I just recently got my tab approved, but for some reason, after the approvel, the tab seems to be broken.


My local file works just fine, as did the file when it was in the approval-queue. But as soon as it got approved (and renamed, dunno if this has anything to do with anything), the file stopped working, and I am unable to open it. I'm guessing other will have the same problem as well.

(Error: lecture au-delà de la fin de fichier, which roughly translates to "read beyond the end of file")

Any ideas?


Update: It appears the problem is that the file is empty; filesize is 0 bytes and when opened in a texteditor, it's completely empty. So there seems to have been some issues with the approval-upload (if there is such a thing).
Would you be so kind as to upload/copy the approved file again? If the file is lost I can provide a new copy of it.
Little late posting here but anyway..
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Midi data doesn't include tuning, just notes

This I already know, but GP5 would let you add tracks first, and then set your tuning and import a single track from the midi file to your song.
This feature is what has been altered in GP6, because it only lets you import the whole file, and you have no control over the individual tracks like you did in GP5. Which sort of sucks (for me atleast), because I just to use Cakewalk alot, and have a lot of old midifiles I'd like to open properly. Also, it tend to mess up some GP5 files in playback, it doesn't sound quite right.
But lets agree that GP5 = easier than GP6 = more powerful than GP5
Well, then I've missed something (regarding the bends). Didn't mean to post untrue facts.
I find it more troublesome to bend the ways I want, to do tremelo-picking while bending and so on, but I guess I have to RTFM
Also, which arguments are invalid? I've been using both GP5 and 6 for a time now, I find GP5 easier to use, and the part about importing is not a midi limitation, it is, according to the GP website, the feature that has been reporgrammed this way.
Guitar Pro 5 is way better than v6 IMO, because they've focused so much on their RSE system in v6, that alot of basic functionality has either become useless, difficult to use or simply unable to do what you want them to do (ie; no more complex bends, only simple).

Midi import does not allow for different tunings, so if you import something in a tuning other than E standard, you're either gonna miss out on the lower notes, or have the song start on a fret higher than E-0-.

That being said, the RSE on v6 IS quite good, especially if you got all the soundbanks for it.
However, I doubt it will do what you want it to do, at least without a lot of input from oneself.
The basic notes will be imported, but all in standard 4/4 time, bends, slides, hammer-ons, pull-ofs etc will ALL be ignored.

Individual note-length seems to somewhat like '-' is equal to 1/8 of a measure, unless there are more notes in a measure than 8. If there is, it is something like; how long is the measure (in "-"'s), how many notes are there, how are they spaced, calculate each '-' to be a fracture for this (ie; shortest distance between two notes is 1/8 unless there are more, in which it is 1/16 and so on).

This results in almost every measure being off beat and out of time, unless the entire track is 4/4 and there are only 8ths in each measure and no rests.

Multitrack tabs do NOT work, each track is considered a new measure on the same track, so the playback will simply alternate between the two (or more tracks) in one track.

In short, for your use, probably not so good.
Quote by Julz127
Damn... that sounds so familiar, I'm gonna have that stuck in my head all day.
Yes, it does doesn't it?
I'm afraid that's all I remember. Not sure where I've heard it, a song, a musicvideo or maybe a gametrailer or something.. I'm totally lost...
There is a song which I simply cannot get out of my head, but I can't seem to remember what song is called.
I can only remember the hook, and it sounds very Rammstein-esque in my head.
There's a pianomelody going over a 2 bar guitarriff alternating between an F and a C# (in standard tuning and in my head).
Now, the chords and the tuning might be wrong, but the interval is correct, so whether is an F and a C# or E and C etc. makes no difference.

I've added a little GP clip, if anyone is interested in hearing what's going on in my head

Mind you, the 2nd and 4th bars are a bit hazy, and is probably very wrong...

For those without GP, here's a tab:
     E   E   E  H        E     Q.     Q    Q.        E   E   E  H        E   

  Q.     Q    Q.       

Thanks a lot!
Because it made you s*it your pants because it sound so awesome?!

Might be related to the myth about a certain note (between 5 and 7Hz) would cause an involuntary bowel movement, although I don't think EVH's note is that low.
Better amp
In the shop, they probably had both better amps and acoustics. That's their selling-trick-thing.
But maybe try to fiddle with the settings on your amp to get a bit more bass?
Oh, yeah, that's right. Umh.. I must have drilled them then.
This will of course inflict _some_ damage on the case itself, not the pedal, but if you want to, here's how:

Use a small drillbit, like 2mm (~1/6"), and use a drillbit-stopper (a nut with a setscrew in it) to set the max drilldepth of about another 2mm. Then use some flatheaded, short self-tapping screws to fasten it.

On pedals with screw on feet, or bottom lid, follow my instructions over to make a hard-to-kill pedalboard

EDIT: Or go with the answer above, remove the feet and use velcro on the whole bottom surface, though, I've never been a fan of that myself. Feel too risky for transportation and stuff...
Buy some metalstrips like this:

and cut them into length of 3-4 holes.
Unscrew the rubberfeet on the pedal, and screw them on with the metalstrip-bit on the screw (to make 4 small "wings", 2 on each side of the pedal), then screw the "wings" onto your board.
Using this method, you won't damage the pedal, and it'll never come off, unless you want it to.

