing you a fortune. So pretty much, if you're gigging i suggest when you find an amp that has the tone you love, get as much of a warranty on it as you can.
powerviolence? seriously, the names people have come up with for all these emerging styles lol...first time i've heard of this genre lol.

anyway, i wouldn't think that a 6505's tone gets muddy and 'garbled' just from playing fast...any amp should be able to be 'played fast', especially ones geared at metal and such, which usually have the faster tempos in the musical field...maybe you meant the low end gets muddy and such? if so, i would think it's because of the cab, not the amp, i thought 6505s were notorious for some great low end...and if for some reason it isn't, i'm sure an EQ pedal could shape that into exactly what you want.

it could also have a little to do with your SG, i remember my SG being more on the trebly side, and it was a sick sounding guitar but compared to my LP, it doesn't get as full of a sound. more so to do with your amp i say, as far as not getting the tone you're looking for, but guitars DO contribute to the overall sound too, and even though SGs usually have humbuckers, they can still sound a little thin compared to a heavier guitar built for sustain.

i'm still amazed that 'powerviolence' is an actual style's name lol...i think people are just trying to combine the coolest words together and call it a style lol...
if you're finding the distortion too weak, new valves aren't going to make the bigger difference compared to an OD pedal. new valves WILL clear up your amp and smooth out the frequencies and overall clarity, and maybe even make your gain slightly higher, but as far as making it fatter or warmer, you'll probably want to invest in either an OD pedal or 10 band EQ (or any graphic band EQ for that matter).

all amps gain sounds thicker with an OD pedal-level usually dimed, and high and low set to taste, with the 'gain' adjusted slowly from zero. if that doesn't make the gain heavy enough for you, then you probably want another amp to be perfectly happy.

did a little research and it says it has an ECC83 in the power amp? i don't know if that's right or not, according to the 'Tubes' sticky, that's a preamp valve, so i'm not sure. either way, 5 watt amps are usually powered with smaller valves anyway, and have a more fizzy sound compared to bigger amps. i noticed this a lot when i had my Blackheart LG and had marshall-like characteristics and good crunch, but no roar. it wasn't until i put EL34s in my Randall that i got a really heavy sound that was full and thick on it's own, without an OD.

though i'm sure you'll be able to get close to the sound you want with just an OD pedal (if you're not already using one), and if not, then an EQ might help you shape your tone to what you want. and if THAT doesn't help, then it's time to start looking for either a higher wattage valve amp, or some other SS amp that can get heavy tones you're looking for.
yes, the kids have finished arguing. if there's one thing i seem to be prone to, it's misinterpretations of my words. i think we can all agree that this thread was a good venting area for everyone, b/c i don't think much else has been accomplished despite our best efforts lol.

oh God i need a beer...oh wait.......found one
it's not that i'm freaking out, i just don't like someone saying i said something i didn't. you tell me how an overdrive pedal is going to get the threadstarter the tones he wants on a SS amp and i'll admit my first statement was bogus. and you tell me how a tubescreamer on the clean channel of a valve amp is going to get those tones as well, and i'll admit the second bolded statement was bogus as well.

you sir, wanted to see me post something i didn't, and before re-reading properly, you did. but we don't need to argue about it anymore, we'll just leave it behind us and forget about it and be UG friends like we should be.
^hence why i used grammar techinques such as COMMAS, instead of a PERIOD. the only way you can say that i made it seem that way is if you read my commas as if they were periods bro. you took a whole statement and singled out a fraction of it. that's selective reading.
i never said you can't do metal with a SS amp, read my original post carefully, and you'll see that you WANTED to see that statement, b/c I did not make such a stupid statement. never have and never will. my god, who knew one statement could be blown so out of proportion...oh wait...i guess shit like that happens all the time actually. now i'm just waiting for someone to say, 'oh yea, misread that, didn't mean to assume you said what you didn't, let's get on with life, let's go have some beer and shoot some lines,' etc
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and to the slashrocks kid, you really do need to do a bit more research before you start giving advice like that. You can get metal tones out of a line6 spider, or the clean channel of a tube amp with a distortion pedal. Your opinions are all fine and whatnot but you could really feed someone bad information. Just be careful with what you say 'round these parts.

anyone who thinks i stated that you can ONLY get metal tones out of a valve amp needs to re-read my post, i stated nothing of the like. and i also said that TUBESCREAMER (a.k.a. 'TS') on the clean channel of an amp won't get those metal/thrash tones.

now i'm just waiting for the 3rd person to come in and tell me i said what i didn't...these things always happen in 3s..
^they gonna have to ship that through a cargo container? i heard his LP is huge haha
^i assumed so, which is why i didn't go as far to bash anyway, no harm done, i got respect for people who can admit when they misread things and get a lil carried away, cuz i've done it a couple times quite recently.

why hasn't the TS posted what amp he/she's talking about? this thread is starting to eat itself from the insides out.
holy christ, i didn't imply valve amps are the only way to go haha. i think my post was all kinds of misread by a couple people.

