I've always been a fan of the Guild S-100 that Kim Thayil from Soundgarden uses, but I never thought I'd actually own one. I always just saw it as a cool, but different, guitar. However, when Guild released the MIK Newark range at Winter NAMM 2013, and one of introductory models was a reissue of the S-100 Polara, my interest was peaked.

I held back from buying one, though, because I wanted to wait until the reviews and opinions of players started hitting the web—but they never did. Apparently, at least over here, Guild were back-ordered for months. Whatever guitars the dealers did receive were pre-ordered and gone as soon as they hit the shop doors. I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but I happened to find a nice guy selling one for €450 up in Dublin so I decided to take the train across the country and bring home a tidy new guitar.

And here is my MIK Guild S-100 Polara in perfect condition:

And for a little review?

It's good; very good. For €450 it was an absolute bargain. The quality is up there with my Japanese imports, and easily on par with many USA Gibsons and Mexican Fenders. I don't know what 'Handcrafted in Korea' signifies exactly, but wherever it's made it's an excellent guitar and I'm chuffed to bits with it. The pickups are rich, full, and incredibly balanced. The neck pickup is slightly duller than I want it to be, but I should be able to rectify this with some adjustments of the pickup height and with my amp.

The neck carve is very neutral and comfortable. It's slick and rarely encumbers you as you play. The tuners are strong and sturdy and barely ever go out of tune. With thick strings this thing resonates beautifully. You can feel it vibrate against your body as it sends the waves through your torso. It's nice and loud acoustically, and this to me is always a good sign, and has a uniformity and clarity to it. It's quite a heavy guitar, but it's manageable. I have a Japanese Ibanez AR100 that is heavier.

The fretwork is solid. Granted, it's not perfect—the high e string slips off the fretboard on the fifth fret too easily and there are a couple of dead notes past the 18th fret—but for the little I paid for it this is to be expected. Although I can't help with the slipping string, unless I replaced the whole fret, I can work on the fretting issues with my local technician. It also needs professionally intonated, but you'd have to do this with a £2000 Gibson.

The finish is nigh on immaculate and the detailing is beautiful. These little... 'details' that are unique to Guild and the S-100 really set the guitar apart from others, and this is something I've always looked for in an instrument. I love traditional designs, but slight variations and tweaks on them are even better. The three Japanese guitars I own all do this, as does my new Guild. The bronze indicators, that iconic tailpiece, the open-back tuners, the tall but narrow frets, they all make this instrument very special. Even the pickup housings and knobs are custom to Guild. I dig that a lot.

Overall I'm very happy. There is a rather unapologetic knot in the Mahogany body, but I think that adds a little to it. It'll grow on me I'm sure. The fretting issues, although most of which can be resolved, are not terrible considering the cost, the quality of the workmanship overall and the parts involved. If you fancy a sonically balanced, affordable instrument with quality on par with USA Gibson Studios, MIM Fenders, and MIK Reverends, that looks a little different, but not overly so, that resonates better than most, this could be something to consider.
How can I keep getting this wrong every time? I'm so terrible at maths. I definitely didn't forget to add the spring competition results. I must have just calculated them wrong. I've added two points for you Jimmy. I'm not sure what samoo was before and whether I incorrectly added his scores up. I'll get Andre to do this from now on.
Man, being without Internet for two weeks has been a nightmare. Good to be back.
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My mom died yesterday at 2:14 PM...
That breaks my heart. I'm so so sorry. No consolation or advice ever helps. Just try to remember all that you loved about her. It'll help in its own distorted way. All the best to you and your family from mine here in Ireland.
I'll look into Vintage Vibe. Hopefully I won't need them or anyone, but we'll see.
I noticed that too. I thought about bumping a few threads on TGP, but resigned myself to the fact that I probably wouldn't get a response because the thread starters only have a few posts and wouldn't come back after two years to reply to that thread.

I spoke with Ken @ Reverend about swapping pickups and he basically said that he's never had to think about it and thus couldn't help. This was both annoying and reassuring at the same time.

