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Why so many Iceland shows, Jimi?
Does anyone else find this the strangest tradition?

On second-hand adverts, an asking price is listed. That price is either high, low, or average. Yet for some reason, a potential buyer will ask "What's your best price on this?" Surely the seller listed the "best price"? If he was willing to sell it for less then he probably would have listed it as so. Maybe I'm different and don't try to rip people off, but it doesn't make any sense to me. What's the point of a listing price if you're just going to whittle it down penny by penny?

On the flip side, I've seen quite a few buyers who would still try to lower the price even if it was a desperate sale and was already well below the going price. It's like people will fight for that little bit extra more, as if for comfort and satisfaction than anything else. It's based upon greed and selfishness. You're taking advantage of someone else's desperation in order to satisfy your psychological lust for the best deal possible. We all do it in our ways, but I don't like it.
He plays in a Rap-Goth Grindcore band with circus clowns as their dress code.
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I heard it's pretty crappy. Didn't even bother picking it up yet.
It honestly wouldn't surprise me at this stage. The trailers and concepts for the Asssassin's Creed games are amazing, but they often fall short. Although I keep playing AC because they're a lot of fun and do have some amazing design elements, it never seems to get everything right. Most reviewers on the first page of Google seem to like it a lot, but I'll wait until Rev3Games releases their review. I usually agree with them.
Yeah, that's cool. Just shooting ideas out.
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So like, a lot of times, I read someone's poem/song and it inspires me in a way or reminds me of a poem that I once wrote that is similar, or complimentary. Now I don't post that poem on that thread because I do not want to take attention away from the person that posted their piece, but it would be nice to maybe have a thread that is a direct response, where you can quote one of the existing pieces and "reply" to it. It can be stylistically, it can be content-wise or maybe by format. It's also nice to see how your piece inspires others and where they take it to.

Just a thought.
I like that.

It could even be considered competitive in some instances. Someone could challenge another by writing a piece that needs to inspire the competitor. If the competitor cannot find the right inspiration, and gives a critique offering valid reasons for so, the instigator will lose. But if the competitor does write a piece and everyone decides the original is better, he or she will lose and the original writer will win. Obviously this is just an afterthought to add on to your idea. I'm trying to think of more ways to implement it so that it has a higher chance of sticking.

It could also be considered as another way to critique. Instead of making a new thread to post their inspired ideas, they could reply to the original work with their own interpretation, thus offering a highly unique way of critiquing. It won't involve perfecting the writer grammatically or systematically like it often is, it would involve simply offering their own perspective in a highly artistic and personal way.

Or you could just make new threads that have a 'linking' feature or a 'reply with thread' button like you suggested.
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saying my goodness and gosh in one post.
Don't judge.
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I have found the most batshit insane person on the internet :
My goodness, what a mess. It's not the kind of unbalanced feminism that most people shrug off as nothing more than bitter ignorance. That is straight-up bat-shit insane. To actually think a man is a rapist because they asked their tired partner for sex is beyond offensive. It's as bad as saying "Hey, she was asking for it with the way she was dressed", and that's pretty fucking bad in itself.

If you check the comments below the article you'll see the writer actually says "I hate men." Should someone like that have any authority or control over something as public as the Internet? They are obviously severely delusional and need therapy. If she/he has been hurt in the past, I deeply sympathise, but to spout that kind of bullshit on the Internet with a closed mind, that's dangerous.

I love the Internet. Like many I think it's one of the greatest inventions ever. But it's also a breeding ground for dangerous thinking and propaganda. People have had their malleable minds completely contorted by someone's deep-seated issues. I feel fear at the thought of what a person like that can do to a young girl who has been abused and is seeking refuge somewhere, anywhere.

This might seem like a strange comparison, but the graphic novel Y:The Last Man depicts how when the shit hits the fan and people are left with little options, a woman (or man) with deep pains and unresolved issues can turn to the most frightening of things for resolution. That book shows how easy it is to lose sight when seemingly infallible evidence is staring us in the face, but also how important it is to keep your head screwed well the fuck on and remain calm.

