Godin, Reverend, G&L, some fantastic companies that don't receive the widespread acclaim and popularity they deserve. I've never tried a Fretking, but I've heard nothing but positivity. The looks aren't my kind of thing.

Congrats, mate!
Yeah, they are. The letter at the end signifies where they're made, and subsequently from what company. These appear to be made in China.
Anyone know what Ruby EL84C tubes are like? There is a guy in Ireland selling a Red Panda Context and a set of eight Ruby EL84C valves. I need to retube my Fryette Memphis.

Hemingway Would Probably Hate Me
Written by: bluesybilly

You know you've made it
when you can measure your success
by the bottles in the trash.
Cambria Chardonnay, Border Bourbon,
Spotted Cow, Breckenridge,
and a couple Miller Lite's.

A couple words on a page
aren't worth their weight these days
like they used to be.
No one seems to care
what a drunk has to say
quite like they used to.

Catch a buzz and write it down
doesn't seem to do the trick anymore.
It's hard to compete
with all these fedoras and mustaches,
as they fill the page with nothing
and empty out their glasses.

Light a cigarette.
put it out.
say you'll quit.
Light another.
Mmmmm indeed. Your writing is still great.
Quote by chip46
Really? Has the opposite effect for me.

Girls: Dustin what are you up to today?
Me: Oh not much just chilling naked at the apt
*knock knock knock*
Me: Oh hi, what are you doing here?
You wish.
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Quote by chip46

Dammit, I need a Tele body like that. I've got a tele neck sitting around and I've been searching for a cool body for a while. It combines two of my favorite guitars into one, and in the good way, ie Tele body with a few Firebird things, not the other way around.
I saw that on the Chicago Music Exchange feed and thought it sounded and looked ace. Would totally sex that guitar.

Quote by NakedInTheRain
Damn, that was harsh. Fucking funny though.

Quote by forsaknazrael
Well, she's selling the company, so I don't think we'll be hearing too much from her...
The only thing most people will want to hear is that their money is back in their pockets.

Quote by greeny23
was a wardrobe door. sigh.

$560 to have it fixed or $699 to buy a replacement smaller one so i might get it fixed.

i was enjoying knifing and stealing dogtags on 51 inches..

and the porn oh my god it was life sized.
I'm insured for many things, but accidental breakage due to cum stains is not one of them, sadly.

Quote by NakedInTheRain
Dunwich has been designing one over the last year. A few people have them. It's called the Left Hand Path and sounds mean.

edit: The Left Hand Path is the wrong pedal (though it's still a HM-2 clone). That's by Enormous Door FX or something like that. Nick's pedal is called something else that I can't remember.
Woah, that sucks, Tim. What a downer. How did a door fall on your TV?

Written by: JustRooster

I am two thousand years tall
Dense, Craterfooting
Sensitive to
Wavelength shifts and
pressure gradients that
waft my leg hairs and
I often gaze downward
to see how far
above the mountain
ranges my spit can fall
before I
suck it up.

My toe cracks are
tectonic events,
my shoulder shrugs cause
elliptical drift and I look
upward and know that
I probably still won't.

Reach them, I mean.
I sure do think about them a lot.
Quote by mmolteratx
Well, that sucks. I feel for her. But if she says she'll make it up for messing with people's money and trust, fair enough, I believe she will. If she doesn't... well... I hope she doesn't get in over her head again with this video game design idea, because I don't want to see more people messed about.

Quote by mmolteratx
You should buy a Red Panda Context and lemme know how it is. The Blue Sky sucks, IMO. And the Echorec is lousy with high gain, unless you're a shoe gaze guy. For high gain, a bright digital delay works best.
The Context is the only reverb other than the Eventide H9—which is still a little too big—that is versatile enough for what I want and in the right enclosure. Everything else is either too big or only has one or two sounds. I want a bunch of sounds in a Context-sized box, and until Subdecay comes out with a Spring Theory Dlx I doubt anything will fit the bill.

