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What grade are you in and how serious are you about this band and where you want to take it?

We're all 15. Like I said, I'm pretty serious about it. We're only a cover band but eventually I want to start writing and get a decent fan base.
I'm in a band and our drummer is awesome. The only problem is that he's always "busy". Believe me, if there were another good drummer at my school he would be OUT. But there isn't. I really like him as a human being and as I said he's a good drummer. So what should I do? I also have a guitarist that is like my best friend since I was 8, he's also nowhere near as serious as me and he isn't very good. I don't want to kick him out because he's my best friend. I'm thinking about disbanding the band but it's not really what I want to do because I really want to be in a band. What do?
Our first practice is two weeks from now. I was wondering what songs we should learn. We will play some Foo Fighters, Green Day, Blink 182, that genre. I've told them to learn Everlong, The Pretender, and Learn to Fly. I don't want to have everyone learn so many songs in just two weeks. So does anyone have any suggestions for us to learn?