personally i'll take a valve amp over a SS amp just about any day, but that's because of my own preference, my advice i give has nothing to do with that.
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Lol, randall rg100es, ampeg VH140/ss150, Crate GT3500. Lots of great SS amps for metal... Do some research before talking out your ass.

i can't say for the life of me that i've ever heard a tubescreamer pedal get thrash and metal tones on the clean channel of a valve amp, and if you could post a link to someone doing it that'd be great. i don't talk out my ass thank you very much.
alright bro, first things first, what is your MAX budget?

i can already tell you that the VK isn't going to be your best choice for that death/black/core style. i'm thinking a Bugera 5150 clone is going to be what you want for sure.

anyway, budget please, that VK won't sound nearly as good as the Bugera for those styles, i'm pretty sure.
what amp are you talking about?...

also, if the amp isn't a valve amp, then that TS isn't going to do any good. on a SS amp, or even a valve amp's clean channel, you're just gonna get a good rock sound, not a metal sound (pardon me for calling metallica and megadeth metal). the only way a TS will get you a metal sound is if your amp is a valve amp, on it's overdrive channel, and already has most of the gain/drive needed for that genre.

OD pedals don't generally do 180 tricks on amps.
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They provide a manual for these purposes that it seems very few ever read.

reading the manual is how i psychologically prepare myself for the new piece of gear i am about to engulf my current day's like getting a really good hard on before know..
some sigs are worth it like mentioned, the ones that aren't more of a collector's item, anyway.

though, like also mentioned already, i'd prefer to have a standard or non-signature model modded to my own specs and go from there, with my own personalization. i really could not see purchasing a collector's that money wasted...kinda reminds me of a local concert hall here in town that gets a lot of popular mainstream bands (Hinder, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd) and then they always get them to sign a guitar, but the guitar is 9 times out of 10- super low end model such as a squier bullet or epiphone lp jr lol....then they hang em up in the tattoo parlor section on the walls by - *GASP*- driving a damn bolt into the body of the guitar into the wall to hold it up!! (hurts my eyes to see this, even on the CHEAPEST of guitars...)

wouldn't be such a bid deal if i didn't always see them on craigslist a few months later trying to be sold for $1000- no joke- all b/c they're 'signed by the whole band of Hinder!!' or some ridiculous garbage hahaha
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Its just one of those things where we already have to plaster warning stickers all over every product now to compensate for those who wont read the manual. After all the engine brake on lawnmowers came about because lawn mowers didnt come with specific instructions that it wasnt also a convenient hedge clipper, yea some moron lifted one and cut his fingers off.

so true lol...makes me laugh every time i think about it
your amp is what's gonna get you those tones, NOT your guitar. if you want enough versatility to play more than just extreme metal really well, then go for a nice set of passives. actives can do other styles, but they seem to only shine on metal and hard rock.

and as far as what amp to get goes, there's a lot you could get, but the general idea of VKs is that they can do metal (talking like death/black/core) decently if you have an OD and swap out tubes/speaker, otherwise it'll be tough getting convincing tones from that amp for those styles.

don't even change pups before getting a new amp, it's not gonna make a bit of difference in your current amp, and stock Gibby pups will prolly sound good enough for a while so that you don't need to focus on changing them right now. but like i said, if all you're concerned about is playing heavy metal, then those pups will work, but a good set of passives can do the same thing.
i think you might want to look away from actives if you plan on playing anything lighter than the mentioned bands as well, such as rock and hard rock and anything with substantial amount of cleans.

it's becoming more common for guitarists to use a good set of passives over actives for the sake of being able to cover a much wider range of genres.
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Exactly, you turn the TV OFF. You don't sell it do you?

even though he seemed a little dickish in his statement, TS, he's got a good point here. i agree with a lot of people here, practicing with shitty tone can make you want to put your guitar down fast...i HATE practicing with obnoxiously bad tone...b/c part of what inspires me to do a good lead or rhythm, is having that beautiful tone it requires to REALLY sing through. i try to practice as well as noodle around, but without a good standard tone, practice seems like torture.

don't sell your stuff, just practice self control and make sure you're practicing your scales and rhythms and such, and not just fooling around all the time. props to you for keeping your hobby strong even after a family, that's my biggest concern for when i have my own...more income towards the mrs. and kid(s) and less towards my gear! and then trying to find time to play on top of having a family ...depressing...oh well, guess i could always be a regular of a local blues club
well if you buy the head/cab version, you can switch around different cabinets later on, and then if you find a cab you like, end up getting rid of the head and still have a nice cab. i believe that head/cab versions of amps sound a little better than their combo counterparts, and nothin tears it up like a good old fashioned half/full stack pumping all that air. but if you don't plan on doing any kind of medium/big gigging any time within the next couple of years, just stick with a combo. i love not having to worry about the hassle of a 4x12 or ANY cab for that matter, much easier to transport.
i can answer the big question easily: NO. a combo has the head unit as well as the speaker all in one enclosure, the head/cab version requires BOTH. running a head without a cab is the worst thing you can do, it'll just fry your amp instantly.