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Ohhh, the irony.
That's really scummy. There is a difference between natural, earned confidence and saying 'FU' to everyone else. Never liked that company. I'm starting to see a correlation between P&W and dbags. P&W... Pricks & Wankers. Sorry, had to be done.

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Fuuuuck, there's a Splawn Competition come up at a really decent price. Wonder how quickly I could shift my Rocker 30...
I'm still on the look out for the right Rocker 30 and they tend to sell fast when they come up. You shouldn't have too much of a problem.
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I'm sure you recall me saying that I used to work as a Correctional Officer (Prison Guard).
Roughly 2/3 go back to a life of crime after release.
But as much as 1/3 (Although probably far less than that) actually do turn their lives around and become fairly honest (I mean really who here or elsewhere is 100% honest 100% of the time), productive members of society. Even after a lifetime of breaking the law on a regular basis.

Now I don't know if Mason will become the good part of that 1/3 or not, but it is possible.
I would prefer to give it some time before deciding on whether or not he is.
But I still have no intention of buying anything from him.

Hell, If Analogman or Paul C. were to design and start selling a wah for $350 - $400, its unlikely I would buy it from them either.
Not at that price.

I remember.

I never meant to assume he was part of the 2/3rds that do not reform. But reformation comes from, in my experience of hobbyist psychology, a place in which you have to hit rock bottom to see. The guy says he hit rock bottom, so if that's true and his wife really did proofread it, then he has every right to be allowed the opportunity to correct his thinking and actions.

But here's where, for me at least, the line starts to become grey. There was a sliminess to his words, hints hidden in the syntax that bothered me. I must admit, I have had experience with people such as him before and therefore cannot offer a thoroughly objective opinion, but I would not encourage anyone to buy from him again, not because he doesn't deserve a second chance, but because what he did was too premeditated. I cannot get over that. He took advantage of ignorant fairy dust-snorting people that are simply searching for the perfect 'tone'. He knew this. It takes time to develop a business. He has been doing this for some time. The difference between this and the myriad of lower-class African-American kids who start selling Cocaine because it's pretty much the only life they've ever known, is huge. They do ten-twenty years for selling a little smack in order to pay for their daughter, while violent criminals, premeditated criminals do one-five. Obviously I don't want to get further into that particular debate, something I can only assume you understand well, but my point remains, that some criminals change because they once had no choice, and maybe now they do. I know many criminals go straight back in, but some come out with the realisation that MAYBE there are other ways to sustain themselves and their own.

Analogizing what I mean, I remember when my father lost his temper with me once and grabbed me by the neck, pushing me against the wall in the street of a local town to me. My brother stepped in and helped out, but my father had lost it. The next day when he came to apologise, it was the first time I'd ever seen him cry. He was genuinely sorry he had hurt me. I forgave him. But there was still something that was not dealt with, something I could not forget, and that was WHY he lost his temper. It was for a silly reason, a reason he had been building up as a negativism for years. This was something I could not forget because it was an intrinsic part of his personality, a flaw that would not go away just because he was sorry for being violent. This is what drove me to avoiding him and learning to live without him, as harsh as that might sound. We all lose our temper, we all break shit and shout when we're pissed off, but it's the 'why' that matters.

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Forgiving someone who has wronged you is less about how it makes them feel- though that is an element- and more about how it makes you feel. The ability to forgive can be amazingly cleansing of your psyche. Letting go of anger and resentment, however justified, takes one more thing out of your body's stress-reaction systems, and that leads to better CV health.

Also, if you are a Christian, and truly believe that you are forgiven your sins only so far as you are willing to forgive, forgiveness is a duty. A prerequisite to salvation.

Some time ago, I watched the victim statements of the surviving family members of BTK's murder victims. One elderly man got up and- voice on the edge of breaking- publically voiced his forgiveness of the serial killer. It was a powerful moment, the mental image of which still brings tears to my eyes.

Did he mean it? Who can know the heart of another? But his willingness and ability to speak those oh so difficult words is at least a life lesson in how to treat others.

