Thom Yorkes long lost son?
i'm pretty sure it was me
Mr Winters 
Absolutely loved it 11/10
Never heard of the Cardiacs, but they're definitely on my radar now

Anyways, Saw these guys live a month or two ago and really liked this song, recognized it which surprised me because I didn't think I knew the band

tinder is awesome  

I met my girlfriend on tinder and we've been together like a year and a half now and just got a house (and cat) together

What's up anyways dudes

EDIT: and by got, I mean rent lol
poor uni students can't buy a house
all hail roaraudio
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Yeah we can like posts, be mayor of threads and post fancy background pics.
All the developers got drunk one day and changed the site around. Also if you look carefully you'll notice an awesome header up the top of the pit (if you're not on a mobile).

that header is amazing

Aren't the developers always drunk though?
Russians and vodka amirite?

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oh yeah also im both purple because im a tab mod and mayor of the pony thread

more like mare amiright lmao

im sorry.

You read my mind on the purple name thing

I always knew you were a wizard
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I'm also drunk for you lmao

atta boy

How's everything going?
Still amazing at tabbing out a song you've never heard before in roughly 10 minutes with 99.9% accuracy?

Why is your name purple?
Does it have to do with space-cats?
Cheers homie!

It's all new ground for me too

Never thought i'd be going to university to better myself
Never thought i'd find love
never thought i would find a dollar on the ground

It's groundbreaking stuff for me

I also got bitten by a wombat

What's new with you man?

EDIT: lol you can like posts now

Hey dudes, It's been like a solid year so I figured i'd drop in and let you know what's up

I've started studying in university, doing coastal and marine science, content is awesome work load is not
I've met the love of my life, she's so perfect I'm pretty sure she's Aphrodite incarnate
and I found a dollar the other day, It was pretty magical

What's up with everyone else?
I was just in the grocery store and I saw the cutest girl i've seen in ages, I'm pretty sure that she had to take a double look at me because she walked passed again like 3 seconds after she walked passed the first time.

But I was sweaty and gross because I just got back from muay thai so I didn't say anything to her ;_;

I need to go shopping at that same store every day for the next month in the hopes I see her again right?
Fuck me man

I'm sorry you had to go through that. Even though it was 10 years ago
I really wish this wasn't a part of life, or atleast rarer than it is...

But it helps a lot, seriously. I wish I could have read this a long time ago. But now works too I'm pretty happy with reading it now lol. Especially considering your situation(and more particularly the girl in your situation) is frighteningly close to mine, the girl almost exactly.
I'm actually bookmarking this so I can read it a few more times in the future.

Quote by 20Tigers
Yeah I know that feeling. I got married and found out less than a week later that my fiancé was sleeping with some other guy for 9 months before the wedding. All sorts of shit came out that completely destroyed me. I ended up leaving her after which they got together. It was nearly ten years ago now and I still sometimes get those same thoughts. I see pictures of him and he's not the best looking guy and it drives me nuts. Like wtf?? I'm better looking than that guy why would you cheat on me with him? It's not particularly humble to say but I'm smarter than he is, have a better job, father to her kids, kind, generous etc...yet she cheats on me with a guy that's balding, overweight, works as a shift manager in a supermarket and admits to regularly cheating on his girlfriends. I would compare myself to this guy and my self esteem would plummet. They are still together and I see him around or pictures of him and it still gets me.

This is something i've been doing a lot of... I treated her better than anyone has ever treated her. not only did she say it, but her friends and family pulled me aside sometimes and said the same thing...

she's openly admitted to me that he's already cheated on her, and made her cry(two things I never did) and my only thought was "so i'm worth less than that scum... who's not only treating you like shit, but cheating on you. I was thrown away for this"
He's also a coke addict...
I just don't get it, It sucks to hear the feelings never really go away... but It's incredibly heartening to know you've gotten through them.

Even when I'm not comparing myself to him I still feel like if I had done something better it would have kept her happy and it would have stopped her from cheating. We were both working hard to save some money and looking after our kids and things fell into a routine. I think to myself that if I had paid more attention to our relationship, worked harder on it, then she wouldn't have cheated.

The truth is there are genuine lessons I can learn from that experience and improve on the next time around. But she still didn't have to cheat. She could have said she was unhappy, talked to me, done something about it herself, or left me before cheating on me. But she didn't and that's NOT on me.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately too... i'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that we've lost eachother and it's not my fault, it's hers.
I've learned a lot from this experience, and I know i'll keep learning from it for a really really long time. that's kind of my only positive thought at the moment. I know at the very least what to look for and how to not treat people.

She wasIS a coward and can't face up to difficult decisions or conversations. And yet she has a need to be in control all the time (probably a symptom of her cowardice). In order to control things she lies and manipulates people. In order for her to get people to behave the way she wants she feed them information to lead them to decisions she wants them to make regardless of whether the information is true or a complete fabrication. And so she lies and manipulates people. This is what makes her a cheater.

This is genuinely her. I didn't know it while I was with her, but I've slowly thought about everything and the more I thought the more I realised it's true.