The problem with going the custom route like Rio Grande is that the builder has to custom make the housing to fit the routing and rings, which can be incredibly expensive—kind of like custom ordering a single PCB—or find a used pair and rewind them, at which point I'd rather just buy the guitar and hope I like it. And if I don't, send it to someone like Jaime at The Creamery in the UK and have him rewind them to my specs.
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My problem with TGP closing their controversial threads (and a lot of the times deleting them entirely) is that when people come along looking for info about a certain pedal, or stumble across a "praise" thread about one, their view is distorted because they're only seeing the good comments left behind.

Using the Alpha Drive as an example, how many people might have inadvertently bought one at full price before realizing it was a ripoff of a $40 pedal, then down the road when they find out, they're out their hard-earned money. Alpha Drive might be a bad example, since it was smeared all across the internet, so chances are people found out pretty quick, but what about costly pedals that don't get as much attention on a wider scale, like this dumbloid pedal that is probably more than likely a clone?
I thought Americans were all about 'free speech'? Every damn day we have someone in the Forum of the Banned complaining about their free speech being denied. We just say, "Dude, you called someone a cunt and posted goat porn." The Internet is not like real life. You can't just say or do whatever you feel like and get away with it because of 'free speech'. This website has its own set of rules, just like certain States have their own taxes and laws.

With that said, going around deleting content that you don't like because companies will complain, that's taking things too far. The Internet does need to be monitored for serious things, but not because someone told the truth and exposed a companies' dodgy practises. That's the kind of thing the Nazis used to do. I'm not saying The Gear Page is ran by Nazis, but they should definitely get a grip and curtail all their squashing of 'free speech'.

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^ +1 (though even they're biased too, and you could make the argument that they're being hypocrites- they've had their fun and now want to stop others )

EDIT: just to clarify i'm not in favour of banning guns either.

what would really sicken TGP is if all the people who got duped by an overpriced clone, whose hyping was enabled by TGP's ridiculous rules, got together and sued it.
This is true. But how can you truly make an informed decision without first dipping your toes into the water? But you have a point.

I personally don't believe people who have had negative experiences with certain criminals should be allowed to make the final call on their adjudication. I don't believe a victim of a terrible crime should be given the hammer to pass judgement. They are, unfortunately, not in a place of rational thinking or fairness. It's blood for blood by the pound and that to me is not justice. But then again, I don't believe in corporal punishment or any of the Islam and Muslim extremists who cut off people's hands for committing a minor crime, etc. I believe in rehabilitation, not cutting off or throwing away the key, so to speak.
They're the wrong size. Mini-humbuckers are slightly different in size, and the Revtron's are thinner and taller than a regular Filtertron or a TV Jones.
I play a huge variety of music, from Jazz to Blues, Hard-Rock to Heavy Metal, Indie to Alternative, and more. This guitar will be mostly for Alternative Rock and Folk like Interpol, The Strokes, Biffy Clyro, Two Gallants, Band of Horses, The National, etc. But I also will be playing some Stoner Rock, Doom and Sludge so I want it to be handle loud volumes and fuzz.

I was aiming for the Tricky Gomez because I already have traditional humbuckers in my guitars, as well as a P90-equipped Edwards Les Paul and a Broadcaster-style Telecaster with a Wide-Range Humbucker in the neck. The Filtertron variety of pickup is not something I have in my collection and I've wanted to give them a shot.

My biggest concern is not that I won't like the guitar or even the pickups, but that I'll be stuck with them if I don't. Unless I have them rewound or change the construction of the guitar, I can't replace the pickups. I have no intention of changing the pickups, but I can't try it out beforehand so I need to be as sure as possible before ordering.

I also would prefer the Tricky Gomez for the blue satin finish, the cooler pickguard, and the Bigsby. I know you can get the Manta Ray HB FM with a Bigsby, but I'm not so keen on the colour or the pickguard.
Yianna, that was a pretty awesome comment to make to solidify everything. It's a shame they nuked it because it would have been a great final comment before closure. The Gear Page have to protect their business, though, so it's gone.