Although the Context is pretty much the right pedal, I haven't been wowed by the demos. There is one locally for sale for €200, which is steep (that's Ireland for you), but I should snag it before it sells because there won't be another opportunity like it again. I just have no money. I could always go for something cheaper like the Hardwire Supernatural. That does sound pretty damn good. Or maybe I could run two reverbs, a Spring Theory and a Hall of Fame Mini. That might fit, but I don't know if I have enough power outputs.

Quote by losing battle
I mostly plan on using the echorec with a muff, I'm just curious how it would fair with heavy distortion. The strymon is a definate no the shimmer sounds almost like its producing the same tone on the trails and the modes leave a lot to be desired. Id think about it at 50 bucks but definatly at anywhere near its asking price. I guess it boils down to a hall of fame not that wild about it, (had a trinity had to sell it to pay bills I didn't really like the other modes besides e1) the hardwire ill look into I might look into a supernatural I really didn't like the reverberator in the demos I saw.

Edit. I could snag a used alter ego instead of the echo rec, it would get me somewhere in the ballpark with an echorec and I can have other delays as well. Does anybody here on ug have one, (you can just name drop ill pm) I wonder how well you can cut out the modulation amd how well the strum tempo feature works. I dont want to spend 225 on something that just sits there.
If you don't like the BlueSky, which I wasn't stricken by either, then avoid any of the cheesy pedals, because it's chintzy as fuck. Check out the Spring Theory from Subdecay. It's a fantastic spring emulator, but it also possesses a wicked hall setting that excels at more ambient work. Dennis Kayzer, the YouTube demo artist, uses one for his band The Bleeding. It's not Death Metal, but it's heavy as fuck, and he uses a Blackstar Series One 200, which is a mean beast. If it works for him...
Probably kinda washy. I don't know for sure because I haven't played it, but I imagine with all that gain the rhythms would get lost. I don't see the point of an Echorec type of pedal with tons of gain. It's fine with Gilmour amounts of fuzz, but not Death Metal.

As far as reverbs go, the EHX Cathedral or Strymon BluSky sound about right, but you'll have to buy used as they're over your budget. For something smaller look into a second-hand Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator, Hardwire RV-7, or a TC Electronic Hall of Fame.
Andddddddddddddddddddddddddddd... that's why I haven't been drunk in two+ years.
I never understood the craving for junk food after a night of booze. I only want healthy foods like fruit, steamed broccoli and plain grilled chicken breast.
Quote by mmolteratx
Yea, I got tons of hours on the original MW. World at War was the first really shit COD, and everything was downhill from there. Tis a shame, because the first 4 were some of the coolest shooters ever. But everyone else started innovating after that, and COD has remained pretty much the same game...
The first Call of Duty was one of the few games that I loved enough to complete on the hardest difficulty setting. That shit was hard, particularly the Russian mission in the falling down building where the Nazi's are approaching from all directions in tanks and blowing up the building. That was so awesome.
Quote by chip46
I can't play shooters on console anymore. Once you go PC, you can't go back.
When I moved from PC to console around 2007 after being fed up with how slow my system was, it was too much of a change. I said fuck that and spent €1000 on a new PC. I'm still nowhere near as good with a controller as I am with a mouse and keyboard, but my PC eventually began lagging behind the new titles being released. I've been torturing myself with restraint because I don't want to play them on either of my consoles. I haven't even been able to pick up Battlefield 3 or Skyrim for my desktop yet.

Quote by joe_k
I still think Cod 4 was one of the best games i have played. i think maybe because it was the first FPS i had ever played. all the Cods after it just seemed like a shittier immitation.
The first Modern Warfare was awesome. I played that so many times. It was the first multiplayer game that brought me away from CS:Source. It was so fresh and unique. But that was years ago. They're shit now.
No "C4C" in titles, please.
Try Guitar Pro.

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Just quickly before I read y'all posts, anyone have a link for the cork sniffer forum we had going. I want to find the shit list thing we had.
I imagine he was having a bad day and that's why he flew off the handle, but if you can afford to pay $100k for lame trademarks then you can pay a few quid for a PR representative to advice you never to lash out like that personally. Maybe he's so used to dealing with people who are trying to make money selling their designs, but that doesn't excuse threats and rude behaviour.
Quote by chip46
I think I made him feel bad because I was being so nice about it the whole time he was yelling at me. (I didn't say the thing about my parents ) I told him I fixed all the text, took away any Fulltone trademarks from the listing, and then thanked him for bringing the violations to my attention. He said "thanks for changing the text". No caps or any underlying sarcasm. That's my method, kill them with kindness.
Best way to do it.