Before she cheated, She started treating me like I was nothing. That I was going crazy for asking her if everything was ok, or that I was being selfish and untrustworthy for wanting her to come home after work instead of staying for drinks(literally every night for the last 3 weeks of our relationship), that I'm an idiot for doing anything wrong, and some stuff even worse...
even after she cheated on me(in the ensuing few days) I was in such shock that I couldn't actually be mad at her, I was scared of losing her more than I was angry at her. and she even took advantage of me then. I tried to sympathize with what she was going through and what she did and figure out why it happened and maybe we could make everything ok. and she used that to keep my very diminished friendship...not for long mind you, but long enough that I'm disappointed in myself for letting her manipulate and hurt me even more.

She would call me most days and get upset with me for some reason, I'd tell her not to get upset because it doesn't matter and not to call me. So she'd start crying about the guy she cheated on me with and tell me about what he's done to her(seriously.)I couldn't stand to see her cry or feel hurt so I'd comfort her until she stopped and then she'd tell me she loved me... and i'd tell her I need to go and hang up...this happened a few times...
Then I told her I didn't want to talk, so she'd video call naked ect... I told her that isn't fair, it's actually really mean, and she'd say sorry but then do it again the next day...(i've since blocked communications with her in a much better manner than relying on her to not call me) she even asked if I would still marry her.
obviously said no...
But still, It makes me feel like a used pushover...

In my last bit of communication with her, I told her it wasn't just the act of cheating that hurts me and that is wrong. It's how she behaved as well... She doesn't get that though and it's killing me. I know i'd feel better if she just understood what she did you know?

It's thinking through this kind of stuff and realizing the truth behind her cheating that makes me feel better. When I really take the time to analyse and think through her actions I realize that even if I had faults it doesn't justify the way she treated me. Her poor behaviour, her cheating and her lying is a flaw in HER character and actually has nothing to do with me or who I am.

I think about what I could have done better to have a stronger relationship but then try to look at the bright side. Even if I had done better...I still would have been in a relationship with a coward that has no issue with lying and manipulating someone that they say they love. I am actually lucky to have found out the truth about her and that kind of thinking starts to make me feel more optimistic about myself and about who I am.

Cheating indicates more than a single character flaw. It shows narcissism, manipulation, dishonesty and cowardice.

This whole bit here is what helps me a lot, Thanks for it seriously. Especially considering you've been through it all too.

It was hard to imagine life without her, and even though i'm living life without her it's still weirdly hard to imagine. but knowing that she's capable of that, and clearly willing to act on it, I'm happy i'm not still there anymore.

I've only realised this since reading what you've written.

When I get down I think through everything carefully and realize some facts:

1)It doesn't matter what flaws I have personally she was not justified in cheating on me because if there was something really wrong there were honourable ways for her to handle that - but she chose to cheat. Therefore her cheating is not actually related to any of my flaws.
2) Her cheating is a result of her flaws. These flaws are part of her character and I did not see them before. Once they were brought to light they were very apparent. I am lucky to be rid of someone that is such a narcissistic, manipulative, dishonest coward.
3)I learned lessons from the experience. I acknowledge my flaws but realize that they have nothing to do with her cheating - that was all her. However, I can work on my flaws and be a better person. Chances are that she is too cowardly to recognize her own flaws and will always be a person of low character and class.

I still get those thoughts from time to time...particularly when I see him. I don't actually think I'm a super attractive guy but I'm maybe a 6 and this guy is at most a 4. And it confuses me and makes me feel bad. So I talk to people I know and trust and ask them straight this guy seriously better looking than me? They all say something along the same lines..."She's crazy, it makes no sense at all. Stop trying to look at her thought process like it was in any way rational. By comparing yourself to him or looking for faults in yourself. You are awesome and trying to make what she did a rational decision is only going to confuse you and twist you up...IT WASN'T RATINOAL BECAUSE SHE'S A CRAZY BITCH - END OF STORY!!!"

I hope that helps man.
I still get down sometimes but thinking about all these realizations I've made helps me. And knowing that I can recognize and work on my own faults makes me feel optimistic. Even if I don't take action it's good enough to know that I can and have the potential while she will most likely always be a coward of low character.

I treated her good. I am a good person and I deserve better than her.

I love this too, Thanks again. I'm looking forward to working on myself. I don't think I'll be ready for it for a little while yet, but i'm pretty happy to know that you've done exactly that in the face of all this.

You rock dude

EDIT: for arc too, ty both
Quote by Nero Galon
You're a hot dude so don't worry.