It's not easy. Me? Well, my family is notoriously good at holding grudges, and its a fight for me not to do so myself. I struggle with slights from the mid-1980s. STILL.
Great comment.
I always find it curious when someone says they're trying to turn their life around when it comes to things like this. A planned and deliberate attempt to swindle money from consumers is very different than a sudden outburst born from frustration and circumstances beyond our control. This was thought through and considered, making forgiveness that much harder since they were fully aware of their actions and had every chance to back out way before it even began.
I don't think she knew, Fred. In my opinion, she was confused, not because you were sending mixed signals, but because she is human and is naturally lost and confused.

I know that's not necessarily the answer you wanted to hear, but in my opinion, I think her mind was too frazzled with everything else. Many times we meet the perfect person for us, but circumstances aren't suitable and you never get together despite you being compatible in many ways. That's another reason why we shouldn't subscribe to the concept of soul mates. You could have met her, or him, but she could already be with somebody, could be on deaths door, could be travelling the world, could be too busy, could be too depressed, could be too much of something that stops the relationship from flourishing if circumstances were different.

If she did know you thought that deeply about her, she could have been too emotionally weak to carry such a load and felt frightened. Again, you were just being you—honest and truthful—but it's easy to frighten people who are fragile, because we all are in some capacity. Don't change that about yourself, Fred, because it's who you are. You are an emotional person and incredibly sensitive and thoughtful. Instead, control it and show it at the opportune moments. Avoid it for the first few dates.

Regarding your point about your mother, I know what you mean. Loving someone as deeply as you do your mother makes you. But there is something I learned during therapy that you might want to consider. I was taught that we don't always try to find our equals; we try to find our opposites. Now, it may not be OUR opposites, but it might be the opposite of the experiences we've had throughout our life. So if your mother is a gentle, kind, softly-spoken, quiet, reserved person with boundless patience, you may inherently search for someone with a little more presence and confidence. This balances you out if you have adopted your mother's characteristics.

For me, I want someone who is partly like my mother and partly the polar opposite. My mother is loud, demanding and impatient. I want a quiet, reserved, patient and humble person. I want the traits of my mother I appreciate—loyalty, hard working, strong, wilful—but non of the ones I don't. Not because they are bad, but because I'm tired of them now. 25 years living with her has exhausted me, and I've exhausted her.

What I'm trying to say is: We aim to find what's missing. We aim to find a completer picture of ourselves through the means of someone else.
You were wrong about her. Fred, you had no idea who this person was, and you still don't. You say she was your soul mate or sent from God, but that is a fallacy, a lie fed to you by unrealistic optimists and evangelists. There is no such thing as a 'soul mate', there is no such thing as divine intervention, there is no such thing as finding someone that makes all your problems go away and completes you. It's just humans interacting with humans and sometimes humans interacting with Jehovah, Yahweh, or God. That's my belief anyway. I respect other religious beliefs, but I do not personally subscribe to them.

There was this mythology that said that humans were once more than what we are now. We had four legs, four arms, two heads, two hearts, two brains, all in one body. But due to circumstances I cannot remember, a god or powerful entity split humanity in half as punishment for our sins. That is why we only have one heart, one brain, two arms, etc. The theory then goes that if we found our other half, ONE person amongst billions, we'd complete ourselves once more and become whole again. Bullshit. We all know that's bullshit.

I believe in God and have a religious faith, but the Bible does not say we will experience divine intervention in the way that you are suggesting, in the way that people experienced before the death of Jesus. God does not heal cancerous cells because you believe in him and serve him. He does not delay a flight home so that you can be with your dying father. The Bible says that the burdens you carry will aided by God and Jesus. He will not remove them, he will help you carry them and gently guide your steps. Don't mistake shit happening in life with divine intervention. My father did this. He became paranoid and delusional, ignoring life's dynamic coincidences that happen all the time. Shit happens, my friend. God happens, too, but not in the way you believe. Cogitating on that too deeply will wrap you up in a never-ending cycle of confusion, with no end in sight.

You are so much like me, Fred. You need rational answers for life's many twists and turns. But they aren't always there for us when we need them, and you have to accept that. Yes, find out for yourself that Susan was not for you, and that she had no fucking clue what she wanted just like every other so-and-so on the planet. No one knows what they truly want. Even people as cryptic and generalised that say "I want happiness" don't know what they want. There are so many complexities that we don't understand, so stop trying to pick apart everything and put it back together. Let time heal your wounds, learn from your mistakes, and try to do as Jimmy said in his last paragraph. It applies to me also and is so important for you, and for us all.