Quote by Dave_Mc
The same way fulltone started, assuming I remember correctly from Fuller interviews I've read.
Really? Wow, that makes him even more reprehensible.

Quote by chip46
I think I'll make another one and just put the listing title as "Generic OD, not a Fulltone". Then make a decal for it that's just a giant middle finger with the words "**** you Mike" next to it. Put the BIN at $10,000 or something no one would ever buy, and set the listing at 30 days, then check the option for free re-listing, and just let it run forever.
That would be an excellent revenge strategy.

Quote by gumbilicious
i always thought it was a really bland name. but i guess because the name is so mediocre and lame it may be the reason they are so successful. mass groups of people seem to like uninspired shit.
Are you talking about GuitarGuitar or Fulltone?

Quote by DeathByDestroyr
I wouldn't be surprised if word of how he treats others spreads like wildfire.

Anyone have any ideas for what I should put this little lm386 amp in, for my coworker? I'm thinking maybe a soup can?
I doubt he'd be seriously affected by an explosion like that. He would have to do it regularly and to famous people for it to impact the business. He has too much of an adoring fan base to bend over and take it up the ass for him, so anything they produce or do, unless maybe outsourcing their products to Asia, will be seen through tinted glasses. Post this on TGP and they'll make endless excuses, discredit the cloner and eventually the DIY community as whole. Ten pages will go by and the admins will shut it down, nuking all the posts, banning users with aggressive opinions, and then it will never be heard from again. Post it where Fuller doesn't have a fan base or somewhere there is indifference and users will complain and rally to stop others from buying Fulltone products.
Quote by chip46
I got a message about my little Fulltone 2 clone I was trying to sell on eBay.

"You think I spent $100K+ trademarking my shit so a piss ass little **** like you could violate it?
I'm going to own you parent's house unless that auction is pulled in 5 minutes.

Mike Fuller/Fulltone"
He spent over $100,000 trademarking those boring names... If he wants to, I guess, and believes it's good business, fine, but treating a fellow builder who is messing about with circuits, the same way many businesses start, that's really poor. Fulltone, you have lost a customer.

Quote by SimplyBen

There's a store over here selling them off for less than half price but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, it's all so garish.
I dig a few Schecter guitars, but the only ones places like GuitarGuitar (worst name for a guitar shop ever?) have are all the metal or gaudy ones. No one has the Corsair in stock, for instance.
It would look infinitely better with a plain Mahogany back, like this:

But it's still sexy as it is.
I see what you were going for here, and for the most part it works, but it falls short of the hole in the end. Try and step back, work with the themes and ideas in a similar kind of way, but perfect each phrase and attempt to make them less in your face. A piece like this should flow from the tongue; it should be natural.
Although it is very useful having all the ideas in one place (the Feedback Thread), it has grown less and less relevant as time has gone on. Still, I think I'd rather if new ideas were kept there. They would get lost in this thread, despite it being the more active place for the writers here.
Quote by telemetal
Renegade...w/ KT88's Probably could do country if I had some less bass heavy tubes
Anything with clean headroom (the Renegade has plenty) will do for country. It's more about playing style than anything else, in my experience. Also, Telecaster.
Jimmy, that's awesome! I'm glad to see the band taking off like that. You deserve it.
Quote by darkwolf291
D'Addrio just announced that Bill Lawrence died
Yeah, I saw that on a pickup builder's page this morning on Facebook.

Quote by chip46
As Professor Farnsworth would say.....Huzzah!


Quote by Steve Holt
I work in an electronics retailer and I deal with this shit every day.

"What's the price of this TV"
"$1099, like it says on the ticket there"
"No, come on, what's your BEST price"
"Sorry man, that thing is actually $200 below cost right now, I can't actually drop it"
"Come on, I know you can do it for $1000"

And then you get people who do that... On $20 items...
Reminds me of this:
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