Really digging these FGN guitars from Japan. They're quite pricey, but I love their styling.

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I've owned a dd20 before. Still considering getting one.

Here's the situation

My dd7 is unreliable and freaking out all the time. My looper makes weird noises. So I want a new pedal for reverse delay and a new looper. The timeline idea was because I could sell the el cap to get it and still be able to get the tones of the el cap. In any other case I'd just keep the el cap.

Right now I'm kinda thinking still get rid of the dd7 and looper and buy a dl4. I can use the looper on it and all the cool functions that has along with the reverse delay on there and still use the el cap and I'll be all set.

Pro of the dl4 is minus the bear shenanigans with the looper. Pro of the dd20 is better switches/construction
I've also heard the new Pigtronix Echolution2 is on par with the TimeLine is certain areas.
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I don't understand. Is the standard version NOT hand wired? Seems like they're a small operation.
Exactly. What person would spend an extra $200 to have it hand wired when the cheaper is wired by hand, too? I assume it means $200 for PTP or turret board construction, while there is a PCB in the cheaper one, though I use the term cheaper lightly.
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Anyone seen Frank lately?

No, I haven't.

What's the story with those PettyJohn PreDrive PreAmp? $599 for the handwired version?
You can never have enough Tubescreamers. Except when you have too many.

Overclocked my new GTX 970 to 1550Mhz. The memory needs a little tweaking, but man, 77 FPS Tomb Raider with everything maxed out except AA. I get closer to 60 with SSAA x2 and I haven't checked SSAA x4 yet. I'm sure I can get a little more than that with memory tweaks. Very chuffed.
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Wouldn't send him any money until I see the GP/DI. Love the dudes amps, and he's a great engineer, but it's been 13 months since I sent him money, and the original estimated ship date was last February/March.

I think the price increases are a poor choice as well. His amps already have poor resale value and I don't see them going up. Only amp I've seen sell for remotely close to what it initially cost is the Aether.
I won't be buying anything right now anyway. I'm looking into building a water loop in my PC and need to finish paying for the Dunwich. Shits been held up by other builders, not Nick. I'm not angry or anything as it's allowed me to buy a Gigabyte G1 970. Plus Nick is a good friend and he's still doing demos for me. I'm in no hurry.

And yeah, the shit Fryette's pulling regarding their Kickstarter is a bit insulting. I saw they're most recent update and it was kinda patronizing. Their resale prices are terrible, yeah, and I always loved Fryette for their ingenuity at really good prices so if that goes then I don't know whether I'd be as interested in them. But I don't mind the low resale value since it means I can pick stuff up for cheaper. I wouldn't buy anything new from them unless it was a safe bet.
Just checked out Fryette's new website. The Memphis is now $2500 and the Aether is $4495. Damn. Glad I nabbed my Memphis before the massive price bump. Best ****ing amp ever. I missed a D60 for £900 from the UK retailer, though. I imagine if he gets any more they'll be a lot more than £900. But $4495 for the Aether, that's insane. That said, if anyone were to inspire me to spend that much on an amp, it would be Fryette. I kinda guessed there would be a price bump—they needed it—but I hope they don't completely change everything & go all 'boutique' n shit.

Also, they are missing a bunch of products like the pedals—which I absolutely love and am shocked no one else seems to be using—the Valvulator 2, another hidden gem that genuinely makes your pedal chain feeeeeeel like a tube amp, and the Sig:X, which I think is being revamped. I imagine its price has shot up. It was a steal in the first place.

I also noticed their new attenuator. Pretty excited about that. Would go nicely atop my incoming Dunwich as a makeshift FX loop or atop my Fryette for super thrashy distortion tones at slightly lower volumes. Again, pricey, but I trust that dude's mental instability. Him and Nick from Dunwich.
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They look awesome. I want one. My DIY pedalboard is getting too small anyway.
Hey! Nice, I just justified the purchase.

On an unrelated note, tomorrow I'm going on a 400km trip (and 400km back) with my dad and brother to pick up a 2001 BMW 318Ci, just like this one:

It was my dad's great-uncle/godfather's car, and he inherited it.
It seems to be in very good shape, but it's been parked in a garage for over 5 years, so we don't want to even attempt to start it. We're going to get it towed to a BMW dealership near us, so that the manager (who's our neighbour and an old friend of my dad's) can assess its state and give us a quote on the needed repairs/care.

