Not sure. I know the TC Electronic Mini Reverb is pretty damn good for the money.
Yeah, Subdecay make great stuff. They used to be one of the few building really interesting designs. They've kinda slacked off on the complex stuff over the last few years, but they're still great pedal builders; one of my favourites.
Quote by Cathbard
Without spending squillions, what's a good guitar synth pedal? I don't need an actual synth pedal, I just want one that sounds like an old square wave analog synth. The one in the GT-100 is good enough but this is for a different rig.
Subdecay Octasynth is another option.
Quote by Herr Rararr
Any progress on this at all?
One admin responded, that's it. I'll have another think about what can be done.
Quote by Herr Rararr
It's not a dig at you or your fellow mod - it's more of an observation. Like I said - I'll respond to every thread that I think I can contribute towards and try and encourage dialogue. I know what you mean - people do lose interest, maybe it's worth having a couple more mods so that there is always someone around who will respond - empowering a couple of your regulars so that they are motivated to continue posting and might even bring in some others?

Just spit-balling here, that's all.
I've contacted the other mods. We'll have a discussion about it. This should have been done long ago, but I kept putting it off. Thanks for the message.
Quote by Herr Rararr
I'm new here and my observation is that nobody is responding. I'll stick it out for a couple of weeks, but what I want is the opportunity to talk to other people about about lyrics - not just the ones I post. The only way to encourage people is feedback doesn't even have to be detailed. I stopped after a few - I didn't want to spam the forum up, but it would be nice to see more than two responses per thread, if that - and a bit more frequency!
It's indeed very sad to see. The forum used to be so active. But I myself am not active any more and I am the moderator. If the users are not there critiquing then there isn't much one or two moderators can do. There is only so much effort one or two people can put in before they become distant and non-existent. Normally a replacement would be found, but the forum became too inactive and absent. And even if someone was found, it's only a matter of time before they too become tired of trying to keep things afloat on their own. The responsibility cannot be upon just one or two people. If the users are not there then neither are the moderators or admins.
Quote by JoshElliott27
Ever since i first started using the website (and im sure since the websites genesis), it has been overrun by metal content. It seems that because metal fans have been using UG longer than any other genre, they seem to have the most control over the activity on the website. Perhaps make certain sections dedicated to other genres, the way Itunes front page isnt just 100% pop music. They do have the top Alt rock, top Metal, top everything on their front page. While i know metal would still be the top contribution with the most content, it would be nice to see other (equally deserving genres) get some air time as well. Considering the fans of it could possibly be there, but UG has been pandering to Metal fans this entire time while possibly not realizing there are other markets. The amount of people who go to UG, but skip everything on the front page is probably sizeable; although i dont have the number.
Are you talking about the forums or content on the front page?
Quote by JoshElliott27
Is there any way to get UG to be a genre neutral website? As a fan of alt rock and indie rock, it's quite sad seeing all the creativity put into those songs get brushed aside by all the excess of metal content. Metal isn't the only genre with groundbreaking and inventive music.
I'm not sure what you hope UG can do to improve this. If the user base is not there, certain fields of discussion will always be put into second or third position, and few innovations or improvements will be made. It's the nature of economics; even being compared to the idea of survival of the fittest. It's not that the Indie and Alternative music posted here isn't up to par; it's that guitar music discussion is often occupied by metal, classic rock and blues. These take center stage, not because they're better, but because they're more popular. To make a genre neutral website would be to have genre neutral members. That's not something we can control.
Quote by WtrPlyr
Hi guys! Help an old friend out.

I'm thinking about downsizing my gear a lot, as I'm not playing as much as I used to. Moved into an appartement and can't really use my amp.
So I'm looking at selling most of my pedals and buying a decent multiFX. I've been out of the running so I have no idea what the go-to multiFX is at this point?

Also have no idea what kind of prices I have to look at when selling my pedals.
Stuff I want to sell is a Skreddy P19, Timmy (not the holy grail it used to be these times?) and a MFZ-1 clone by Jimmy Behan. Maybe also selling my El Capistan and MJM germ London fuzz, but still deciding.
I'm not sure what multi-effects unit to go with these days either. I think you're better off with a modelling amp like the Yamaha THR10 if you want to simplify your setup. Or buy a low wattage tube amp and keep your pedals. That's what I'm going to be doing.

The Skreddy P19 usually sells for around £110/€140. I'm actually interested in picking one up myself, but I don't know I have the money right now. A P19 without the logo (custom order) was £100, I think, on The Fretboard a few weeks back. Considering the lack of a logo, I think you could easily sell a 'genuine' article (with logo) for £110/€140 or more.

