NOTHING will EVER stop the 'which amp' threads.....TRUST ME.

Happy NAD though. I hope you have a place to crank that thing at least once a week or so, b/c if not, eventually you'll feel like you're underusing it and you'll end up switching amps again...

I've got a 50 watter and regularly get to play it at 1/4 volume for church band, and in my house it's usually 1/8 with independent masters adjusted accordingly, and when jamming otherwise, it's whatever the hell i want it to be. Just be aware that if you rarely get to play it past even 1/4 volume, you'll be tempted to trade downwards in wattage.
i'm going to look into the curel stuff and see if i can't grab any, practically broke atm lol, go figure i wonder why. and i used intense skin repair (vaseline brand) lotion on my last tattoo, my cross. i forgot that it was only my first tattoo that i used only A&D on throughout. i've also used Dove lotion on my current tattoo, it didn't say it had any fragrances, and it had tea oil or something like that in it, but it was really smooth and silky, unlike this Lubriderm which is more on the thick side if you know what i mean.
lubriderm intense skin repair, and i haven't gotten directions for healing since my first tat, seeing as i guess my past two artists figured i already knew the who ordeal. i don't think my artist will have a prob touching it up if it ends up losing some color in that area. both my other two tats are filled with color as well, so it's not the first time i've dealt with color. just odd to me that it's happening, but i guess if it ends up affecting the tattoo, i'll just get it touched up.
got some concern guys and gals, i've never had this situation with any of my other tattoos, nor my sleeve til just yesterday. ever since i got the actual color started, it seems like the sky blue color that blends in with the wind bars likes to stay rather i lotion it up regularly, but the skin just stays lookin' more rough soon after...and one of the cherry blossoms is like that as well-it's got slight crust/scab along edges and center. and one other flower has it as well, but very little. and the third flower that was colored in is perfectly fine, as well as the waves that were colored in. what's the deal? i haven't lotioned it anymore or less than i've been doing up til now. is it just more likely to go dryer faster with bright colors?

also might be good to mention: my first two tattoos, i used A&D throughout the whole healing process (albeit light coats), whereas on this sleeve, A&D was applied right after the session, then after i took the bandage off i washed it and then applied non-fragranced lotion from there on out.
Update on the Koi half sleeve:

just went in for an hour today and started on color, i think i already mentioned what the color scheme is gonna be, and he touched on all parts of the tat so i could get a feel for how it'll look when it's finished. enjoy

a close up so you can see the texture and color blending better

comments welcome!
fourth session is today guys and gals, starting on color finally

talked with my artist and i think we've come up with a color scheme, seeing as i want a lot of blue without overdoing it: lighter blue to fade into the black shading of the windbars that go around the main design, blood waves, a regular blue for the koi, and then dark purple for the cherry blossoms. no idea which part we're coloring today, but you'll find out in like 16 or so hrs.
^ oh YES it could.

from experience, i had a few strips done on my chest once, it was EXTREMELY painful. the hair in the chest area (when it's as thick as the TS's, which is thicker than mine) is DEEP in the skin rooted. it WILL hurt. he'd have to have it trimmed first anyway. but i guarantee after 5 or 6 strips, if even that, he'll say, '**** it, i'm done'
man, and i thought I was really hairy...well i still am...and you know what, i'd be somewhat close to what you got if i didn't get my electric razor and trim it every once in a while. i also have to wax my back and top of my shoulders b/c i hate hair anywhere other than my front side. sometimes it catches on clothing and snags and HURTS BAD. plus, when i'm in my gym routine for the year, it's easier to show off progress without all my hair hiding it.

i've felt your pain since my sophmore year in high school man...and to add the cherry on top, i even started having thinning hair back then too, so i now already have a thin top that is obvious. at least you don't have to trim all your head hair down short to keep from looking like a comb-over weirdo (assuming you've got a full head of hair! lol)...and i'm only 20

oh well, i've met plenty of girls who love the hairy chest and don't even care about thinning hair on top, and i'm short and stocky. so i think you'll be fine regardless. though, you better be lifting weights or doing karate, no one likes a hairy guy that's all twiggy and pale.
the intro riffing is pretty similar to the riffing after the main 'loaded like a freight train...' melody, but you make it sound like they're identical-they're not. very similar for a few seconds, but for someone like me who knows the whole GNR catalog front to back i knew after the first few seconds it was neither a live take nor cover/attempt at a rip off. i'm not bragging, i'm just saying for ME i could definitely hear the differences...but this is my favorite band so it's kinda expected. maybe that's my prob...if i didn't know every GNR song to death and heard them all a thousand times, maybe i'd confuse them easier.

