i'm really itchin' to try out the SJ clone from Ceriatone...opposed to you, i really dig Slash's 'live era' tone and love the dirty sounds the SJ can crank out. but of course being able to be tame and produce great cleans is a must as that model from ceriatone a single channel amp? master volume? just curious...i know the Marshall SJs are single channel...AFAIK anyway...
pretty much what's already been said, bro. if you're assuming that one brand is best at only one style, then you're wrong, all brands these days seem to have expanded their horizons enough to cover at least a couple different styles rather well.

though i don't think Fender has cared too much to venture into the metal market with some nice quality amps (fender metalhead does NOT count, even though it says 'metal' in the name)...

anyway, all i'm saying is that these days, it's hard to find an end-all-be-all of any one genre...clones and similar amp brands to what few amps used to rule the industry are now heavy competitors to OUR (the musician with a definite budget) advantage.

we need a budget before we can suggest the best one(s) you can afford.
yea i found a guy selling his for $10 so i'm prolly gonna pick it up b/c it's chump change, try to get him down to around there.
haha man i feel ya on the 'brown' module...for a while i thought i was the only person around to have one....and i traded an 'ultra' for it haha, i feel like i totally raped that guy's deal...oh well.

i love it...and i'm running EL34s in my RM50, so it's got the marshall flavor all if i could just get someone to trade me something for that plain jane 'clean' module i'd be alright...maybe a 'top boost' would make for some nice vox like cleans....though i doubt i'll ever convince anyone to trade a good clean or cleanish module for it.

slash_edit: when i say i traded an ultra for it, i meant like a year ago i traded MY ultra and got the brown module in return lol. i love that thing, it really does all those styles so nicely like you said. though i think instead of maxing the gain, i like to push with an OD for GNR, at least leads anyway.
if you can't find some that fit right into it, you could always use a (don't freak!) drill and drillbit to make the screw hole slightly wider, so that it won't crack the wood at all when you put the new screw in.
^hey i feel ya. though i think it's MatrixClaw that said he was surprised at how insanely close it got to valve amp sounds on certain models, including the dynamics of your playing as if you haven't played one yet, you should give it a shot if you ever see it in a store. i know i will. one day i'd love to have one for the sake of practicing any style without having to switch day lol.
TS, you just got your first valve amp head and you run it WITHOUT A CAB?! way to go, that sound is probably the circuit board frying. this is half stack 101: NEVER USE THE HEAD WITHOUT A CAB, unless you know how to properly use a dummy load. i doubt you used a dummy load though.

will be looking forward to your future 'new amp' thread.
Shabadoo, it sounds like you should be running a flextone or vetta
^as funny as your post is to ME, UG mods can still give you warnings/bans for spam bro...

uneccessary bashing is one of the main rules in the GG&A forum rules sticky...don't go getting yourself reported.
Quote by BucketheadOwns
I prefer the weeping demon. The cry baby will always be a good choice, but some people will recommend it purely because of it's name and because some famous guitarists use it

The weeping demon is more versatile and imo sounds better. If you cant try them out in a shop then look on youtube for comparison videos, the WD sounds better in every one

saying the weeping demon is more versatile than a crybaby isn't a ridiculous statement, but saying it's more versatile than a 535Q is kinda pushing it lol. they're both incredibly versatile, and yes i've played both and now own the Dimebag sig, which is essentially a 535Q with a boost and paintjob.

the weeping demon's cons to me were that it felt a little cheap, construction wise. it didn't have that built-like-a-tank feel that crybabies and voxes do. i didn't like the clean wah sounds on it too much, definitely not compared to a vox or crybaby (higher end model that is). it sounded good on higher gain settings no doubt though. but the actual part of the pedal you rock back and forth feels more wimpy compared to a crybaby, and like it'd be a lot easier to break if you (dunno if you can do this with a weeping demon, LOL) were to stand on one foot with all your weight on it. having the knobs in an easy to bend down and reach position are a nice touch on the WD, but i'd rather have the smaller side-located knobs on the dimebag wah and an all around tank of a pedal, compared to the weeping demon which has been said before to be a lil on the non-lasting side lol.

and of course i love the tone of my pedal.
i'm pretty sure the settings thread covers the second part of your question.

i can do some research in a minute, but you could too for the effects, just google it. that's what i'm getting ready to do. really not too tough.

took me 2 seconds to find

at about 2:10 or so he gets to his pedalboard, which doesn't look complex at all. i have my macbook muted so i dunno what's being said, i just skipped to where i could see his pedals.
wow everytime i read analogic (is that a real word?), i read 'anal logic.' i know everyone around here just says 'analog' lol. but anyway, it doesn't matter if a pedal is analog/digital/valve powered, as long as you like the sound that's all that matters. if you get caught up in whether it's digital/analog, you're going to assume that one is always better than the other, which is NOT the case, i assure you. you'll also end up potentially paying more money just for the sake of 'analog' circuitry.