EDIT: It's a bit hard to see, but I did it that way on all my pedals, and they're never coming off
Well, there I go for not being natively english I guess My bad
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Surely you kid

Awww... come on! Have a sense of humor will you I was just poking a bit of fun the series. No, I've never watched it, but it's just not my cup of tea.

Oh, and "kid"? Pretty sure that I'm NOT the kid here. In several ways
Science Fiction
I fixed it for you

Still not as gay as True Blood, Twilight and the lot Sorry mate...
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i'm no star trek fan, but i have seen the 2009 movie. after doing some googling, it is apparent that black holes in the star trek universe work much differently then in reality. in reality they should have been ripped apart, but in the movie it acts as some kind of portal? i don't know. that's what i got.
We don't know how black holes work, "in reality". It's all theories... Star Trek might be just as accurate as anything else, highly unlightly, but plausible none the less

That being said, I'm jumping the SW > ST bandwagon here.
For what you're playing, the only thing you might need, is a chorus pedal and a wah.
If you can't get the distortion sound you want out of your amp, the best thing to do is either get an amp that does, or an equalizer. IMO amp distiortion is always better than pedal distortion.
Well, certainly not Aqua...
10 stars is to much, and thus, 5 is half of that. Plus, as the other guys said, 5 fingers on one hand, easy.

EDIT: And, btw, why not 42?
Generally speaking, RMS watts is a measure of maximum continuous effect, as opposed to peak, which is a measure of the absolute max an amp can deliver for a fraction of a second.
And it doesn't have a triplet feel (not judging by the tab anyway), it's 2 32nds and 1 16th.
And, on sanitarium I believe that first part is played an octave higher, starting on E14, and then you could just to 14-15p12. There should also be more pull-offs/hammer-ons, it's not that staccato.
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Adam Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest (that must be some kind of reference... it sounds like something to me anyway!)
The Mayor in Family Guy?
Moving from Batman and up to the last film before the reboot, the series got more and more flashy and went from being a action/thriller style to more and more comedy, increasingly loosing touch with reality. Hence, the last to films are by far the best, somewhat well rooted in reality, and the suit is actually functional, not just thick rubber.

EDIT: And Heath Ledger is without a doubt the best joker. His performance makes Jack Nicholson's once menacing role look almost as ridiculous as the joker was back in the Adam West series.

Adam West's role is it's own chapter, and well, just weird. The whole old series was weird.
Does it matter as long as it plays well? That's what's really important, isn't it?
Nobody cares.
Ask yourself this: seeing as your email-adress IS you username, and they somehow managed to send you an email, why would they need to ask you for you username??
Plus, DOB and location is almost never a required field to verify an adress.
I've got myself a couple of nice arms, I did
1: As a fellow smoker of nearly 13 years, I'd have to say, none of them. Get away from that crap while you still can. 2 years into it isn't all that bad so quitting now isn't that hard.
2: Lucky Strike

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What the hell is a str8 edge kid?

No drinking, no smoking, no controlled substances, no getting high on anything unnatural and stuff like that.
Well, I've always thought that cable is cable in some cases, as with instrument cable. But I guess not. Looks like there's a reason they call them patch-cables and not instrumentcables.
The problem might be because of the internal resistance in the cable due to it's length, or because the pedals does something with the signal that the instrumentcable can't handle (again, because of resistance, as high-level and low-level signal behave differently or something like that). Don't quote me on this, I'm not in anyway 100% sure.
How does the sound not go through correctly? No sound at all, noise, muddy etc?

Once you get the system up and running and free of crap, turn off the System Restore feature, scan, reboot, and turn it on again. Otherwise you might end up with it lying hidden in the hidden restorefolders. IMPORTANT
MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.. Freeware, takes care of most problems, including this. It's a tough motherf...
Also, look into this, sort of the same stuff with a good solution:
It could be from any number of songs, it's basically just a simple progression used in a lot of song, either as a riff or a harmony/overdub of sorts. Unless you have any more from it, I don't think you'll be able to identify it.
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Then I tell them they are banned from the store and they get angry
God that's annoying! I work at a grocerystore which is located right next to a junkie-shelter. Needless to say, we have a lot of junkies trying to steal stuff. And the most annoying thing is when THEY get angry because WE busted them stealing. Or whenever we suspect them of stealing, they also get angry, and even angrier when we find out it's true... Sorry for the off topic, just nice to see that there are more of us
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Try a different accent. Russian could be very effective.
"I must break you."
Dolph Lundgren is swedish (Yes, I'm quite aware that he plays a russian dude, but russians is quite alot better at the russian accent than the swedes, except for maybe Peter Stormare))
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The problem is that I can't really speak english ( I'm a french canadian ), so when I try to tell them to leave, I look unconvinced and won't take me seriously.
Uhm, who wrote this thread then??
It's too good english to be Google Translate or the likes.

Anyways, go with the police suggestion, best suggestion so far.
Are you in a hurry to get somewhere? Faster doesn't always mean better
But the picking is ok from the looks of it I guess
What's up with the adresses? Let's be real, noones gonna murder anyone... How often have you ever heard of any blazing guitarnerd ever going on a murderous rampage?

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and when I said drop them both, I meant like, dump her, ditch him, not actually "dropping" them...
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For me, I think cheating on a person who I think is a great guy is alot less hurtful than some dickweed who you have no idea of. Also, you usually know where they live.
Now you have two problems
1: You obviously can't trust you gf
2: Your asshole friend just proved he's not to be trusted either

Drop them both, the sooner the better.
No, it's just one of the sketches.