and regarding my username, 2005 just refers to the year i created my yahoo email account which i just keep using that same sn for all my profiles.

and lastly, Slash DID in fact rock in 05', with VR. i commend you for the entertainment bro, it's not very often i hear clips of songs that sound like they're ripping off GNR originals, i didn't think too many people had the balls to attempt that without giving credit.
i'll agree the the intro is similar in enough aspects to go 'hey is this?....oh wait...nvm' but that's bout it
yeah that definitely came out really well, anarkee. i think i'll go with shades of blue...though red for the wind bars is still tempting lol. i'm also wanting to get a PA style piercing...just concerned with if it'll heal up find if i end up not liking it. i wouldn't really be stretching it at all, just simple small gauge piercing.
i've got a first gen iPod Touch, and bought the UG Tabs app...but it's not syncing. does it not work on first gen iPod Touches? i've searched to see if anyone else had this prob but couldn't find anything. any help is appreciated.
well if anyone comes across any images of pieces with colored wind bars, feel free to send me a link. i haven't found any other than like i have really...harder to find than i though. maybe that's a good thing.

Quote by anarkee
Shades of blue work really well. Its how mine ended up done. I'm really happy with the front so far. If I can get someone to take a picture tonight, I'll post it up.

please do, i'd love to see it. blue is my favorite color, and surprisingly enough i hadn't tried to incorporate it into my first two, but having a lot in this one definitely wouldn't upset me. i just want to make sure it'll look good and not regret it. the idea of red is equally as would make for a pretty sinister looking design, but then may be countered by the more peaceful orange koi with blue waves. much to ponder...thank God i do my work in two week intervals and get plenty of time to plan ahead lol.
Quote by CFH82
Seriously, that looks awesome so far. I think red might actually look the best 'cause the shading almost looks reddish near the lighter part.

that could be b/c the skin was actually red and tender but yeah, still brainstorming ideas here. i'm thinking the koi will be orange, waves blue, and wind bars either a different shade of blue or red, and the cherry blossoms pink.

i'm currently looking on google images for any similar tattoo styles where the wind bars have color in them, for inspiration. regardless, this tattoo will come out amazing, but i want the best i can get.
updated pics:

the black shading has all been finished now

this one shouldn't have uploaded horizontally but i'm too lazy to try and rotate it. you get the idea.

so yeah, the last shading under my arm, it hurt like hell. i won't even pretend to be tough on that. and there were two wind bars that went down the chest side of my shoulder that are now shaded in...those felt like it was goin right down to the bone...i guess since i have a lot more muscle than fat in those areas i dunno.

next session begins some vibrant coloring!! though i'm in a dilemma. my artist is interested in doing grey to fill in the parts of the wind bars that are still skin (untattooed) color, but i'm interested in seeing them in blue. the waves will be blue as well, so i'm afraid if i do the wind bars in blue it'll be too much blue, unless i do different shades of blue.

which would look better, grey fading into the black, or blue fading into the black? or maybe even red fading into the black?
I love all these people assuming that the southern states are the most racist. I believe the southern states are just the most open about it. Everywhere i've been seems to have stereotyping/racist comments, but down south everyone is progressively more open about it. It's just how it is.

I live in NC, in a big military town, so we have every single type of person imaginable.

And I think a lot of people are using racism and stereotyping interchangeably when they're not really the same thing. Racism is the feeling of superiority to another race, if i remember correctly. In most cases i've seen, that has not been what's fueled hate/dislike for certain types of people. It's more or less been b/c of their actions (which are usually linked to a stereotype of theirs-hey....stereotypes all have a bit of truth in them, no matter what race) that causes the hate/dislike.

I in no way feel superior to ANY race (except Goo Backs....), but there are MANY times a day when I'm completely aggravated with the typical (insert race here, INCLUDING MY OWN) for the way they talk about other people or do certain things in a certain way that just further promotes their own stereotype. There will never be any getting around this completely. But that is life.