It's on the 2nd floor of a multi-storey car park, so since the tow truck can't enter, we're going to have to let it go down the spiral ramp very slowly while attached to my dad's Audi A4 for security in case the BMW's brakes fail (and without power steering or brake assistance). Fun times ahead!
Damn, congrats on the new ride, man. Those old BMW's are where it's at, if you can afford the tax and insurance.

For compressors, although I haven't tried the Empress (I really want to), for me I've settled on the tiny Fairfield Circuitry The Accountant. It's not subtle or transparent, which is why I like it. It sounds chewy and thick, like a fuzz pedal without the fuzz. It's hard to describe. I haven't taken it off my board since I bought it almost a year ago.
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I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones haha. Go ahead and shoot that email, peer pressure is always a good thing right?

I'm certain that TC will put X2 versions of their pedals someday, just a matter of how soon. They have the "normal sized" stompboxes, they have the X4's, they joined in on the mini pedal hype this year so the only thing they really need is a "double sized" stompbox. They already ventured into that area with their Ditto X2 so I'm sure it's coming
It makes the most sense, however maybe they don't want to liquidate their line-up too much. Though if that were true they wouldn't have released the two new versions of the X4.
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bahahah best reason ever. **** i hate places that judge people on FB.
Oh man, that's annoying as fuck. What Facebook shows I'm interested in on Facebook is not exactly a true representation of who I am in real life. Facebook is a poorly designed algorithm that manipulates users to like and comment on things that have no bearing on their actual interests.

"Hey, so I saw you like a story about a Pit Bull that was successfully rehabilitated after being used in a dog fighting ring? That means you will want to see this story about the dickhead Pitbull and how he is now a rehabilitated dickhead."

"Hey, so I saw you like a story about the declining quality of video games. That must mean you want to read an article about the declining quality of pizza bread."


Then all your friends think you like Pibull and the fine art of pizza making. While I like pizza, I do not like Pitbull and am not interested in pizza bread.

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The Flashback doesn't even begin to compare to the Timeline, or even the El Cap, IMO. It's a solid delay, but it just doesn't have the feature set that I need in a delay. Lack of tap is a deal breaker. Even the El Cap is a little disappointing since tapping in more complex patterns is a bit of a PITA on the fly.
What's the story with the El Cap tapping?

I probably won't sell the TimeLine. I just want a G1 Gaming 970 and haven't played guitar with my pedals in months.

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My beef with the tc strum tempo thing is you can't get to it quickly. You have to old the switch for a couple seconds. If I'm playing with a drummer and the tempo gets a little off, I need to be able to quickly retap the tempo without stopping my playing.

On the other hand, I very rarely use tap tempo anymore so it's probably not a real problem.

Also, I agree about having more control. The new alter ego with all the pgs models is super cool, but there's no way to adjust the modulation on any f them. So if I need more/less I have to start over with my own toneprint, which ruins the appeal of the pedal same with other little details like the brightness of the delay or the saturation.

I'm pretty sure I'll just always prefer my el cap to everything else lol. Unless chasebliss does a delay.....
*impatiently waits for ChassBliss delay*

I also want a Subdecay DLX delay. And I've heard Walrus Audio are working on a DMMTT1100 behemoth. Looking forward to that since there are no equals unless you want to buy a JHS. I'm not a massive Walrus Audio fan, but at least they look pretty.

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I completely agree. I'm not a heavy delay user so I never use 3 presets and it's way too big. It took like 1/3 of my old pedalboard which was huge compared to my current board. However a Flashback X2 would be perfect. Bunch of presets, more toneprint spots, tone knob, 2 presets with the option to use one switch as a tap tempo switch. The second switch would also be very functional for looping. It would be great if you could use the first preset while in looper mode as well as on the X4.

I think we have something going on here, anybody wanna draw a CAD sketch and I'll bring it to the TC headquarters? They're only about an hour away from me.
I was thinking about emailing TC, but I imagine many have already expressed their interest in an X2. One more won't hurt.

