if i'm correct, that preamp tube will cause some more headroom, resulting in less overall gain from the amp, which could be bad or good for you. if you use an OD pedal or some other pedal to get gain from this amp, then i think it's not that big of a deal. if you rely solely on the amp's volume control for your gain, then i would rethink it.

i used to own one and upgraded the valves to a JJ EL84 and tung sol 12AX7 (vice versa of what you read actually) and it made it sound so much better, and didn't even hardly cost me that much. it was definitely less than $30 USD for the two tubes and WAY worth it.

i suggest you go with what i tried, it'll smooth out the amp's gain as well as making it more clear.
just about all those amps you listed, TS, will not do your guitar ANY justice.

i would think you could score a used Blackheart Handsome Devil (15 watts valve) and be pretty happy with it.
i tried playing a strat through one the other day and the salesman was like, 'we're gonna have to hook you up to one of these over here...'

CLEARLY away from the all-valve marshalls, and plugged me into a f*ckin Randall RG50...i mean COME ON...i said i wanted to play through a tube amp and he sits there and puts me through one that is more of a lower end model, not to mention my LAST choice in that shop for anything blues/hard rock like what i was playing. it didn't sound terrible, but i was severely pissed at that douche move, which i'm sure was more of a guide line from the shop owner, saving the better valve amps for people who were set to buy.

sorry for the rant...just wanted to share how i was interested in playing the JVM and they walked me right over to the bottom of the barrel testers
i have a Randall RM50 combo amp and i'm wondering how much tolex would be sufficient for covering it all? sold by the square yard, though i'm sure yall knew that already. anyway, first time doing anything like this so any help is appreciated.
if they tolex the amp in snakeskin i think i might cream myself.

i want to retolex mine in well as whatever cab i eventually get...can't imagine anything sexier lol
^if it's for the money then i believe slash would have a lot more stuff out there, he could market anything with his popularity now as big as it was in the early 90s. i do agree that sig pups are definitely not necessary, but you could say the same about Angus, Iommi and Dime who had completely unecessary sig pups.

he is getting close...but i'm hoping he'll just stay wise and not completely over do it. anyway, i'll try not to comment on product endorsing by him anymore, i'm sure with my username i already seem like a completely obsessed fan boy haha.
i don't think slash is selling out any more than any other accomplished guitarist really. Page, Perry, Angus, Clapton...they all have signature gear...they're all legends...i won't consider it selling out till it's on the same level as Gene Simmons haha. and i'd say Dimebag as well, but i think most of the selling out of his name was after he passed away.
^now when it comes to Caswell modded amps, i have no doubt those can nail the tone pretty close. but compared to all the amps OUT there, Caswell modded amps are somewhat of a scarcity. i'll have to check out that Friedman demo asap lol.

i'm not claiming it can't be done, but i've personally not heard the studio sound of AFD nailed. i could just be tone deaf and not know it though.
yea i know my RM50 is capable of shelling out some intensity, especially back when i had the 'Ultra' and 'Recto' modules. with an OD my 'Brown' module can get this kind of intensity, but the stock Agile pups are holding it back
well my personal experience, i started on a crappy firstact .5 watt belt amp, then 'upgraded' to an Ibanez tone blaster- and i DID enjoy having more knobs...then it took about a year before i wanted another so i went with Vox's AD30VT and LOVED all the FX and different models...but yet again, it took all of a few months before i realized what i was lacking in the crunch department...

i guess it all depends on how much the TS will want that crunch. if it annoys him as much as it did me, he'll want a valve to start on, if he's not as OCD about it, then he'll enjoy a nice modeling amp.

and i assumed the TS (if he hasn't been playing long at all) might have been talking about a Fender Squire model, if not, then i would DEFINITELY not recommend playing through a SS/modeling amp lol...
UPDATE: will trade for a chorus pedal. not a crappy one, i want a good chorus lol.
i find a lotta people get CLOSE to his tone, but very few hit the nail on the head. and as far as the AFD tone goes, i've yet to hear that one reproduced, even in most live gnr samples, though i guess the studio with have something to do with that as well.

his tone isn't incredibly hard to achieve if you've got the right gear, but it's still a great tone nonetheless. i'm particularly fond of the 'Wild Horses' beautiful lol..
Quote by beckyjc
Spiders are shit. Well theyre okay for practice, but the ones i reccomended are all alot better for the money.