that little segment aside, i've heard of people doing this through an FX loop with modulation FX (delay, chorus, phaser, etc.) and it seems as long as it bypasses the power amp, it works well with digital multi-fx pedals. that's the impression I'VE gotten. though, it's a general consensus that you don't want to use any sort of boosting or distortion from the pedal if you have a stompbox alternative (or if you've got awesome amp gain already). i imagine it'd suffice for practicing and such, but as far as being a great gigging tone or a tone you'd be impressed with, it seems that leaving that for a single pedal that's made for that purpose (overdrive/distortion pedals) is a better idea.

though you can always try this out and see how it sounds to you using both FX AND distortion/boost from the POD, and if you don't like it, return it.

i prefer an amp to have just as useable cleans as it does overdrive if i'm going to use it, and only requiring a boost to get into heavier styles or just for thickening up an already amazing tone. using a pedal to totally make it sound like another beast, i'm just not into that as a lot of people here aren't into as well, just b/c of preference. but nothing's wrong with you if YOU DO like doing that with your POD. good luck!

Quote by Jacksabbath_44
yes... but you can give it a shot with the emulations too, line 6's people say that all the emulations are designed to sound and to be configured like the real ones... but for example the 808 and its clones are different, when you play them in a tube amp... but as a boost per se i don't know, i've read about people using badmonkey ov as a boost and i think it's a digital pedal... so try...

the reason you think it's digital might be the reason a LOT of people think it's digital without research: because it says 'Digitech' on it. but it really is an analog pedal. and i had this pedal for a while, it made for an awesomely cheap boost, and on a tube amp, i found it quite useable on the clean channel for classic rock sounds, but i guess that all depends on how you can EQ it lol. having a 'bass' knob was awesome. thinking about picking up another one actually...
ok, when you say 'effects', you generally don't refer to distortion as an effect (not saying it isn't in some way, but there's a LOT less confusion when you only refer to distortion as gain/overdrive/etc.)

what amp are you using? like i stated in another thread, if you're buying a pedal to do heavy metalcore tones, you're most likely gonna get garbage. the only way you'll be satisfied is by getting an amp suited for the heavier styles.

long story short: you cheap out on your amp/pedals, usually it'll show in the tone.

oh, and
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hahaha your post is spam too, noob

i'm not spamming, i'm actually contributing help to this thread. i hope you were at least half joking or something, otherwise the title above your avatar would be more than just a coincidence.
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blood, sweat and human faeces.

i hope you know this pretty much counts as blatant spam, easily reportable. ESPECIALLY since the FIRST post the TS will see is garbage like that, it's a lame move, anyone can deal with a joke but that's a terrible way to start off someone's thread asking for help.

i'm not gonna report, but just thought you should remember that for future references, where anyone else, including myself, will most likely report.
this thread does go here in this section, yes, but your question is extremely vague. you don't really need ANY FX to play these styles as far as i know, but just generalizing, these effects i've heard from what little of this style i listen to:

delay: either on clean tone for short passages or on lead tone to thicken up your solo just a bit
chorus: once again, on clean tone usually to make it shimmer, usually just on some passages
harmonizer: kinda obvious, certain fills/breakdowns make use of a harmonized phrase before/after a riff
wah: just a standard for ANY style of music just about, how you use it is completely up to you
if you're needing a pedal to get those tones, that means your amp is most likely the source of the problem. i'm 99% sure you just need an amp that can hit these tones, not a pedal that will sound good for about a week.
^advice noted, and yes, i do still plan on sticking with the LOTB set. and i haven't forgotten to make sure to record a couple clips when i finally pick them up and install them. come to think of it, it'd be the first clips i've recorded with my's been like a year haha.
there's nothing wrong with liking Dime's tone. would i use it? not for anything other than Pantera songs probably. do Pantera's songs suck b/c his tone wasn't what we usually consider 'great' tone? no. like has been stated in many Dime tone debates before, his tone worked great for what they were playing. and that's all that matters. i still get pumped listening to some Pantera any day, whether the tone is something i'd use or not.

and i wasn't aware the Warheads were outta production lol. the one i saw at a store last year was still in brand new condition...i shoulda had my friend pick that thing up while it was still layin' around...might of been a decent price for an out of production amp...oh well....
^that or get the Warhead SS amp, which was still relatively cheap...i played it like almost a year ago with a friend who is a HUGE Dime enthusiast, and the sound was beautiful for that heavy thrash style of theirs. i think it had some built in fx, but i don't remember well. if you like Pantera though, i'd get the Warhead.
^thanks for posting some firsthand experience bro. anyway you could expand on the sound of these pups? what styles you play, how much gain you've played with these things, even clips. i'll be using these for a nice wide range of styles, but mostly hard rock/blues and 80s hard rock.
i guess if i'm ever going to be a decent cop, i should start polishing up my investigative skills a lil...

