isn't cheating what postmen do
I don't mind not having them all, I have never filled out a Pokedex anyway. Let's hope it runs well. The Switch doesn't have much juice but both Nintendo titles I have look nice and runs extremely well both in docked and handheld (Super Smash, Odyssey)
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Idk I’d rather they just stopped adding Pokemon than cut a bunch out like that.

I get that eventually it was gonna be an issue but it’s “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” not “Gotta Catch The Pokemon We Had The Resources To Implement!“ ok

A new Pokemon game without new Pokémons bro u mad

Tbh the designs I have seen for Sword/Shield look like the best ones in quite some time
Did you hear about people cancelling their Sword/Shield pre-orders because not all 800 Pokemon will be possible to import to the game?

Really, they are gonna spend time and resources putting in a forgotten Pokemon from Ruby instead of making the game as good as it can be? I am not really bothered about not having ALL the Pokemans
I'd like to think they made it linear as an homage to FF13
jumping back into FFXIV and having lost all skill I previously possessed I am struck with anxiety attacks whenever I need to tank something

so I've reverted back to my trusty Scholar role, healing I can do
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Cant wait to see the Don Corleone section

it's Don Corneo you casual
FFVIII is brilliant. VI, VIII, IX and XII are my favourite ones. FFXIV too if we are gonna count it, it has a sneaky good, massive plot and great lore.
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eyy glad ff8 is finally coming to current gen.

hope yer all well

oh yeah it is going to be glorious

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Yo where are these soundtracks on Spotify

Final Fantasy Official Soundtrack, search it

Only drawback is some of it has Japanese titles only
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announcing the remake before telling nomura hes directing it while hes busy with kh3 and then announcing the release for part 1 before even planning anything for part 2 is some mid 90s sega tier train of stupid decisions

Hey the Saturn was a great console

Said both people that got it
Framerate for FFXV was dodgy too but the final game ran a damn sight bettet than the demo they released, it was abysmal.

FF soundtracks on Spotify makes work tolerable today
I still haven't played the supposed shitshow that was Lightning Returns but I quite enjoyed FFXIII-2

Edit: subsequent episodes (?) of FFVII remake will come out at a faster pace than the first which is logical when you think about it, much of the ground work will be in place already after the release of the first.
I once got stuck in Wall Market and spent 20 hours lvling Cloud and Aeris

no biggie
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if you want to go off the board habs wasting the entire career of the best goalie in the world is probably more viscerally enjoyable to watch

that's harsh bro

i live with the pain every day
Yeah it's a remake, not a remaster. It's gonna be different. Whole sections are going to be left out and new stuff will be put in. I for one am extremely excited for it.

This looks incredible. So much nostalgia from the soundtrack too.
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What was more satisfying? Bozak kickin Bruin ass and Marchand suckin his way to this finals loss, or the Bruins blowing a 3-0 series lead against Philly?

Leafs blowing 4-1 in game 7 against Bruins
tho it is tainted by the fact that it was the Bruins
The delicious tears of Marchand

So glad the Bruins didn't win
I don't mind the Midgar section being an entire game, it easily could be.

As for the other episodes, Kitase himself said he doesn't even know how they will look or how they will be constructed. If you consider the FFVII - story, having Midgar be its own game could work just fine but I wonder how they are gonna do the rest which involves a lot more city-hopping and different locales.
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yall mfs sleeping on the best ff trilogy song

btw dw i started cold steel 2 im looking forward to finishing it more times in one month than you have in a single lifetime


I am resuming my Cold Steel run in the summer to finish 1 and 2 before 3 drops.

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huh seiken densetsu 3 is getting a fully fleshed remake


durans hair looks even stupider in 3d


are you kidding me. It looks amazing. The character designs look great but yes Duran's hair lol, like he came out of a windtunnel

This is a dream come true for me, SD3 is one of my absolute favourites

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ooo ni no kuni 2 is on sale right now. it's a good one right?

Yeah. Has some issues but very much worth a go!

how good does Sword & Shield look tho, GIVE ME NOW
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Oh damn I forgot that was closing in so fast, I was planning on getting a bunch of MSQ done whilst I'm off this week so that I'd be at least close to starting Shadowbringers on release. That trailer was incredible.

It didn't occur to me to play it in Russian but since I'm starting it again anyway I may just do that.

Yeah pre-access if you pre-order is June 28th already. I dunno how many main quests I have but there probably is a lot of them lol

The new classes look ace but I am gonna do like for Heavensward and Stormblood - go thru them with my Main first then level other classes. The perk of being a Scholar is that I simultaneously level Summoner - so I go SCH for dungeons and SMN for quests and world stuff.
Yes, save. It is a really good game tbh, I like how it balances tight, linear sections with semi-open world bits. Looks and audio are top notch. Play it in Russian!