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the thing that always shat me about the el cap was the subdivisions being assigned to different time ranges. the brig had the controls right.
Yeah, I was thinking of picking up the Brigadier for a Pedaltrain Junior board for its sub-divisions, but I do prefer the sound and other features of the El Cap. I'd imagine the reason why they didn't include traditional subdivisions on the El Cap is because they had to distinguish each delay. It's a bit of a gimmick if you ask me and not very practical, but I can understand why they need to create identities for each pedal.

I think the Diamond Memory Lane Jr is almost perfect. Add a tone knob like the one of the original and it's very close. Actually, the Supa-Puss has the perfect features, but it sounds and looks like crap. Every demo I've heard sounds awful. Wish the DMMTT1100 was still in production. It doesn't have to be analog, I don't care about that. Good sound is good sound.
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I mean, nothing beats a tap tempo but TC's strum-thingy is actually pretty accurate so it works fine.

Which will you get? I used to have a Flashback, upgraded to X4, had to downgrade again to Flashback when I moved away for University but now that they brought out the Alter Ego V2 I want one so bad. ARGHHH the GAS!
I just don't like change.

Probably just the normal Flashback, not sure. To be honest, I think TC are wasting opportunities with their Flashback delay range. What would be perfect is a middle ground between their smaller pedals and the X4, something the size of the Ditto X2, with tap-tempo, a bunch of presets, four or more Tone Prints and a slew of controls on the actual pedal to manipulate and tweak the sound of the repeats. I don't want to mess with software every time I want a darker delay, I just want a tone knob. The Flashback X4 was waaaaaaay too big. I wouldn't have minded if it had loads of features, but it's a pretty basic delay for something that takes up so much real estate.
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On the regular Flashback/Alter Ego and Flashback mini you need to hold down the footswitch and strum your pattern (has always worked fine for me). However on the Flashback/Alter Ego X4 there is a dedicated tap tempo switch which works even better
Well, that sucks. Still will pick up one of them. I was considering selling my TimeLine, but I probably won't.

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Ended up going with the Diamond, mostly because I discovered I could get one in surf green. Yes I'm shallow

But it was an incredibly hard choice between that, the Empress and the Stutterbox etc. I never want to have to weigh such great options against each other ever again
The surf green is from Humbucker Music, right? Looks sweet! I personally like the old Diamond knobs on a cream finish, like this one:

Does anyone know if you can tap the footswitch in the Flashback/Alter Ego for the delay speed? The manual says you can by holding down the footswitch, but it's awfully cryptic (as in, sparse) and I can't seem to find any other info on it, which makes me think its bull.
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Yea, but the WIIO was wildly popular for a while too. Pretty sure that one's discontinued. Ish comes and goes, and their line is still pretty damn awesome.
That's true. And yeah, they keep a massive variety of designs. Awesome company.
I highly doubt they'll discontinue the Echorec. They've sold hundreds of those.
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the Catty has a rather large footprint though doesn't it? Plus, prymaxe doesn't have Catty pedals on their site Buying stuff from them because of their Black Friday sales. Might just roll with the Empress

edit: actually looking at it now it seems smaller than I remember. For some reason I thought it was much wider
Empress is definitely worth it. It basically has all the features of the Catty and SolidGold FX model. The Diamond has a few extra features that I really quite like.

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Actually Dan what about the SolidGoldFX Stutterbox? Just found out about it and I'm really digging it
Not tried it yet, but I've only heard good stuff. It has most of the features I need in a trem, like tap divisions and exp. control.