anyone who doesn't find this link somewhat intriguing should be branded...with MY initials...anyway, just a few threads down you see he's stated he's been playing 3 years roughly. he's also posted the same exact thread in two other forum categories, against the rules isn't it? i'm pretty sure it is.

though i'm definitely not stating the TS is a liar lol...i'm just pointing out that he's kinda broken the rules and i'm thinking of reporting since the other threads are open still, and i find it hard to believe that a guitarist with 3 years of experience gets this kind of expensive gear? but who knows, there ARE rich kids out there with even richer parents, right?

once again, TS i'm not saying you're lying, but i mean come on...3 years of playing and then acquiring a 12K guitar IS a lil fishy if i do say so myself. now if you were just a wealthy black man, this would be an open-shut case!
Quote by colin617
As someone who owns a Silver Jubilee, I don't really hear the famous Appetite for Destruction tone when I plug into it. Don't get me wrong, GnR sounds can be coaxed out of it (especially with the Les Paul), but it isn't exactly the sound people mean when they think of Slash's tone. It's really more "Joe Bonamassa" than "Slash".

not trying to be a smart ass, but you're not getting the Appetite sound b/c he didn't use the SJs until UYI I and II. i'm pretty sure Slash uses an MXR 10 band EQ live as well with his amps, for boosts or something...but yea, what you're saying makes sense. just b/c it's the amp he used doesn't mean anyone can get the GnR sound from it...his playing style and specific guitar/pup setup as well as volume all come into play, but most importantly the fact that HE IS Slash. he could get his sound out of any amp he uses i'm sure.

just like i can get 'my' sound out of any decent amp i use as well.

and JHackey, i misread your post earlier, in fact i read it a lil too fast and missed crucial points. so, yes, i'm a retard for that haha.

we're all human.
Quote by JHackey22
He said Plexi in his book.

he also did heroin everyday for years lol...maybe i should do some research on that Super Tremolo from Marshall, for all i know it could be some type of modded JCM...which would make BOTH of us correct lol. though, you might have also been thinking of what he meant he used for his cleans and possibly some other passages....though almost all the lead and dirty sounds shoulda been through that super tremolo.

gregs, you're definitely correct. i try to stay away from most sig stuff, until the hype around it has faded and the REAL critiquing comes in.

though i definitely wouldn't complain if a company was willing to slap my name on a nice guitar/amp/pedal...

slash_edit: lol, Al pretty much confirmed my theory...uh...and yea, George Lynch coincidentally was attracted to that same amp Slash tried to steal from SIR and even used it for some legs of his touring during that time frame. i believe he was also wanting to buy it, but of course SIR denied b/c that amp was one of the most demanded for recording/etc. it's definitely an interesting story...and anything you wanna know about Marshall, apparently just ask Al. Any guy that puts a demo of his amp successfully playing 'All Right Now' by Free is worth listening to.
i have the Dime wah and so far it's pretty sweet, i NEVER use distortion from anything other than my amp (or sometimes an OD pedal), so the 'boost' function isn't too appealing to me as it adds some unwanted gain/noise. very tweakable, i'm really digging it. pretty great for rock and metal, and i've used it for cleans as well and still love it. i might actually keep this pedal a while lol.
not to be a dick, JHachey22, but techincally it was a super tremolo Marshall, not exactly a JCM...

i try to keep my fanboyism in ever since GH3 came out...but i would much rather he have them re-issue the Jubilee or make an amp as close to the specs of his modded Super Tremolo as possible and release that...i have a feeling they're just gonna take a JCM of some type as a base model and then add some features here and there and slap his name on it...

but who knows...maybe the amp will come out awesome and actually worth MOST it's value (seeing as it IS a marshall, it's gonna be overpriced to some extent)...

well just about every single great guitarist has signature gear, so it doesn't make Slash any more/less of a 'sell out' than the next one, i just hope he doesn't get too carried away...sig pups are completely unecessary
dude, i can tell the situation you're in, i've been there. and what you're getting ready to do (buy whatever you can afford with a really low budget) is going to hurt you. you'll get the amp, it'll be better than your starter amp, but less than a year you'll want another amp. it's in your best interest to keep saving. you really won't get anything great with that budget. you're best bet is to just KEEP SAVING. looks like you're getting ready to be 16, happy early birthday. but that also means you should be able to attain a job soon enough, whether you have a car or not. and that means saving money. i'm sure if you explain to your parents you really need a substantially better amp, hence why you're wanting a job, then i'm sure yall could work something out if you don't have your own transportation.

all parents will break at some point, even if they start off practically saying, 'hell no, never.'