El Capistan sells for around £180-200. Timmy still holds value pretty well. The MJM London Fuzz won't grab very much (£80 or £90 maybe?), but it is usually a popular pedal. People are always looking for a great germanium fuzz face.
Pigtronix pedals are never worth that much. They have really poor resale value. Some of them aren't that impressive, to be honest.
I haven't bought a pedal in years now. I would like to try the ChaseBliss stuff, and the new Source Audio delay, but I already have everything I need. Plus, I barely play with my current pedals as it is. There also have been huge prices increases since the exchange rate became so ridiculous for Europeans. I don't want to spend €350 on a tremolo when two years ago it would have been €270. I'd like a chorus and the Field Effects Manifold Drive, but there isn't that much that really interests me any more, not enough to spend so much time and money on it. I'm just not as passionate about pedals as I used to be. Or amps, for that matter. I'm more into guitars nowadays. I bought an acoustic for the first time ever a month back. I love it. I'd then really like a hollow-body with a Bigsby. Then maybe a Suhr HSS Strat-style guitar or something like that. Again, though, the prices are just so high. A Suhr guitar from two years ago would have cost €2000. Now it's €2400+, just because of the strength of the USD and the weakness of the EURO.
Thanks for the report. Just remember not to quote or reply to spam messages.

Pretty much. I'd recommend CIOKS over T-Rex. I'd trust them over the other, even if the price is a little more. They are about as good as it gets for power supplies.
Quote by mnf50
Can anybody recommend a small isolated power supply I can use for the small pedalboard I'm building? I'll have about 5 pedals on it maximum including a tuner but the main concern is my EHX Cathedral Reverb which is an amazing pedal but it's so power hungry and therefore noisy. The obvious choice for me is a T Rex Fuel Tank Junior but they're just so expensive at £90.

Any good alternatives? If not I'll have to get one as you really do get what you pay for.
If you want a good quality isolated unit, you do have to pay a premium. CIOKS offers a PSU that will power your pedals, but again, it's pricey. Remember, it's usually a one-off payment. They are 100% worth it. They're not 'fun', like pedals are, but they are necessary if you want silence, portability, and quality.
Quote by dannyalcatraz
And now, for something...well...not COMPLETELY different, but unusual: an overdrive pedal with a rude name****-overdrive/

Perfect for P&W, right?
Best overdrive I've ever played. I've had my **** for over three years now, I bet. It's never left my board.

Funnily enough, P&W guts have been known to use the Mini, which is slight tweak on the original **** in a smaller box.
Quote by Eppicurt
The shit thing is I know that and I know that she's potentially holding me back.

For example when I told her about my Victor Chang research stuff initially she got into a bad mood and was all jealous about it and made it all about her and how she feels worthless, instead of being proud/happy for me. I think she kind of realised that was shitty to do because when I got the scholarship she handled it better.

It's difficult because we do get on amazingly, but it's just her shitty depression that makes things hard. And it's kind of difficult to leave someone when they're clutching you, bawling their eyes out begging you not to leave them because they need you. Not saying that makes it okay, just adds another factor to the pot.
As said, you can't change people. They have to change in their own time.
Quote by Eppicurt
Pretty much, it's unfortunate I have to bear the brunt of it being the bf and watnot.

And now we're arguing because she and I were going to go to one of her high school friend's parties in July but she wants to all of a sudden go to NZ without me to go to some girls houseparty she met on livejournal.
It doesn't sound like the relationship is going to last, to be honest. Wanting you around and then suddenly disappearing is a sign she is simply incapable of holding a relationship down and is using you. Not because she's a bad person but because she may not understand how selfless you have to be in order to make a relationship work.
Yeah, definitely. Their old stuff is pretty good, too. Always liked Digitech.
Is it me or is this a really frickin' cool pedal? Digitech is making some neat shit.
Anyone here picked up GTA for the PC? If so, fancy running heists and missions together?
You have to remember that the community will support those that support UG. You're a brand-new member. We often have people trying to advertise their expertise or services with the preface that it is all 'free' or 'for the community', but it's really a selfish way to advertise your work. We're not saying this is an example of that. However, we are saying that consistency is the only way to remain fair.

Youtube links are allowed, but not ones directly linking to your account and your videos. If you had already displayed commitment to the community then it may have been allowed. But because you were a brand-new member, it was taken at face value. This is not meant as an affront to you or your abilities. It is simply the way many communities such as this function. And this is clearly outlined in the rules.