Gosh, what a read.
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You gots to read the comic book. The internal monologue is big missing element in the movie.
I'm on The Killing Joke at the moment. There are so many comics to read it's insane.
I meant the death of Electrocutioner, really. I'm only kiddin' anyway. I know you wouldn't spoil the game.

I finally watched The Dark Knight Returns Part II the other day and I was totally blown away. I was giddy as a school girl while watching it. I then read a few reviews on it to see how others thought it was as amazing as I did, and a lot of rather negative points were brought to my attention that I hadn't noticed while watching it. It such a diverting movie and story that I didn't notice any failings. It's one of those situations where you can either trust your instinct or go with your brain, so to speak. I'm choosing to go with my first reaction, which was amazement.

The violence in it really shocked me. That was the first thing that was drew me in. Then the second part with the Joker was a total mindfuck. Pushing Batman that far has only been shown in a few comics and stories. I know Joker pushed Superman to the brink in Injustice: Gods Among Us, but not Batman, not to that kind of level. I'm definitely going to watch it again very soon to see, with those critiques in mind, if the drawbacks would take away from my enjoyment of it and respect for the creators.
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Oh, also another thing. The subtle references to various DC arcs/characters/locations/etc. are vastly reduced from Arkham City. All I caught was a Flying Graysons poster with a cancelled sticker across it, and a shipping crate with Queen Industries printed on it. And a post credits scene hints at a Suicide Squad spinoff, which gets me a little hard in the pants if I get to play as Deathstroke, but who knows.
Ah, that sucks. I loved the endless nods to the various different Batman lores. That was part of the whole experience. I know people didn't like Enigma's puzzles and quizzes, but I absolutely loved them. Some of them were incredibly well thought-out. Others just required you to explore, but that was always fun in itself. You are motherfucking Batman after all.

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I hate it when people don't pay quickly on evilbay. Guy bought a pedal from me a day and a half ago and still hasn't checked out. I can't order pickups till he pays. Negative feedback engaged.
I don't see why people can't immediately pay. I don't understand that. Maybe they've got a lot of money and are bidding on a bunch of things or just hoping upon the right deal on random listings that vaguely interest them, but when I bid on something it's on my mind in the forefront and I pay for it as soon as I win. It's just manners and makes everything easier.

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The lip movements are about on par with Arkham City. I wish they'd motion capture facial performances, since they're already doing it for the actual body movements. Would make it much more immersive. LA Noire was supposed to be game changing in that regard, and for some reason it never caught on.
Beyond Two Souls and I think one or two others have used it well, but yeah, I have no idea why it's not become commonplace. If film-makers and studios can become obsessed with 3D in movies, which is often terribly implemented with only one example that actually was better for it (Avatar), then why can't motion capture become an industry standard when it has practically held its titles above everything else because of it? Post-conversion almost never adds anything, yet forces you to pay extra and wear annoying glasses. Genuine 3D shot with 3D cameras is good if it's used to tell a story or to emote a feeling, but if it's just used for the 'wow' factor or to supposedly add immersion, which the film should be doing in 2D, then it's a waste in my opinion.

Yea, they could've designed New Gotham better. It was really bland and nondescript, with less landmarks, and what seemed like less care put into its design. Architecturally, it was bang on, but it was just so empty and lifeless. The Arkham City portion was basically lifted directly from the last game and reskinned to look less rundown. Even interiors of the buildings were exactly the same. The only thing I don't recall seeing during my playthrough today (about 12 hours, most side missions, except for the Riddler ones) was Mount Olympus, and that was definitely in Arkham City. New Gotham is pretty bland and nondescript, and there are no civilians anywhere in the city, which is jarring. Basically the whole town is controlled by thugs divided up into gangs, just like Arkham City. There's a really long bridge connecting the two parts of the city, and it spends the whole game walled off and controlled by thugs, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense until you get to the Firefly boss fight at the end.
I remember having a huge debate with my brother after I completely Arkham City. Like everyone, I had my ideas on what the next Batman game would be. I thought it wouldn't be out until 2014 (a game every two years is a bit much for me) but I was right when I said that Gotham would be the next excursion. My brother thought differently, and for good reasons. I said that there could be a curfew (one of his arguments was that Batman couldn't be flying around in a living, breathing city) because the crime lords had captured the city and Batman had to free it. I was obviously off in the sense that Batman was supposed to be walking into a trap in order to free the city, but I was right in the location and general idea. I imagine a lot of people had the same theory.