Also, you will not find the exact woman, or man, for you. There are no exacts. Everything can be divided by half. You can only find estimations. We live in a world of guesses and estimations. As much as we rely on physics, mathematics, magnetism, etc.—because they live in the realm of exacts and are the closest we will find to that secure way of life—they are still prone to human error and can and will fail us. Life's coincidences still dictate whether we'll die at 25 in a horrific car crash or whether we'll make it to 95 a happy and contented man. You'll find the right person for you, but she won't be a miracle. She'll be a normal person, living a normal life. She won't complete you. She'll bring you joy and satisfaction. You'll be satisfied. Don't hunt for perfection when satisfaction is all we will receive in this life, and that's a contended a nice place to be.

I'm sorry my message there was harsh. It's just I see so much of you in me and I really don't want to see you make the same mistakes as I did. This will change you, for better or worse; make sure it's better.
It's cool, mate. But just so you know, I would actually say it takes additional maturity to date someone who is younger than you, as long as it's not a 40-year old dating an 18-year old or worse. Really it doesn't matter. We fall in love with who we fall in love with.
You see now that you don't need clarity to understand things about yourself? That's what matters. Forget anyone else. You can't control them. Control yourself. Discover truths about yourself and you'll soon find people scrambling to learn more about you. It'll radiate from you. My parent's generation has told us not to be selfish or to be too 'sensitive'. It's not selfish to live in oneself and learn about oneself. It's not selfish to spend time alone and reflect on the shit that goes on, and it's not overly-sensitive to cry and blame life when things go terribly wrong.

There is no resolution. There is no perfection. There is no conclusion. You live life the best you can, one step at a time. If you believe in God and have a faith, brilliant. If you don't, find spirituality of some kind. The reason I say this is because we can become despondent if we don't have the knowledge in the back of our heads that it's going to get better and there are bigger things than us in the universe. Whether anything of that calibre is going to happen or not, living that 'lie' is a benefit to your mental well-being, because for all you know, it's the closest thing you'll ever find to the truth.
It's not ideal but we don't live in an ideal world. Resolutions will never be found. Don't go searching for them or you'll potentially lose far more than what you began with. I buried myself into the ground trying to find it. Live in an unresolved place, Fred. In time your head will sort itself out and you'll be able to fully move on. You have to do it anyway, so why not start now by cutting off all contact? Learn to live with uncertainty and unclear situations, as Jimmy says—it will do you so much good.
Don't do that, Fred. Let it go. Letting things go is necessary for mental development. I know that sounds like I'm suggesting you are a child, but you are. I am. We're all still infants. I recognise you hate not knowing, but I've been there and resolution is never that. Resolving your own emotions is one thing, but watching someone else in order to do that is another. All you are trying to do is prove to yourself the decision was not for naught and was the 'right thing', and that suggests great insecurity, something that needs addressing well before anything else. The more comfortable you become with yourself the more you learn to let things go and say 'fuck it'. It's like arguing with a 17-year old in The Pit. Just say fuck it and walk away. It's far more liberating than procuring some absurd truth from the proverbial ass to consolidate your feelings and authenticate them. You want an answer for your feelings? There are a thousand. Find them and learn from them. But don't go syphoning through your trash to get them. It's your trash for a reason.
And that takes time, Fred. It will take you years to develop the man you know you can be. For me, every day feels like a better chance to prove myself. Proving that I have the salt to live and the intelligence and emotional sensitivity to be a good person is very important to me and is always in my mind in one way or another. I think to myself, yesterday's Daniel was a clown. He was foolish and selfish. Today's Daniel, on the other hand, is smart, selfless and kind. But tomorrow I'll feel the same way about yesterday, which is today. I've been going on like this for years, slowly growing and growing. I'd regularly take a few steps back and have a relapse, but despite my slow progress, I'm making progress. People might not see that, but I do.