And btw, I have NO sympathy for illegal immigrants, the second you come into this country illegally, you should not expect a SINGLE right that we have being citizens. I pay my taxes and you live off them, sounds real fair. And I know this is kinda a derailing subject, but someone mentioned auto insurance earlier and it reminded me...i've noticed more recently a lot of insurance companies REQUIRE you to purchase insurance that covers the OTHER person in case they don't have any....WHAT THE DOUBLE MOTHER EFFIN' F.UCK. Some things just piss me off so much all I can do to avoid punching a wall is to ignore it and pretend like i didn't even know it in the first now.
alright guys and gals, sometime around next wednesday (payday lol go figure) i should be getting my black shading finished. and if i'm REALLY lucky, my artist will start adding a bit of color, but i'm not holdin' my breath on that since it took longer than we thought just for the black. anyway, i've already started to think of what i need to get to finish my half sleeve after everything i've got now is finished. i pretty much have the whole inside of my bicep to work with. what should i throw there?

probably not looking for anything to extravagant, as i don't want work on my inner arm, which won't get that much view time anyway, to distract from my koi. i was thinking possibly the oni mask in some sort of fashion...but i'm not too keen on those. and if i were to throw a dragon into the mix to add on to the sleeve, it'd got up my shoulder/back shoulder blade what's a rather small design to fit on the inside of my arm? while keeping with the japanese art style of course...better to be prepared now so i have an idea.
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Van Halen - Van Halen
Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic
Kiss - Alive

-on Aerosmith- really? You didn't like Pump or Get a Grip? Those two albums are pretty awesome, some of Aerosmith's best work all around. And Honkin' on Bobo is a great covers album...oh well it's all opinion lol.

I have a feeling that most of the people posting albums by bands with more than 5 albums haven't actually listened to all of those bands' albums.

And I'm gonna go with EndeverafteR, b/c their debut album is AMAZING....and it's their only one so far! So ha!! lol I know their next album will have to kick ass if it's anything like Kiss or Kill.

Also, Devil Without a Cause. I really like Cocky, but the peak of his energy and skill is still on his first rock/hip hop album. In fact, the farther from hip hop and closer to southern rock he gets, the less I prefer Kid Rock. Though his single with Slash, 'I Hold On' is a great song, I love it. And YES, I KNOW 99% of UG HATES Kid Rock, but I'm still a fan and don't really care what anyone else thinks of it.

P.O.D.'s Satellite is the only album of theirs that I would care to listen to all the way through, and have done so many times in the past. It's just a perfect album, perfect flow/lyrics/structure-everything. It's always been one of my all time favorites. None of their other albums have much appeal to me.

Reel Big Fish......jk.....everything they do is gold.
family guy does nothing for me since they brought it back lol...

now if you did it in Philip J. Fry's voice, then we'd be goin' somewhere...
i'm still debating getting a full sleeve myself. mostly since i'll be training for law enforcement in the fall (90% sure on this) and i'm afraid if my dept. is too sensitive, they'll require me to wear long sleeves all the time...and in eastern NC, the summers are insanely humid...our spring feels like others' summers. anyway, so yeah still debating well as the fact that my arms are kinda hairy, and dunno if i wanna deal with the hassle...but if anyone wants to try and convince me otherwise feel free to
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And Slash_rocks2005 that work is looking awesome, I look forward to seeing a finished version... although I'd be careful about taking your artist for granted

Much appreciated I'm so ready to have it done, but at the same time enjoying watching the progression of the art. And how do you mean taking my artist for granted? I might be missing something seeing as i just woke up lol.

Quote by anarkee
Thanks for the comments on the sleeve. I am booked up for Memorial day to complete it. I love my artist and my shop--I'm there enough now that they don't ask me my name when I book appointments anymore, lol. And slash_rocks2005, I know what you mean by the soreness. The first two days were a bit tender! My artist loves my skin for colour btw--he says I take ink colour exceptionally well.

And if you're ever in Santa Cruz, CA and want to get inked, Staircase is the place to go! Plus Paul is one of the best piercers I've met and ahem, cute to boot....