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I don't have much time for adults who grew up before computers acting like computer games are somehow "different". Those adults, by and large, don't want to play computer games and hence (since they're dicks) have no problem with trying to ban something which won't affect them. I don't see those adults saying that 18 cert films/movies should be banned (since they want to watch movies), or books. heck books have no age ratings at all.
It's amazing how so few people understand this basic concept—the concept of self-preservation vs. a total lack of care or tested input. They rely on the argument of selflessness and a caring attitude (think of the children!), but really they couldn't give a shit. People who want to ban video games have nothing to lose, while on the flip side banning guns, something that would arguably save a hell of a lot of lives (I'm not necessarily in favour of banning guns in the States; I'm just using it as an example), is not in their favour so they'll fight it.

For instance, if I wanted to ban guns, seeing as I don't use them or have anything to do with them, my opinion is tainted by a lack of experience. Similarly, someone that has never been interested in pornography or watched it and enjoyed it, their aim to ban it is tainted by their lack of experience. It's why the politicians in the UK and banning The Pirate Bay is such a joke. These old fogies have no idea how the Internet works and don't use it to its full potential. Therefore their opinion should not be forced upon others.

What I would like to see is someone who DOES enjoy going to a shooting range or DOES enjoy a quick wank to a porno to actually come out and say "I think, for the betterment of humankind, pornography and guns should be banned." In my opinion, that person has a far clearer, balanced, experienced perspective.
I'm considering buying a Manta Ray or Tricky Gomez. Can folks offer an opinion on Reverend regular humbuckers vs the Revtrons?
I think I might actually break my own rule and pay the full whack for GTA V. I didn't even pay the full introductory price for Batman Arkham City because I believe €60 is a rip-off for a game when you can get it for €20 six months later. But I think all this GTA talk is going to break my soul.
I agree that changes need to be made. It'll probably annoy the admins if I bug them about it, but Andre and I will need freedom to make any changes necessary to keep this forum going. In my opinion, it is basic web design and application to be unafraid to alter the core dynamics of a website if there is gradually, or suddenly less content. You can't expect the same principles to apply when there was lots of content.

Condensing the entire Songwriting & Lyrics forum is a good idea, but as Andre says it will take work and adjustment on the part of everyone. It should ideally be a change that won't be reverted any time soon, even if folks prefer the older means of maintenance and content creation.

There is a very open, and even sensitive subject that will definitely need to be outlined thoroughly, and that is the enforcement of compulsory critiquing per thread. That will require a lot of input from everyone. It's not a simple thing implementing such a radically new rule and expecting users to accept it and go along with it. It could alienate people and make the situation even worse.

I don't see the point of implementing anything new like we've done before. I'm personally pretty spent when it comes to writing up new competitions, contests, threads, etc. What we need to do is condense, not add. So I'm not in huge favour of monthly themes. Not because it's a bad idea but because I don't think the demand is there. We've done things like this in the past and they just fell flat because we didn't have enough users viewing it and contributing their talents and opinions. Again, I feel we need to adapt to the new way of life here and simplify. I feel we need to bring back the core dynamics of a writing forum: Writing and critiquing.
I'm going to bump this to see what the TS thinks of this guitar at the moment. I'm dead keen on picking one up myself.
Not another damned overpriced Dumble-in-a-box pedal.
Yeah, why? Have I calculated them wrong again?
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maybe that was in response to someone else, but I think the midtown customs are semi-hollow? I think they're made from solid wood which has been hollowed out. I could be wrong, though.
Yeah, I meant semi-hollow. I was just giving it an easier to type name.

We were never allowed violent video games when we were growing up. My parents couldn't afford to buy us a console or PC either—we actually lived well below the poverty line for years. When my friend gave my brother and I his busted up PS1, we were just...