Don't beat yourself up if you're not settled at 30, or 40 or 50. I'm 25 and nowhere near settled, yet my sister is almost five years younger than me and was settled this time last year. My brother is two years older than me and is even more unsettled than I am. Everyone grows at different rates. And I know that you feel like you need someone now, and you do—we all do—but don't put so much weight into it. I've had to learn that myself. Don't place all your eggs in one basket. That basket is likely to fall at some point and you'll need something to catch you. Whether it be education, career, friends, creativity, money, travelling, whatever, find something to fall back on. That is about building yourself up as an individual, not as a couple.
If your mind is as hurt as it is now, of course your results are going to be affected. I know that makes matters worse for you since you're so passionate about your work, but you need to talk to a professional about it so that you can refocus on improving your studies again.

The situation you're in is really tough, mate. I know things will change, and although it may not get better for a long time, change will be enough for you to come out the other side. I know what it's like to see someone you care about, or even used to care about, disregard you so blankly, but you become tougher as a result. Did I want to become tougher? Sure, but I didn't want to do it the way I did it. But that's the way it is. Don't let hitting rock bottom be the better of you. You don't need to be there and can change it, slowly but surely.
I might keep my eye out for a used one. I doubt I'd be able to try one out before I buy and it would take the brunt of the price down a little in case it's not what I want.
Anyone tried a Buckshot? I'm looking for a more comfortable Tele '72 Custom with a hot single coil in the bridge and a humbucker in the neck. Although the Buckshot doesn't have the kind of humbucker I want (Wide-Range or standard), I might settle with the RevTron. I do like those kind of pickups in general, I just wanted that '72 sound.
To anyone new, please read the rules before posting. This is a forum for writing. Any original work you have written in text form is accepted. Prose, poetry, stories, lyrics, are all accepted and welcome. If you have a problem with this, go elsewhere. If you cannot offer a genuine critique, go elsewhere. Warnings will be dealt next time.

Carry on.
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Yeah, what I have learned is to never show my emotional side unless I am 100 % sure that the person wants to hear it/know me deeply. I used to think that maybe showing my emotional/vulnerable side to girls would lead to a deeper friendship. I had one close female friend (I know, for a fact she liked me more than a friend, but she has/had (?) a boyfriend). I also showed her, or tried to show her, my vulnerable side (not entirely intentionally - I was just THAT depressed), but all it did was push her away - and now we aren't even friends.

I think, if I ever recover from this, I will take rejection A LOT better. I have been rejected/curved before, of course, but I never wanted to know a girl quite as much as Susan (ridiculous, because I only knew her for 8 days). Although it's understandable why she blocked me, it still shocks me - it makes me feel like an extreme creep.

The three poems that I showed Susan (I am not sure if she read it or not - I wish I did) are the poems that I wrote four years ago: 'Dog', 'Holocaust' and 'To the slums'. 'To the slums' is the one that I said is about me. None of those poems are lovey-dovey, at all.
In general I would agree to that; be frugal in showing your deepest emotions early on. At the same time, if the relationship asks for it, don't be afraid to be you. If you're an emotional and expressive person, and we can all assume you are in spades, hiding that can be an unwise and dishonest thing to do. You have to use discretion. For Susan, the way you met was in a very relaxed and common environment. You weren't attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or consoling a dead loved one, you were on the college campus library. That asks for an easygoing approach and a cool, respectful restraint, whilst still flirting a little. You started out like this, but then you reverted to how you truly were, which is insecure and depressed.

And this is a point you may not want to hear, because I know I don't like hearing it: Sometimes you have to admit that being in a relationship may not be what you need right now, and in fact may not be manageable. I know that seems contrary since finding someone would help alleviate your loneliness, but the truth is, you have to be happy in yourself to ever be happy with anyone else. All you're doing is putting a plaster over a cancerous organ or growth. You need to learn how to be contented on your own, and that can takes time. Of course, by then it can be all too easy to become so frustrated and lonely that you feel defeated and end up giving in to pressure, but it may be the lesser of two evils right now.