Your sleeve work is definitely great as well, i can't say i've seen too many people around my area with that art style so it's always sweet to see something different. Colors are looking great! Luckily i didn't start tanning for the summer season that's about here yet, so my upper arms are still relatively white, so the color should be rather bright when it gets done, which will be great b/c i plan on having lots of blues and orange/red. And yeah...very tender right now...especially since it's the under arm area...and the most painful parts last night were right around the pit area and the wind bars up on my shoulder...yikes it felt like it was right on bone! haha.

thanks for the good comments everyone
well that's fortunate for you, but seeing as i don't work at the shop, i feel the guy that runs that place is being pretty generous to me. i don't really have connections with any artists around my town...and my town is a marine town so it's packed with parlors and clubs. the one guy who did my last tat before this one is actually a cousin of a lady who goes to church with me, and gave me a pretty sweet deal on my cross, but he's running a shop in Rhode Island now i yeah that's the closest to a connection i've had and it's gone now lol.
pics of tonight's session coming in a matter of minutes! me and my artist THOUGHT we'd get it all done in an hour, but apparently we were wrong...he works fast and accurately, but still only got a lil over half done on the shading, so the black shading alone will take another session to finish. (mind you, b/c of monetary reasons, i've been doing hour long sessions) good news is that it's looking sick as f*ck, and next session i'll start to see some color . i'm pumped.

this guy is so chill as well, his hourly rate is $120, he let me come in with $100 right after work tonight and started at 10:20 and worked til about 11:40 and didn't give me any grief, and their shop closes at 11 but he was more than happy to stay open for me. i like this shop more and more every time i go.

it's very sore atm

anyone who wants to know what kinda shampoo i use can definitely see it now

needless to say it's going very well with the results. i can't wait to see what it looks like with some color.
hey guys and gals, should be going in for black/shading in my half sleeve sometime by the weekend, so i'll be sure to post pics

for those who care anyway lol
you can hear a lot of slash's GNR lead styles in ALL the bands he's played in since he started. there's a good deal of licks he uses live and in newer songs that were also used in older GNR days, it's just how artists work. when a certain lick sounds good, you gotta hold on to that sucker and reinvent it later. huge gunners fan, and i know all the fills/leads/rhythms so well that i can instantly notice when he's using them again, in a different key or style or whatever. but this goes for any guitarist. slash's snakepit style leads have found their way into his solo album as well.
i hate when people follow too closely, i'll do the brake tap thing to get them to get a clue, and if they don't, then i hit the brakes hard and slow down to under the speed limit, so they have to pass, and as they pass they get to see my sign language.

i don't urge too many people to do this (at least the sign language part lol) unless you're prepared to deal with a possible encounter. i'm always ready for someone to approach me, in which case the handle to my car jack in the trunk is blunt and hard enough to make someone think twice.
welcome to the world of driving, most people will sue any chance they get b/c it's easy (well, assuming you've got a lil patience and money for a lawyer). a few years ago i had some old guy pull out in the fast lane of traffic giving me only 60 or so ft to come to a complete stop without hitting him, as he was accelerating at about a speed of 15 mph (speed limit is 60 on that road). needless to say, i smashed the back of his truck and sent him flying....i instantly get out of my truck as soon as i screech to a stop, and run over to his to see if he's alright-all he says is, 'my neck hurts' and then i just walked back to my truck and waited for police and EMS. i was incredibly lucky b/c by the end of it all, everything was dropped. the cops determined that he made a very poor judgement by pulling into the fast lane like he did in heavy traffic, and so it was deemed equal fault in the accident-so no one got anything out of it, and both our vehicles were totaled, but it could have been worse. i live in NC so the rear ending law applies here too.

that incident is why i NEVER, to this day, get closer than within 10 ft of the car in front of me, unless going less than 40 mph. i have many young friends my age who like to follow people's asses like it's cool and fun, but all it does is freak me out b/c of my wasn't a fun ordeal.

i hope things will work out for you, but next time you need to use the 3 car lengths rule when following people at speeds over 40 mph, there's a reason they teach it in driver's ed. unless you're rollin' on the best break pads and new rotors that exist, there's no reason to follow any closer.
no one wants to remember that we're all human, so even the most professionally trained can make mistakes occasionally, it's not possible to never make a mistake-we're not machines or computers. my oldest bro is around that area and says it's still all over the news, and he said he'd give me an update on FB when some statement was made, so if no one's got something by then, i'll post what he tells me. still hoping that this was nothing more than a mistake, and not just blatant disregard out of the cop.
Quote by Zoot Allures
No, they really arn't. The police lie in court all the damn time, and take a look at a thing called 'institutional racism' aswell as all sorts of other crap. You can believe your rose tinted view of the police if you like though.