And on the topic of boss fights, I'd have to agree with the consensus that they were underwhelming. Killer Croc was just like fighting a Titan goon. Deathstroke was very simple (practically a point and click) and didn't show anything to indicate that (in the comics) he's always physically bested Batman in a straightforward fight. Copperhead was basically like the Ra's Al Ghoul fights from Arkham City (though I did like how they explained her gender, and you're drugged while fighting her). Deadshot was like the Harley Quinn boss fight in the Harley Quinn's Revenge expansion. Bane's first boss fight is like Killer Croc's, though his second is more like Mr. Freeze's from the last game without the challenge of having to adapt your fighting style. Firefly's is a lot like the Catwoman/Poison Ivy one in Arkham City. The Electrocutioner is a joke really, as all you do is jump over him and hit him once, then never see him again until he's dead. Lady Shiva's was just a straight forward fight with no real boss element to it, and her minions were just reskinned versions of Talia's guard from Arkham City.

Hell, even the Mad Hatter side mission resembles the Scarecrow fight from Arkham Asylum. They really didn't add much on the boss front.

New gadgets are the remote Batclaw, which you take from Deathstroke once you beat him, and electric gloves, which you take from the Electrocutioner's corpse. They're very useful, though they make every fight after that super easy.
Damn it, you're giving away too much!

The mechanics are slightly changed, some for the better, some for the worse. For example, the Batclaw can now only grapple to things at a higher elevation than you. Which ****ing sucks, especially when gliding and trying to grapple boost. Plus you can no longer grapple to a bunch of buildings all willy nilly. But, knife dodges/takedowns are much more fluid and precise, as are pretty much any other special moves you may need that require combinations of keys. I no longer have to macro ish.
What? Why would they change that? The grapple boost was absolutely awesome. Some might have thought it was too easy, but you're Batman. That's the whole point. He's a master designer that has created gadgets no one else could have. If people thought flying and moving around the city was too easy and foolproof then the game should have been more challenging elsewhere.

And the story is very solid, with references to a bunch of comics, in particular the Joker's origin story in The Killing Joke and Bane in the Knightfall arc. The score is very well done, and the voice acting is pretty solid considering no Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill. The guy they got to replace Conroy is actually really good, IMO. Not so big on the Joker voice. He gets the character of the voice close enough, but is waayyy off as far as inflection and speaking dynamics go. He puts emphasis on different words in lines than Hamill would have, which had me scratching my head, and his normal tone is deeper than Hamill's, but when he gets excited, it's higher pitched and thinner. Though really anyone but Hamill confuses me when I hear the Joker's voice. I've been conditioned on his Joker since I first watched Batman The Animated Series back in the 90s and have a hard time with anything else.
I've heard some people say they didn't like Batman's voice but really liked Joker's. Either way, I'm like you, anything other than Mark Hamill is weird. But still, Under The Red Hood and The Dark Knight Returns had very good Jokers that I liked a lot who were very different than Mark Hamill's interpretation. They were more menacing and guttural.
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Yea, other than the new detective mode, it doesn't add a whole lot to what Rocksteady already made. But that foundation is just so solid, the story line is pretty well crafted (so far), and I can't help but get incredibly excited over Batman stuff. Plus the score is phenomenal. I've heard complaints about the boss fights, but I haven't done very many. Killer Croc was a bit of a disappointment though. Basically the same strategy as Titan thugs in Arkham Asylum/City.
I didn't want to become a full-blown Batman fanboi and say anything and everything with him in it is awesome, but I was really hoping this game would deliver because I am such a huge, undying fan of the first two, and there were a few things that really bothered me about the trailers. For one, have you noticed how ridiculous the characters lips look when they're talking? It's almost comical. That would ruin the mood for me, and Batman is all about mood.