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Yea, they discontinued a bunch of pedals in the last few months. Most of them were ones I really liked too. Just weren't big sellers. I had the Diamond one for a long time, and that one was awesome too. Would probably grab that one if I didn't have a Mobius.
Damn, that's a shame. I imagine Catalinbread were in need of a clean out. I doubt some of their pedals sell very well, but like you I think they're some of my favourite. The SFT, Pareidolia and Perseus are rarely seen on pedalboards, but they're dope pedals and highly original in that very few others are providing such tones (harmonic trem, Blue Box, Ampeg-in-a-box).
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Right on man, good to hear. I have a Hoof from EQD, love it, but figured the Colossus would make for an even gnarlier addition. I've seen a few demos of the Velvet too, that also sounds fantastic. Gonna be pretty tough choosing one over the other when the time comes

And now I can't decide between the Tap-a-Whirl and the Empress Trem.
I have the Cattybread Semaphore TT and it's the sweetest sounding tremolo I've tried so far. The preamp in it is excellent. Personally I'd go with the Empress or the Catty.
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yay for another breakup! dis one took 2 years to realise she didnt actually care about us. fun times.
I'm sorry, Tim. To lead someone on for two years like that... I felt like shit after leading a girl on for two months when all I wanted was company and couldn't handle a relationship with her. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I did it for two years.

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apparently it takes him 1 full day per pedal..
What? I find that hard to believe. It might well be true, but it seems a little ridiculous to me. Maybe it takes him two hours to choose which guitar and amp to use.

In all seriousness, I just watched a video of his and can't see where the day's work is. The editing is detailed and solid, but if you know what you're doing—and I should think Brett does if he gets paid for it and has been doing it for five years—it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. Add that to an hour of playing and you have around three hours. If he has fibre optic broadband—again, this should be a given if working from the net—then upload times won't be long.

I get why so many people want decorative videos with extensive editing and eye candy, but sometimes it's best just to bang out a few videos so people can hear the pedal. It doesn't take much to turn on a camera and type a few comments out when you've done it a hundred times before and already have the gear. I remember asking him to do a demo of the Reeves amp he has. He said he would, but never did. If it would have taken him a day to punch through a few riffs, I never would have bothered him.
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who is this person that you speak of

Brett Kingman's YouTube demos. He's also called Burgs.
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I swear burgs is becoming one of those people in the industry that promises much more than he delivers. He's taken 3 months and gotten nowhere with my demo video, said he will get mine done after the paid ones he has backed up from 6 months ago.. If I paid him to demo a pedal and he took 6 months I'd be pretty pissed.
Especially since a demo does not have to be full of time-consuming edits and fancy camera trickery, which Burgs rarely uses anyway. His setup is pretty simple compared to others.
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my malekko 616 seems to have died one me. won't turn on. multiple power suplies stright in to the input of multiple amps, and i have a battery in it now and it still isn't working. the switch was being weird on a rare occasion over the last three months.

thoughts? it won't light up or anything.
Malekko pedals are known for needing repairing. I've had issues with their pedals before. Usually it's just a dodgy switch. Contact Malekko and see. They're nice. If it's just a switch then you can have a go yourself or find someone local to you. Pedal repairs are usually not complex. It's not like every part is custom made like a television or laptop.
Lawyer toannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnzzz ftw.

Congrats, Linkerman.
Wrong forum. Please don't promote your band or music anywhere else on UG. Post it once in PYB and leave it at that.
I have a friend who used to work at Soldano and lives in Seattle. He didn't speak very highly of Jet City, but didn't want to specify the reasons, which I respect.
No, he just supports them when others will.

Well, maybe he is behind them, but I doubt it.
Didn't know that one. I've been offered gear from Jonathan before. I say no. I refuse to remove my comments about his business. He asked me once, and I did, but that was months ago and he's made no effort to improve Rogue Guitar Shop's practises since then. In fact, it's become worse.
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What's the problem with that Rogue shop (apart from the stock problems AngryGoldfish mentioned), TMG guitars and Jan Ray pedals?

I don't plan on buying any of them/anything from them, I didn't even knew of their existence before, I'm just curious.
People have had to threaten PayPal disputes. They've been rude to those people and/or 'apologised' with more discounts. They send PM's to people who offer criticism and request they remove their comments about them—and offer discounts as persuasion. They snipe customers on TGP who post WTB threads. They offer huge discount on basically anything, even products that companies have asked to never be discounted. They do this privately in order to circumvent this reasonable request. They don't answer questions properly. Everything is said in a roundabout way to confuse the costumer and give themselves a way out of a dispute. They've had issues for over two years and refuse to change. They're just really sneaky and nefarious.
Quote by CL/\SH
Once again Dave, you're on point with all of that

