Wow yea, it's so cool to see this thread still around.

This place really helped me out about two years ago when I was in such a bad time in my life, and because of it I've been able to get back on my feet. I really can't express how much this small community has given to me. I still think about some of you once in a while.

It's also great to see how some of you are doing so well. I wish you all the best.
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It's not necessarily maturity that changes friendships. I think it's time spent away from people. I remember visiting a friend that I hadn't seen for over a year, only to find he's a drug addict. It was a bit of a shock to me, and I don't talk to him much anymore (not over that, but just because of how different we are now). On the other hand, there's a friend I had during high school who turned to cocaine, but I think because I was still in contact with him, seeing him every day, etc, it was less of a shock.

Yea, I find spending time together would make changes seem gradual and barely noticeable.
A while ago I took a step back and looked at a small group of friends I had since 13, and I was surprised to notice how much of a bunch of assholes they became.
Makes me wonder why I didn't ditch them earlier.
So I've been dating this girl for two months now, and though it's mostly great when we're together, we can hardly ever get together. What i mean is that when I'm free she has school and a job and when she's free I have a band practice or things like that.

Just last week we agreed to grab lunch but right before she fell ill. The week before that she had surgery and couldn't leave the house. And a week prior to that my band had to practice everyday exactly when she was back from work.(Last minute gig)

I understand these things are beyond anyone's control but is it bad that I'm starting to get frustrated? I know that our schedules will clean up soon but it's just been so... annoying (for the lack of a better word). I feel like we see each other twice a month and i barely have a chance to get to know her. Am I thinking too much and should I just try to chill out ?
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How long has it been since the first date?

3 weeks, but that's because we were both really busy with exams for a while. We tried to set something up during this time, but stuff kept coming up.
Hey rt, I've been on a two dates with the girl i mentioned a few pages back. Our second date, which was 3 days ago, was pretty amazing. How often do you guys think i should ask her out though? I feel like waiting too long makes both of us lose interest, but too quickly, and i look almost desperate.
Hey quick thanks to anyone who read my posts/ helped me a few pages back.
( met girl, asked if single, then number, went out yesterday. )

I took her by a local tea place, grabbed some drinks and went to the park together. We walked around and sat down to chat for a long-ass while.
TLDR: I thought it was terrible, she somehow said she really liked it, we kissed a bit and left.

I'm not really feeling anything with this girl right now, but i think she's still pretty interested. (she's been texting me a lot.) I really felt like the first date was just mediocre, but maybe i was just too preoccupied with being worried or something.

I'm thinking of going for another date or two before completely making up my mind, does that sound good?
Thank you so much man. I'll call her today and we'll see how it goes.
Thanks again

EDIT: I called her up and im going to walk her to a local bubble tea place this Sunday.
Haha yea I think she gets that I'm not going for a friends thing here. I think I'll call her on friday and try to set something up for this weekend but I've got no clue where to go or how to act.
Hey rt, I met a girl before playing a small show about two days ago. We chatted for a while and after the show I went straight up to her and asked if she had a boyfriend, then for her number. To be honest i have no idea what im doing though. We texted yesterday for a bit, but when should I call? Should I text her a bit first?
Hey RT, the other day I noticed a new girl in one of my classes so i decided just to approach her. We had a fun little chat introducing ourselves but i had to go. Later she found me and we talked again for a bit before splitting off again.

I'm not really interested in her right now but should i ask for her number anyways?
Started with drummer, lead singer, and me, was pretty cool for a while so we got a bassist.. Then our singer turned out to be a bitch, the bassist and I hated her, our drummer was obsessed with her. It got kinda awkward so she left, and without a singer, we sank too.

Now we got a new singer, she's way better, and things are going good again.
Just puke it out.

If you don't want to puke don't drink so much.
I pass out really easy so alchohol is always a bit disappointing.
Nah, I never understood why if someone could draw anything, they'd pick a penis.

Loved the picture though

Damn i wish I started earlier.
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my band never brings an audience b/c we're losers who have no friends except for each other.

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There there, guys.
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Ive played gigs for nobody before. It sucks, or when nobody is really paying any attention to you.. or when nobody gives you any sort of recognition when the song ends. Best thing to do is just have a professional attitude and play through it like nothing happened

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I've always imagined that the venue/bar/whatever owner would just tell you to stop after two songs if nobody showed up. Like Boylillikoi, I'm going to start playing soon as well, so I'm a bit worried.