Hey i don't have a distorted view of the police, i just know better than to judge them all as one. ANYone can lie, not just police. But everyone who is knocking the police is trying to make them sound like they're the only profession that has corrupt people that shouldn't. I'm still not defending the officer in the news, i'm defending all the other officers out there today that work their asses off to be exactly what most people are trying to claim they are. My grandfather was a sheriff for years in GA, and it was tragic to find out that even he had succumbed to doing things cops shouldn't have, and it even made me think that no cop could be good-this guy raised me with my grandmother, so you can see how this would have a major impact on me- BUT i also met some of the greatest cops in my life that were nothing short of the most honest and humble people ever, who enjoyed nothing more than knowing that they making a difference by keeping people safe.
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Mhmm , well there are other ways of enforcing law. Another point is that the police are basically like a big gang who are above the law because they themselves enforce it. I wouldn't hate them as much or have reason to if they had more accountablity because the system is corrupt as it is.

EVERY profession has corrupt people in it, whether it be doctors, plumbers, bankers, etc...but we can't sit here and generalize like that and label a whole group based on a small percentage's actions. There are way more people out there enforcing the law the correct way than there are abusing it, we just don't read in the news about great cops keeping the peace, b/c that kinda news doesn't get ratings and it doesn't get people's blood boiling.

The police are NOT above the law. They're like anyone else, if they do something incriminating, and there is hard evidence of it, then they will be prosecuted. And the shame will be that much worse of a cop who dishonors his profession, b/c it's his job to serve the public and be trustworthy and someone for people to respect, not fear.
In response to BeastlyBassist, as far as speculating goes, you have every right to, but only a small percentage of people who post on these threads actually THINK before they post, they usually read everyones, or just some peoples', posts and assume whatever has been posted is accurate, therefor giving them false premises to base their opinion on. The second a video tape was mentioned, everyone here in the forum pretty much acted like it was cold hard evidence and what was claimed to be on the tape, actually was real-when no one knows that for sure yet. That's kinda inciting fueled rage before we even know it's true, so i would think you can understand what i meant by that statement- not to restrict anyone's right to think what they want, but to keep from leading a flock of sheep that have no idea what they're on about.

As for the blame, how can we pen it on the cop if we don't know for sure what happened yet? If he WAS in a struggle with the lady, then it's very possible that the struggle caused a misfire, trained or not, when someone interferes with you, you are no longer in 100% control of the situation. Kinda like being a super safe can be the most careful person out there, but get someone reckless and dangerous enough state of mind, and they'll cause your death no matter how great a driver you are. I believe the real blame is the criminal who endangered the lives of EVERYONE. Why is HE not taking responsibility? NO ONE would be dead if he did not put everyone surrounding him in danger.

As far as the officers having intentions of using deadly force and deadly weapons, i stand by my argument. They were chasing a criminal. The criminal obviously did not want to comply with the law, they have to view him as what he is, and account for whatever level of threat he may posses. I agree that it is very odd using flashbangs, but there must be a reason for it. Obviously they didn't catch anything on fire and no one died from the flashbang, they used it correctly. WHY they used that instead of another option, we don't know, but there had to be a good reason, the officers have to report to someone too, and they can't just play with whatever weapons they want b/c they have to account for every round fired, etc.

I know it was mentioned that they were supposedly made aware of children, and (assuming the supposed blind firing into the house) no child died of their tactics, it was the misfire that killed. Everything else was done successfully, even if it seemed overkill, they still did what they set out to, and in the end that's what matters-as well as keeping casualties nonexistant if possible.

So yes, i believe they should have raided the place, and if flashbangs were the best tactic (who's to know except for the people that lead the team) then so be it, not every job can be done with perfect flying colors, there are always things that get in the way and people that get involved and even if they're innocent, their actions can really hinder what's going on.