Weirdly enough, Rogue Guitar Shop carries TMG. I'm about a 30 minute drive from their brick and mortar. Saddens me a bit lol
Stay away from Rogue. I don't trust them for one second. Real shady shop that will do anything for a sale. Every second post on TGP in their thread is a negative one. They list every pedal in stock, but nothing rarely is. I fucking hate that. It's easy to have a website that deals with every fucking company on the planet, but to have everything in stock takes time, money and hard work. Jonathan just offers discounts and absurd apologies to make up for it. Fuck discounts.
Exactly. Very cool design. Props to them for making something so different. They knew that releasing such a pedal without the huge following and income that they have now would have been a riskier decision. They know what they're doing, unlike so many builders these days.
I think it's a cool all-in-one design. If the Saturation went higher it would be even more interesting, but I know that going too far would detract the pedal from its originally purpose and inspiration—you can't get rich fuzz from a tape machine. I think it's a very cool idea and shows Strymon are still quite capable of being creative beyond what was already done before in multi-effect digital machines, by themselves and by others prior.
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It's a Klon with a Baxandall in place of the regular tone control and a clipping diode switch. Nothing terribly complicated. It's got the important part of the Klon, which is the stuff before the tone control.

The Resonant stuff is cool though. I traced the Acceleron but have never gotten around to building it. Clips sound legit as **** though.
Yeah, good stuff all right. I'd love to give their amps a try one day.

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I've read a few articles about Baxandall EQs ever since I considered buying an Ampeg GVT52-112 (which has a Baxandall EQ and which I did buy), but I never quite understood the benefits of a Baxandall EQ compared to an ordinary amp EQ. The impression that I was left with after reading that stuff is that it's simply different, not necessarily better or worse.
I've been using it as I would any other EQ -- turn the knobs until I find the sweet spot for each one. (And this amp has loads of different super-sweet spots... )

Can anyone explain to me in what way is a Baxandall EQ different, and its benefits/disadvantages?
Its benefits are debatable, but as far as I'm aware, you posses greater versatility and interactivity. On the James circuit, which is very similar to the Baxandall, as you push the bass and treble you cut the midrange in tandem. This also applies conversely. On a FMV circuit, which is the most common for modern tube amps, the circuit inherently cuts midrange and doesn't allow you to push it further than the circuit dictates. The James/Baxandall circuit bypasses this 'weakness'. If you pull the bass and treble back, you increase the midrange beyond unity gain. So if you like the gnarly, crunchy sound of midrange, the James tone stack is fantastic. That's why Orange, Matamp, and Ampeg all became popular with Heavy Rock guys. That midrange was thick, chewy and cut through dense mixes well, while Fender's and even some Marshall amps fell behind slightly. In essence, the James/BAX circuit was active in that you could cut or boost from 12 o'clock when read through an oscilloscope, while an FMV only perceivably boosts frequencies when in actuality it doesn't.

I think that's right. Cathbard and Matt should offer more insight.
I've been hearing a lot about it too. It's still just another slight tweak on what's already available, though. Not that that is a terrible thing, but it can't be that special even if it is a unique circuit. A genuinely unique and excellent sounding pedal that was also a new circuit is one that no one seems to care about, the Manifold Drive is an awesome dirt pedal.
Sometimes I forget that Microsoft is a 250 billion dollar company.
It's as fantastic as Electrical Guitar Company. Just brilliant.
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so is anyone esle playing Destiny..?
Still haven't picked up a new console yet, so no, unfortunately not. I'm always late playing new games. I was all so hyped up for Titanfall, but then missed the boat. The same is going to happen with Destiny. I'm still playing older games on my new PC that I've missed out on, from as far back as 2011 with Skyrim. Playing Rogue Legacy and Spec Ops The Line at the moment. Rogue Legacy is an extremely challenging game, but I've made progress. I'm at level 115 and I've been playing for 14 or so hours. I still have two bosses left. Spec Ops is a really dark, violent, political game that makes me feel weird. It's such a strange but fantastic game.

If anyone wants to add me on Steam, I'm spannerdan.