Take some time to yourself and heal. See people. See lots of people. But remain calm and don't go too far with anyone, even amongst mutual friends who have no romantic attachment to you. Hang out with friends—make new ones if you have to, just do it casually—and make sure you keep seeing your cognitive behavioural therapist. Also consider talking to your doctor about medication. It may be necessary if your problem is beyond words. I don't think you are depressed by circumstance alone, I think you're clinically ill and that requires more than an hour long chat with a therapist every week. Sometimes a chemical shift in your brain is required. Just be prepared to potentially becoming reliant on them. It is easy to never want to come off them from fear of dropping further down the rabbit hole you put so much effort into climbing up from.
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What do you mean, send my dirt trough the loop of the pedal?

EDIT: Thanks, got it. I guess im gonna go for the NS-2, the mooer pedals dont seem to have a really god rep online, at least the ones i looked at. And the decimator is kinda pricy, almost twice the NS-2
The standard Decimator is only a little more expensive than the NS-2, but they can found second-hand for cheap regularly. It's the G-string version that costs more. It has a loop like the NS-2 and is usually regarded as superior. That's just from reading other people's opinions.

The NS-2 is fine and as long as you don't dislike the way it affects your tone, I think you'll be happy.
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Actually i use quite a bit of distortion, since we play metal. I guess that also means i du a lot of aggressive staccato styles. And i always play loud at practice (small space, big drummer, so the amp is at like 7), and live. I also have issues with feedback almost constantly when i dont use one. Currently i use my zoom G3 with a noisegate at the beginign of the chain so that i dont feedback all over the place when i have pauses in my playing. The whole setup also has quite a noticable hiss or hum when i dont play, and the noisegate does away with that as well. I just want one in a separate pedal, so that the zoom doesnt kill my tone as much.
Definitely get a noise gate, then.

I hope I wasn't rude or presumptuous, but I've seen a lot of guys invest £150 in a noise gate when they only play Iron Maiden in their bedroom. If you play modern styles of metal out and about, a noise suppressor is handy.

Although I've only played the most common ones (NS-2, Decimator, Smart Gate), I have heard some positive remarks on the Mooer Noise Killer. A second-hand NS-2 would do the job well, but it does tend to alter your tone by dragging your highs back in the mix slightly. Some have noted it doesn't suck sustain as much as a Decimator, but I can't corroborate that. If you do go with an NS-2, and I doubt you'd be disappointed, make sure you send your dirt through the loop of the pedal and run the rest of your signal chain straight through the ins and outs.

However, the smaller footprint, low price and solid reviews would entice me to the Mooer Audio Noise Killer. I've heard it's a Decimator clone. The G-String version is better than the Decimator II, though, and I don't know which version the Mooer is a clone of, if at all.
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So guys, im basicly putting together my first pedalboard, and this is what i have lined up so far. Of all the pedals here, i only have the wah and the tuner, so the other ones have to be bought, and if you have any better ideas, i would welcome them. Just keep in mind, i need it to be in the same price range as the pedals already there, since i dont really have a big budget. Anyway, here is the way i would set them up:

Polytune (already owned)
Some sort of noise gate (suggestions welcome)
Crybaby (already owned)
MXR M193 GT-OD Overdrive OR Digitech Bad Monkey

Effects loop:
MXR Micro Amp OR TC Electronic Spark Mini
Digitech Hardwire HW DL 8 Delay

Thats pretty much it. I'd use the Micro amp or the spark to boost the volume for leadwork, digitech for clean tones and leads, the overdrive for general tightness and also leads. Basicly, all this would be so that i can boost the overdrive channel for leadwork, since i only have a two channel amp, a Jet City JCA50.
Noise gates are not necessary unless you actually hear a lot of noise and find it troublesome. Do you use a lot of distortion? If you don't, you don't need one. Do you play aggressive, staccato styles of music? No? Then you don't need one. Do you play live at high volumes regularly? If you're not then you don't need one. Are you recording? If you're not then you don't need one. So many people buy noise gates and it's more often than not a waste of money.

I haven't tried the MXR GT-OD, but I have tried the Bad Monkey. It's a solid and affordable pedal for sure. It's effective as a boost, but I wouldn't rely on it. It's structurally fine, but the sounds wouldn't be ideal on their own.