you're being way too patient on this one....but what do i know...i've only been there. lol.
man, don't worry about the size and wattage, not saying go for a head/cab, but getting a combo that's up to 50 valve watts wouldn't hurt ya. as long as your amp has a master volume control, you're set. i used my RM50 all the time at college, practice, jamming, whatever i wanted. people won't freak out as much as you think. during the day, everyone's either at class or out in town, and during the evening and night (if it's anything like it is here at ECU lol) everyone's still out and about, downtown, looking to party and stuff. it's not til night time when you really gotta watch your volume so much, during those 'quiet hours.'

my suggestion is that if you're going to get an amp, you've had enough practice amps. get something that's between 20-60 watts. it'll be loud enough for sure. though you should still throw a set budget out there, as well as the styles and all. you really don't need any more modeling type amps unless you really play that many different styles regularly that it's completely necessary.
why do people keep asking about amps that 'go good with x guitar?' ? do people really think that the amp they play has to some how match their guitar? maybe you don't pair the most extreme ends of the guitar spectrums with the opposite end of the amp spectrum normally, but there is NO set rule of what amp you HAVE to use with whatever guitar you have.

that being said, it'd be nice to know what you play most the time (not general, 'i play rock, jazz and metal', we need bands with similar sounds or something along those lines) and what you dabble in here and there. though we can all agree right now that you want a better budget to get a much more satisfying amp.
i was not aware of this Silver Jubilee it a whole new module, or a mod for plexi modules? i would be very interested in that one...
yea i just looked up some Soldano clips to get an idea, seeing as these modules are pretty good at pinpointing the amp's overall sound it models. looks like it'd be pretty good for everything from rock to some heavier 80s metal...I love my 'Brown' module, but since i've gotten rid of my OD pedal, when i want to do my heavier styles i don't have that added saturation...i love the tone of EndeverafteR's guitarists and that's closer to what i'm aiming for, for my own personal playing, but of course the gain has to be able to get a nice light OD crunch as well...the 'Brown' is just really great at that oldschool plexi sound, and boosting it is beautiful as well.

hmm....tough decision....though i think it may be modded, the guy said it was a Friedman SLO, and i think he MIGHT have been referring to a modder, haven't gotten a reply on that yet...if so, i think it might be a deal right there.
haven't found a demo on youtube yet, trying to find out what kinds of sounds to expect from this module? never personally played on a soldano either. is it only hi gain and not capable of lower gain stuff? wondering how this module would sound replacing my Brown module. any insight is appreciated, though insight from fellow MTS Randall users will mean the most lol.
TS, could you clarify whether the Xbox is capable of playing live or if it's banned? Not assuming you're scamming, but i've seen a lotta Xbox's go for real cheap b/c people had them modded and got caught in the unfortunate ban-wave lol.
crap, forgot to clarify, i'm still preferring money so the offer would really have to catch my fancy, so don't be surprised if i seem picky
i'll be open to some offers, but not my priority over some cash lol. anyway, just don't offer any garbage pedals, no distortions, multi-FX or guitar parts (pups-maybe, if they're the right kind)
^best advice that can be given is from firsthand experience...i'll keep what you said in mind as well, seeing as i'll eventually want a 2x12
ah, sorry for the false hope then...i guess you either gotta settle for less, or save up some more for something you'll be more satisfied with...but trust me, MTS line is worth waiting for..
in the US, is a great place to get tubes, really good prices and nice descriptions on every type of vacuum tube offered.

now, onto the more important matter:

It MAY not just be your power tubes. My RM50 had a very similar episode almost two years ago. Just jammed one day and not even on half volume, amp was still only a couple months new, and POP! fuse blew and amp was no good. eventually got new fuses...they kept blowing...i took a chance and opened up the chassis and took it apart and saw that there was black soot on a big part of the circuit board (instant mule-kick-to-stomach-feeling)...WARRANTY TIME. luckily the techs didn't see my fingerprint on one of the wires (haha black soot finger print on a bright blue'd think they'd notice that :P) and they fixed it no charge except for me shipping it TO them. they paid parts and labor and shipping BACK to me. it only took a few weeks worth of time for everything. maybe a month at most.

if you're lucky enough to still have some sort of warranty, and the tubes aren't the problem, get that found at ASAP. if not, then expect to take it to a tech. i'm not telling you my somewhat dim story to scare you, i just want you to be aware in case your tubes aren't the primary problem.

slash_edit: oh yea forgot to mention- it wasn't the fuse behind either of my power tubes that kept blowing (still replaced them lol), it was the fuse behind the power cable insert. dunno if all amps have a fuse behind there (assuming so), but if yours does and it's fine, then i guess that's a good bet it's not the same prob as mine lol. but hey...i'm not 100% sure that it didn't START with one of the tube fuses and THEN go to the power adapter fuse...honestly...