Another criticism I've heard is that Gotham doesn't actually look any different than Arkham island and is still super drab and monotone. Obviously Arkham used to be a part of Gotham before it became a self-sustaining prison, but the buildings don't look any different and Gotham has often shown in stark contrast to Arkham, at least from a wealth standpoint, though maybe not from an architectural standpoint.

I didn't want them to change anything about the game, really. Like you say, the mechanics were bang-on the money and only needed to be refined and adapted to new technology and set pieces. I just wanted a new story, a new set of characters, and a fresh take on Batman, and apparently Origins delivers this.

I've heard the boss fights aren't great as well.
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and give it two months, it'll be filled with a million big skys.
And people will be wanting their BlueSky's back.

"Yeah, so... emmm... the BigSky is too much for me. I knew it would be. I just wanted to test it out. I'll sell my BigSky on at a premium and buy back the BlueSky at a cheaper rate than I sold it for, effectively dabbling in a little greedy trading and inherently fluctuating the used prices and demand of pedals. Yep, I'm a selfless star of the community."

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Arkham Origins is fantastic. New detective mode is sweet.
This is great news! I'm thinking of picking up the Collector's Edition for the 360. Most people appear to really like the game, especially the writing, acting and storyline, but they dislike that it doesn't add very much in the way of fresh gaming ideas, and apparently the mulitplayer is forgettable, which probably knocked the score down for a lot of critics. But the developers appear to have added just about enough to allow it to stand on its own as a dedicated and worthy prequel.
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Matt, what's your favorite solo boost now? Need something new for my board.
I like the Rangemaster/Treble Booster for almost any kind of boosting. The Greenhouse FX Middle Man also works really well. It adds a thick midrange that adds body and fatness to the lead notes but still cuts through. Neither are transparent though so if you want something that doesn't colour the sound then I don't know what to suggest. All the ones I've tried add character to the tone, such as the Xotic EP Booster and Freakshow FX Boost.
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Whoa, have you guys seen this?
Yeah, I received the email from EHX. I'm not that interested myself, but it's cool to have more pedals like that on the market.
Lollar Regals and a second-hand TimeFactor. The humbuckers in a Tele Deluxe, unless it's an original, are pretty lame. Well, they are on my '72 Tele Custom. I probably won't go with Lollars because of import duties, so I might just stick to the lesser known Creamery pickups. I doubt Lollar are any better. They just don't have the name—yet.
I don't know him personally so I can't say, sorry.

monster movie
Written by: NGD1313

christened in spit and bit nails
kissing the skin and missing the scales
my Pilsnered affections dribble down my chin
while i study you beneath a canopy of smoke
fiddling with the buttons on your coat
as the architecture of your name
further tangles in my throat
and i am learning how to be alone.
Fantastic to see your writing again.
Damn, I wish you hadn't posted that Army Green Reverend. Man, that is THE guitar that I wanted.
I have no problem with this. Short work is often as good as a more elaborated piece. The concluding line is the teeth-sinker. Very nice work, man.
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Space is a better reverb, tonally and functionally. Only thing this has is the analog dry.
I have to say, the clips I've heard of the Big Sky aren't as widely captivating, deep or versatile as the ones from the Space. I think the TimeLine is step above the Timefactor and I think the Modfactor is a slight step below the Mobius, but this reverb isn't getting my juices bubbling. And does anyone else notice that many of the patches sound shockingly similar? I imagine it's the recording style but everything has a shimmer and a shine to it that I don't like.

As you say, though, that analog dry through is a big deal. I've avoided a few pedals because they convert the signal to digital. For that reason, if I had a choice between a €500 Space or a €450 Big Sky, I might take that Big Sky... but probably not.

What we need is someone like Subdecay to come up with a deluxe reverb pedal. I'm thinking of picking up one of those Context reverb pedals from Red Panda. I've heard some say they didn't like it, but it's one of the few compact reverb pedals with an analog dry signal. The Hall of Fame/Trinity are cool pedals, the Boss RV-3/5 are cool, the Hardwire RV-7/Supernatural are cool, but non of them have everything I want in a reverb. So far the only way to satisfy my reverb desires entirely is to have multiple different units.