Yeah but DIVINITY 2 and Total War and also running story quests in FFXIV to prepare for SHADOWBRINGERS
I like Hope

They missed an oppprtunity not calling it The Switcher 3

But if they manage it without it looking like a bag of potatoes, it is one hell of an achievment.
Divinity: Original Sin 2 is so bloody good tho. I reinstalled the definitive edition yesterday because I haven't played since they updated everything. But is one hell of a game. The freedom of choice and how each encounter plays like a beautiful puzzle of its own...

I am playing Lohse as an Enchanter (buffs and healing), Iban as Inquisitor (tank with necromancy so he can heal) Beast as a Wayfarer (Crossbow ranger with some magic) and Sebille as Rogue (BACKSTABS)

It hurt leaving the Red Prince who is my man but I have used him and Fane on both my other playthru's so it was time for something different.
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i'd say generic fantasy nonsense with generic combat mechanics but A+ world building, storytelling, and character development. and even the generic stuff is polished really really well

anyway i'm playing dishonored cause i never finished it the first time i played and the best part of the game is just using the heart on everything and everyone and then getting really depressed

Yeah the heart is great. Also promotes making a no-kill run because everything is just too sad. Great game, I still haven't properly played Dishonored 2 because it ran like shit on my old graphics card, will give it a go when I get the chance
But guys

Hope it's good, I'll miss it ;_;
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Colour me surprised, but I've been giving Breath of the Wild a second chance recently and I think I'm understanding what all the fuss is about. 

I think perhaps my problem before was that I was too keen to 'rush' through the main story/objectives as quickly as possible. I really didn't like the weapon breaking system and the low starting stamina got on my nerves too. 

Knowing what to expect, this time round I've been playing it with a lot more patience and I've started to love it. Stopping to explore a new area and search for unexpected things rather than just running from waypoint to waypoint as quickly as I possibly can. Listening to NPCs for advice and taking the time to properly explore mechanics (like cooking etc) has really helped and I've actually picked up on more this time than I did before.

Jury's still out on the weapon system and to be honest I do still think the stamina wheel is much too low at the start of the game, but I'm having more fun now just letting the game happen as it happens and not trying to force my way through anything. If an enemy or obstacle is too much for me right now, cool, I'll find another way and come back later. 


Patience is definitely rewarded

also I installed FFXIV again, gonna power thru the main quests I have remaining so I am all set for SHADOWBRINGERS
FFVI was 3 Mb lol
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The only thing that was actually a fresh surprise for me in the whole show so far was Watch Dogs. Kinda sad really. 

Would actually have been nice if Elden Ring wasn't already known about long before E3 started, a From/GRRM collab would have been so unexpected. Kinda the same thing with Tales.

Yeah the whole 2020 thing makes it seem like the whole industry is a bit of a holding pattern whilst MS and Sony wind up to thenext gen. Still some good stuff but it really does feel like we're winding down now.

On the plus side, Nintendo probably don't give a fuck about that timeline, so they might just win the whole damn thing by being average rather than just telling us more about things which were happening.

Nintendo is gonna win I think. Pokemons is enough. New Zelda and bam?
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I think I've finally figured out a good strategy for playing as Zheng Jiang. Mostly you should not worry too much about expanding territory and instead focus on building your economy and military. You should also attack your neighbors purely so you can loot their money off them and then abandon them. Then pump that money back into your economy. Once you're able to field a full army then you can start thinking about territorial expansion.

Yeah for sure. Creative have some good blog posts about each warlord on their site, with some good tips.
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They said something about “2 Blu-ray Discs worth”. Soooooo, will it be two games or the first game ever (I think) on the PS3 or PS4 to do the multi disc format for a single game. Come to think of it, has any disc game since PS1 done multi discs?

I’ll be glad to hear it’s just two games after it originally was gonna be at least 3 episodes. I’ll be damn glad though if it’s just one game. Gimme a solid 40-50 hours or story with tons of side stuff, and I’d be more than satisfied. The original without tons of wondering was beatable in about 30 hours or less, and I did it in 13 hours on the remaster with the 4x speed and using the limit break whenever I felt like plowing forward through random battles. It wasn’t as long a game as people fondly remember it.

Several of the Xbox 360 RPGs were multiple discs. Blue Dragon, Star Ocean 4, Lost Odyssey...

I know they aren't but redoing the entire game to scale like they've done Midgar would make it absolutely massive, so a world map of sorts is a good compromise.
I can't wait. The Midgar section is a glorious piece of gaming history so I look forward to it being expanded.

Wonder if it is gonna be more akin to FFXIII or if they will touch on an open world or go the world map route
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-cute game dev



im a bit too unreasonably hyped for ff7r but that wasnt really part of square it basically got its own conference

Yeah not gonna lie the remake looks fucking incredible. Love the look, the combat, the audio. If Midgar is its own game tho, it is gonna be like ten installments if they are really doing everything.
Watch Dogs: Legion was great cuz of the old ladies

the rest of Ubi's conference was not
at least Shenmue 3 is gonna feel like a continuation of 1 and 2, it looks about the same