Did you bring your own audience? I thought everybody tells their family and friends to bring their own family and friends to go.
I'd try to find where the buzzings coming from first.
>Psych a bunch of people / girls up about show
>Get slightly unplugged from amp, just enough to have the cable still there
>have no clue
>Look like a dumbass trying to figure out whats wrong
>Someone goes up and plugs me in
>I'm way too loud now and look like an idiot
At night markets and flea markets
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You ever get the feeling that you're being a nuisance to your friends, despite not actually doing anything wrong? That's me right now

You wouldn't be their friend if you were a nuisance right?

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So how about that feeling when you have a full time job, a girlfriend that lives 2 hours away, and while she's on Thanksgiving break you can't see her because you're running a 101 degree fever.

Get well soon dude.

So I had a nice trip to Cambridge past week. Lots of students from different departments all mingling and having fun and such, it was good. Too bad there was the perpetual quest for a significant other going on inside my head, so that messed me up a bit. There were some really nice girls there, a chemist in particular that struck me most of all. It was quite apparent to me though that none of them actually took any interest in me, well, not in that way at least. I wonder what it is that I lack that girls just don't seem to care for me at all. It's getting a bit disheartening to see everyone around me happily in a relationship and me just being completely incompetent despite talking to them and being genuine and nice to them. Of course it may just be that they are already in a relationship and have that be the reason. I am just a bit lost on that part.
Besides that, I had lots of fun and it was a great trip overall, despite me being completely exhausted now and caught a cold in the process.

Did you talk to her? And don't feel too bad. We all have the days where we're just off or they're just not interested, right?
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Every morning I wake up to my alarm clock that I set every night. I get ready for the day and walk to work at the most popular fast food restaurant in town. My boss is materialistic and does not pass up any opportunity to gain money. The co-worker that is on my shifts is pretty cranky. He doesn't like working and usually isn't working when he's supposed to. There's also the rival fast-food restaurant across the street, who has a crazy boss whose only goal is to trump the restaurant I work at.

I get home from work and hang out with my best friend who lives down the street. He's a bit dumb and has a bit of a gut. We enjoy fishing and trolling my co-worker. He's my best friend, and definetly a star in my eyes.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say... I sort of live in a house shaped like a pineapple and I wear square pants every day.

Someone may have beat you to it mate.
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Ah, I see now. You have the extremes. My experience is like that, as well.

I've one friend who has no sense of rhythm, and the others are so good they're not even fun to play with lol.

That feel.
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Not sure I follow the logic here. I'm typically what you'd consider a lead guitarist, not playing chords unless the song calls for it. And I'm far from god-status lol.

Most of the guitarists around here are powerchord-only-types while the rest are crazy shredders who've studied classically or jazzy talented types who can improvise like mad.
Tfw You're too poor for new gear.

Tfw Your bandmates think you're "too serious" about music, and just wanna have fun.

Tfw 8/10 guitarists play just chords, and the 2/10 are gods.
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I know, yeah. I guess I never thought I'd be so stuck. I never thought life would get this tough at all. I've barely dealt with the loneliness, the war, being broke, my dad and all that other shit and now it's like all is just piling down on me. I can barely breathe, and if I break down or start crying or something it'll make my family feel like shit, so I try to keep busy 24/7 but it just doesn't work. It's all just weighing me down, and I can barely sleep most nights. It's so hard to try and give someone support when you barely even want to be alive. It's not like I can just kill myself, that'd be stupid of me at this point, but it just seems like the easiest option right now.

I don't know. I guess I'll just have to again try and push really, really hard to travel, even if I haven't much hope of it working. It's stupid, but it might keep my mind off the fact that I've no future.

^ Thanks man

Stay tough man.

Anyone wanna help me with my band? I think i need some advice. I'll be on later.
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Man, I've had a rough couple days. I don't post here often, so I'd really appreciate you guys opinions.

This semester, I've gotten better when it comes to girls. There was this one girl I kind of had a fling with, but I didn't want to be in a relationship with her because I basically didn't like her strongly enough to get in a relationship with. She was cool to talk to, but she can really get on my nerves. She got back together with her bf, but she still texts and emails me. I ignore almost all of them. A lot of it is just immature shit, and we're both in college, not middle school.