Like i mentioned before, we'd ALL like to assume we know the best way to enter a house like that and take the bad guy without hurting anyone, but we're not trained for it (at least not that i know of, if you are please disregard that and feel free to share personal experience), so we can't know for sure. Cops want to keep their jobs, not lose them and have potential lawsuits and local credit for killing an innocent child. I can't imagine what was running through anyone's mind. All i know is it's a scary job b/c there's always someone waiting for you to make a small or big mistake so that they can say what you did wrong and what you should have done. I'm not trying to be elitist, just respectfully disagree with you on some things is all. I really don't wanna point fingers at anyone other than the criminal that was subdued, until the full truth is revealed.
they won't care, as long as there's a designated section for it, they'll require you to post there. but yeah, i wouldn't bother updating this thread any, pretty sure it'll be closed very soon bro.

good luck though with finding some bands!!
i think the proper quote should be:

my fave band is...


lol seriously, i'm reporting you but only so it gets moved, not out of hate.
First off, i don't think anyone should make any further incriminating statements until it's revealed FOR SURE whether there incriminating evidence on the video or not. What if the supposed actions on the video are made up? I mean, if you're so willing to believe that a cop would lie, then surely you would believe a reporter after ratings and airtime would be just as willing to lie, correct?

Quote by MeGaDeth2314
And there is no ****ing way in hell that the police are telling the truth. I find it almost impossible to believe a grandmother would grab a police officer's gun and try to disarm him after being blinded and deafened by a flash grenade and rushed by trained police officers.

Yes, she IS grandmother, but she's not an old lady, 46 is relatively young and at that age you can still pose a real threat regardless of gender. Also, you do not know for sure whether the flashbang was thrown into the room she was in or not, so you do not know if she was disoriented. FURTHERMORE, mothers can be EXTREMELY protective (fathers can too obviously, don't get me wrong), so much to the extent that all they care about is getting whoever is in their home and disturbing their children OUT, even if they have to attempt to force them themselves. It's called acting out of passion and the heat of the moment. Her instincts were not uncommon, she was probably confused as hell as to what was happening.

The cops, at the same time, should not be blamed entirely for this. IF, and since right now there doesn't seem to be any video playing online for us to see, and ONLY IF the cops were firing blindly into the home should any officer be blamed. When you're chasing an armed and dangerous criminal, you cannot take chances and assume that you can resolve the situation without deadly force. It is EXTREMELY risky to get in a hand to hand confrontation without weapons to back you up as an officer, the job isn't about being the strongest guy out there without weapons, it's about having the knowledge of using what you got to subdue the suspect in the safest OVERALL way possible.

I insist that anyone without tactical military, SWAT or Police training should not comment on what strategy 'should have been' taken like it's set in stone. Just b/c you play tons of war games and Call of Duty 6, DOESN'T mean you know how to subdue a suspect in the circumstances that were present.

I am completely neutral at this point as I don't know what to believe yet. All I know is that little girl should have been unharmed but we can't change it now. Stories like this scare me, as I'm getting ready to start training to be a police officer myself, and shall be under the criticizing scope of the public, who are the worst critics sometimes-b/c they think they know how every situation should be approached, but rarely have the experience and training and knowledge in what they're criticizing.

I love playing CoD 6 btw.
ha i'm happy for the guy. good to see celebrities losing weight, knowing that it's much easier for them to let it go after they hit it big, so what's the incentive of staying trim? and he didn't get any surgery done either which is also good. but i wonder if exercise played a huge role or whether it was mostly just reducing his calorie intake...hmm...

i've got my own weight loss goal coming up soon...start my law enforcement training in August and by the end of that i'm probably gonna be relatively lighter considering all the PT involved.
you definitely can't do rock n roll without Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith (i'd say up to the Get a Grip album and before), AC/DC (if you don't mind repetitive song structure), Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine-if you like hip hop/funk influence, EndeverafteR (probably my favorite modern rock band), Slash's most recent 'solo' album (grab all the 'bonus' tracks featured on different releases, this album is non stop rockin')

if you're more focused on modern music, and not especially interested in pre-2000s music (hey...a LOT of people are like that for some reason), then definitely focus on the new Slash album and EndeverafteR for straight up headbanging rock, and Audioslave for more of a mix of hard rock and mellow/funk blends.
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You've got the spirit man but I'd bet anything that if you saw a decent piece of horror, without censorship that you'd puke and want to kill yourself. Scary Movie is nothing.

i don't know if what i said made you think that i though scary movie was actually scary, but that's not my implication lol. i was saying it's a lil sad how that movie, being a comedy and satire of all slasher style movies, had even one scene that made me cringe.

i love me some good horror movies, but it's hard thinking of a lot of scenes that are actually capable of making me look away for even half a second...usually broken glass in the skin is a guarantee for me to cringe, but nothing else guarantees it for me.

i really like this thread, giving me the urge to look up some more movies.