Im not sure on the laney.

5 watt valve amp isnt a good idea for a beginner really, since at this stage its mroe about developing his sound and working out what effects (if any) TS likes.

not to be a smartass, but i'm sure back in the day before digital technology, there were just as many valve amps as SS amps if not more, and i'm sure just as many beginners would have started on their dad's valve amp for practice or something...i dunno. i see what you're saying though.

TS, how long have you actually been playing guitar?
^you'll find that your theory of power tube distortion (or lack there of, lol) is more than likely what made it tough to differentiate as well as be impressed. my 'Brown' module doesn't really open up to the beast it is until i get the master to about 1/8 or so, which still isn't the sweet spot, but that's when i start going, 'oh yea...THAT'S why i had to get a valve amp'
a plexi is only 'obviously out of budget' for those who can't spend around the $1200 or so mark (two of em locally sold for that much). and that price range is becoming a lot more common for a wider range of UGers than when i first joined it seems.

if i wanted to be outrageous i would have suggested a hand-wired boutique amp.

TS, with a max budget of 250, i'd say look for a used Blackheart Little Giant if you can find one, i don't know how available they are in the UK however. i wish i knew what lower wattage models Laney had b/c i figure those are easier to attain.

also, with your price range, if FX are REALLY necessary, expect to lower your standards as far as great tone goes, b/c you're going to want power tube break up for that signature 70s/80s rock sound. getting a modeling/SS amp in your price range won't cater well to that sound, at least it'll leave you desiring a lot more in the area of actual OVERDRIVE sounds...which is why i'm suggesting you get a low wattage valve amp and then save up later for some FX.

i think a mod will move this to 'Riffs and Recordings', TS. they'll be of more help.
you'll prolly just need to get a real traditional style wah pedal...
this needs to be moved to the recording section
we need budget, we can't do shit without a budget. Marshall Plexi...there ya go....that should nail it. though we could be more helpful and accurate to what you can actually afford with guessed it...budget.
i'm not going to promote getting a pedal and even further delaying you from the 6505, so forget the pedal altogether. just hold off until you get that amp. a pedal will only but a band aid on a gunshot wound. is CLEARLY stated on the website that the inventor does NOT want to imitate an electric or acoustic guitar, he's made this guitar for the sole purpose of ELECTRONIC MUSIC.

i don't think he wants it to sound much like a traditional electric or acoustic at all, just read on his website.

therefor, i don't think the tone thing really matters...electronic music's primary focus isn't 'great tone'
pretty awesome riffin' man, i use the Brown module as well, though it's unmodded. i'm either assuming that part of the mod was a switchable gain boost? though i know those EMGs prolly helped as well with bringing some intensity to the module. either that or an OD?

anyway, i love mine, but even when it's cranked and 3/4 gain i can't exactly get that kinda sound, yours just has more growl...maybe it's the 4x12 lol...i dunno...

anyway, loved it. i want to get mine modded eventually, after i replace my 'clean' module though.
i hear more people saying the cubes are just as equally bad as any other modeler at taking pedals. and the Vox Vavletronix amps don't have power valves, they have a small preamp valve incorporated into the preamp signal. though not enough to make a huge difference, i owned one for a few years and can honestly say i never got the signature valve 'crunch' from that amp. loved it but never got that sound that comes from cranked valves.
hahahaha i think they will do better than just hot rod a JCM800 circuit....i hope to God so. not saying that Slash would only put out the BEST of the BEST in signature gear, but i think he's been pretty good about making sure that gear with his name on it sounds great relative to cost.