Using a boost in an FX loop is not something I'd recommend. They can damage your amplifier or your speakers if you're not careful. Using the boost in front of the amp will function similarly, but it will add additional distortion. If you want to use a clean boost in your loop, stick down the knob with tape so that it doesn't go any higher than a few decibels past unity. The Micro Amp is good. I haven't tried the Spark yet, but I'm sure it's fine. A clean boost is a clean boost. I honestly don't know why we have so many of them.

The Digitech Hardwire delay is good. I like it. If you want more options, consider the TC line. If you aren't fussed about features, ditch the fancy stuff and go with an Carbon Copy, Ekko 616, Disaster Transport Jr, Red Witch Violetta, or Ibanez ES-2 if you fancy tap-tempo. If you're willing to part with ten or twenty dollars more, you can get further into the delay world and go for something like the Subdecay Anemnesis, or beyond that a Moog MF-Delay. Fantastic pedal.
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Is it bad that I still think about Susan?
No, of course not. Your thoughts are yours and you can decide whether they're 'good' or 'bad'.
Wrong forum. Please check the rules for the appropriate forum. Thanks.
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Don't know why (well, I do know why, it's because I am insecure as **** and self esteem is down the toilet) but I decided to post a lot of pictures of myself on various website. Got a lot of 4/10s and 5/10s. It makes me wonder if the various attractive girls that once showed interest and all of the very positive comments that I used to get (concerning my looks) were all in my head. Makes me feel ultra delusional. I know one shouldn't care about other people's opinions, especially when it concerns something as subjective as 'attractiveness'. But man... I can't do it.
As I've aged and become more attracted to older and more mature women, I've noticed fewer who are interested in traditional 'good looks' or a photogenic face. I'm an attractive enough guy, but I'm highly insecure about my looks. I recognize what I got ain't bad, but I often forget that. I'm not delusional; I'm insecure. First instance, although I'm not necessarily overweight, I hate that I have a belly, especially since I never used to and have always been lean and fit. Of course, that's something I can change if I motivate myself enough, while genetics are not.

Another thing that I'm paranoid about is penis size. Now, I'm not small. I'm within the average of white males in the UK and Ireland (5-7"), but I still regularly worry about it, which is silly because the one woman I was with sexually didn't look disappointed when she saw me naked, and another woman I became close enough to talk to about it never expressed a particular interest or keenness in finding a 'well-hung stud-muffin'. I have to remind myself this. What with the Internet and the gross amount of sexual content there is out there, men are made to feel inferior, even if they're within the average of a decent looking male. I've seen women comment that if you can fit your dick inside a toilet roll then you're small and will not pleasure them. At the time I thought that was ridiculous—and it was—and quickly disregarded it. But it never really left me. I kept asking, 'what if'? Of course, I then remind myself that this woman was either a very sexually active woman who has experienced enough dick to be picky, and I want nothing to do with her, or she's an insecure liar and is expressing her sexual frustration on the net, in which case I pity her.

Whatever the case, the more 'right' people I spoke to, the less I noticed these things mattered or came up in conversation. On-line you'll find many bigoted and delusional people who see themselves either as grandiose beings on another level of physical existence, or they'll be insecure and confused young men and women who don't understand that they can't fool everyone and that some have the confidence and intelligence to click the 'X' button and walk away from their foolishness. This is something many of us are not naturally born with. Sometimes we need to develop confidence, pride and social security.

So I guess what I'm saying is, don't take what someone on the Internet says seriously, because they have a huge selection and are over-saturated with choice. That's the negative aspect to having access to everything at any time: we become picky and demanding. Our addiction to perfection is dangerous. We forget that our fuck-ups are both unique and important, and also don't impact our lives in as many negative ways as some would say.
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i wasn't all that impressed with gravity. it was cool and all, i enjoyed watching it but it didn't seem all that exceptionally conceived for me. sort of like avatar in it's visual magnificence but the character development and plot sided towards predictability. more in the 3.5/5 range.

i did just see badlands a night or two ago. i thought it was pretty great. a little off kilter in an interesting way. but never felt out of the directors control which was cool. felt to me almost like a ****ed up precursor to moonrise kingdom at a couple points too one of my poetry teachers recommended it to me along with days of heaven. now i feel like i gotta see to the wonder. i was excited about thin red line then my uncle told me it sucked but he likes family guy and i think his favorite movies are old school and animal house so we might be on different wavelengths. a fair few other people seem to think it's wonderfully done.
gonna have to check out being john malkovich the graduate and adaptation eventually now too