But of course we were only allowed Fifa and Gran Turismo. It took a lot of persuading to allow them to buy us Worms.
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^ thomann did a special run of the midtown custom there recently and are selling it for ~£800 (955 euros). they're out of stock for about a month, but might be worth considering.

Never tried one, just to point out. But might be worth considering, the price sounds pretty good.
Ooh, that's nice too. Hollow-bodies are in a whole different world altogether. There are quite a few out there to choose from, but not many in the smaller form factor.

And yeah, going to avoid Epiphone. I'm not interested in their stuff. I'm all for Korean manufacturing, but I don't want an Epiphone.
So I've decided I want a semi-hollow body guitar. I'm playing a lot of smaller shows that aren't loud or heavily distorted, and I'm tired of heavy Les Paul-like guitars and things like that. Plus, all my good guitars are in low tunings for teh doomz and I can't be bothered to keep restringing and resetting the guitar every time I want to play normal tunes.

I'm looking for something that isn't the full size of a 335. I want something that's acoustically loud and vibrant. I don't really have any preferences for bridge type, either fixed or Bigsby, and I don't mind whether it has P90's or humbuckers. The companies I'm looking at are Guild, Peerless, Reverend, Italia, Hofner, and maybe Duesenberg if I can swing the cash for a Fullerton TV.

Any thoughts?
I never knew how to write poetry when I started. I still don't. It was never simply about technique. It's the fact that I can't express myself in the ways that I want to any more. It used to be the case that I'd write something and think, 'Yeah, I like this. I'll post it to UG.' Then I'd receive either no critiques or someone saying it was OK at best. After a while that starts to grind you down.

I'll mention those ideas to an admin. I like them. I have my doubts that they'll ever implement them because it would have to be specific to this forum of UG, but you never know.
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At the beginning of summer my mom was told she had cancer by her general practitioner. We changed our road trip to include seeing her and meeting the oncologist for an official diagnosis. This was about 3 weeks ago.

We met the Dr and he basically told her (and us) that the kind of cancer she had was horrible and she'd be lucky to live a month -- dick. We stayed as long as we could and she had another oncologist to see the day after we got back home. He told her she had at least 6 months to live, maybe longer.

Got a call this Sunday from her saying she didn't think she'd be around for more than a couple days longer. This blew me away as she was doing alright when we left! We arrived on Monday and left on Thursday.

She's in a bad bad way. And even though she had a big resurgence when we arrived, I could tell us being there was taking its toll on her. As I gave her a kiss/hug goodbye she short of held my hand from pulling away and said she felt it was the end. I pretty much disregarded that and said I'd make arrangements to see her in 2-3 weeks. But I know I'm just lying to myself.

I cringe every time my phone makes a noise. I know the call is coming and I'm heart broken...
Ahhh, man, I'm really sorry to hear that. Cancer consumes the lives of so many. Mojo sent, mate.
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EL84 based? Or 6V6? A low wattage 6V6 based doom amp would be tons of fun. 84s fall apart too quickly when pushed, IMO.
EL84's. I honestly dig that 'falling apart' sound. It's awesome. The amp won't be cranked all the time anyway. It'll be mostly about the preamp because it's designed for small pub shows and house parties, as well as a quieter practise rig for home.

And I also intend to run it in stereo (eventually) with another amp. Maybe a Tone King Falcon or a Carr Rambler, which both have 6v6's.

I have been planning to buy an amp from Nick at Dunwich for almost two years now, and his wait list is around a year.

I originally wanted a big amp with two channels, two different power sections (a KT88-based one and a 6CA7-based one) that you can select between, a full EQ, FX loop, etc. but I decided I just didn't need that right now. I really needed something smaller, more portable and quieter, so he'll be building me an amp we designed together called The Railway 15.

It's an 18 watt 1x12 combo with one channel but two different EQ's (two separate bass and treble controls) that you can switch on and off independently, have no EQ (for a boost) or have both on at the same time. One EQ is a traditional FMV Marshall type tone stack, while the other is more like an Orange (James/Baxandall style). It'll have two master volumes—one pre-phaser inverter, one post-phase inverter. It'll also have a normal gain control, so seven controls in total.