and i feel ya on the JCM conspiracy, i think Marshall was trying to push the JCM800 thing so that they could make the JCMs more popular overall, thus selling more units altogether of what they got left in stock. not only that, but every Joe out there with an 800 now will want to believe this so that they can sell it for even more when they decide to put it on the market. 'just one mod away from pure Appetite for Destruction tone!'<<<doesn't that sound like a good selling point? haha...well i'm kinda half kidding, but i could totally see it happening at the same time.
dude, why did you make a thread about this? what you're asking about is CLEARLY stated in EVERY thread where someone asks about mixing a dirt box and a modeling amp. there's ALWAYS multiple UGers who will visit that thread and post something along these lines:

'modeling amps and distortion/OD pedals don't mix well, generally not a good idea, but if you HAVE to, set it up on the cleanest model possible'

this thread is not going to reveal any new information to you that you don't already know. dirt box on clean channel of modeling amp sounds 'ok' at best. a waste of time still.
obviously i misread a little. my bad. well i try to stay away from used shops (i'll buy used from personal sellers...shops/pawns can be sneaky people in my experience) mainly for the fact that exchanging in case the pedal is faulty isn't so clean cut. they'll prolly tell you that you can return it, but you can only get credit, no cash. that's how a lotta shops around here do it. let's hope not.
majority of people who inhale cigars:

1) are dumb and trying to kill their lungs by improperly smoking a cigar

2) aren't smoking a real cigar. black and milds, dutch masters/white owls, as well as many others that i've heard friends claim to be 'cigars'...they're not.

i smoke a cigar once a week on average for the past year, usually it'll fluctuate depending on social drinking with my boys, in which i like to have a cigar while we're drinking our beer haha. also depends on income at any given time. since i don't get full time hours, i usually try to stick around the $6 or so price range per cigar. relatively low cost in the world of cigars, but still adds up at the end of every month.

TS, don't be fooled. although a different type of bodily harm, cigars can STILL cause it. i would assume the lungs are pretty much safe for the most part since you wouldn't be inhaling unless you're retarded, but you gotta think of gum disease as well as wearing your teeth away. mouth cancer, tongue cancer, those are possible. and since the cigars contain all that tobacco, they also contain nicotine. obviously i don't have to tell you that this can cause an addiction of some sort. if you're smart, you can keep it from getting like the typical cigarette addiction, where it builds up and you're smoking two packs a day. i've had a rough couple of months where stress caused me to crave 3 cigars in a single week, and i've also gone a month and a half without craving one EASILY before. in fact, i haven't had one in two weeks and went in the store yesterday to buy one, smelled a couple bad cigars in the humidified room and it sent my craving away...i no longer desired a cigar. just don't resort to smoking one primarily to relieve stress...that can lead to a dangerous connection. i smoke mine for the flavor (and such a great flavor, i despise the smell of cigarette smoke and taste...i can definitely tell cigars have a more 'fresh' and 'unmanufactured' taste) and i love them. i had one that was bourbon flavored over xmas break as a gift from a friend who visited NYC and i loved it.

point is, you can get addicted in some way, it's not impossible nor is it 'unlikely.' it's all about how you approach your smoking. though i think most people who smoke cigars, and not cigarettes, can manage their smoking so that it's more of a hobby than a habit if you get me. in no way do i feel like cigars run my life, but then again i'm only one year in...i can update in 10 years if you like .

oh...and more wise words if you haven't made this connection yet....NEVER smoke on an empty stomach...i didn't learn until after the 3rd time doing this that you're almost guaranteed to feel nassau and then throw up lol. smoke after eating plenty, and you'll be super relaxed.

i love cigars
^that's according to SLASH'S testimonial. everyone's got slightly different stories regarding the exact model, and Slash WAS big on drugs for a while, so who knows if his memory was affected? lol.

in any case, i'm sure it was the Super Tremolo modded by Caswell, and i think it was already discussed that the Super Tremolo could have just been a version of a JCM. i really don't think he used a JCM800 for his dirty sound, even if it was modded. but to each their own.
well take it back regardless. any reputable shop would exchange it for the same model with no added price, if they do i'd just demand a refund.

i'm sure they'll just give you another. if they don't have one in stock, tell them what you want to do and they should order one in and let you keep using yours till they get it.
return it, tell them you want a brand new one instead. they're not going to have a tech look at it b/c it'd prolly be cheaper for them to just chuck it and sell another new one...and even if not, they'd still have a lot less hassle just getting you a new one.
^eh, i didn't sleep much last night...lemme fix that
Quote by sfx
Is this amp now considered the most versatile tube amp now?