(i should say i consider myself very much the opposite of a film buff)
Thin Red Line was one of my favourite film as a teenager, but when I watched it again a couple of years ago, it did not leave me the same impression. It felt somewhat pretentious and over-indulgent, but I have to remind myself it was one of the first movies to film in such a manner and tell a story in such a way. Since then there have been many iterations and copycats that have mutilated the core ideas and design philosophies, so it's really because I've seen so many poor counterfeits and direct rip-offs since then that has dropped my opinion of Thin Red Line.

Badlands is basically the retro version of True Romance. It also has a lot in common with David Lynch's Wild At Heart.
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Anyone been to Prague or Vienna..?
I've been to Prague. I went on a school trip when I was around 11 or 12 playing for the Irish Olympic Handball team. It was pretty, but it also had parts I didn't enjoy—used drugs on the floor, too many people and food I didn't understand or like. I think if I went again now that I'm older I would appreciate it a lot more.
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drive? the movie with ryan gosling?
Yeah, it's a romance at heart if you dissect it. Same with Badlands, another one of my favourites that teeters on different levels.
Where The Wild Things Are was good, but I've only ever seen it once and haven't had any crazy urges to revisit it. It felt like a side-project. It never really amounted to anything for me.

Adaptation was weird, yeah, but I loved it. All Charlie Kaufman stuff is weird in general. Have you seen Synecdoche, New York? That one was a little too drawn out again for me.

Best romance for me is still True Romance. Also a big fan of Drive and The Graduate.
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yeah, i'll have to watch it again and see what i think of your points. on first thought, i would offer that the dips and dives are indicative of how relationships tend to flow; all the problems and resolutions that don't break the two up seemed incredibly real to me.

also the soundtrack was super tight.
I think it was the linearity that became tiresome after a while. With one dip and one peak after another, it felt like we were following every move of the lead and being burdened with all his every day activities. Some films never elude to the flow. You don't notice it because of how enthralled you are. With Her, at least after the first act, I became aware of myself and was beginning to grow weary of the relationships Jones created, which I suspect is exactly what he wanted and why the film is so important and why everyone should watch it, like everyone should watch Adaptation, Lost in Translation or else anything with a self-awareness. But it's also why it was so drawn out in places. It's both a negative and a positive criticism.

I didn't dislike the characters at all, but watching someone trip over and over again and never really understand why or where it is coming from can be frustrating. It wasn't because of his breakup with Catherine because we know his distance and depression was one of the reasons for the breakup in the first place. I feel like we didn't see enough of that. All we saw was this amazing relationship between Samantha the OS and Theodore. His confusion and inability to know what he wants is something we all can relate to, but I don't feel it fits in a film over two hours long when the only interaction we see is through verbal communication with a digital brain. Spike Jones did a phenomenal job with what he had to work with, but if it were cut back by 15 minutes I think it would have been a perfect film and would equal Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
That's funny, I watched it last night as well.

I thought it was an inventive, creative and beautiful film, but at times the script felt a messy to me. The character's arcs were not as natural and ebbing, which I recognize is somewhat in line with how Theodore's character felt inside, but the linear fashion of the script meant it dragged a bit for me. There were too many dips and dives and it felt frustrating to watch in places. It could have been shortened.

Still, four out of five. Gorgeous visuals, incredibly beautiful story that is as relevant and important as films like The Truman Show, Being John Malkovich and even The Matrix, in regards to our perception of ourselves and the realities we create. I'll definitely be watching it again. I feel like there is much to gain from it.
Sometimes we pick people that don't deserve us. Sometimes the ones we are most attracted to are not attracted to us. And sometimes there are people that are attracted to us that we deny because we are still obsessed with others.