There will be two switches for the two different EQs, a switch for Tight/Fat that alters the frequencies early and later in the amp design to change the way it feels and sounds under the fingertips, and a traditional Bright/Dark switch. This allows for various different preamp voicings. Selecting the Dark mode, along with the Fat voicing and the Baxandall EQ, will derive a Matamp GT120 sound. While switching to the Bright mode, second EQ (Fender/Vox/Marshall), and the Tight switch will find a JCM800 tone. The amp will only have a little more gain than an original JCM800. It's not a super high gain design. You can also find Super Lead/Super Bass tones with those selector switches as well by combining. There are multiple different iterations and sounds to be found by messing with the switches alone.

Here is the front panel design we have so far. I'm still designing the (rough) front baffle that will surround the speaker and secure the grill cloth. Here are a couple of designs I came up with in paint (I don't have photoshop or anything like that):

Motivation is not easy to just procure from thin air. I tried writing for the first time in months the other day. It was a disaster. I'm not a writer any more. I've become more strict and picky with my work and others' and yet I haven't improved, so everything I write is shit to me. I haven't been in love with something on here in a long time as well. We've always needed new young folk to take over the oldies leaving, but they just didn't turn up because people stopped critiquing.

I don't owe anyone anything. I spent years critiquing and writing and I have little to show for it. This is a very negative outlook on things but it's how I feel. It dawned on me that I'll never be as good as I want to be. Never. This is disappointing on so many levels. I'll never be able to critique like some of the folks here. This is disappointing and has drained me of all enthusiasm. Motivation is present when progress is made. I haven't made any progress in years.
Also, the OT and PT iron has arrived at Dunwich headquarters! I predict three months and I'll finally have the amp.

I honestly couldn't care less that District 9 had dodgy writing. I felt so attached to the lead character and the prawns that I loved every minute of it. I never cared for the social commentary bullshit. I just loved it for being a visually beautiful, well-acted, excellently shot movie. That's all.
Oh sorry, missed that bit. If it's a particular shop then I can't really help unless I know what they stock.
Maybe a second-hand Diezel Einstein 50 or a Soldano Hot Rod 50+? I'd also look into a Cornford MK50H and a Laney VH100R or GH50L. The Laney is way under your budget, especially second-hand, but they're still excellent amps.

You know, if you like to use dirt from pedals, a Matamp of some kind would make a lot of sense, or even a Marshall Super Lead or Orange OR120.
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Oh no, we haven't. I was just making the observation that just because a bunch of people in one location place a certain value on something, it doesn't necessarily make that valuation correct. That's all I meant. Sorry for the ambiguity.
Oh, I see! No, it's my fault. I've had a really weird (tough) few days and I've done and said some silly things.
I'm still not sure what you mean. Have we had this discussion before but about houses?
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^ to be fair, your perception of the value of houses wasn't exactly spot-on

LOL at the "18 minutes more than i'd need" thing
*moved to OR*
One piece per thread. Repost these individually as per the rules.
Remember to use the appropriate forums for topics such as this. Songwriting & Lyrics is for original textural work only.
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All US made stuff is expensive outside the US. You just gotta deal with it and when I played it I knew it was great, I could afford it and it's a definite upgrade.

If I were to have imported it I'd have saved £250 after taxes, £300 max. And here I don't have to send it to another country and **** about if something ****s up with it.

It doesn't seem stupid to me at all. In fact it could be somewhat negligible.

So there.
Pretty much this. Although we have to pay a lot more money than others doesn't mean it's not worth it. Our perception of value is a lot different than countries with little to no tax.
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Best set up ever.
My kingdom for a desk like that.
I'm still waiting for the bastards to come to Ireland. I don't think they've toured here, even during festival periods, since the Saturday Night Wrist tour, which was 2006/2007.