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If I become a rapper, I'm going to nave 'Big' in my name. It's like it gives you some super lyrical talent.

Did ya hear Big Cuunt's new album? Good stuff.
You're seriously asking for electronic music with no vocals? About 90% of electronic music has no vocals.
I find it funny that he refers to carlin both as an agnostic and an atheist.
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I HATE it when this happens. I'm 16, I'm allowed to smoke. You're a kid, I'm not gonna encourage you

You're definitely still a kid, by far.
Bong Ra makes my penis feel bigger.
Jesus had a brother?
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I couldn't think of a better thread suited for this but here it is.

For those of you who live in the New England area/northeast United States, have any of you ever bought or order stuff from Daddy's Junky Music? I ordered some gear from them and it never showed up, at all. They don't respond to my e-mails. I think I've been scammed. Has this happened to anyone else on UG? I'm feeling really pissed that these douchebags can run a buissness and get away with this criminall activity. What can I do to get my hard earned cash back?

If you think you've been scammed, go to the law.
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Klashnekoff. Akala.

Listen to them.

Dis iz Roll Deep cru massiff listen up cos we got big tingz 2 say 2 u
Aretha Franklin! Much respect (lol) to her!
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jesus have you listened to any of tupac's music besides california love and how do you want it?

there are plenty of good songs with great lyrical content, not just "i'm a thug let's shoot'em up". tupac had just as many "i'm a rich gangsta let's party" songs as BIGGIE did.

Ever listened to All Eyez On Me?
Yeah I enjoy it from time to time, but I would never consider 2pac to be anything close to "socially conscious" or "lyrical genius" at all
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He deserves much love, gonna be big as well.

I can't listen to Brits rap unless its over dance music. They're just so bad at it
EDIT: Never mind, its beats, carry on.
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Consequently, we all lose. Sadly where Death Row hurts the Hip Hop culture at least they were kind of original where Bad Boy just took the singing out of song and rapped over the music. Bad Boy is like taking 'Ice, Ice Baby' and making a whole record label from the same formula.

But yeah, letting the Bloods run record label and having your highest asset artist shot dead on the Vegas strip and NO ONE saw anything. Not much good comes out of that house.

Yeah but Biggie Smalls was actually a cool rapper; he always had a story to tell (Warning is a pretty cool song, you gotta admit) or something interesting to say, and his flow as pretty smooth, whereas 2pac was just like "I'm a thug nigga lets shoot em up". Biggie didn't ever try to [pathetically] cover up his image either; Biggie would threaten to shoot your whole street up, while 2pac would threaten to shoot up your whole street and then tell ghetto prisoners to unite.
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Some of the only original music out there right now.

STS 9 are actually pretty boring.
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Im sure 99% that EVERY genre has songs that is about the aforementioned things.... Except jazz...

So dies that mean you dont like music?

Freddy Freeloader was named after someone Miles Davis threw down a flight of stairs. Same guy beat his wife, too. Nearly every jazz artist did tons of drugs and tons of sexing.
[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']Soulja Boy raps.

Therefore he is a rapper and his genre is rap.
Soulja Boy's music is more akin to very very bad electro than very very bad hiphop. Just saying.
There's a free MP3 release on there from a darkstep artist called Donny who's supposed to be pretty good.
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infected mushroom and hallucinogen aren't trance either, they are psy trance.

maybe you're asking for the wrong thing?

Kind of like how Teebee isn't dnb, its neurofunk?
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What's the difference between the two genres, is what I'm asking. Surely it's not just the lyrical content?

Rap is the words, its basically a guy speaking in rythym, while hiphop is he music and the culture.
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Seriously though, KRS One, Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Eminem, and the like are my favourites, the vast majority of the new stuff I've heard is utter crap, I really can't see where it went wrong either, it sucks so bad, I mean, I listen to Hip Hop for the lyrics not to hear some dude saying random sh*t as fast as he can, it's just silly.

All in my opinion though, obviously.

It went wrong here:
Yhea Finding Forever seriously pissed me off, knowing Common has done so much better in the past.
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I have a really generic dnb song on my profile, the intro is really long (like 2 mins) cause I was gonna make ambient trance first but check it out if you want.

EDIT: Wow stuff really loses it's quality when you upload it.

Doesnt lose that much on UG tbh.
Your pads are really good, but its not dnb :P
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A dash of jazz, with some thrash, thrown in a blender with a bit of shred, and voila

Formula for originality! Brilliant!
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Did you take any sort of LSD?

There's more than one type? Please, expound. I'm listening
Stand on the shoulders of those who came before you.
If you want help and have AIM, my address is amishdawg808. I produce drum n bass, dubstep, and hiphop, but technique is universal
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I've been trying to create some trance music lately...but I don't understand some of the basic effects and how a trance artist will hold one synth note down for many measures and it will change shape like the high ends are being raised or something, does anyone know what this is?

Arpeggiator. Basically allows you to hold down a chord while it plays the individual notes.
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Actually Vinyl Sales in Electronic music have been plummeting drastically. Because mostly DJ's buy dance music, and with the popularity of DJ CD Players, and DVS programs. In fact, some dance labels aren't even releasing vinyl anymore because they can't afford to now.
Well you dont exactly make the money back.... pressing is expensive
Depends. Btw, black girls can be gorgeous if they're not trying to be all thug nasty.
The size of my hand was the mud monkey that has exited my body
Evidence makes me love hiphop when I hate it.
Good to have this in the pit, you guys
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can't they just smoke some weed like the rest of us?
i mean, they are in Jamaica.

Smoking marijuana and hating gays are both part of the rastafari culture.
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Whoa there, Bob Marley never said anything about Jamaica being a loving and peaceful place.
He preached love and peace through music. Not through Jamaica.

Tell me how most Americans know Jamaica even exists.
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I thought the Jamaicans were peaceful...

This is why I resent Bob Marley (although I like his music). He has somehow taught America that Jamaica is a loving and peaceful place, while it turns out that its one of the most violent places in the Caribbean. Most Jamaicans would love to kill-a batty boy dead straight to babylon itself.
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That's not recognized by the feds though (fuck you feds, i know you're reading this).

I'm a libertarian, guess my belief on personal freedoms.

This is why the government isn't convinced it has any redeeming value.
Anything uk garage.... 2step, grime, dubstep, whatever.
And The General by Dispatch
First time I got a tune played by a DJ
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O.K. CDs, mp3s, Ipods or whatever trendy crap comes out now for music will ALWAYS be dog**** compared to vinyl. Why oh why did they discontiue vinyl as the standard music format?

Because its gigantic and is easily ruined. Doesn't produce any more frequencies (that you can pick up) than an MP3 at 320 kpbs or even a .wav, so I don't see why you all think they sound better.
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People listing every single band they can think off under music section, or when people are online and have those status things that say 'Whoever is spending some quality time with her family' NO YOU ARE NOT! YOU'RE ON THE COMPUTER!

Or they set it before they leave....