I'm really not

and it's more than just that

all i've been doing is over analyzing and being over critical of every aspect of who I am, I know it's the wrong way to think, but if I was better in some way this wouldn't have happened
I keep having this really shitty thought of 'why wouldn't someone cheat on me'

I really wish I could turn my brain off for a while... I know what I should really do is get back up and get motivated and do something, anything

I don't have any excuse not to other than depression, but what's the point in building myself up if it's so easy for someone to knock me to the bottom

Anyone have any advice at all?
like, if you've gone through this what did you do?
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being single is lame hud

+1 cuddles are pretty cool
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When it's cold out but you're nice and wrapped up hmu

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Yeah you're right, I usually just assume that people did their nails recently if they look perfect because mine chip after an hour of doing anything useful with my hands

Thanks! I am extremely excited because the classes I'm taking are really interesting and also I wrote all my assignments down in my planner already like a good nerd so I am just raring to cross them out when completed

I am both already haha. I think I would prefer vain because even if I'm late to the first class I will look great for the entire day unless it rains or is windy or something

That's awesome I wish I was as excited about school as you are

I'm planning on going back this year though, I think it's about time I grow up and start making something of myself... soon

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Just rub some mustard on yerself innirrrr

It's terrifying that I can actually imagine you doing that
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tomorrow is the first day of (my) semester and I'm so scared that I'm going to wake up late that I can't go to sleep

I did paint my nails a very bright color (a cross between neon pink/orange) earlier so maybe if I'm late people will think I was busy doing my nails instead of oversleeping. I don't know which is worse.

I'm not gonna lie I've never looked at someone and thought 'wow those nails are fresh! She must have stayed up all night doing them!'

Good luck though! Are you excited?
how presumptuous to say that's the biggest bear i've ever seen

I mean to be fair it is but still
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Ostrich trumps all

I'm using UG turquoise with purple writing

What is that
yo thanks for the support dudes

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guys big shit just happened

so there's this girl that I've been really good friends with for a few years. I started to like her and shit and blah blah blah

I just asked her out and she said ye. I'm so fucking hyped, was nervous af but she seemed to know I was gonna ask.

guys this is big shit for me.

Edit: oh shit i didn't know what was going on the thread. my bad obscene

That's awesome man!

and believe it or not, hearing about successful romances actually makes me feel better so really thanks
I'm excited for you!

Better keep us posted
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it's rude to talk behind a phone. maybe she misinterpreted the situation cuz translating. either way

I like this one
why didn't you guys tell me sending 50+ messages to her was a bad idea


it's a thing...

I haven't really spoken to her properly since it all happened though so there was a bit I wanted to get off my chest
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You could always try the 'home' end, and suggest to customs that the two of them are going to be attempting to bring some Columbian marching powder back with them.

He's actually addicted to coke so I wouldn't even feel bad about that
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It's time to telephone some bomb threats dude.

I couldn't put the french through anymore than they have recently though, I feel like they're on such edge one baguette baked wrong would ruin everything and the entire french system would collapse

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It's nice that she's confirmed she's a piece of shit though

So my ex and the guy she cheated on me with are in Paris...

It's been less than 4 weeks...

Nice to know she really cared right?
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well fuck. He just had a new album drop too.

I might actually have to listen to him for once

Yeah dude listen to him

this is really depressing though, Bowie was one of the greatest
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what castle was that?


it was in the middle of the cotswolds

If you ever go there visit bourton on the water I swear it's the town the hot fuzz set was modeled after

They literally have a miniature version of the town you can visit and everything
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You look like the hobbit from Lost

ive never seen lost

I'll take it as a compliment anyways!
I think this is my most recent photo

But that was in october so I took a selfie for you guys <3

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Hey so why does anyone actually hate American Idol? I've never minded it really; maybe because it's been around forever to me. Of course it tries to overstate its own importance but it has to. I've only watched like two or three episodes a season tops ever but it's fine dumb entertainment. It's not like it's trying to be art or anything

I would make this a thread but it's not 2002 so

I had a crush on kelly clarkson when I was a teenager
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Yeah but ugh effort right

yeah exactly

Effort sucks
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Don't worry about it mate, can't imagine the first thing I'd do on holiday would be "where the UGers at?" Either

there's a few ugers I reckon would be worth hanging out with and meeting and probably getting wasted with, most the regulars really

It's just effort
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guitarxo for most cat posts

Yeah but for her they're normal posts because she's bastet

That's like saying wwf for most human posts
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I don't think I could ever have something delivered that's not for a party

wwf mate

you're missing out on one of the most defining cultural revelations of the 21st century; takeaway(edit: delivery*)

You're paying people to bring cooked food to where you are so you can eat it, it's amazing

It's practically the most practical thing to happen in the past 100 years
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Lol, imagine if you said this to old people regularly.

I imagine gary does
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Seriously the most beautiful person I've ever seen

She has a great butt

EDIT: ^^
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I knew you were back when I got dat profile view how you is, knobs??

I've been wanting to come back on for a few weeks now but I couldn't be fucked to type in my username and password

and i'm not doing too bad I think, passed few weeks haven't been the greatest but nothing video games, chocolate and alcohol can't temporarily solve!
I need to get a job again, That's the worst part

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The prodigal son returns

Damn, Cha33 I should have made the effort to see you when I was in the uk!

I'll probably be back this year though so be prepared for a new drunk in your pub when the time comes

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I was like wait a minute I've seen you post a bunch recently. But that was whywefight.

That's like the nicest thing anyones said to be this year