If you want to help drumming community, use UG as a platform, but not by bypassing the rules, terms and conditions or the way this website's members do things.
I don't read fiction or novels in general at all these days. I buy something I'm keen on from time to time like Suttree and The Hunger Games, but they just end up sitting on the shelf with a bookmark 40 pages in. I read so much shit on the net that I'm all 'read' out by the end of the day. Plus, I'm mad into guitars, movies, music and video games. Ain't nobody got time for anything else. And I'm starting to get into cooking as well and a little beer and whiskey tasting.
Moved to the Metal forum. If the appropriate mods feel it belongs elsewhere, move it again.
Man, no one wants my Subdecay Starlight Flanger even at a steal of a price. Should I take a JAM Rattler or EHX Black Finger Tube Compressor as trade bait?
Had a go on my Skreddy Echo that I haven't touched in almost two years yesterday. What a gorgeous sound. If Marc was able to tweak this puppy to have a few extra features like tap-tempo and sub-divisions, oh my goodness.
I dun screwed up my motherboard somehow. And my new AIO cooler is a noisy bastard. Probably gonna go back to air (but big air this time) until I can afford a full custom water loop. The temperatures are good and it looks awesome, but it's too noisy.

I've had some bad luck with PC's over the last couple of months. Gonna have to sell a couple pedals to make up the losses. It was tough deciding what to let go of.

If anyone wants a Eterna reverb (in pink, of course) or a Black Arts Toneworks Badascan (or PHSTR—Pharaoh dirt with LSTR tone stack), let me know. It's in a plain black finish as Mark never really properly released it. It was built for the Doom Room a couple of years ago. It's meaty and incredibly thick. It has more midrange but less bite than the Pharaoh.
Have you tried running the buffer twice through the chain, Yianni?
Nice one, Yiannaki!

How have you find the Empress Buffer?
Quote by greeny23
i have a google alert for "bacon delivery service australia"

still nothing.

Ohhhh, Tim.
Quote by mmolteratx
Nope. Jonathan from Rogue Guitar Shop bought the brand. Kept Taylor (the con man) on for a while, then dumped him and rebranded Taylor McGrath as TMG Guitar Co.
Jonathan is not that much fucking better. Do we really need another guitar company making Teles and Strats, especially with such a bad background—and foreground? I wouldn't touch Rogue Guitar Shop with a ten foot barge pole. "Oh, your pedal was not in stock. Tough. You can wait like you would wait if you bought directly. Oh, you want your money back. Tough. You can file a claim. Here, have 20% off. That'll tide you over until you inevitably come back because you'll believe us when we say we have a pedal in stock. And we can always offer a discount if it's not."

Discounts have become a joke.
Anyone seen the new Source Audio Nemesis delay. Looks pretty damn perfect as a stripped-down version of the TimeLine, which is essentially what I'm looking for and what I believe the market currently is pining for. It sounds very good from the one clip on YouTube, too. Price is reported to be around $250, TBC. It has all the features I want, and although it may not replace the TimeLine, it might go on a smaller board.

Also, while watching NAMM videos from a bunch of channels, I noticed two or three times someone using a TMG guitar. What the fudge? I thought the light had been shone on that situation and everyone moved on like they did with Freekish Nutella?
Quote by WCPhils
No, I just bought a pack for Black Ops again because my account apparently decided I didn't buy it 4 years ago. Still $15

I don't remember them ever going on sale
Thanks, man.
Hey folks, sorry to be off topic but does anyone know whether the DLC for Call of Duty ever goes on sale on the PSN? I'm a PC gamer mostly, but I've been playing Black Ops II a bunch at my sister's place and have quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately, neither my sister nor her partner thought to tell me that the maps that I enjoyed the most were an add-on pack that cost €15 on Playstation Network. That is a ****ing joke if you ask me, but I was wondering whether there were particular times of the year the DLC might go on sale in the same way Steam has two major sales per year?
I don't actually know much about Tacoma, but if they had screwed up Gretsch or Guild, I'd be a little pissed, so I get it.
Quote by dannyalcatraz
Nah, Reverend is still an independently owned, Detroit-based guitar company. Fender hasn't acquired them...yet.

I hope they never do, TBH. Fender has a way of removing the character of the companies they buy, ESPECIALLY if they would compete with Fender's own products. Sometimes, the even shut them down, like Tacoma.
Although that may sometimes be the case, neither Gretsch nor Guild have had their mojo taken away. In fact, if Fender had not acquired Guild, we may not have the reissues that we have right now. Charvel have been successful, as have Jackson. Hamer guitars have fallen off the planet and Jackson isn't quite the prestigious name it used to be, but I think Fender have a good wrangle on their various non-original properties.

Still, Fender should not purchase Reverend.
The Sensei now has reverted back to using pickguards, which they never should have stopped doing, and they're also offering gloss as a finish option. Excellent stuff. I love the satin finish they use, but it's nice to have the option to have something glossy.