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i doubt they had to outsource it, they probably just wanted the bjf name on their product.
This. I highly doubt they were incapable of creating a buffer. I imagine it's just a selling point to get a boutique builder on board who is popular in Asia.
Oh man, I feel sorry for that dude. Either he knows how badly he's screwed the switch up and is stupid enough to believe he can successfully con someone into buying it, or he's too stupid to recognize the mistake. Either way I feel sorry for him.

I finally finished Hitman. You know when you invest so much time and energy into a game, and then for whatever you lose your 'flow' and stop playing for a few weeks? Well, that happened and I couldn't get my head around finishing the story.

What happened was that I almost balled my eyes out at how hard one specific achievement was (it was kill 11 guards with a shiv without being seen). I spent around six hours completing that one mission, and I couldn't stop until I did. Then I was just so sick of the game that I didn't go back to it when I lost my momentum.

But I picked it up again a few days ago and finished it, and I remembered how awesome it was. I hate all the shit that you have to do to 100% it, like picking up all the items, but the various ways of killing is always a blast, both because it's challenging in a balanced manner... and because you're killing people with pianos, food poison, skylights, etc.

I'm playing Sleeping Dogs at the moment. I've wanted to play it for a long time now as I like the underdogs (geddit?!) that surprise everyone, but it's aged badly since its release. There are loads of bugs, the graphics can be bad in places, the driving and camera angles are a little dodgy, and the combat isn't nearly as satisfying as something like Batman. It's still worth playing though.

I have GTA V waiting for me. It's just eyeing me up and down every time I play Sleeping Dogs. I just want to finish that game and move on, because I know if I start GTA then I won't bother finishing Sleeping Dogs, and I'll be missing out on a solid game. First world problems.
I haven't been drunk in two years and I'm proud of it. Still, I do fancy getting tipsy and trying to write something. Maybe I'll actually like it this time.
I'd say a used smallsound/bigsound Sparkle Motion. $100. I picked mine up all battered and used for around that and I absolutely love it. It's basically a Treble Booster/Rangemaster circuit but with the ability to act as a full-frequency boost. It's not transparent. It's dry, warm, and thick.

to be carried, away
Written by: #1 synth

when a river
floods your spine
moves your toes forward absent
mindedly, lips pursed quietly
taking note of pigeons perched on panties
pinned to clotheslines
you are in your old neighborhood now
walking down to the water’s edge
the sand cuts like the glass it will form
long after you die
there is a red moon cutting silhouettes
in your prayer position
knees in the riverbank

i was carried away at the mall once
i was fourteen
my mother was in Macy’s
the man said he would buy me orange julius
i thought orange julius sounded good
i followed him like a syringe
into a waiting vein
there were some mall cops that scared him off
i have a basket in my throat
chock full of what ifs
and silence
is in this room with us

taste it on your tongue like sea salt
blown in on the wind
the secret residue that coats our skin
like pen-pal letters
we wrote to ourselves
when we were in recovery
we made matching paper bracelets
to covenant the shackles
that hang like irons on our wrists

and people ask us why our posture bends

when we speak our truth,
weight is lifted,
weight stays heavy

there is a birthmark on your cheek
that holds the burning of chicago
there is a tattoo on your lower back
that contains the flooding of the nile
there is a candle in my hands

there is a candle
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I think the tightest band I've seen live is Biffy Clyro. They are just amazing. I rarely say this but I think they may even be better live than in the studio.
That makes more sense. I struggled to believe when people complained about the weather in Washington.
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i want that bench.
Yeah, it's weathered naturally over the years and looks awesome. It's a bit rickety but I've warned my mother not to touch it with any finishing materials. It looks awesome as it is.

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Seattle's weather is way better than here.
I've heard Seattle is actually equally as bad as Ireland. Some might even say it's worse.
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Looks great man.
Bend that bad boy behind the bridge
I love that 'ping' sound as well.
They're exact replicas of the originals, which were a cross between a mini-humbucker and a traditional PAF-type humbucker. They're very neutral and warm. The housing itself is custom; it's not a common route.
NGD Y'all! My friends on Facebook will already know about it, but for everyone else, enjoy the pictures, review, and comment, etc, etc.