Try to drop any preconceived notions you might have. Go to places that encourage hobbies. Forget school, forget bars, forget meeting in the street, forget chat rooms or social networking sites. There are not enough distractions in those places to effectively get to know someone before committing to them. Don't be so driven in finding one or two people and giving them your whole soul. Let relationships come and go freely and remember to remain objective. Relationships take years to develop, not months. You can become good friends with someone in a year, but to really let go and be yourself around them takes many years of diligence. Think of everything with longevity in mind. Building a physically strong body takes years; becoming a stellar musician takes years; finding lasting friends takes years. Just because you're gifted with intelligence and ability as a writer or scientist does not mean you do not have to work hard for everything else.

And don't get attached to people that don't want to reciprocate. I say this sensitively because it's not always the best advice. Think selfishly. Think 'is this person being a dick because they don't care if they offend me'? If they are, walk the fuck on. Reading through your emails, your friend was being a dick. She was a dick to you. Not because she is a dick, but because she doesn't care if she was a dick around you. Take this on your chin like a champion and move on. That takes a long time and is far easier said than done, but you will become tougher the more you practise it. I rarely recommend this, but flirting with random girls you see can effectively toughen your skin. All those rejections will either make or break you. This is why I think it's great when you get to know people in a well-habited environment. Don't talk to them like you want to get to know them. Talk to them like you are a friendly person shooting the shit about your favourite piece of art. Don't ask for numbers, don't ask for emails or Facebook accounts, don't even introduce yourself. Just practise shooting the shit. Maybe they'll like the real you enough to ask you for your number.

In that time you'll miss out on wonderful relationships and friendships, but there are thousands more that will fit into your life just as well. There is no such thing as 'The One'. There are multiple 'The Ones'. Become close to a dude and he decides to travel the world for a year and forgets to keep in touch? He was 'The One', right, and he's gone now? Find another 'One'. Meet a girl at a friend's wedding and she's perfect, but somehow you do not manage to keep in touch? Find another perfect one at another wedding. We are not restricted by time or age or death. There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. Enjoy the journey and stop thinking about the destination. Love the people that you meet along the way, and say goodbye to them when they inevitably leave. Not all are as sentimental or sensitive as you or I, so I know how you feel, Fred, and I struggle with the same things. The advice I'm giving is something I'm always aiming to implement myself but cannot quite manage. But distancing yourself inevitably draws you in. Play it cool. Play it by ear.

Good luck.
Woah, Reverend are stepping up. I hope they can maintain the same level of quality and involvement.
I think it depends on the moment and the audience. I've been to events where people read poetry, and sometimes it was awkward and sometimes it was beautiful. When I say awkward, I don't mean that the words were meaningless or unwarranted, but that either the crowd didn't appreciate them or that they were in the wrong kind of mood to acknowledge and accept the writer's thoughts willingly. If it's a right the time, such as during a best man's speech who feels it best to write down his thoughts in poetry rather than an anecdote, then go for it, I'll think it'll be wonderful.
What version of Guitar Pro do you have? If it's a genuine copy of 6, I can't help you specifically as I only have the 5th edition. It may be the same however, so go up to View at the top menu bar and make sure Hide Standard Notation is not highlighted or selected.
Not every tab has been transcribed with Guitar Pro or Power Tab. I think you can make a request and hope someone fulfils.
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Excellent site!
Is there an option for the actual music notation for those of us who read?
Yes, but you will need purchase and download Guitar Pro or download the free application PowerTab. Ultimate-Guitar does not sell Guitar Pro, it simply uses the program as a means to read tab and musical notation.
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No one made you stay up. You could have talked to any of the other regulars because, you know, there are simple buttons for that on this website. No one made you do anything. Drugs are a huge problem worldwide so it only makes sense to have a place on this site for people to talk about it. Sorry about your typhoon thread? It's great that you guys discussed it internally but there are no moderators anymore who regularly use the thread.
Drugs are a huge problem when they go beyond pot. That thread went beyond pot and prescriptions. All the moderators, including non-Pit mods like myself, agreed that it had gone too far too quickly, and no matter how many times we would have warned and banned, people would have kept going back and posting some serious shit. It's the same reason why the Hot Girls thread or whatever it was called was closed, or anything that borders on breaking terms of use that is pushed beyond its limits. Users pushed and pushed until there was no room left to breathe, so the mods nuked it. Yes, it sucks for those who saw it as something different, but don't blame the mods for a problem the users started.
Yeah, I can read it there.
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