It would most definitely give the modeling amps a run for their money, especially the cube series.

It can sound like a Vox, Fender, Mesa and a Marshall.

That's very versatile to me...

I don't know of any other tube amps that does this and not require digital modeling.

Randall MTS series, does not use digital modeling. All valve. Has preamp modules based off of the most famous sounding amps, from Vox and Fender to Marshall to Bogner and Mesa. Has external bias points on the back of the amp allowing you to run different power tube types. these few features here alone make this amp extremely versatile while remaining fully valve driven, not that it has to be all valve to be good or anything.

and you can get a recording/giggable combo with two modules for $1400 brand new, not that much of a jump from 900, and i think you're getting great bang for your buck.

i'm all for this new Mesa, don't get me wrong, but all-valve versatility has been out for a while already. Egnater amps started the whole swappable preamp modules thing that is running strong through Randall right now, if i remember correctly.

Quote by Jhachey22
TS: not by a long shot.

bad monkey fo sho. loved mine, considering another for kicking around....that 'low' bass knob is pretty least for this budget that's what i'd suggest...
what styles do you play?

seeing as i play mostly hard rock and blues rock, as well as my own style influenced by many others, i love picking dynamics in my playing, i LOVE them. without my dynamics i feel like i don't have as much control over my overall sound. if you use a lot of dynamics (playing softer or really soft so that your sound cleans up some, or playing really hard so that you get a bit of drive added just by hitting the strings harder, etc.) in your playing, then a compressor isn't really all that necessary.

generally, from what i've learned, they're used just like they've already been described in this thread. in a lot of styles it seems that dynamics aren't necessary, so a compressor doesn't take away from the guitarists' playing. i don't know all the styles that would benefit the most from a compressor, but i know for the most part, blues players and the like don't need them per say. hell, so many blues players prefer to just go straight into their valve amp most the time anyway, save for a boost pedal occasionally. and most the time, that's how i prefer it as well.
so you're saying you're going for another spider? and not a valve spider? and i'm interested in knowing which Marshalls and Peaveys you played.

if you liked the Spider's (not the valve one) distortion out of the others the most (minus the vox and fenders) for metallica, then i guess that's your decision. though you're taking one major step backward by buying an oversized practice amp. i hope to God this isn't some kind of sick trolling method.
Quote by Junnage
Sorry, I'm not going to answer the PAF questions man.

we all get that you want to be super double top secret probation about the PAF for some weird ass reason, but if there'd be anyone to bend the rule for, Al would definitely be one of the few of them here on UG. he seems to know his sh!t to a great extent. i don't quite get why you're all huffy about the PAF thing personally, but it IS your thread and your request so i'll stop whining about it.

though i really wanted to add that with a $200 budget, you should start looking around at all the handwound pups that you can, for a SINGLE pup with that price range, you should be able to get someone to get a pup close as possible to your exact specifications. or you could just get a mass produced pup that still sounds good and spend the rest on crack.
[quote="Raijouta^ Good luck , the Marshall Silver Jubs typically go for like $2500 last I checked...

As it would appear, some of them are channel switching and others aren't. The mini stack one only has the lead channel, I think...[/quote"]

was definitely talking about the Ceriatone amp lol, especially if they offer a two channel model. though the only thing i'd worry about is their repair/warranty policy....if anything goes wrong (wouldn't expect it on such nice amps but you never know) YOU have to pay shipping both ways, i thought it'd be more fair to only pay ONE way...and being in the US, shipping from UK and back, whew lol...other than that little detail, i think i'd very much love one of those amps.
hmm well the marshall one i saw on ebay was a single channel so i assumed they all were...that's what i get for assuming..

channel switcher god i think i might know the next amp i'll be saving for....