So, I live in a college town where most of the girls are really stupid. There's this one girl I met yesterday, and unfortunately I don't think our paths will cross again. But she was very smart, and just really cool to talk to. However, the whole time I was talking to her, I just had this feeling in the back of my head like "This girl isn't for you, and it wouldn't work out." However, I still found her really attractive, intellectually stimulating, etc.

Then I realized today why I had that feeling. She really is just too good me. She's attractive enough to get a better-looking guy than me. She's cool enough to get a cooler guy than me. There's literally nothing I could offer her that she couldn't find better somewhere else. She has a lot of friends and goes out socializing a lot. I only keep a couple good friends and spend most of my time to myself.

I can't land these girls, and the girls I can land, I don't like enough to be in a relationship with.

Well there's two ways to approach this the way i see it. You can go out there and improve yourself, get "cooler" or "smarter," but the problem i find with this solution is that there's always gonna be people "better" than you and me at this stuff. The other solution would be to change the mindset; there's rarely anyone who's too good , in my opinion.
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Hey guys, really annoyed with myself...

I found my ex on another site and gave into temptation to message her...

I really hate myself right now.

Hey, we all do stupid things once in a while (just don't message her again)

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Cool. Now hurry up and take the RT thread's advice and ASK THE DAMN GIRL OUT.

Wait you didn't ask her out yet...? If you wait any longer she may think you're gay
Harvey, saying you don't have any goals just means that you have to go out there and make one for yourself. Something simple like "today I'm going to make someone happy" is all you need.

Ali, is there no way to go alone?
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i need some hugs guys, can anyone tell me why i should give a **** about life anymore?

Because having goals, whether it's to better oneself or help others, and working towards goals and eventually achieving them, is a great thing.

@finkle - I'd stay away man, like you said, she's only brought sorrow, and I don't think any interaction would be healthy for either of you.
Quote by talia.

Us guys tend to do dumb things like this once in a while
Quote by talia.
Am I crazy? Lately my boyfriend has been playing video games non stop and I can barely have a conversation with him. He doesn't like talking on the phone but I do and he'll do it to make me happy. But lately I just can't even get him to hold a 10 minute conversation with me without him asking me if there's anything else to talk about because he has things to do (like play his games) and it hurts me so much that he won't spend time to talk to me everyday. I don't care if he plays games, but just make time for me. He thinks that 5 minutes a day is enough talking with me. I feel like I'm losing him and I try to explain to him how I feel and he just doesn't get it. I think this week I had ONE good conversation with him.

He played video games ALL DAY today and sent me to voicemail when I called. He called me back and was with his friend going to get food and he's paying more attention to his friend than me. I've been getting frustrated with him a lot these past few days and I don't want to get angry anymore but I feel like I don't have a choice.

Besides that obvious dump him option, which I'll assume is out for now, I wouldn't worry too much. It's only been a few days, so maybe he's had something come up and he's just blowing off steam or something. (Or maybe it's double xp week lol)

If this goes on for longer for a week or so, I'd begin to get worried.

Quote by talia.
it hurts me so much that he won't spend time to talk to me everyday.

... I know he's your boyfriend, but you guys don't have to be joined at the hips you know.

TLDR- It's cool, in my opinion, for now. Just start worrying if this turns out to be a long turn thing.
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Yeah I know, it's just my lifetime total is 4.

Well then, lets make sure next week it changes to a 5.

There's honestly nothing to be nervous about. The only reason why girls dress up and look nice and act all girly and everything is so that guys like us would approach them.
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I just can't do it. I just can't make myself talk to girls, I just freeze on the spot and wait till they leave. I just can't beat the fear. Shitting ****nuts!

I've read somewhere that habit is all In these situations. Just "chat up" as many as you can, and you'll notice that she's just like a guy, except you can do things with her.
Think of her as just #3 of the 8 girls you're gonna talk to this week.
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dat pain man when you see a beautifull woman. unexplained.

feelin me?

its like a smile from a beautifull girl can break your heart.


Now go talk to her
I found too that I had a high standard in women, but it didn't mean I had to lower my standards. I just have to apply those standards to myself.

Do i want someone who's fit and has a nice body? Well then, off to the gym for me.

Do I want someone intelligent? I should start reading up too then.

Someone outgoing? I need to do get out a bit more too then.

Plus, just talking to more girls helps.
50, but i'm not sure that thing is thorough enough.
Dialect is also really important. The two most common ( at least from what I've seen) are Mandarin and Cantonese, and they are so different when spoken.

Cantonese is a bitch though.